Dermatitis: symptoms, treatment of dermatitis in children and adults

Dermatitis is an acute inflammatory skin disease that develops due to the action of various aggressive agents of the external environment: mechanical, physical factors, chemicals of plant and animal origin, allergic irritants. There is a large number of types of dermatitis, depending on the cause of its appearance and the nature and characteristics of the pathological process.

We will talk about the symptoms and treatment of dermatitis in children and adults at home, about what to do with dermatitis, how and what to treat them.


Symptoms of dermatitis

Symptoms and treatment of dermatitis in adults: Elena Malysheva

In this issue of the telecast "Live healthy!" with Elena Malysheva you will learn how to treat dermatitis.

What is it?

Redness, scaling on the skin, rashes and itching can talk about dermatitis. In simple words, dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin.

The dermatitis group includes a variety of skin diseases, including eczema and diathesis. Their symptoms are similar in that, in both cases, the skin is inflammatory.

Dermatitis on the skin begins reddening and itching, flaking occurs, bubbles may pop out. Inflammation in dermatitis is inherently allergic, not infectious. And since it arises in response to allergens, its course is long( chronic).Dermatitis can turn into an autoimmune chronic disease and do not leave a person for a long time.

What's going on?

Dermatitis primarily affects the epidermis and dermis. Specific cells, tissue basophils, mast cells, in response to the appearance of an allergen, release specific substances that affect skin cells and its irritation of nerve endings. Inflammation develops, the skin turns red, itching appears.

How to treat?

Treatment for dermatitis is the same as with allergies and inflammation. The doctor can prescribe antihistamines( antiallergic drugs), as well as local remedies - ointments or creams with a hormonal component. In the presence of infection, the ointment should be with an antifungal or antimicrobial component.

Treatment depends on the cause and form of dermatitis, so the reference to a dermatologist, who will conduct a survey to determine the cause, is mandatory!

The skin is completely renewed and restored at least 3 months. Therefore, to expect results of treatment of dermatitis is not worth it.

Remember that self-medication and folk remedies can only exacerbate the disease!

Dermatitis in a child - symptoms and treatment: Dr. Komarovsky's school

The topic of today's program is relevant for many families. And parents are important to understand and understand what's what, since only the children will be able to help them. By their right actions, proper care. So, why there is allergic dermatitis, what treatments exist, how to take care of the skin of a child with allergic dermatitis, do you need medicines inside? This and many other things will tell Dr. Komarovsky. The guests of the program are the TV producer Ivanna Dyadyura and her daughter Sofia.

Treatment of dermatitis: general medical advice

American doctors advice on the treatment and prevention of dermatitis

The following tips help to cleanse the skin and get rid of itching and dryness in dermatitis and eczema in an adult and a child.

Dermatitis is aggravated in dry air, especially if heaters work in the house.

"Heating with dry air dries the skin more than other types of heating," says Dr. Howard Donsky, a regular dermatologist at a general hospital in Toronto.- Since dry air aggravates the itching with eczema and dermatitis, the main concern of those suffering from these diseases and their families should be to keep the air in the apartment wet. If you can counter the heating with dry air with a good air humidifier, this will help to solve the problem. "

If you have dermatitis or eczema, then you need to make sure that in the rooms( or at least in the bedroom) the humidity of the air is high. One way to increase the humidity is wet bedding, hung in the rooms.

Bathing with dermatitis and eczema should not be very often and in water at room temperature.

Take a bath with a decoction of oats.

The oats broth added to the bath has a good soothing effect when itching. To prepare the broth, the oats are finely ground, then boil it on low heat for 20 minutes( 1 glass per liter of water) and add to the bath.

Wear clothes made of cotton.

"Clothes made from cotton that comes in contact with the skin are much better than wool," says dermatologist John F. Romano, MD, instructor at the New York hospital.

Many dermatologists agree that in order to avoid dermatitis or to cure it, it is necessary to avoid wearing synthetic fibers or tightly fitting, unapproved clothes. Such clothing not only sticks to the body, but it also provokes itching.

Avoid manicure varnishes.

Artificial nails or manicure products with acrylic often cause dermatitis. Therefore, people who have a predisposition to dermatitis or eczema should avoid manicure varnishes.

Make softening compresses.

For dermatitis it is useful to make softening compresses. Dr. Romano advises wetting dermatitis-affected areas with cold milk or applying bandages and compresses with it. This, of course, should not be done in the case of a vast process on the skin, be it eczema or dermatitis.

Orange juice and eggs

Eggs and orange juice are traditionally considered the causes of dermatitis in children. Therefore, if you have a suspicion that the appearance of dermatitis is to blame for these products - get rid of them.

Acute temperature changes

"If you have eczema," says Dr. Donsky, "then sudden changes in temperature can cause a problem. Leaving a warm room on a damp, cold winter air or even from an air-conditioned room under a hot shower, you can provoke itching. You can protect yourself at the first moment by wearing several layers of cotton clothing. And, of course, people with eczema should refrain from hot baths and showers. A little precaution will help reduce the provoking effects of temperature changes on the itching. "

Wash once, rinse - two.

