Inhalations with saline solution with dry cough

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How correctly to do inhalation saline with a cough?

inhalation with a special solution

When coughing, all means are good, and especially those that gently and effectively block it. Such time-tested methods include inhalations. When the healing vapor is inhaled on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, therapeutic microparticles settle and painlessly cough and its causes are eliminated painlessly.


Do not always pills, syrups and even more injections can be offered for the treatment of a child.It is not always able to swallow tableted forms of drugs, the action of agents in drops can be reduced by diluting them with saliva enzymes.Sprays give a short-term result, and injections cause horror in the child, they are resorted only in extreme cases.

saline inhalation with cough

After all of the above, it remains only to seek help with inhalations that can gently penetrate the respiratory tract and affect the pathogenic viruses and bacteria for a long time. With their use of side effects does not happen.

Allergies and people who want to get rid of bored cough as quickly as possible should pay attention to inhalation with saline solution. Under this long name is hidden 1% mixture of salt and water. The physiological solution can moisten the throat and soften the coughing attacks, stimulate the output of accumulated sputum.

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Salt is a strong natural antiseptic and it is capable of destroying pathogens. For young children - the best option for eliminating cough, besides using it you can protect the baby from the harmful effects of potent drugs.

The video tells about inhalation with saline during coughing:

The solution can also act as a basis for the preparation of inhalation mixtures. It is often used, since many herbs and medicines can not be diluted with boiling water, so as not to reduce their medicinal properties. For inhalations with bronchitis, sometimes even an antibiotic is prescribed.

When dry

All colds begin with this type of cough. The vapors obtained by inhalation can dilute sputum and transfer it from viscous to fluid. But they should not be given to children for up to a year, since such crumbs are unable to cough out all the outgoing liquid by themselves. And also do not recommend it to children who have too narrow breathing passages, such a procedure can hinder their breathing and block access to oxygen. In these cases inhalation with the help of a nebulizer, about the principle of work, which we will discuss later.

saline inhalation with dry cough

And for the rest of people from a dry cough you can use inhalations with saline in their pure form or dilute them with prescribed medications. Most often used Lazolvan, Ambroxol, Mukolvan and Flavamed.Each of them has a complex effect on the diseased organism. They force him to produce phlegm, and then stimulate her to go outside.

For a nebulizer with a dry cough, the following types of drugs are selected:

  • bronchodilators eliminate bronchial contractions. These include Berodual and Ventolin;
  • mucolytics are engaged in rapid removal of sputum: Pulmozim and Ambroxol;
  • antiseptics exterminate microbes: Dekasan and Furatsilin;
  • alkalis promote moistening of mucous membranes, participate in liquefaction of sputum: Borjomi water and saline solution.

It should be noted that all of these medicines are diluted with saline, because it is the most gentle means. Inhalations with it can be carried out several times a day.

The choice of medicine and the necessary dose is determined by the attending physician. If you do not have a suitable product at hand, then you can use the folk recipe. According to it it is necessary to pour saline in a 1: 1 ratio into hot water and to breathe in pairs of the obtained composition for 10 minutes. Here you can see. than to treat a dry cough in a child, what inhalations can be done.

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Here you can find a recipe for how to make burnt sugar from a cough.

List of drops with purulent otitis:

When wet

Fizrastvor mixed with several tested drugs and oils to effectively dilute and excrete phlegm. In the case of using essential oils, such as fir or eucalyptus breathing becomes easier. And if the inhalations are performed before bedtime, at night the patient will calmly rest and relax, coughing will not disturb him. For adults, essential oil compositions can be replaced with "Asterisk".

saline inhalation with wet cough

To improve the excretion of sputum in children using saline together with Lazolvanom or Bronhosanom. With a comprehensive approach, first inhalation is performed on one physiological solution, it will have a bronchodilator effect. And then, after 20 minutes, it is necessary to inhale it together with Lazolvan to shock the accumulated sputum.Half an hour after this, it is necessary to carry out inhalation with Rotocaine, which is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Also for the elimination of a wet cough, inhalation of the saline solution is made with ATSTS. To do this, take his ampoule and dilute with an alkaline solution in a proportion of 1: 3. This mixture is able to form a large amount of sputum, so it can not be used for children under 3 years.

In severe attacks of wet cough, saline is combined with the drug Chlorophyllipt, which has expectorant properties. The link describes inhalation with a damp cough in children.

