Banana with honey from cough recipe

Recipes with banana from cough

Not tasty, bitter and viscous medicines from reflex act are accepted not only by children, but also by adults. How to solve this problem? This can be done with the help of all known and beloved fruit. The medicine for banana cough is not only tasty, but also useful. And what could be better than being treated with pleasure?

There are several known and effective recipes for the use of banana from cough. In them, this fruit is the main ingredient.

The first and main recipe assumes the use of banana without other additives. Decoction, which is necessary to prepare from it, it turns out delicious and helps to quickly withdraw phlegm from the bronchi. To prepare the preparation for a glass of hot water, you need to take two ripe yellow fruit. Green unripe fruit for this do not fit, because they have fewer useful tools. They need to be crushed to a gruel state and, pouring hot water, bring to a boil. The product should be taken hot. Remember that this delicious medicine very quickly spoils, so it should be prepared before each use.

Banana from cough recipe with honey

Banana with honey from coughBanana with honey from cough has not only expectorant, but also sweatshop effect. To prepare this recipe you need to grind with a fork or with a blender one ripe fruit, and then, mix it with a tablespoon of liquid honey. It is advisable to heat a thick, sugared honey in a water bath. Take the resulting mixture can be several times a day on a tablespoon. Such a remedy from a reflex act of bananas will help to remove severe attacks and relieve of a sore throat. With caution, use it should be for young children, who are often allergic to honey.

Milk with banana from cough

Banana with milk from coughThis recipe allows you to remove the perspiration in the throat, as well as get rid of most of the symptoms associated with catarrhal diseases. Banana with milk is prepared as follows. The flesh of one ripe fruit is crushed in a blender (in the absence of this device, you can just mash with a fork). The resulting gruel is thoroughly mixed in one glass of milk, brought to a hot temperature. After the mixture boils, turn it off, cool a bit and mix thoroughly. Take it should be three times a day. Before each reception it is necessary to prepare a new medicine.

Banana jelly from coughing

Reliable and proven means is banana jelly from cough, reviews of the prescription on the Internet there are only positive. Its preparation does not require the use of starch. In order to make the jelly, you must grind the flesh of one yellow ripe fruit and mix with a tablespoon of sugar. The resulting mixture is required to pour a glass of boiling water and insist under the lid for half an hour. To take a kissel from a banana from a cough it is necessary on a half-glass every two-three hours.

Tea with banana from cough

When bronchitis is useful to take also tea with dried pieces of fruit. It promotes rapid sputum discharge.

It is important to note that this method of treatment has no contraindications. After all, this fruit is low allergenic.

How to use a banana from cough: recipes

banana from cough-folk recipe

The use of this wonderful and unusually delicious fruit has long been not limited to gastronomic delights. Bananas are widely used for the preparation of cosmetic masks and nutritional compositions. With the help of a banana, you can easily return the hair lost shine and strength. One of the most amazing abilities of a sun fruit will be a good effect in treating a cough. Prepare a tasty and useful medicine, as well as learn the features of "banana" treatment and little tricks will help the information of this article.

In an adult, a dry cough does not clear away, what to do about it, you can learn from the article.


banana cough recipe

A real storehouse of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients - the banana is famous for its ability to quickly restore energy and energy to a depleted body.The main trump card of this fruit is potassium, which is involved in most human life processes.Its lack leads to undesirable consequences, among which: rapid fatigue, worsening condition of the skin, nails and hair, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, liver function and kidney. The lack of potassium is expressed in periodic muscle pains, seizures and disruption of the water - salt balance, as well as the long healing of wounds and cuts.

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On the video - a recipe for cooking a banana from a cough:

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In bananas, a fairly significant content of potassium, so regular use of this useful fruit can reduce the likelihood of such health problems. Such tasty therapy also helps with a variety of ailments, from chronic depression to kidney problems. A banana is also used to treat a cough. This is helped by other components, which will be discussed in our article a little later.

