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Orthopedic puzzle for children from flat feet

Flat-footedness is an unpleasant disease, which is easier to prevent than treat.

Take care that the baby correctly formed the arch of the foot, the ankle, preferably from the moment when the baby begins to take the first steps.

And in this case, and if the child has already identified flat feet, modern parents will come to the aid of their parents - orthopedic mats-puzzles. We will describe them in more detail.

At first glance, mats for the prevention and treatment of flat feet - a fairly simple and uncomplicated design.

It is a floor covering with a raised protruding "pattern".

The puzzle mat from flatfoot is a modular design, which consists of the same squares that fit together in the puzzle type.

If we consider this invention of humanity in more detail, it becomes clear thatby the degree of impact, the mat is not inferior to expensive massage procedures in an expensive clinic.

The protruding relief on the squares points to the important active points of the foot, which improves the blood supply of the lower limbs, accelerates lymph flow, massage muscles and ligaments, and also helps the child learn to step on various parts of the foot, while maintaining the body's balance in space.

Thus, the mat replaces several non-expensive wellness procedures. Plus, that there is no need to go anywhere, you can practice at home on the rug.

Rugs are made of their multi-colored bright materials. The texture can be different -"Cones "Shells "Pebbles "Pebble "Grass "Thorns"and so on.

The modular design makes it possible to combine in different versions different coatings - "Cones" with "Grass" or "Pebbles" with "Spikes".

The number of options will depend on the number of modules 1, 6 or more if there is a desire to create a large healing surface.

The effectiveness of the impact of such flooring has long been appreciated by orthopedic doctors. They see the result personally - before buying a rug and six months after that.

Light forms of flatfoot manage to win fast enough.In more serious forms of the disease, orthopedic puzzles help in the complex treatment.

All massage mats for the legs are divided into two main types:

  • Mats for prevention. They are made of softer materials that gently stimulate the active points and positively affect through acupuncture on the activity of internal organs, the nervous system, improve the blood supply to the legs of the baby, and promote the proper formation of feet.
  • Mats for treatment. Such puzzles are made of more dense and rigid materials, with more relief textures, because the main task of the product is to correct the foot and ankle, if something goes wrong in their development.

Regardless of what kind of rug is needed - preventive or curative - the choice of such a product should begin with a visit to an orthopedic doctor.

If there are no foot pathologies, the doctor will tell you which mats are optimal for a given age and feet with preventive purposes.

If there is a flatfoot, the doctor will not only tell the models of rugs, but also prescribe very specific "drawings" of the relief. One child will benefit only "Grass" or "Pebble and the other - only "Shishki" or "Thorns."

Today, massage foot mats in a huge range are presented in online stores. Experts recommend to purchase medicinal varieties only in specialized orthopedic salons.

Pay attention to the color, it is important that the rug was not only useful, but also interesting to the kid. It is not necessary to choose a child under 3 years of age that is too rigid, the circulation of which will give the child pain.

It just scares the crumbs away.

You can order several modules with soft invoices - to start classes, and a few - with a hard one gradually introduce these puzzles into the composition of the rug, when the baby's legs get used to walking on a new surface.

Quality material is very important for the health of the child.The product must have certificates of quality and conformity. From the modules there should not be a sharp chemical smell, which may indicate a fake, poor-quality material.

Do not take too few modules, because the rug must be of such size that the child could not only stand on it, but also be like, run, sit, jump, do gymnastics.

Modules can be purchased gradually, as necessary, expanding and supplementing the mat with new elements.

The abundance of manufacturers will surprise their parents and may plunge them into some confusion. In fact, many companies, both Russian and foreign, represent high-quality and inexpensive products.The most well-proven FOSTA and "ORTO

  • FOSTA- a large range of orthopedic modular rugs of varying degrees of rigidity and a great variety of textural "drawings." For the treatment and prevention of flat feet, experts recommend the F-0810 most often. It is sold in a bundle of 8 modules, you can then purchase additional items from the same manufacturer. The average cost of the eight-module kit is about 1500 rubles.
  • The Russian manufacturer ORTOoffers a large selection of mats for babies from their first steps and for teens who need correction of foot pathologies and gait. There are exclusively preventive models - "Baby "First steps and there are models for treatment and prevention - "Universal "Mix". Price category - from 1000 to 2500 rubles, depending on the number of modules, puzzles.

