Cough Spray

Cough aerosols

Aerosol from cough is an effective and high-quality tool that can cope with a cold. Cough itself is a protective reaction to the effect on the body of various factors. Drugs for its elimination are prescribed depending on what kind of cough is observed in the patient.

Indications for use

If the cough is dry, and, accordingly, unproductive, drugs that have the form of a spray will be very helpful. In this format, the drug, sprayed, will fall on the inflamed area, thus having a local effect. This will stop the inflammation and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

When choosing an aerosol for a cough, you need to pay attention to what kind of cough you have, and what is the reason for its appearance.

Today, there is a huge number of various sprays that help cope with the cough. Therefore, it is obvious that finding a drug that absolutely will suit any person will not be difficult. You can find a medicine that will take into account all your individual characteristics. Among the most well-known and frequently used sprays are the following preparations:

  • Tantum Verde;
  • Bioparox;
  • Chlorophyllipt;
  • Tharyngept;
  • Hexoral;
  • Inhaliptus;
  • Salbutamol.


Pharmacodynamics of the preparation Lazolvan: ambroxol hydrochloride improves the production of mucus in respiratory organs, stimulates the development of ciliary activity, increases the synthesis of pulmonary surfactant. All this helps to improve the process of excretion and excretion of mucus from the body.

Salbutamol is a selective agonist of the so-called ß2-adrenergic receptors. The therapeutic dose affects the receptors in the smooth muscles of the bronchi, also slightly acting on the myocardium, its ß1-adrenergic receptors. The drug performs a pronounced bronchodilator effect, thereby reducing the possibility of spasms in the bronchi. In addition, it reduces the level of resistance in the lungs, increasing their vital capacity.

When the drug is used in inhalation manipulations, its action begins quickly - immediately after 5 minutes after application - and lasts for 4-6 hours.

Aerosol from cough Hexoral suppresses oxidative reactions of bacterial metabolism, it has a wide spectrum antibacterial effect, so it treats infections from Pseudomonas aeruginosa well and Proteus. At a substance concentration of 100 mg / ml, the drug is capable of destroying most of the bacterial strains. Also, the drug slightly anesthetizes the mucous throat.


Hexoral Hexetidine is almost not absorbed into the mucosa, perfectly adhering to it. After a single use of the spray, the substance remains on the gums for approximately 65 hours. In dental plaques, it remains approximately 10-14 hours.

Lazolvan - this aerosol from a cough provides rapid absorption of ambroxol, which in the therapeutic range has a linear dependence. The substance is maximally concentrated in the plasma over a period of time from half an hour to 3 hours. About 90% of the drug in the plasma adheres to proteins. Ambroxol is rapidly distributed between tissues and blood, increasing the concentration of active components in the lungs. From the plasma, the drug is half-excreted in 7-12 hours, does not accumulate in the tissues. Approximately 90% of the drug goes out through the kidneys.

After inhalation Salbutamol reaches the lower part of the respiratory tract - approximately 10-20% of the dose. All the rest settles on the mucous throat, after which it is swallowed. The half-life of the drug lasts about 4-6 hours through the kidneys. The view remains partially unchanged. Another part is displayed as an inactive metabolite of phenolic sulfate. Remains go away with feces and bile (4%). The process of taking the medicine out of the patient takes about 72 hours.

Use of aerosols from coughing during pregnancy

Treatment of expectant mothers is a more complicated process, since everything that affects their body affects the developing fetus. That is why, in case of illness, pregnant women are prescribed such drugs that will not have a negative impact on the child. In case of problems with the throat, doctors prescribe a treatment that can eliminate the cause of the cough that has arisen. At the same time, medicines are prescribed that will be safe even for young children.

Below is a list of medications that are allowed to use in treating colds in pregnant women.

Cigarette spray Ingalipt excellent handling of throat swelling. It can be used even for the treatment of children who have not yet turned a year, so it is perfect for pregnant women.

Spray Orasept, permitted for the treatment of infants. It will be safe for pregnant women, without having a negative impact on the child.

For safety reasons, mention should also be made of such medications that are strictly forbidden to prescribe during pregnancy, since their influence on the child can have dangerous consequences. Among them are aerosols such as Bioparox and Teraflu, as well as Strepsils. It is forbidden during pregnancy to prescribe and various local antibiotics.