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Basic methods

banana from cough recipe to baby

For treatment, fully ripe, but not friable fruits are selected. The rind and white veins do not participate in the preparation, moreover, they can give the drug an undesirable tart taste.For any of the proposed recipes, the banana is kneaded with a fork or crushed in any manner suitable for you.

The prepared mixture is not stored for a long time, so it is necessary to calculate a single or daily portion. Do not use the mixture the next day, unless it is prescribed in the recipe.

Banana "medicines" give a very good effect, but if in a couple of days there is no visible improvement, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. Such methods can not completely replace medical treatment, especially if bronchitis or pneumonia is diagnosed. It is best in these cases to use banana mixture as an additional expectorant. Do not use this remedy with a moist and productive cough, it is intended for dry cough.

The article shows how to treat dry cough bronchitis.


One ripe banana chop into a slurry, add half a glass of water and a little sugar (to thicken the syrup). Mix everything well and put it on a water bath. The total cooking time is not more than 7-10 minutes, after the mass darkens, remove from heat and cool a little. Take in hot form, you can use it in small amounts even for small children.

banana cough syrup

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With honey


One ripe banana grind to a mushy condition, add a tablespoon of honey and put it on a water bath. As soon as the mass darkens (usually after 7-10 minutes), remove the container from the heat and cool it. Take one spoonful of the mixture, you need to eat the entire portion for the day.


Shred the banana with one tablespoon of natural honey. The prepared mixture should be taken thrice a day by a teaspoon to children and the dining room - for adults. The agent can be stored in the refrigerator. Consume several days until complete recovery.

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On the video - a banana recipe with honey from a cough:

Than to treat a dry cough at the adult, it is possible to learn having read through clause or article.


In chopped banana puree (take one fruit) add three tablespoons of ordinary cocoa powder (which is not a quick preparation, but for cooking), mix everything until smooth.One glass of milk to boil (if the milk is checked and homemade can simply be heated), then add to the mixture.If desired, you can still throw a spoonful of honey. Everything is mixed and you can drink. This banana cocktail not only very effectively cures cough, but also has an incredibly pleasant taste, for this child, this treatment is sure to like.

banana and cocoa from cough


The pulp of a large ripe banana is chopped and mixed with a tablespoon of sugar. In a separate container, boil a glass of water and pour the resulting mixture with steep boiling water.After that, insist for at least half an hour and then the kissel can be taken. Use of this jelly is recommended for half a glass every two hours.Usually treatment does not take more than five days, and significant improvements are noticeable much earlier.

Urebanka 6 months of dry cough, what to do about it, is indicated in the description in the article.

banana jelly from cough

Treatment with banana helps with dry cough, and also a protracted cold. A little unconventional way, however, is characterized by high efficiency. Additional ingredients of the proposed formulations can cause allergic reactions, so you can use banana mixtures in pure form. A great advantage is the absolute safety of the method. This means can be treated pregnant and lactating women, as well as young children.

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  • Pavel, 34 years old:"This means that our wife uses to treat the initial stage of colds and coughing. I like everything very little, everything is delicious. I am a little skeptical about the methods I have, although I highly respect traditional medicine. Maybe it's because I do not think bananas are "our" product and I still remember the time when they were in the house on big holidays. In general, as a preventive remedy such recipes are suitable, but really serious bronchitis or pneumonia is unlikely to be cured. "
  • Olga, 29 years old: "A little unusual and intriguing recipe, but I already checked it in action and now I advise everyone. I do not know what the dirty trick is, but they really work! Being pregnant, I managed to get sick with bronchitis, and even in a sanatorium, literally on the first week of rest. Probably did not dry her hair after the pool or took a walk in the fresh air. In general, the reason is unimportant, the main thing is that when I turned to the on-call therapist, I was offered a choice of two options. First it will go home and continue treatment at the place of residence, and the second option was just these banana - honey mixes without cooking. To say that I was surprised to hear this from a doctor is not true. I was shocked! I did not want to return home, of course (when there is still a chance to pobazdelnichat four weeks in a row). Thinking that there would be no harm, and I did not want to drink medicine, I decided to experiment with myself. In addition, the therapist prescribed mukaltin, rubbing and procedures at the local polyclinic. Maybe the complex approach worked, maybe this desire was a huge recovery soon, but we won bronchitis and even relatively quickly. Most of all I liked the pleasant taste and safety of the mixture. As is characteristic, I used to have bronchitis before, but I always had a cough still about a week after the final recovery. At that time, he went through five days without a trace. An unusual but very effective tool. "
  • Valentina, 36 years old:"A similar recipe was used to treat a daughter when she was 10 years old. Previously, I was just afraid to try, although my husband and I periodically try this remedy. I will not say that everything turned out to be cured, but with the initial stages of the disease, almost always the cough receded. Daughter also helped, now even sometimes I use as a prophylaxis. If there is an epidemic in the school or I notice a periodic cough in the mornings and at night, I immediately cook with honey and give at least a week. In bananas, a lot of potassium is contained and vitamin C, although it is not sour. Maybe it's all about this, but as a preventive remedy such recipes are very popular. I also want to try a recipe with cocoa. I know that cocoa butter works very well when coughing, probably the principle of action is the same. "