Tips for using:

  • Do not start to engage in a rug with a child who has not yet reached the age of one. For small feet, this can be very painful.
  • Children with wounded and eczema on the legs, as well as with diseases that are expressed by a violation of the vestibular function, can not be long on this cover. The kid can fall, get injured.
  • Time lessons on the rug should be increased gradually - from 3-4 minutes to 20-25 minutes. If the baby is hurt and uncomfortable, you should stop the activity, let him get off the mat and relax a little.
  • Be engaged on the applicator barefoot.
  • The first few sessions should include simple exercises - driving on the rug, lifting on socks with a roll on the heels. Gradually, it is necessary to complicate the child's task - to introduce marching, walking "jib jumping. Individual complex of exercises for parents can tell the orthopedist, who knows all the features of the child's foot.
  • In no case can you force a child to engage in an orthopedic massage mat. This will cause only fright and persistent rejection of texture puzzles as such. Useful joint activities on the rug. It is important that the process of treatment and prevention provides the child with joy and pleasure.
  • Do not wait for the effect instantly. On the rug should be practiced systematically, daily, and then in a few months it will be possible to surprise both the doctor and myself.

With your hands, massage mat is easy to make. The most difficult thing is to find in a large number of items, for which the child has to walk and run.

For this, craftsmen uselarge buttons, caps from soda, large beans (kidney beans, for example), as well as flat stones,which many bring from the sea "for memory the fruits of chestnut.

On the basic cut of a dense fabric it is necessary to place all these "riches" by sectors - soft materials should alternate with rigid, large - with small. Cereals and beans are sewn into linen bags and sewn onto the desired sector.

Buttons are simply sewn to the main fabric. Stones should be drilled beforehand, so that they can be sewn easily. In general, the flight of fantasy and a large number of different knick-knacks - and a unique exclusive rug is ready.

In addition, making up the mat with their own hands, it is difficult to take into account all the orthopedist's recommendations for correcting the gait or height of the foot. But for a preventive rug self-made sewn trinkets is enough.

A source: http://www.o-krohe.ru/pokupki/ortopedicheskij-pazl-kovrik-dlya-detej-ot-ploskostopiya/

Ortho puzzle. orthopedic covering. massage mats

Developing and preventive Direct massage effect Different hardness of modules Choice of color solutions Modular and mobile Environmentally friendly Domestic production


Massage mats are separate modules that connect with each other on the principle of "puzzle".

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Due to the different texture and stiffness of the surface, during the lessons on the mats of "ORTO PAS" all the necessary receptors of the baby's foot are stimulated, contributing to the formation of its physiological vaults.


Prophylaxis of flat feet in children; Foot massage; Relieving fatigue of muscles.


Static insufficiency of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus of the foot in children (flat feet, flat-valgus deformation of the foot), prevention of these conditions.


Mechanical damage to the skin on the sole of the foot; Syndrome of diabetic foot; Ankle instability; With fungal foot lesions, use the mat strictly individually.

A source: http://www.xnetbpedjbvi8m.xnp1ai/orto_puzzle.htm

Orthopedic mats Orthodon

One set of massage orthopedic mats is a set of multi-colored tiles of various rigidity and texture, which gives possibility to choose an individual cover, taking into account the therapeutic and preventive needs and the size of the room for classes with child.

All the tiles perfectly fit together on the principle of puzzles. Due to the weight, tightness and the characteristics of the PVC material, the tiles are not spread over the parquet, linoleum, boards or carpet.

Kids like bright colors of massage surfaces, and a set of exercises, a description of which is attached to each kit, allows parents to conduct the most useful lessons at home - without extra spending on special therapeutic groups.