Contraindications for use

Cough sprays have an anti-inflammatory antiseptic analgesic effect and are only allowed for children from 3 years of age. The child can take the medicine only under the supervision of adults and the doctor's prescription. The drug should be on the mucous membrane of the throat 3-5 minutes. Until this time passes, one can not swallow saliva, and also eat and drink. Below is a list of drugs that are most often prescribed for coughing, and contraindications to them.

  • Tantum Verde has such contraindications: you can not use it for children under 3 years old and for allergies to the components of the drug.
  • Inhalipt - this aerosol from cough has the following contraindications: it is forbidden if there is an allergy to certain components of the medicine and children under the age of three.
  • Cameton has such contraindications - not for children under 5 years old and if there is an allergy to certain components of the medicine.
  • Stopangin has the following contraindications - allergy to various components of the medication, atrophic pharyngitis, at the 1st trimester of pregnancy, children under 8 years old.
  • Contra-indications of the drug Geksoral-Spray allergy to the components of the drug, children under the age of 3.
  • Tera Flo Lar is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to ammonia compounds and lidocaine, breastfeeding during the 1st trimester of pregnancy, children up to 4 years of age.

Side effects of aerosols from coughing

Local use of Tantum Verde medicine can cause burning, numbness and dry mouth. Patients tolerate well, only sometimes there may be a burning sensation at the site of application or the occurrence of an allergic reaction. Vomiting may occur if the medicine is swallowed. But these side effects go quickly and without the need to cancel the drug. Since the drug contains ethyl alcohol, it should be about 30 minutes after its use do not interact with dangerous mechanisms and do not drive a car.

Aerosol from coughing Cameton has few negative reviews, as it is tolerated by patients quite well. Side effects are possible because of the high sensitivity to the components of the drug itself - burning and dryness of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and nose, swelling in the area of ​​spraying, skin rash, itching.

Ingalipt - this spray can cause allergies if the patient has a heightened sensitivity to some of its components. There may also be a sensation of burning and burning in the throat, nausea and vomiting. Since Ingalipt contains essential oils, children may develop a rash on the skin. An allergic reaction may occur in pregnant women.

Names of aerosols from cough

There are many different drugs that can cure cough.

Spray Chlorfillipt well helps with coughing. It is made on the basis of eucalyptus extract - ball eucalyptus acts as an active additive. Aerosol is an antiseptic and has an anti-inflammatory effect, improving the general condition of the patient and relieving the bouts of excruciating dry cough.

From dry cough can also rid the antiseptic drug Ingalipt, which is made on the basis of soluble streptocide. In addition, among the components of the drug can be found substances such as thymol, peppermint oil and eucalyptus, sodium sulfatiazole hexahydrate. The medicine has a combined effect on the area of ​​the disease. This cough syringe is used to treat throat disorders.

Spray Faryngsept has only a local effect, without affecting the other organs of the body, located next to the affected area. The drug is used for dry cough, as it quickly eliminates inflammation, moisturizing the throat and its mucous, thus eliminating the constant cough. For treatment it will be enough to do 3-4 injections a day. The course of treatment is recommended to be conducted no more than 2 weeks.

Aerosol from cough for children

Cough can be a sign of a variety of diseases. Medicines for its elimination are selected depending on its type - for example, with irritation in the throat with a hysterical cough, apply a spray. Its use allows the drug to get exactly to the site of inflammation, thereby contributing to the elimination of cough symptoms.

Aerosol from a cough for a child is different from those drugs that adults take. Sprays for children should be such that they will not irritate the mucous throat of the baby, nor will they cause any allergic reaction. The drug should only be used topically, it can not be that the medicine gets into the child's respiratory tract. In general, before you start using a spray, it is recommended to consult a qualified children's doctor.

In the event that, because of the use of an aerosol from a cough, the baby has signs of an allergy, you should immediately call a doctor. Allergic reaction is fraught with the appearance of swelling on the vocal cords and larynx, which is extremely dangerous. It should also be remembered that children who have not yet reached the age of 3 years are absolutely forbidden to give any medicinal aerosols.

Aerosol from allergic cough

Often with allergies, respiratory organs primarily suffer. Many allergy sufferers complain of such symptoms as swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, paranasal sinuses, nose, feeling of suffocation.