With regard to washing for people with eczema and dermatitis, "it's not what the powder you use, but how many times you rinsed the laundry," says Dr. Romano.- You must be sure that the washing powder is completely washed away. When washing, do not cover too much powder and always rinse the laundry twice( in a washing machine) to wash away all soap. "

Use urea.

Eat a little urea into the skin."Softeners containing urea are very good for relieving itching with eczema or dermatitis," says Dr. Perelstein.- Urea causes exfoliation, and this is a good remedy. Usually we apply it when the skin is thickened by rubbing and combing. "

Treatment of dermatitis and diaper rash in an adult and a child

When treating dermatitis, the factor that caused the disease must first be eliminated.

For dermatitis accompanied by the appearance of blisters, the skin is washed with hydrogen peroxide, a pink solution of potassium permanganate or rubbed with alcohol. The upper part of the bladder should be cut with sterile scissors and lubricated with any of the aniline dyes. Antibacterial lotions are applied to erosion sites, and after the end of the wetness, the necessary ointments are applied.

For dermatitis caused by acid or alkali burns, first of all it is necessary to wash the affected area of ​​the skin, and then proceed to appropriate treatment.

When treating dermatitis , be sure to eliminate the cause of the disease. Then the patient is prescribed desensitizing therapy( allergy-relieving drugs).

Apply the licorice root naked in the form of a hot broth( 1 tablespoon chopped root for 500 ml of water), boil for 15 minutes, insist 1 hour, strain, take half a glass 2 times daily before meals. Or infusion of dandelion roots -1 teaspoon of ground roots boil in a water bath for 15 minutes, insist 1 hour, strain, take half a glass 3 times a day.

If there is wetting, then make cold lotions from decoctions of the root of oak, sage leaves, St. John's wort, or three-leafed watch.

When diaper dermatitis treatment is the same as with diaper rash. From herbal medicines well-tincture of calendula and aerosol "Olazol" works well.

Treatment of X-ray dermatitis is aimed primarily at enhancing the processes of regeneration and skin epithelization.

For the general treatment use a decoction of pine needles, which drink 1 glass 2-3 times a day, apple peel in half a glass 2-3 times a day, juice of aloe leaves 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, eleutherococcus extract 40 dropsin the morning and at lunch.

For outdoor use, sea buckthorn oil, aloe leaves, castor and rose oil, aerosols "Hypozol", "Olazole".

When solar dermatitis , you should first of all try to protect your skin from direct sunlight: wear a wide-brimmed hat, cover with an umbrella, etc.

Protective creams and ointments are good.

Locally prescribed lotions of lagohillus, arnica or eucalyptus( 1 teaspoon of tincture mixed with 100 ml of cold boiled water and used for lotions and rubs), romazulan, apple cider vinegar, yogurt.

Successfully applied at solar dermatitis horse chestnut in the form of gruel.

Carrots is used in the form of gruel from fresh grated roots. It is enough to use twice a day.

Chinese tea. With hard-boiled chilled tea, lubricate areas of the skin that are exposed to sunlight to prevent dermatitis. In the presence of solar dermatitis, it is recommended to apply compresses of strong, cooled tea to the areas of the affected skin. The procedures are 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes.

Treatment of of allergic dermatitis. Treatment should be started after removal of the allergen.

With medicamentous dermatitis hot sand baths are useful.

With itching dermatoses and allergic rashes, and also for the early healing of purulent wounds add to the ointments and powders of Kirkason.

Folk treatment of dermatitis in children and adults

Hops. Take 1 teaspoon of cones of hop and string. Mix, rub well. Pour a mixture of 150 ml of boiling water, insist 1 hour in a warm place, strain and drink at once in a hot form. Places affected by dermatitis( or eczema), overlie moistened in this solution with gauze.

Grind light green cones with boiling water: a cup of boiling water per quarter of a glass of cones. Insist in the heat for 1 hour and take 50 ml before eating.

During the entire treatment period of any skin disease, take 2-3 times a day licorice root ( a piece of the size of beans) and use ointment from licorice powder with honey. This is especially recommended for allergic medicinal rashes.

In any skin diseases, as well as to restore impaired immunity and improve metabolism, uses young elder leaves both inside and outside.

With any dermatitis, when thinking about treatment, it is necessary, first of all, to remove the traumatic stimulus and only then to undertake therapeutic measures.

Lubricate affected skin areas of with fish oil and then warm them in the sun.

External application of for mackerel, corn, sea buckthorn, hips and peach oils cures most skin diseases.

Juice celandine Drink from 1 to 30 drops and back with itching dermatitis and dermatosis, and powder from the whole plant mixed with vegetable oil and lubricate the affected areas.

In case of itching and inflammation of the skin, use as juice lotions juice peppermint.

For all skin diseases, daily use of garlic and onions is mandatory.

Grass chistets must be applied externally and internally for all skin diseases.

For all children's skin diseases, baths with addition of decoction of black currant leaves or of blackberry are good.