All brands Orthodon ORTHOPAZL

  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. ORTO mats are packed in 8 puzzles ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. ORTO mats are packed in 8 puzzles in a hard ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. Total area 6 puzzles sq.m. Height - 350 mm ORTO mats packed in 8 ...
  • The set of ORTO MICS 12 includes tiles from sets of massage mats: Grass Hard - 2 pieces, ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. Weight of one box 3 kg ORTO mats ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. Weight of one box is 3 kg. ORTO mats ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. Total area 6 puzzles sq.m. Height - 350 mm Weight of one box 3 ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. The weight of one box is 3 kg ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. ORTO mats are packed in 8 puzzles in a rigid box with a comfortable handle. The total ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. Weight of one box, kg Rugs ...
  • The set of ORTO MICS 10 includes tiles from sets of massage mats: Grass Hard - 2 pieces, ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. Total area 6 puzzles sq.m. Height - 350 mm Weight of one box 3 kg ...
  • The set ORTO Set 1 "UNIVERSAL" includes tiles from the sets of massage mats: Stones Soft - 1 ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. Weight of one box, kg ...
  • In the kit ORTO Set 2 "KID" includes tiles from the sets of massage mats: Grass Soft - ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. Weight of one box, kg ORTO ...
  • In the set of ORTO Set 3 "PROS" includes tiles from the sets of massage mats: Stones Rigid - ...
  • The size of one puzzle is 250 x 250 mm. The total area of ​​8 puzzles sq.m. Weight of one box is 3 kg. ORTO mats ...
  • We present to you the orthopedic massage mats "Soft Islet". Their surface is analogous to orthopedic ...
  • Introducing you orthopedic massage mats "Islet hard". Their surface is an analog ...

Trademark: Orthodon

Orthopedic mats ORTO: we are treated while playing Orthopedic mats are a unique product developed by Russian orthopedic technologists for the prevention and treatment of flat feet in children and adults.

Medical massage mats produced by the company "ORTODON" activate blood supply, strengthen the ankle joint, train the muscles and form the correct form of the foot.

Massage mats ORTO - are a set of tiles, puzzles of different colors and different stiffness, which allows you to adjust the size and modification of the massage mat. Vivid colors like babies, and they are happy to be included in the process of therapeutic play.

Each rug size 25x25 or 30x30 cm has a different surface, imitating natural reliefs: hard and soft stones, hard and soft grass, spikes, etc. Each of the surfaces is designed to prevent and treat certain pathologies.

Exercises on massage mats ORTO act on the reflexogenic zones of the feet of adults and children, relieve fatigue in the legs, "work" on the correct formation of the arches of the child's foot. Ortho sets of mats are democratic at a price, packed in a rigid box and convenient for transportation.

By purchasing a set of orthopedic mats, and dealing with the child at home on your own, you decently save the family budget, avoiding visits to public medical and preventive groups. Helps in the exercises - a set of exercises developed by professional doctors.

A liner with exercises on orthopedic mats is attached to each set. Our online store 4babymsk.ru sells only certified goods. Orthopedic mats ORTODON are made of safe PVC material, have a non-slip structure, are easy to clean and can withstand repeated treatment with disinfectants.

Buy ortovkriki "ORTODON" - the best way to equip the massage room in the children's room.

You can buy orthopedic mats Ortodon inexpensively and at a bargain price in the online store 'Internet store of children's products'.

The store features orthopedic mats Ortodon with descriptions, as well as detailed specifications, photos and testimonials of visitors.

A source: https://4babymsk.ru/catalog/ortopedicheskie-kovriki/ortodon

Accompanying orthopedic products

In detail about the massage mat "Sea Bottom" - massage-kovrik.ru

Size of the rug 70 x 50 cm

In order to increase the area of ​​the massager, it is envisaged to fasten individual elements together.

Five kinds of surfaces give an excellent sensorimotor effect when combined using a massager.

Types of massage surface

Orthopedic massage mat "Seabed" surface of "Shell"

Purpose:It is applied for gymnastics of feet feet.
The surface of the rug consists of a relief imitating the shells of a Venus gallina shell of various sizes, is the massage surface of a soft therapeutic effect.
Size: 70x50 centimeters

Orthopedic massage mat "Sea bottom" surface of the "Star"

Purpose:is used for the prevention and treatment of flat feet.

The surface of the rug consists of a relief imitating shells of the mollusk Nana neritea and a chitinous shell sea ​​stars of a real size, is a massage surface of deep therapeutic effect.
Size: 70x50 centimeters

Orthopedic massage mat "Sea bottom" surface of "Corals"

Purpose:has a spinning rotational effect and is ideal for training muscle tone of feet in the cabin of the exercise room and at home.

The surface of the rug consists of a relief imitating two types of hard corals: the coral brain Diploria labyrinthiformus and red Corallium rubrum coral in the shell of shells of Stellaria solaris and Lambis Chiragra on sea ​​pebbles.

The rug is characterized by large differences in height between the elements and a smaller support area, which increases the pressure on the contiguous points of the feet and enhances the massaging effect.