With this problem, an anti-allergenic spray will be very effective. It acts in approximately the same way as an aerosol from a cough, arriving at the place where the irritant is located, which causes an allergic reaction. Then the medicine immediately, having just got on the mucous membrane of the throat, will begin its beneficial effect.

When a patient does not have life-threatening problems with the heart and blood pressure, and the violations themselves due to allergies are negligible, aerosol sprayed onto the mucous membrane, will reduce the amount and strength of attacks of an allergic reaction.

Each spray, which has anti-allergens in its composition, acts on the principle of direct action on the mucous membrane of the throat or nose, soothing it and reducing the area of ​​inflammation.

In addition, antiallergic sprays can contain components that can cope with local allergic reactions. Their action leads to the fact that tissue mast cells, which create substances that can cause allergies, decrease in quantity.

Aerosols from dry cough

If you have started coughing, you should immediately begin to treat it, because this is a rather unpleasant symptom. In this case, it is necessary to determine precisely what caused it to appear, because, depending on this, the method of treatment is also appointed. For example, if there is irritation in the throat, with a dry, dry cough, you should use a cough spray. But you should always take into account that children should not take drugs intended for adults.

There are some of the most popular aerosols that work by the principle of local action, immediately destroying the symptoms and soothing the cough. Among such preparations we distinguish Ingalipt, Chlorophylitis, Pharyngosept and Tantum Verde.

The above mentioned aerosols are considered to be the most effective and easy to use, therefore they are usually listed in the best medicines for cough.

Aerosol from cough has in its composition microparticles, which enhance the effect of its action - getting on the inflamed mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and removing irritation. Changes for the better appear shortly after the start of the drug - the symptoms begin to disappear, the cough subsides.

Method of application of aerosols from cough

Spray Cameton is applied to the mouth with a dispenser. The duration of each inhalation is approximately 3-5 seconds. For adults and children from 5 years of age, inhalations are prescribed 3-4 times a day for 1-2 days. Often this spray is taken with other medications. When applying the substance, the can should be in an upright position, with the spray gun facing upwards. Do not spray the eyes. If this still happens, flush your eyes with clean water, then visit the doctor.

Hexoral spray is applied to the mucosa of the pharynx or mouth - this drug allows you to quickly and without complications spray the medicine on the inflamed areas. Before application it is necessary to put on the spray nozzle, which is a nebulizer, then send it to the inflamed area of ​​the mouth. In the process of inhalation, the can should be in an upright position. Press on the nebulizer 1-2 seconds. When you take the medicine, hold your breath.

The aerosol from the cough Jox is used 2-4 times a day, or, if necessary, every 4 hours. Before use, remove the cap, put on the nozzle, press it 2-3 times to fill it with a solution. Then the nozzle is injected into the mouth and 2-3 sprays are made left and right. After completing the use, it is necessary to wash the nozzle with running water.


When an overdose of Bioparox appears, such symptoms as numbness of the oral cavity, problems with blood circulation, burning and sore throat, dizziness. To be treated in this case it is necessary symptomatically and under supervision.

Salbutamol in case of an overdose causes such side effects as tachycardia, depression of pressure, nausea, tremor of muscles, vomiting. Taking a large dose of the drug can cause hypokalemia, so you need to monitor the potassium in the serum.

In case of an overdose, immediately stop the treatment with salbutamol and perform the necessary therapy appropriate to the symptoms. In this case, cardioselective blockers for beta-adrenergic receptors may be used - for patients who suffer from tachycardia. This procedure should be carried out cautiously, if the patient has a history of bronchospasm.

Teraflu Lar may cause vomiting and nausea during an overdose. Since the preparation contains only a small amount of lidocaine, it does not cause too dangerous symptoms in case of taking an excessively high dose of the drug. To get rid of discomfort, you need to eat egg whites beaten in water or drink a glass of milk.

Interactions with other drugs

Salbutamol should not be used together with non-selective beta-adrenoreceptor blockers, for example, propranolol. It is also prohibited for patients receiving monoamine oxidase inhibitors. This drug enhances the effect of stimulants in the central nervous system.

If you take salbutamol with theophylline and other xanthines, it can increase the risk of developing tachyarrhythmia. When using inhalants, severe ventricular arrhythmias may occur.

Simultaneous admission with m-holinoblokatorami can increase the level of intraocular pressure, and use with diuretics and glucocorticosteroids increases hypokalemic effects preparation.

