Quickly get rid of uterus in the home

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Uterine prolapse is often referred to as uterine prolapse. The most dangerous thing in this disease is that it flows almost imperceptibly and does not manifest itself in any way. True, it is imperceptible until the time has come for a woman to give birth to a child. There is a medical term for this disease - prolapse of the genitals.

  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Causes of the disease
  • Methods of treatment
  • Without surgery
  • Uterine prolapse in the elderly
  • After childbirth
  • Traditional medicine - to help
  • Dandelion
  • Collection of herbs
  • Eggs
  • Quince
  • Lily
  • Baths and syringings
  • General recommendations
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Attention!Pregnancy is a provoking factor, and can worsen the condition of the disease. Therefore, knowing about the existence of this ailment, postpone conception until the moment of full recovery, until the muscles come to normal tone.

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This disease mainly affects women in old age. According to statistics, in women of this age the disease occurs in forty percent of cases. And for several years this process can last, and a woman will not even know about him. There are cases when the uterus descends very quickly, then urgent surgical intervention is necessary.

Symptoms of the disease

The first signs of the disease include:

  • discomfort in the pelvis when walking or in a calm position;
  • painful sensations;
  • problems with urination;
  • sexual intercourse is difficult;
  • from the vagina there is bleeding;
  • sensation of the presence of a foreign body.

Causes of the disease

The most common cause of the disease is strong physical activity. After childbirth, she also appears in the case of a severe birth process and some postpartum complications. The disease is gaining momentum due to the fact that the muscles that support the vagina and uterus, weaken, cease to be elastic. These organs begin their movement downward, beyond the level of the vagina.

Attention!If you find the first symptoms, you should immediately call your doctor. Limit any physical activity, do not lift weights.

Inattention to this disease or completely ignoring it can lead to the fact that it will develop into a malignant tumor.

Exposure to the bladder can lead to urinary incontinence and stasis. As a consequence - poisoning the body due to an overabundance of toxins in it.

Methods of treatment

The figures of women suffering from this disease are surprising. Despite their impressiveness, there are methods of treatment that prevent disease. You can do without surgery and use the recipes of traditional medicine. Most of these methods help to completely deal with the disease without resorting to medical treatment.

Without surgery

At the initial stages of the disease, it is possible to manually adjust the uterus in a horizontal position. However, this method is not sufficiently effective, since the disease often progresses. Patients who have a problem of prolapse of the uterus are credited with a diet with a high fiber content. This will help to avoid constipation.

It is also important to avoid physical activity. Effective special gymnastics, the exercises of which can strengthen the walls of the uterus and prevent its loss. Practice is also the use of folk remedies that reduce pain and return tone to the muscles. For example, tinctures of lemon balm, mother-and-stepmother, elecampane are effective.

Uterine prolapse in the elderly

Determine the method of treatment in elderly women can only a doctor. Initially, medication can be effective. For example, drugs containing a female hormone estrogen. It is important for patients to avoid physical exertion, to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to engage in physiotherapy exercises. It is important to follow a diet and avoid constipation.

Doctors believe that the most effective way to treat uterine prolapse in the elderly is surgical intervention. Sometimes it is a complete removal of the uterus. If the operation is impossible, pessaries are used - special uterine rings.

After childbirth

For the treatment of cervical prolapse after delivery, several methods are used:

  • Special gymnastics - exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles;
  • application of ointments containing a female hormone - estrogen, for the normalization of the hormonal background;
  • Special gynecological massage, which is done by a specialist;
  • it is important to reduce the amount of physical activity;
  • use of folk remedies.

Traditional medicine - to help

Treatment at home involves strict adherence to the prescription. It is important not to skip the medication and comply with all the accompanying prescriptions. There are many types of treatment for uterine prolapse:

  • lying in the tub;
  • syringing;
  • internal application;
  • use of tampons;
  • physiotherapy.

An effective way is to make a decoction of rhizomes of gentian. This herb is filled with 300 ml of boiling water. The broth should brew for about an hour. After that, it is filtered and taken in a cooled form every day, a couple of times forty minutes before eating.


Together with this decoction a dandelion bath is used. Grind 20 grams of dandelion leaves and pour a bucket of water into the tub. Ten minutes must be planted with water. Then all together pours out into the bathroom.

Remember, that the water temperature should not be above forty degrees and below thirty. Lie in this bathroom for about twenty minutes.

Collection of herbs

Collection of plants affects the restoration of the uterus. Collection of alder, linden, melissa and blueberry flowers is filled with boiling water. Proportion of 200 grams of water for two tablespoons of herbs. Three times a day, half a glass of broth is drunk half an hour before a meal. Treatment with this decoction is effective for three weeks. Then break a couple of weeks and again you need to repeat the three-week course.


The egg shell helps.

  1. It must be crushed and mixed with finely chopped lemons.
  2. 5 eggs and 9 lemons - this infusion should stand for four days. It is necessary to stir it occasionally.
  3. After four of them, half a liter of vodka is poured into the mixture. Then you need to leave the infusion for five days.
  4. Then the mixture is filtered and squeezed.

Treatment with infusion: a couple of times a day you need to take fifty grams of infusion until the end of it. Make a break a month long and again make an infusion. The procedure should be carried out three times, in which case it will be useful in treatment.


Infusion of quince allows you to return the tone to the muscles of the vagina and the uterus. Quince water is poured in the proportion of 1/10. Prepare the infusion on the steam bath and drink like tea.


Brings the uterus in order infusion of white lily. It is about the roots of the plant. To make the infusion, you need two tablespoons. They are poured into two glasses of boiling water and insisted for twelve hours. The infusion is filtered and taken daily. Cook it every day and take it three times a day for an hour before the start of the meal.

Baths and syringings

Douching effectively make a decoction prepared from oak bark. Take the bark of oak 70 grams, crush it and pour two liters of water in a cold. The mixture is put on the fire and boiled for two hours. Usually this decoction is enough for three douches. This procedure should be done every day for a month. The bark of an oak is on sale in a drugstore.

Pine nuts in the amount of one glass are poured with two liters of water, boiled in advance. An hour mixture is cooked on a low heat and infused for about half an hour. The broth should be poured into the tub and lie in it for about fifteen minutes.

Remember, that the water temperature in the tub should be about 38 degrees. This is the optimal regimen for effective treatment.

General recommendations

Folk remedies help and are effective in conjunction with exercises. Do the famous "scissors" or "birch". Biking is also effective. Two times a week driving will be enough for good treatment. You can not lift anything heavy. During sexual intercourse, give preference to the position "woman on top". This will keep your muscles toned.

The treatment of any gynecological disease should be treated responsibly and always take care of itself: women's health is very fragile and hard to recover.