Size: 70x50 centimeters

Orthopedic massage mat "Sea bottom" surface "Water World"

The relief surface of the rug imitates the silhouettes of marine animals - sharks, dolphins, whales, as well as turtles and fish against a rocky bottom.
Walking on the rug "Water World" strengthens the arch of the foot, contributes to the development of all muscles and the improvement of coordination of movements.
Size: 70x50 centimeters

Orthopedic massage mat "Sea bottom" surface "Seahorses"

Purpose:It is applied for gymnastics of feet feet. The relief surface of the rug imitates the silhouettes of sea horses against the background of sand, small stones and shells.

It is a massage surface of the basic type with a mild therapeutic effect.

Ideal for performing preparatory exercises and warming up muscles before exercises on rugs with more pronounced relief.

Size: 70x50 centimeters

Flatfoot winner

"Soft" and "deep" therapeutic effect of the seabed 365 days a year in your house!

All parents dream of seeing their children healthy and happy. Modern moms and dads know perfectly well what a huge impact environmental factors have on the development of a small person.

Sunlight and heat, fresh clean air, full and varied food, love and attention adults - all this fertile soil on which health grows not only bodily, but also emotional.

Previously, people were closer to the earth, walked barefoot since childhood, and natural effects on bones, muscles, and the skin of the foot led to the formation of a healthy body. In a modern society, the child is experiencing a serious traffic deficit.

Restriction of natural mobility, insufficient physical load extremely adversely affects both the health of the child and the formation of his personality.

This problem is especially urgent for urban children who are forced to spend most of their time in the premises.

Lack of motor activity will help to fill classes with the help of special massagers for feet "Sea bottom".

What we get in summer on a pebble beach, lawn, sand in a natural form, the elastic massage surface of the rug simulates artificially at home all year round.

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As a result of regular exercises, massage of reflexogenic zones effectively affects the body as a whole, stimulates capillary blood flow, increases immunity, leads to an improvement in the functional state of the musculoskeletal system, improves musculoskeletal tone, strengthens the foot muscles for prevention and treatment flatfoot.


Designed and manufactured by the Perseus Orthopedic Center, which has the license of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Health and Social Development No. 9908-000028 of 30.11.2007. on the implementation of activities for the manufacture of prosthetic and orthopedic products.

Orthopedic mat "Sea Bottom" is made under the supervision of the doctors of the "Perseus" OC in strict accordance with TU 9396-001-5866435-2008. Used as a children's massage mat from flat feet.

A source: http://www.persey-orto.ru/other/kovrik.php

Orthopedic massage mat from flat feet for children

Childhood is an important period during which the foundations of the health of many body systems are laid.

But, if parents pay attention to various viral and infectious diseases, then the health of their legs - it is less.

Meanwhile, a similar omission can cause the development of flat feet - a rather dangerous deformation of the foot. At the initial stage, the correctly selected orthopedic mats will be able to cope with the detected deviation.

The more dangerous the platypodia

Walking on a massage mat

With platypodia the musculoskeletal system undergoes additional loads, which often leads to the development of chronic ailments. The adult person, as a rule, understands the degree of danger.

But the timely diagnosis and prevention of flat feet in children by parents is not always given enough attention.

And in fact at this age quite often to consult with it usual mats for preventive maintenance of a flat foot, accessible in practically any drugstore are allowed.

Harmless at first glance, flat feet can seriously worsen the quality of human life. The result of the deviation is a violation of the shock of the foot, which leads to a whole range of violations.

The disease is considered one of the main causes of scoliosis, arthrosis of joints, various diseases associated with increased stress on the feet in particular and the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

Uneven musculoskeletal system in children due to the high amount of cartilaginous and connective tissue up to the age of six is ​​able to stretch and flex.

Therefore, before the specified age, taking measures to treat or prevent the disease does not make sense.

Moreover, such measures can even harm the healthy legs of children under six years old.

As a result of constant psvevdolechebnogo bending effect on the foot cartilaginous structures of the feet can stretch and lengthen.

When the ossification ends, some metatarsal bones can get the wrong shape because of the above actions.

The result is an increased burden on the musculoskeletal system and associated diseases.

You can not diagnose a real flattening of the arch of the foot before the child is six years old. Symptoms of flat feet at the feet of infants and newborns are explained not by pathology, but only by the presence of a fat pad on the foot.

Effectiveness of mats

Rug with multi-colored stones

Orthopedic mat for children from flat feet often becomes the first preventive agent, which is prescribed after diagnosis in childhood.