Banana with milk from cough: prescription medication

Bananas are not only delicious fruits, but also an effective remedy for coughing. Banana pulp contains vitamins of group B, PP, E, A and C.

Also in large quantities, sucrose, fiber, organic acids, enzymes, carotene, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other biologically active substances.

Due to such a rich composition bananas improve the immune system, so they can be used in ARVI and other colds.

Banana mixtures successfully cure dry cough, prolonged cold, this is confirmed by various reviews of people who could quickly get rid of cough.

Treatment with bananasSince the additional ingredients that are added to the recipe can sometimes cause an allergic reaction in the patient, the fruit can be consumed separately, washed down with hot tea or warm milk.

Such a remedy completely safely and quickly eliminates the symptoms of colds. It can be used by pregnant and lactating women, as well as young children.

Bananas from a cough are used to write 1-2 fruits a day. It is important to consider that such treatment is contraindicated for adults or children with diabetes mellitus, a stroke, a heart attack.

Treatment with bananas

Cough bananas are recommended if the patient has a strong throat. To prepare the medicinal mixture you need one banana, three tablespoons of cocoa powder, one glass of milk. In addition, you can consume milk with burgers from a cough.

  • Ripe bananas are thoroughly washed, peeled.
  • Softness is ground with a blender, a mixer or a conventional fork until a mushy mass is obtained.
  • Cocoa is added to the banana, and the mixture is mixed as thoroughly as possible.
  • A glass of milk is boiled and added to a banana mixture.
  • To give a taste and enhance the healing effect in the banana mass, you can add honey in the amount of one teaspoon.

The medicine received has a very pleasant taste, so not only adults, but also children will like it. The cocktail should be drunk every day before going to bed.

After the first dose, the patient's condition will improve noticeably. Banana with milk from cough is recommended to use for therapy for a minimum of five days.

It must be remembered that every day, treatment should be done by preparing a new milkshake. Banana medicine can not be left for tomorrow, as it very quickly sour.

Treating bananas with honey

To prepare this medicine you will need one banana and natural honey in the amount of one dessert spoon.

  1. Fruits need to be washed, peeled, white "threads" removed.
  2. The pulp of the banana is crushed until a mushy condition is obtained with a blender, grater or a fork.
  3. In a soft consistency is added honey, the drug is heated in a water bath for ten minutes.
  4. After the drug darkens, the mixture is removed and cooled.
Cough bananas with honeyCoughing bananas with honey is taken one teaspoon throughout the day. Since the next day the banana mixture can not be left, it needs to be eaten a day.

Despite the fact that the reviews of doctors indicate that honey during heating loses its healing properties, The above-described banana from a cough recipe will help get rid of the unpleasant cold symptoms just a couple days.