With urticaria for treatment, the following collection is prepared:

  1. walnut leaves - 5 g;
  2. grass-grass - 20 g;
  3. linden flowers - 25 g;

All mix, pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1 hour, strain. Drink 1 glass 3 times a day.

How and what to treat dermatitis: folk remedies

Dead nettle. It is recommended to take salad from young leaves and decoction of them( 2 tablespoons per 300 ml of water).Boil 2 minutes, infuse for 1 hour, strain. The same broth is applied externally for irrigation and lotions.

Basil. The ground parts of the plant are used in the form of infusion for compresses( 50 grams of raw materials per liter of boiling water).

Geranium is blood-red. Suitable for compresses. Use rhizomes of geranium( 2 teaspoons for 2 cups of water, insist 8 hours without heating).

Melissa officinalis. It is applied either inside as infusion( two tablespoons per 2 cups of water), and locally - for compresses 1-3 times a day.

Anise is used to treat allergic dermatitis. A tablespoon of the mixture is boiled for 30 minutes in a glass of water. Take 50 ml per day in small sips.

Celery is applied externally in the form of appliqués of a gruel mass onto the affected surface. Just like potatoes( in the form of gruel), it helps well with allergic dermatitis.

Chamomile officinalis. It is used in the form of infusions, decoctions, both for internal and external use. Chamomile juice lubricate the affected area.

Plunger. The oil of castor oil is recommended to lubricate the affected surfaces 3 times a day for 1-2 months.

Thyme creeping. 3 tablespoons per 200 ml of boiling water. Insist 1 hour. Take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

As anti-inflammatory agents for dermatitis, is also used, elephant tall, sage medicinal, oak summer , etc.

Horseradish. Horseradish juice mixed with honey 1: 1, drink 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks.

Medicinal herbs used for hives

Hops. Infusion of hop( 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water), drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Dead nettle. It is used in the form of salads from leaves.

Marjoram. Prepare the infusion( 200 g of plant for 3 liters of boiling water) and pour into the tub.

Nettle ( gave the name of the disease).It is used as an antiallergic agent.

Prepare an infusion of above-ground portion of 1 tablespoon into a glass of boiling water. Take one third of the glass 3 times a day.

Peppermint. In the form of infusion( 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water) is indicated to all patients suffering from hives.

Also with hives, flax seeds, walnut leaves, juniper, oak bark, elder in the form of infusions and decoctions, which are used for both external and internal use.

Insect bite dermatitis

Onion. It is used for dermatitis caused by stings of bees and wasps. Prepare the gruel from crushed onions. At the same time, pain, swelling and itching rapidly decrease.

If you bite a mosquito, rub the usual ammonia anise drops into the bite spot.

Garlic. Paste from crushed garlic is applied externally.

Parsley. Bite the affected areas with parsley juice 2-3 times a day.

Mountain savory. Apply the juice externally. In this case, the pain and itching quickly decrease.

The elder. Helps with spider bites. Make baths with warm water from cooked roots or fruits of a plant.

Kashitsa from plantain works well for all types of insect bites.

Cuff. Apply a slurry of fresh plant to damaged areas.

Raspberry. Tincture of the flowers of raspberries, filled for 20 days with olive oil( 1: 1), apply to the affected areas of the body.

For dermatitis caused by insect bites, it is recommended to use calendula in the form of infusion or ointment.

Crude potatoes well helps with bites of all kinds of insects. Apply in the form of gruel to the affected areas of the skin. It quickly relieves pain and itching.

Dead nettle. Take a salad of young nettle leaves and a decoction of them. The broth in the filtered and cooled form can be applied and for compresses 2-3 times a day.

Basil. Overground parts of basil are applied in the form of compresses from infusion( 50 grams per liter of boiling water).

Geranium is blood-red. Make compresses from the rhizomes( 2 teaspoons pour 2 glasses of water).Insist 8 hours. Before use, strain.

Dill has a calming effect and is therefore used in the treatment of allergic dermatitis. Accept in any form.

Celery. Grind rubbed mass paste on the lesion twice a day.

Potatoes. Potato paste is used as a compress twice a day.

Plantain large. It is used as a gruel from leaves 2-3 times a day on the affected area.

Melissa officinalis is applied inside as infusions( 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves per 400 ml of boiling water).Insist 1 hour, strain. Take half a glass 3 times a day.

Reversals are treated, first of all, by good care. Helps starch baths, baths with needles, sage, eucalyptus, local air baths.

Treatment of diaper rash in infants

After bathing the child, foci of infection powder zinc oxide, baby powder, powder with lycopodium, and lubricate with sterile oil( corn, soy, olive, sunflower, etc.).

If diaper rash is severe, use lotions with sage infusions( 1 teaspoon per 200 ml), eucalyptus leaf broth ( 1 tablespoon per 200 ml of water), decoction of the ankle rhizomes of upright ( 1 tablespoon pera glass of boiling water).Boil 10 minutes, infuse for 1 hour, strain.

Good effect for diaper rash gives ointments from chamomile, calendula, arnica.

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