For many parents, it is a discovery that a simple design at first glance is capable of at least somehow helping to cope with such a serious problem.

Usually they trust more gymnastic exercises against flat feet, preventive massage and similar medical methods.

Meanwhile, the rugs that allow you to prevent and treat curvature of the vault are often more effective and convenient means.

There is one important feature relevant for massage and medical gymnastics - the low efficiency of a single procedure.

Children at the age of six do not realize the degree of danger of flat feet, performing exercises is not as diligent as it is required.

Massage is also carried out strictly measured time, and the load on the curved arch of the foot continues all day.

Criterias of choice

Homemade massage mat of buttons

Special mats, developed as a preventive-therapeutic remedy for flat feet, represent a much more complex product than it may seem at first glance.

The choice of a suitable rug to carry out on the move independently can not always. Only together with an experienced physician, after completing the diagnosis of the arch of the foot, you can choose the optimal variant of the rug.

The reason is that there is no "universal" option for treating all types of curvature of the foot. It is important to choose the mat most suitable for the child.

And this becomes possible only after diagnosing and clarifying the condition of the foot at the time of going to the doctor.

There are two main versions of the products:

  1. Prophylactic. Such mats are made of soft materials and are designed to stimulate reflex points on the sole of the foot. Walking along them helps to stimulate the zones responsible for the normal operation of internal organs, to prevent the varicose veins from normalizing the blood circulation.
  2. Medical and orthopedic. Products of this category have a rigid structure and are created specifically for the treatment of flat feet. The medical effect directly depends on the "pattern" and the material of manufacture. Most often these are solid grades of rubber, but there are models using stones and various solid materials.

Before buying a massage mat you should:

  • consult with your doctor about important product features;
  • choose a mat with a bright color that will be interesting to the kid;
  • carefully study the material of manufacture - a sharp synthetic smell from the rug speaks about a possible danger to health and low quality;
  • To acquire such mats should only be in a specialized orthopedic store;
  • choose a product of this size, so that the baby on it could not only stand, but also take a few steps.

If desired, the rug can be made independently from improvised means.

For this, grains, pebbles, buttons, plastic caps and other similar materials are suitable that will not harm the baby's legs.

Alternating rigid and soft elements, having fastened them on the most usual flap of a dense tissue of sufficient size it is possible to receive a quite good analogue to orthopedic products.

Methods of prevention

To maintain and strengthen the health of the children's feet and the normal curvature of the arch of the foot, it is sufficient to walk around the rug about twenty minutes daily. The most effective option is an orthopedic puzzle.

It is a set of several rugs with different versions of the pattern, which significantly expands the area of ​​product efficiency. In addition, such products consist of alternating soft and hard squares.

Soft zones allow to relax the foot tissues, and rigid conduct effective flatfoot prevention.

Prevention of foot diseases should be conducted in the form of a game. In this case, children are willingly engaged daily, allowing to eliminate the threat to their health. Variants of exercises that need to be done for the treatment and prevention of curvature of the arch of the foot are selected individually.

A source: https://NogoStop.ru/stopa/svod/ortopedicheskij-kovrik-dlya-detej-ot-ploskostopiya.html

Use of orthopedic massage mat for the prevention and treatment of flat feet in children

Thanks to the active development of the child, you can correct the non-essential deformities of the feet with the help of exercises. Wellness procedures that have only a temporary and localized effect on an adult can significantly affect a baby's health.

The idea of ​​using massage orthopedic rugs to prevent flat feet is not new. Rugs are widely used both in medical and pedagogical practice, and in the sphere of home physical development of children.

What is an orthopedic mat?

Orthopedic mat for children, shown in the photo, has a very pronounced textured surface and can consist of separate components - puzzles. The non-uniform structure of the rug, due to the action on the sensitive points of the foot, creates a massage effect when walking along it.

In the manufacture of orthopedic mats are used a variety of materials that meet all kinds of security requirements. Factory copies are often made of rubber, silicone or high-quality plastic. Such products are easy to store, wash and combine when used.

Indications for using a massage mat

The use of such a rug can be preventive and curative.

At the stage of intensive development of the child's body, this orthopedic device is able to prevent the occurrence and progression of flat feet.

Classes on the rug have a beneficial effect on the entire body of the child and eliminate deformities of the foot, strengthening its ligaments and muscles.