Rules of implementation

How to do? To carry out such a procedure, only sterile saline purchased at the pharmacy is used. Prepare a medical mixture before the process itself, and not in advance. The procedure begins with a thorough washing of hands. After the last meal, you must wait at least half an hour.

Inhalations should be conducted every four hours, the maximum break between them can be 6 hours. The course should be no more than ten days.Inhale therapeutic couples should be effortless, naturally.Should take a deep breath, and then for a few seconds to delay the exhalation, so that the particles of the medicine have time to gain a foothold.

Duration of inhalation should not be more than 10 minutes. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

Immediately after the procedure is prohibited to go out and eat or drink water. It will be possible in an hour.

In a nebulizer, do not mix several drugs at once or use fatty essential oils to avoid causing allergies. After the completion of the process, the person should be washed. And the apparatus must be thoroughly disinfected. These details of carrying out inhalations will help to execute them correctly and will lead to the prompt convalescence.

The video shows how to do inhalation saline with a dry cough:

Using a nebulizer

This is the compressor type of inhalers. It can be used without fear to treat one-year-old children. Medicinal steam in it is created by means of discharged pressure. The speed of the aerosol flow depends on inspiration. With its help, finely dispersed particles are created that can penetrate into the deepest areas of the lungs. Inhalations with it are the most effective and convenient.

The video tells about inhalation with saline during a cough nebulizer:

With a dry type of cough with the help of a nebulizer make inhalation saline with lidocaine. Adults take a ratio of 1: 1 to 2 ml, and for children, lidocaine is used two times less than alkalis. The procedure is done 1 to 2 times a day.

Dosage: with a dry cough without phlegm, you need Tussamag drops and dilute with saline solution in a ratio of 1: 1 for adults, 1: 2 for children from 5 to 16 years, and children are recommended a concentration of 1: 3.In the event that the cough is sputum, saline is diluted with Berodual and Ambrobene. You can do other inhalations when coughing in children with a nebulizer. Here you can find recipes. The link describes inhalation when a voice is lost by a nebulizer.

As you can see, saline is an indispensable tool for inhalation. He is able to cope with any type of cough, without any side effects. In particular, it will be effective when using it in a nebulizer. inhalations for chronic bronchitis are described here.

Inhalation from dry cough

We are all used to the fact that with the arrival of colds we often get sick, but what is the most common cold symptom? This cough, which at the beginning of the disease is very dry, which gives a person discomfort. Than to treat this symptom? Recommended inhalation for dry cough with the use of various additives. The instructions below will help you select and properly perform the technique of this procedure.

Girl doing inhalation

What inhalations do with dry cough

The first signs of this symptom are discomfort and itching sensation in the larynx. A person feels the constant urge to cough. In addition, the confirmation of the approaching illness is general malaise, fever and headache. For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, inhalation is used for coughing, which helps in an initial stage to eliminate an unpleasant symptom. Such procedures are of several types:

  1. Steam inhalations are treated with dry cough due to ingress of hot steam into the bronchi. Passing through the respiratory tract, it reduces inflammation of the mucous membrane, improves blood circulation, promotes the formation and spitting of phlegm. This is a more usual way of inhalation, when you just need to cover yourself with a towel over a basin or a pot of boiled water. Additives can be herbal infusions or essential oils.
  2. Wet inhalations from dry cough are prescribed for severe diseases, such as bronchitis, laryngitis. These procedures are based on the spraying of aerosols, the particles of which fly at high speed in the respiratory tract, and then settle in the bronchi on the small alveoli. The composition of such drugs may include antibiotics, hormones, mucolytic or immunomodulating substances. Inhalers are pocket, compressor or ultrasonic.
  3. Teplyvazhnye inhalations are used for coughing more often than other types, because the medicine penetrates deeper into the mucous membranes of the lungs and bronchi. Special inhalers have been developed for the procedure, which have become popular in the treatment of bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis. These devices are inhaled saline with a dry cough.
  4. Oil inhalations cover the bronchial mucosa with a thin protective film. Oils used for the procedure have an expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect.
Runny nose in a girl

With what to do inhalations with a dry cough

Since the cough has a different origin, the preparations for inhalation also differ. These can be the following medicines:

  1. Expanding the trachea, larynx and bronchi, i.e. bronchodilators: Ventolin, Berotek, Atrovent, Berodual.
  2. Easier sputum discharge - mucolytics: Ambrobene, Acetylcysteine, Bronchipret, Lazolvan, Pertussin, Mukaltin.
  3. Anti-inflammatory: Propolis, Budesonide, Kromogeksal, Rotokan, Calendula, Pulmicort.
  4. Against a cough: "Lidocaine", "Tussamag".
  5. Antiseptics: Miramistin, Furacilin, Chlorophyllipt.
  6. Antibiotics: Isoniazid, Gentamicin.
  7. Stimulating immunity: "Interferon", "Deoxyribonucleate sodium".
  8. Moisturizers of mucous: alkaline mineral water, physiological solution, baking soda solution.
Inhalation with calendula

Even a dry cough may have some specific symptomatic characteristics, so for treatment choose those or other drugs that are more suitable for a particular disease. There are several recommendations about this:

  1. Bronchodilators are used in both dry and wet cough to eliminate respiratory spasms and release the way for sputum discharge.
  2. As the resolution of the disease cough from the dry crosses into the wet, so the order of application of funds up to before recovery such: humidifying or wetting, bronchodilators, mucolytic preparations, antiseptics and antibiotics.
  3. Use of herbal infusions is possible with any cough, but only with steam inhalations, because the nebulizer from them will spoil.
  4. Inhalations with essential oils are used exclusively for dry cough, provoked by laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis, because the ethers envelop the mucous membrane with a thin film that relieves cough only for a while.
Anatomy of the human respiratory system

With saline solution

Saline is a mixture of water and table salt mixed in certain amounts. With proper inhalation, the damaged mucosa becomes a place for the settling of the drug particles, which facilitates the escape of sputum and improves overall well-being. Fizrazvor used for dilution when inhaled drugs or herbal decoctions, which can not be treated with boiling water, because of this their useful properties are reduced. The cost of the solution is low, but you can buy it in any pharmacy, but you can not cook it yourself either:

  1. Take 10 grams of the finest table salt.
  2. Dissolve it in 1 liter of boiled warm water, pre-filtering it.
  3. In view of the fact that the self-prepared solution is not sterile, its shelf life is only 24 hours.

For saline solution it is recommended to apply:

  1. Steam inhalers, but the medicine can reach only the upper respiratory tract.
  2. Nebulizer for inhalation of the lower part of the respiratory tract.
Inhalation by a nebulizer to a child

Procedures based on saline solution are used even for toddlers, but it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the medication:

  • Newborns and children under 3 years old - up to 30 ° C;
  • if a child from 3 to 4 years old does not exceed 40 ° C;
  • For children who crossed the threshold of 4 years - up to 52 ° C.

The procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. The solution heated to the required temperature must be poured into the nebulizer. Enough is 3-4 ml.
  2. Within 2-3 minutes, use inhalation for cough.
  3. Do not give food and liquid at least half an hour after the procedure.

With soda

Such a simple remedy, like soda, is in the kitchen of any housewife, but is used not only for cooking food or cleaning mugs from plaque, but also for the treatment of any form of cough: dry, wet or allergic. Procedures are carried out with an old, proven method using a kettle or a pot, but it is more convenient to use a nebulizer. Inhalation is carried out one and a half hours after eating:

  1. Mix 0.5 h. l. soda and 200 ml of slightly cooled after boiling water.
  2. Make a tube out of a thick cardboard, take it in your mouth.
  3. Cover yourself with a towel over the pan or use a kettle, then the tube is not needed.
  4. In order for the medicine to have an effective effect, make sure that the cervical department does not interfere with anything.
  5. After the end of inhalation, refrain from eating, drinking, talking for about an hour.
  6. Do not use boiling water to avoid burning the airways.
  7. At a temperature of more than 37.5 ° C, inhalation from a cough is contraindicated.
Inhalation with essential oils

With mineral water

It is better to use mineral oil for inhalations with a nebulizer. Water should not choose any, but one in which there are fewer minerals, for example:

  • alkaline water "Borjomi" or "Essentuki";
  • water "Staraya Russa" with salt in the composition.