The benzoxonium chloride contained in TeraFlu LAB will decrease its effectiveness if it is simultaneously used with anionically active substances, such as toothpaste. The absorption of benzoxonium chloride increases in combination with ethanol.

Aerosol from cough Jox should not be combined with other antiseptic drugs that are applied topically to the oral mucosa. In particular, it is incompatible with drugs that contain hydrogen peroxide, since it creates an inactivation of the aerosol.

Storage conditions

  • The preparation should be stored in a place that is protected from sunlight and inaccessible to children. Storage temperature 10-25 ° С.
  • Caffe spray TheraFlu LRA should be stored in a place where children can not reach, at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C.
  • Salbutamol should remain in a place that is closed from children, which must be protected from sunlight and moisture. The storage temperature is room temperature.
  • Ventolin is stored at a temperature of no more than 30 ° C. Do not leave in the sun and freeze the drug. Shelf life of the drug is 2 years. The solution remaining in the can after the end of treatment, it is necessary to pour out, as soon it will deteriorate.
  • Cameton can be stored in conditions that do not exceed a temperature of 40 ° C, in a place that is closed from small children.
  • To store the Bioparox medicinal product, no special conditions are needed, but it needs to be kept in a place inaccessible to the child.
  • Tantum Verde should be kept in a place where sunlight does not penetrate, and little children do not have access. The storage temperature is room temperature. The drug is sold without a prescription.
  • Geksoral-spray must be hidden in a place that is inaccessible to children, where the sun's rays do not reach. Temperature - not more than 25 ° C.
  • Aeragol from Ingalipt cough should be placed in a place inaccessible to children, which has a temperature of 3-20 ° C.

Shelf life

  • The medicinal preparation Ingalipt has a shelf life of 2 years, after which it can not be used. The date is indicated on the package.
  • The medication Ventolin is allowed to be applied within 2 years from the date indicated on the medicine package.
  • The expiration date of the spray from Jox cough is no more than 4 years. Date of manufacture is stamped on the product package.
  • Aerosol from cough TerraFlu LAR can be used for 5 years from the date of manufacture. The date is indicated on the medicine label.
  • The drug Salbutamol has a shelf life of 4 years. The date of manufacture of the drug is stamped on its packaging.
  • Medication Bioparox can be used for treatment for 2 years from the moment of manufacture, reflected on the label of the drug.
  • The shelf life of the spray from the pain in the throat of Hexoral is 2 years. The solution inside the aerosol can should be used within six months from the first use of the drug.
  • Aerosol from coughing Cameton has a 2-year shelf life. The date of manufacture is indicated on the label.
  • Tantum Verde - this medication is allowed to be used for 4 years from the date of manufacture reflected on its packaging.
  • Spray Stopangin has a shelf life of 2 years. The number when it was made is printed on the package.

Effective Cough Sprays

For the treatment of bronchospasm, medications are used, produced in a variety of dosage forms. One of the popular and very effective of them are aerosols from cough. They are a canister in which there is a liquefied medicine - a suspension of the smallest particles of a pharmaceutical composition in a gaseous medium.

Advantages of treating cough with aerosols

Compared to other dosage forms, aerosol administration of pharmaceutical agents has several advantages. It:

  • Almost instantaneous action.
  • The contact of microparticles of the drug substance even in the most remote parts of the respiratory system.
  • No effect on the stomach.
  • Minimal number of side effects.
  • Dosed consumption of the substance.

Popular aerosols used to stop coughing attacks

In the form of ready-made pocket inhalers most often produce bronchodilators. Drugs of this group are used when:

  • Bronchitis.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Emphysema.
  • Bronchial asthma and other diseases that cause severe spasms in the respiratory system.

The use of aerosols from coughing with bronchodilator inside allows very quickly to relax the muscles, widen the gap between the bronchi. Due to this, within a few minutes after getting into the body, a spasm is removed.

The most popular aerosols from cough are:

  • Berodual.
  • Salamol-Eco.
  • Salbutamol.
  • Astalin.
  • Berotek.

Features of the use of aerosols from cough

Cupping of bronchospasm with aerosol medications should be done only after consultation with a doctor. The doctor will necessarily check the patient for the presence or absence of hypersensitivity to the components of the pharmaceutical substance. After all, one of the main risks of the use of aerosols from cough is the emergence of the strongest allergic reaction to the drug.