Types of massage mats

Varieties of orthopedic mats

Orthopedic mats for children are available in the form of one-piece or multi-component cloth.

The second view is a separate piece of puzzles, easily combined into a continuous track or rug.

The surface of each segment can differ in relief.

Massage elements of rugs can have different sizes, rigidity and form of protuberances:

  • voracious;
  • needle;
  • in the form of stones and geometric figures;
  • in the form of a relief pattern.

How to choose an orthopedic mat for flat-foot therapy in a baby?

Also, he can recommend the most appropriate type of product, based on the characteristics of the disease and the age of the child.

The second item in the list of requirements when buying a rug are security issues. The mat should be without a pungent smell or poor-quality, peeling paint.

Any irregularities that can damage the delicate baby's skin, indicate a non-compliance with health goals.

No less important requirements for orthopedic mats for children are aesthetic and hygienic aspects. The device will bring more benefit and will be well perceived by the child if it has the following qualities:

  • bright, attractive appearance;
  • pleasing forms;
  • sufficient size for exercise;
  • easy to clean surface.
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Treatment of flat feet with a massage mat

Complex treatment of flat feet is the main reason for buying a massage mat. The hard topography of the surface stimulates blood circulation and microcirculation in the tissues. The principle of treatment and prevention consists in performing special exercises on a massage mat:

  • walking on the outer and inner sides of the foot;
  • Jumping;
  • light running;
  • rolls from heel to toe and vice versa;
  • walking on socks and heels;
  • movement backwards and much more.

The use of an orthopedic mat and the effect

The use of a massage mat can have a fortifying and tempering effect on the body.

At a time when the child is walking barefoot on the texture surface and performs simple exercises, there is a stimulation of biologically active points of the foot, attached to certain organs.

The mat perfectly copes with the problem of flat feet, especially if the pathology is detected at the initial stage of development. The cost of the product, depending on the size, starts at 300-400 rubles. Parents can purchase several puzzles, gradually buying items and increasing the path.

Systematic exercises on the massage mat will help to correct deformations and affect the harmonious formation of the arch of the foot and its muscular tissues.

Point relief effects on the leg, reducing its muscles and strengthening the entire ankle joint.

In parallel, pain and tension are removed, blood circulation in the legs improves and a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system is found.

How to deal with the child on the rug?

Due to the colorful design, exercises on orthopedic mats are interesting for children and do not require coercive measures.

If the process is creatively diversified and involve fantasy - the treatment procedure will turn into an exciting event.

Complexes of exercises are not difficult, just a few minutes a day to run or walk along the surface.

Exercise for an orthopedic rug must be agreed with the attending physician

Exercises should be recommended by the attending physician or consist of simple basic complexes - from simple to complex.

In the process, you need to monitor the child's bearing and its readiness to perform the elements. When there are signs of fatigue, it's better to postpone the classes. Starting position: hands on the waist, smooth back.

The duration of the procedure is determined individually.

1 exercise:

  • a calm step on the spot - 2-3 min;
  • steps on the outside of the foot - 2 min;
  • steps on the inside of the foot 2-3 min;
  • rolling from toe to heel - 5 min;
  • walking on the heels - 3 min.

2 Exercise:

  • walking on socks - 3 min;
  • a calm step on the spot - 2-3 min;
  • we rise on toes and stretch our hands upwards - 2-3 min;
  • walking in the semicircle, hands on knees 2-3 min;
  • after a minute break, stand on one leg, alternately - 1 min;
  • jumping from place to place, preferably on different elements of the rug - 3 min;
  • running on the spot - 2-3 min.

A source: https://VseProRebenka.ru/uhod/pokupki/ortopedicheskij-kovrik-dlya-detej.html

Flat mat for children orthopedic: types, features

The baby's foot consists of bones connected by muscles. They help to spring during movement, when walking or running. Do not forget that the baby's leg is of different shapes and sizes.

A competent and professional doctor prescribes treatment to children when a flat foot is detected using a massage mat.

The method of elimination is appointed so that the baby can subsequently walk properly and in the future he does not develop any ailments in this direction.

What is a flatfoot mat

Orthopedic mat for children from flat feet is a unique way of prevention and therapy in the event of primary signs of deformity of the child's foot. Use the material doctors recommend on a regular basis, as the exercises help stop the development of flatfoot, restore the primary functions of the feet.

Deformation is a pathological process, which is easier to prevent than cure.

