How to distinguish from a fake and buy real honeycomb honey: photos and medicinal properties

Few people know that beekeepers recognize the quality of honeycomb as an example of quality.

In addition to its stunning taste and aroma characteristics, it is able to give health benefits to the body.

Traditional medicine has long been using this product, and not for nothing.

Contents of the article:
  • Useful
  • Warning, contraindications
  • How much to consume
  • Use in dietology
  • Useful recipes

As clear from the name, this honey is collected by bees from the sweet clover. It has a delicate, delicate aroma with light notes of vanilla.

Its color can be white or light amber.

Such honey is rarely sold in standard stores.

More often, it is sold by beekeepers or sold at exhibitions.

Some dishonest sellers in an attempt to deceive buyers sell rapeseed honey under the guise of a money order. It seems difficult to distinguish them, but the taste and smell are radically different.

The taste of rapeseed honey is luscious, vanilla notes are missing in it. A honeycomb honey, in the first place, has a lot of useful properties.

How useful is

This product is considered a natural healer, combining the benefits of herbs and other natural ingredients.

  • This is an excellent source of valuable vitamins and a means of strengthening immunity.
    Regularly using honey, you can seriously reduce the risk of infectious and viral diseases.
  • Honey allows you to get rid of the symptoms of colds, eliminate pain in the goal and a feeling of stuffiness.
    Being a powerful antibacterial and expectorant, it is actively used to treat diseases of respiratory organs and tuberculosis.
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  • In small quantities, the product is useful for pregnant and lactating women.
    He accurately normalizes metabolism, acts as a mild laxative, conducts prophylaxis of hemorrhoids and stimulates lactation.
  • Honey from the medicinal milieu works well in the fight against migraine and headaches.
  • A few honeycomb spoons dissolved in warmed milk will help cope with insomnia.
  • Composition of the honey honey includes substances that expand the vessels, improve their elasticity, providing the benefit of the heart muscle.
    The use of the product normalizes blood pressure, improves the functioning of the circulatory system, prevents the risk of developing varicose veins.
  • The product facilitates the condition of patients suffering from diseases of the urogenital and digestive system.
  • The dissolving action helps in the treatment of diseases of the joints, mammary glands and rheumatism.
  • Simple sugars in the composition give energy and vivacity, relieve dizziness.
  • Donnikovy honey activates the thyroid gland, promotes the production of enzymes and hormones
Donnikov honey likes not only folk medicine, but also cosmetology, where it is used to fight suppuration, rash, skin diseases.

Caution, contraindications

Like other beekeeping products, honeycomb honey has contraindications.

I'll have to give it to allergy sufferers.

And not only to those who suffer from a reaction to honey, but also to those who are allergic to beans.

Be careful when using boneless honey along with milk - flatulence is possible. Do not use honey based recipes before you leave the house.

It also has a thermogenic and diuretic effect, so it is important to drink a sufficient amount of liquid.

In what quantities should I use

Medicines daily use of honey is allowed, but not recommended.

In recent studies, it was found that modern man has become more susceptible to natural products, so honey can trigger allergies.

The daily dose for an adult is about 25-30 grams. Children need to eat half as much.

Before you enter honey in the diet of a child, it is worth consulting with a medical professional. In diseases, the recommended rate increases.

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Use in dietology

Honey is a frequent guest in the cooler of slimming. He is a popular component of fasting days and diets.

It helps to normalize the digestive system, get rid of bloating and flatulence, lead to a normal metabolism.

Boneless honey is effective for cleansing the intestines and getting rid of toxins and toxins. There are hundreds of recipes using honey.

These are smoothies, salads, special nutritious cocktails that fight hunger and are energized, not allowing you to gain weight.

Useful recipes

To conserve health, you do not need to consume expensive chemicals. Folk remedies become an excellent alternative, and honeycomb is also used in them.

To improve lactation

Use a small spoon of honey after eating food every time.

Combine with the herbs of herbs that can activate the production of breast milk.

To strengthen the immunity of

It is useful to use boneless honey to prevent colds at the height of the epidemic.

Adult dose - 25 grams, for children - 15 grams.

Cough remedy

There is a proven recipe for cough fighting, involving the use of honey and radishes.

The use of honeycomb honey improves its effect.

Against Hemorrhoids

Dilute 20 g of honey in 100 ml of clean water.

Fill this enema with an enema and perform the procedure.

Warm baths are helped, where honeymelon honey is added.

Varicose veins

Stir 250 grams of honey and 350 grams of chopped garlic. Let it brew for a week.

After taking a dessert spoon an hour before eating three times a day.

Anti-constipation agent

Mix on a tablespoon of honey, water and oatmeal. Add a couple of apples grated on the grater and juice from half a lemon.

Eat every day on a tablespoon during lunch.

The use of honeycomb honey has been tested for years. With proper use, this product will give the body a new life.

How to distinguish real honey from falsified and what diseases it treats, look in the proposed video.