In the event that a specialist is confident in the advisability of using this form of medication and appoints it is for treatment, the drug should be used only in this dosage and at the same frequency as written in the prescription.

If after getting aerosol in the respiratory ways to reduce the intensity of cough and ease the condition does not occur, you should always consult a doctor again. The doctor will adjust the treatment regimen and, possibly, replace the drug with another, or prescribe a different way to combat the unpleasant symptom.

Hexoral for children: composition, indications for use and therapeutic effect

  • Application
  • Analogues

Hexoral for children is an antiseptic topical preparation.

It is effective in the treatment of dental and ENT diseases.

There are two main active substances in tablets:

  • Chlorhexidine, which adversely affects both gram-positive and gram-negative microflora.
  • Benzocaine, which anesthetizes and quickly eliminates unpleasant symptoms. The maximum effect is achieved after 10 minutes after application, and then it gradually decreases until it disappears completely.

When using tablets for more than one month, their effectiveness decreases, as the causative agents acquire resistance to the drug.

The active substance is hexetidine, which has a stable antibacterial and antifungal effect. One of the merits of the drug is that, as long as you do not take it, the effect of treatment does not decrease, the growth of bacteria continues to be suppressed.

Hexetidine anesthetizes the place of application, but the effect is not significant.

The aerosol consists of the following components: peppermint in the form of oil, citric acid menthol and eucalyptol. The topical solution also includes ethyl alcohol and anise oil.

Geoxoral is available in three forms:

  • Lozenges:
    • Hexoral Tubs;
    • Hexoral Tubs is a classic;
    • Hexorhal Tubs extra.
  • Rinse solution.
  • Aerosol for topical application.

Hexoral is very effective for diseases of the ENT organs, laryngitis, angina, stomatitis, and also it can facilitate breathing with a strong dry cough.

The instructions do not recommend the use of Geksoral for children under 3 years. This medicine is not a child or an adult, the difference is only in application, depending on the age of the patient. Dr. Komarovsky emphasizes that before prescribing any medication, you need to find the cause of the disease and make a diagnosis.

The following antiseptics have an analgesic and antibacterial effect: Ingalipt aerosol, Tantum Verde, Cameton and Hexaspree. Which of these medicines will suit a child better, will help determine the pediatrician. None of the drugs, even the best, is not a panacea, it is important to find the one that is best for treating the disease.

The drug is used topically in otolaryngology and dentistry, in view of the antifungal and hemostatic effect on pathogenic microorganisms and Gram-positive bacteria. The basic principle is to suppress the reaction of oxidative metabolism.

Active components of the drug can be detected in the human body for 65 hours. The therapeutic effect is observed 10-12 hours after taking the medicine.


Aerosol Geksoral is strongly discouraged from prescribing and using for children under one year, as the child is unable to hold his breath and not swallow the medicine. It can be used at this age only for the treatment of wounds in the oral cavity.

In case the drug has been prescribed by a doctor to a child under 3 years of age, correctly administer the administration of Geksoral. The direction of the injection should be at the cheek, in case you inject directly into the sore throat, it can provoke laryngospasm. Hexalol for children should not be swallowed, explain this to the child before use, otherwise do not use the drug.

Only a qualified doctor can prescribe the correct dosage of the drug, as well as a release form that is suitable in this case. If you use the drug yourself, without reading the instructions and without visiting the doctor, you should expect side effects.

Since Geksoral acts locally, the use of solution and aerosol during pregnancy and lactation is acceptable.

There are two main contraindications to the use of Geksoral:

  • the age of the child is up to 3 years (the exception is the prescription of the doctor, the use of the medicine at an earlier age, but not an independent appointment);
  • individual intolerance of the components included in its composition.

Absorption of the drug Hexoral is minimal, so its tolerance is very good, except for the patient's allergic reactions to the components of the drug. The ingestion of the drug and its uncontrolled reception leads to an overdose and subsequent reactions of the body, described in detail in the instructions for use. Hexalol for children includes 96% alcohol, which will negatively affect the child's body, in case of swallowing the components of the solution when rinsing. Also, in the case of long-term use of the medication, it is possible to disrupt taste sensations.

Hexoral for angina and for the treatment of other diseases

Angina or acute tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils, which is of an infectious nature. Her provocateurs may be dozens of microorganisms. It begins with a rise in fever and the appearance of severe pain in the throat.