Therefore, orthopedists together with pediatricians, identifying the primary development of the disease, prescribe preventive and therapeutic methods with a view to curing flat feet.

Experts advise to perform a number of exercises, and sometimes to buy in specialized stores socks or insoles and buy a massage product that will help cure the baby from the subject ailment.

Functional features

Children can collect their own hands with their own hands, i.e.

not only to be treated, but also to develop: activity allows stimulating the functional work of the brain, which positively affects memory and thinking in children.

The device for the prevention and elimination of pathology - safe and comfortable, helps the child's health and development.

Types of orthopedic mats for children

Features of the massage puzzle for the treatment of flatfoot:

  1. Purpose - acupressure sole: a hard surface, the gaps between the elements are pronounced and distinct.
  2. Designed for foot massaging, so it has a hemispherical appearance in the middle.
  3. On the surface of the massage object are different heights of spikes, to use it when conducting a point massage.
  4. The guys who are on rehabilitation show a mat with soft spikes for the first use: these children have sensitive skin.
  5. On the surface of the massage device there are spring elements that distribute pressure well on the baby's foot.

Mats from flat feet for children have the same appearance except for the color scale, however each of them differs depending on the needs of children.

Features of the seabed:

  1. For its production rubber is used environmentally friendly and rubber.
  2. Walking along the ledges of the carpet "seabed" replaces movement along the pebbles.
  3. Externally, the massage device is similar to the seabed, on which various shapes and sizes on water themes are laid.
  4. The products have the form of a circle, their diameter is about 39 cm, and the weight does not exceed 700 g.
  5. Can be used in a bath or pool due to moisture resistance. It should be washed and dried after use. He will become an indispensable assistant for parents in order to prevent flat feet in a small family member.

Product with stones:

  1. Rectangular shape and wide color.
  2. The basis is made of pebbles: the baby walks on them, jumps, runs without causing injury to themselves.

Massage mats have a wide range of action, but pediatricians advise to use an orthopedic mat in the form of puzzles for prevention and therapy. Massage mat is used to conduct preventive activities, regardless of the age of the baby.

Properties and mechanism of action

For the purpose of treatment and prevention of flatfoot orthopedists and pediatricians appoint children to use orthopedic mats, which favorably affect the overall well-being and carry out therapeutic impact.

The foot is subjected to a massage, which stimulates the circulatory system, improving blood circulation in the muscles and joints of the legs and the overall well-being of the small patient.

Coatings allow you to evenly distribute the load on the child's legs, contributing to the normal formation of the arches of the feet - you do not have to treat the flat foot with the orthopedist.

If you use the product to correctly affect the nerve endings, you can accelerate recovery in the event of a disease, or other respiratory ailments, and also contribute to the improvement of the normal functioning of the immune system and the formation of bones.

How to choose the right mat

The choice of a product for a small family member is the task of parents, therefore, when choosing an orthopedic mat for children from flat feet, they need to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. The size.
  2. The material from which the mat is made. Doctors advise combined - consisting of pebbles, thorns and so on.
  3. Product quality and environmental friendliness.

However, do not worry, as the orthopedist or pediatrician will certainly help the parents.

How to deal with a child on a rug

  1. Regularly, for 20 minutes. in a day.
  2. Children under 2 years of age train together with adults 3-4 minutes.
  3. Babies older are developing a complex in a play form for daily execution on a massage mat.

Exercises should be performed in pleasure and daily.

This tool is placed under the legs for the pupils during homework. Thus, the circulation of the feet is normalized to avoid the development of flat feet.

How to make an orthopedic mat yourself

To make a rug use any improvised materials:

  1. A dense base, such as cloth or carpet, the shape can be arbitrary depending on the wishes of the parents.
  2. Further on the fabric are attached improvised materials: pebbles, caps from plastic bottles, buttons and so on. The baby will be more interesting if the small parts become different colors. Therefore, when choosing covers it is necessary to pay attention and collect colorful details.

After the fabric is sewn onto the basis of the fabric or glued elements, a special medical object is ready.

Parents use the combined massage mats for the treatment of flat feet, made with their own hands.

On one piece of fabric are applied in several rows initially bubbons, then plastic lids, pebbles and other improvised elements.

The details can not be too rigid, therefore it is necessary to take into account the sensitivity of the skin of the baby, otherwise the long-awaited preventive measures of flatfoot will not be of use. In no case should we forget about the use of environmentally friendly materials.

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