Including you can use another recipe for making medicines with honey. One banana is ground, add honey in the amount of one tablespoon. The resulting mixture of banana with honey is taken three times throughout the day, adults are given one tablespoon, and children - one teaspoon of medication. This mixture can safely be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Use honey with a banana until there is an improvement and the coughing will not disappear.

Natural medicinal syrup

To prepare a cough medicine, you need two ripe banana, one glass of drinking water, sugar.

  • Fruit washed, peeled, then the flesh is wiped through a sieve.
  • Banana mass is transferred to a metal pan, drinking water and a small amount of sugar is added to it.
  • The drug is brewed with a water bath for five minutes.
Natural medicinal syrupDrink from a banana in a hot form. At the same time, such a natural and tasty medicine can be used to treat even young children. Such folk recipes are quite effective for cough and colds, so they have numerous positive responses from doctors and patients.

However, it is not necessary to abuse people's methods if improvement is not observed for two days. As you know, no prescription can replace drugs for bronchitis, pneumonia and other serious diseases, that is, a banana is actually included in the treatment of bronchitis at home in adults with folk means. In this case, you need to see a doctor to start a special treatment with stronger medications.

It is most effective to use recipes from a banana as an additional expectorant.

It is also important to consider that such a folk remedy is used exclusively with a dry cough, it does not cure a wet cough.

Preparation of banana jelly

Banana jelly is often used to treat a cough.

  1. For its preparation, the ripe banana is crushed, a tablespoon of sugar is poured.
  2. In a small saucepan, one glass of water is boiled and a steep boiling water is poured into the resulting mass.
  3. Banana mixture is insisted for thirty minutes, only after this kissel can be used for treatment.

Take jelly for medicinal purposes in half a cup every two hours. The course of treatment is about a week, but improvements will be visible after a few days of drinking jelly. In the video in this article, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the main advantages of a banana.

Bananas with milk



I know, I've been drinking my baby. Banana with a fork, pour milk and boil. Warm give the child. After a couple of days the cough stops.

Regina Lutsko

We in the hospital physiotherapist gave such a recipe: boil the milk, cool a bit and pour in a mashed banana. We were helped very well. They drank before going to bed.

Yulia Beskhatneva

if the cough is protracted, pectoral I advise you to put a compress on the back. oil + honey on a rag and warm wrap, I do for the night. Bronchitis to be treated - 2 days, cough passes immediately

Gulyaeva Maria

I also use this prescription in treatment. It is done as follows.
Take 2 bananas, cut, pour a liter of milk and fry in the oven for 2 hours. Take 6 times a day on a tablespoon. This remedy will help to get rid of a cough for bronchitis, colds or bronchial asthma. It is a good wrapping and expectorant.
But. The most important for us is onion milk:
Onion milk: bring to a boil or almost to a boil 0.5 liters of milk, this time cut finely 1 medium onion. Put in milk and in the oven for 1.5 hours. The temperature is 150-200 degrees. Then take out, cool a little, filter. Onion, which will remain in the strainer, put in gauze and squeeze into the milk juice. That's all. You can put more honey - to taste! You can make 1 liter - 2 onions. In the oven, it's better to burn in a clay pea! The medicine is very good. She herself did a little daughter (2 years 3 months). Cough was in 4 days. but coughed, could not sleep at night. And without any medication. I gave before bedtime 200 ml before going to sleep - day and night.
Get well! I hope my advice will help you! (if that ask).


Wipe through a sieve of ripe bananas and put them in a pan with hot water at the rate of 2 bananas per 1 cup of boiled water with sugar, warm and drink this mixture when coughing. And do not need anything to torment in the oven, helps with cheers.
We are also very well helped by the following: MILK WITH OVOS. Oats of milk maturity (1 cup) pour hot milk (, liter) and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain and drink warm. If there is no allergy and temperature, then it's good to add a spoonful of honey. MILK WITH ENGINE: 1/2 cup of milk to dilute with water and preheat. Add 4-5 pieces. figs (pre-wash) and simmer for 20 minutes. The fig will boil, and the milk will turn creamy and sweet in taste. Drink warm, how much the child wants. Do not be ill!

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