These symptoms are similar to a number of other diseases, the doctor can diagnose by conducting the necessary tests. In the treatment of angina, a complex approach is used to achieve a quick and lasting result.

Geksoral with angina, gingivitis and pharyngitis does not strengthen the immune system, but it acts only on the causative agent of the disease. To mobilize it, you can use other drugs, such as Anaferon, Immunal or Aflubin. Its antiseptic and analgesic effect can quickly improve the patient's well-being.

Hexoral, since it has a pronounced fungicidal activity, is prescribed for the treatment of other diseases, such as:

  • thrush of the oral cavity;
  • Periodontal disease (gingivitis and bleeding gums).

Its use is advisable in the pre - and postoperative period.

The methods of administration and dosage according to the age of Geksorala depend on the form of the preparation and are as follows:

  • Solution. It is shown to children from 12 and adults. The method of application is for rinsing the mouth and throat. The medication is not diluted and applied in its pure form. Also, using a cotton swab, it is possible to treat affected areas (10-15 ml of the remedy for 30 seconds applies to the problem area).
  • Tablet form. Adults for 1 pc. once a day, for children half the tablet. The maximum allowable daily dose is 8 tablets for adults, 3-4 for a child. The treatment is continued for 1-2 days after the disappearance of the symptoms.
  • Spray Hexoral for angina. Before use, rinse your mouth and clean it of food residues. Spraying is carried out for 2 seconds daily for 5 days, the treatment scheme can change the doctor.

Hexoral for angina can be taken with an antibiotic, if necessary.

Cough Spray Hexoral, its analogues and prices

There are popular analogues of the cough spray Geksoral and comparison with them gives different results, both in terms of the effectiveness of treatment, and at a price. To answer a question what is better to apply - it is possible, having listened to recommendations of the doctor. Among the analogs are the following drugs: Cameton, Givalex, Ingalipt and Stopangin.

To find Hexoral in the pharmacy is not difficult, it is in almost every one. The price differs depending on the form of release. Cough spray Geksoral at cost is the most expensive, as the principle of its operation is based on a complex mechanism of spraying. The tablet form is cheaper, but there are more contraindications. Remember that the form of release - the aerosol contains alcohol is 3 times more than the solution. Therefore, its use is prescribed for children from 3 years to avoid getting into the bronchi and esophagus.

Reviews of the cough syrup Hexoral for the majority of patients are positive.Except for those who do not like his taste or he did not come up for other reasons, among which there may be a price or an individual intolerance. According to the patients' reviews, this medicine for 2-3 days helps to cope with the infection and removes unpleasant sensations in the larynx, if the treatment started with the appearance of the first symptoms.

Cough Spray Hexoral can be used together with an antibiotic, in complex therapy, during the period prescribed by the doctor.


I'm going to the pharmacy. Tell me the names of the cheapest tablets from a cough and cheap spray from the throat?


Irina Rukina

The cheapest tablets from cough-thermopsis (grass such). They cost about 30 rubles. Spray for the throat-Ingalipt-50-60 rub. You can buy Chlorhexidine for gargling. It costs about 10 rubles.

♠ ♥ ♣ Black Cat ♣ ♥ ♠

Tablets - Mukaltin
Spray I do not know


proposol spray
Excellent properties are distinguished by an effective cough remedy, which has been used since time immemorial. To cook it take one lemon, boil for 10 minutes. Then it must be cut in half, squeezed juice and connected with 2 tbsp. spoons of glycerin. After careful stirring, you need to add as much honey as possible so that the glass is filled almost to the top.
It's incredibly tasty and useful. Ready cough syrup with rare attacks, give the children a 1-spoonful several times a day. If coughing is disturbing at night, you can give 1 teaspoon at bedtime and one at night. A strong cough is treated according to the scheme: 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, at lunch before meals and after dinner before going to bed. With a decrease in the number of coughing attacks, the number of medication should be reduced.


the best medicine for all diseases... potassium cyanide.

Journey through life

Bromhexine is not expensive
there's just an OTC pill
spray-lugol, kamenton, angalipt
but rather furatsilin, it is more effective. Stout 70 re.

Lyna *

mucutin from cough
and I do not know the spray ..

Leela Leela

pills for coughing and so called, from the throat iodine a few drops on a glass of water + soda teaspoon + warm water rinse throat 3 times a day

Nick stolen - looking for options

tablets - Mukaltin
syrup - Ascoril.
everything works well

Red beast

Cough medicine Icelandic moss, cheap, sweet and helps! From the throat all in one price.

Alexei Lurye

I do not know anything from a cough better than inhalations.
And in general, if I feel that my throat starts to hurt, then I arrange myself cognac therapy every evening (every half an hour after a glass bottle and so a half-bottle is no longer necessary) and next morning does not hurt anything. Only when the temperature, then alcohol is better not necessary. When the nasopharynx hurts, you can drip aloe or peach butter.


inhalation oil with salt


In the pharmacy and prompt

Ivanov Sergey

Cheaper than mukultina there is nothing

The best cough medicine

The best cough medicine for everyone is its own, after all, not fully understood the human body sometimes responds to the reception of various means in different ways. That is why many people have their own good and effective remedy to help cope with this symptom. The list of the best cough remedies listed below is based on feedback from people who recommend them to use. Please note that before using them, you should consult your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Effective cough medicine "Doctor Mom"

This good cough medicine for an adult will help if the symptom is productive. The composition of the best means "Doctor MOM" includes ginger, elecampane, licorice root, plantain extract and basil and other plant substances that have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. For sale this is the best and most effective cough remedy available in the form of syrup and lozenges. Both these species are equally useful and effective. However, unlike syrup, lozenges also help to soften severe attacks, and they are also convenient to carry with them.

The best cough medicines for sprays and lozenges "Tantum Verde"

The best tested Tantoum Verde product is benzidamine hydrochloride and excipients. A pleasant mint flavor gently affects the mucous membranes and facilitates the condition with a dry, unproductive symptom. It can be used even for the treatment of small children, sprinkling a small amount on a pacifier. On sale you can find "Tantum Verde" in pastilles and in the form of a spray with a convenient dispenser.

The most effective cough medicine "ACTS"

This drug has a chemical composition, as well as the previous one. It is believed that the "ACTS" is the best cure for a damp cough. Its effect becomes noticeable on the first day of admission. The best means to excrete phlegm dilutes it, making the painful and debilitating symptom more productive. For sale this drug is supplied in effervescent tablets and small sachets with powder.

The best cure for dry cough "Sinekod"

With tracheitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis, the symptom is dry, since mucus is practically not produced and does not stagnate in the bronchi and lungs. The drug "Sinekod" is considered to be the best among other means aimed at combating such ailments. It has an antitussive effect, which greatly facilitates breathing and reduces seizures.

The best cure for wet cough is Ambroxol

One of the best and most effective drugs aimed at diluting sputum and removing it from the lungs and bronchi is Ambroxol. The substances in its composition softly affect the peristalsis of the bronchi and cough receptors. On sale this best product comes in the form of a syrup. Ambroxol is the cheapest syrup. On its basis, Ambrobene and Lazolvan are also produced. They also include auxiliary substances and flavors, but cost an order of magnitude more.

The most effective cough medicine for dry "Libexin"

"Libexin" along with "Sinekodom" is considered the most effective cough medicine. The substances that enter into it also suppress the cough reflex, but do not have a depressing effect on the general respiratory center. For sale it is supplied in tablets, which begin to function effectively after half an hour after the first application.

He remembers that this symptom is not always associated with inflammatory processes occurring in the upper or lower respiratory tract. Often it develops completely for other reasons. In this case even the best medicines can be powerless.

Instruction and description of Lugol's preparations

Lugol is a time-tested drug, which in most cases is used as an antiseptic for Inflammatory - infectious diseases of the oropharynx in adults and children: in angina, tonsillitis chronic and acute and stomatitis.

Components of Lugol

Active ingredient is molecular iodine, which provides antiseptic, local irritating, bactericidal effect on a number of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and pathogenic fungi. Including staphylococcal wand, which is more stable, with prolonged treatment it manages to destroy. The drug potassium iodide, which is present in the drug, improves the solubility in water of iodine, but glycerol softens its effect.

Dosage forms

  • Lugol solution of topical application, lyophilizate as a basis for gel with intradermal administration;
  • Spray Lugol d / topical application 1.25% bottle of dark glass 50ml.

Pharmacokinetic properties

If the drug is used in the recommended doses, the absorption of iodine through the mucous membranes and the skin of the oral cavity is negligible. When in contact with mucous membranes, 30% of the substance is converted to iodides. Iodine is rapidly absorbed by accidental ingestion. The adsorbed agent easily penetrates into tissues and accumulates in the thyroid gland. Generated, as a rule, by the kidneys, to a lesser extent with sweat and calves.

Indications for use

Lugol is used in the treatment of various kinds of viral VDP (angina, pharyngitis, tonsillopharyngitis)

Side effects of Lugol

  • allergic reactions;
  • rhinitis;
  • angioedema;
  • hives;
  • lacrimation,
  • salivation,
  • acne.

Contraindications for Lugol's appointment is very small: hypersensitivity to the drug or its constituents.

Lugol's use during pregnancy

Use Lugol during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated according to the instructions. But the opinions of doctors on this issue are very different. Some are categorically opposed to Lugol's appointment during pregnancy, since there is no reliable research on its safe use in this period. Others (most) consider the drug absolutely safe.

Lugol's application in breastfeeding is possible only locally and with short courses. Iodine can penetrate into breast milk and can potentially affect the thyroid function in a child.

Methods of using Lugol medicinal forms

Lugol solution - a cotton swab is moistened in the prepared solution, and the tonsils, pharynx and larynx are lightly rubbed. The duration of the course is no more than 10 days. It should be noted that the drug slightly dries the mucous. Therefore, with severe pain in the throat and constant perspiration, it is better to use Lugol with glycerin.

Lugol spray is used for irrigation of locally mucous throat, pharynx of mouth, from 2 to 6 rivers / days. depending on the course of the disease.


Iodine, which is part of the drug, promotes the oxidation of metals, which can spoil the metal surfaces and tools. Incompatible with solutions of ammonia and essential oils. Its antiseptic activity is weakened by an alkaline or acidic environment, the presence of blood, pus, fat. If the drug gets inside, it can reduce the effect of drugs that depress the function of the thyroid gland. Drugs based on iodine can increase the likelihood of irritating the effect of certain drugs on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.

Lugol spray for children

More recently, a spray for children, Lugol, appeared in pharmacies. The medicine is applied locally 4-6 rubles / day. for the purpose of irrigation of the mouth, throat, pharynx, spraying the spray 1 by pressing the spray head. During the injection, you need to hold your breath

The use of Lugol spray for children with infectious diseases of VAP is more than justified. In addition to the fact that its composition is rather simple, LS has a powerful disinfecting effect. Lugol's components affect pathogenic bacteria, have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the throat. At the same time, the puffiness of the larynx rapidly decreases, the pain disappears. Not to mention the ease of use.

Use of drugs Lugol with angina

The use of Lugol effectively acts in the combinatorial treatment of angina. But it is advisable to use them in mild cases. With severe inflammation, antibiotics are already used. Until now, Lugol was produced exclusively in the form of a solution. The appearance of the spray greatly simplified the very treatment of angina with this drug.

With angina, the drug is used to irrigate the mucous pharynx, throat, mouth, from 2 to 6 r / day. taking into account the severity of the disease. Spraying is done with a single click on the spray head. Before irrigation, you need to take a deep breath and hold back the exhalation. About 30 minutes after the injection, do not drink or eat. Lugol's solution with angina is most conveniently used with tweezers with a cotton swab to lubricate the tonsils and the mouth.


Today, there are many drugs that are similar to those of Lugol. But they contain completely different substances. The most common of these are Anginal Hexoral, Anzibel. Analogues for the active ingredients are: Yoks, Polyvidon, and others.

Prices for Lugol's products

The cost of Lugol in pharmacies is on average affordable: solution - from 10 rubles., Spray - from 100 rubles.

Lugol: Patient feedback

Inna: I was prescribed a solution of Lugol with glycerin to the pediatrician after a series of unsuccessful attempts to cure the sick throat from my son. At first, she did not believe her words: "In 2 days will pass!" The medicine actually turned out to be effective!

Larisa: I remember Lugol's solution from childhood. When the throat was treated, it was one of the most terrible procedures for me. But now it does not seem so unpleasant to me.

Martha: For someone, Lugol quickly helps with angina, and for some, the stone age. Maybe he and the old can in the 21st century already they are not fashionable to use, but I can confidently say: "ANGIN HE TREATS EXCELLENTLY !!!

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