The main thing is to remove the gas bubbles, leaving the bottle open for the night or stirring with a spoon in a glass. If you use a special nebulizer, you just need to pour water into its container and inhale the vapor for 10 minutes. If the device is not available, use the following method:

  1. Pour the water into a saucepan, heat to about 50 ° C.
  2. Armed with a towel, cover it over a saucepan and inhale from a dry cough.
  3. Inhale steam for about 8 minutes.
  4. It is recommended to perform up to 3 times a day.
Inhalation by a nebulizer to an adult

With lazolvanom

The main component of lazolvan is ambroxol hydrochloride, which has several effects:

  • quickly clears the airways;
  • facilitates sputum discharge;
  • effectively removes mucus from the lungs and bronchi;
  • enhances the effect of antimicrobial drugs.

To perform inhalation with lasolvan, follow the following instructions:

  1. The drug in its composition contains a large amount of sodium, so you should have a normal reaction to this trace element.
  2. Lazolvan mixed in a 1: 1 ratio with a physical solution or other neutral non-alkaline liquid.
  3. The temperature of heating the medicine should not exceed the body temperature.
  4. Observe the daily dose of the drug: for adults it is equal to 8 ml, and for children - 4 ml.
  5. In a day, you need to hold up to 2 procedures, using 2 ml per each.
  6. After 5 days, go to the doctor if there is no positive dynamics.
The girl uses an inhaler

With berodual

It is a preparation of bronchodilator action. Indications for use are bronchial asthma, suffocating cough with bronchitis. The drug helps to secrete fluid from the bronchi, expanding them. The man is more easily relieved by the accumulated mucus. The product is available in the form of a solution or spray. For inhalations, it is necessary to dilute the ferocoal with a physical solution. The final amount of the drug for inhalation should be 4 ml. Proportions are determined by a specialist depending on the weight, age and severity of the cough. Spray is injected 3 times twice a day, this requires:

  1. Remove the protective cap from the packaging, put the mouthpiece in the mouth.
  2. Exhale and press the bottom of the can, inhaling the drug.
  3. Hold your breath a little, take out the mouthpiece, and exhale.

Rules of the procedure at home

There are several general rules for inhalation over steam:

  1. The procedure should be carried out in a quiet environment.
  2. Breathing in and out should be done slowly. If there is dizziness, you need to suspend the procedure for a while.
  3. The length of the carton or cone should not be less than 30 cm, so that the mucosa of the respiratory tract is not affected.
  4. Clothing is better to choose free, so that the chest is not in tight conditions.

When using a nebulizer, observe the following instructions:

  1. Rinse your hands and assemble the unit.
  2. Pour the medium heated to the specified temperature into the container of the device.
  3. Close the lid firmly.
  4. Install a face mask or mouthpiece.
  5. Connect the compressor to the device.
  6. Having switched on the compressor, start to breathe a medicine.
  7. When the procedure is complete, turn off the compressor, disconnect it from the nebulizer.
  8. Rinse all elements with a 15% solution of soda.
  9. Boil the appliance parts, dry them, wrap them with a clean storage napkin.
Inhalation from dry cough

For children

The rules for performing inhalation with a dry cough in a child look like this:

  1. Between the procedure and food intake it is necessary to sustain a break of at least half an hour for children up to six months and 1 hour for children no older than 6 years.
  2. After inhalation, do not give the child food and drinks for about an hour.
  3. The time of inhalation of vapors for children should not exceed 3 minutes.
  4. The adult must always be near the child in order to protect him from burns.
  5. If the inhalation of the drug in the child has an incessant cough, the procedure must be completed.
  6. Do not carry out the procedure at elevated to 37.5 ° C temperature.
  7. After inhalation, hold the child in a semi-reclining state on the knees or on a high cushion.
The doctor does inhalation from a dry cough to a child

For adults

Inhalation for adults also has a few simple rules. In addition to the contraindications at elevated temperature, care should be taken to ensure that the water is not hot, and the time of inhalation of the vapor does not exceed 10 minutes. Lean too low over the pan when steam inhalation is also not worth it. After the procedure, limit conversations, eating and necessarily change into dry clothes. Prepare the medicine immediately before the session and use only once.


Even such an inoffensive method of treating dry cough has its contraindications:

  • temperature 37.5 ° C;
  • tendency to bleeding from the nose;
  • circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • ischemia of the heart;
  • hypertension;
  • allergy to the drugs used;
  • individual reaction to medicines;
  • severe stage of lung or heart failure;
  • purulent sore throat;
  • pneumothorax;
  • a pronounced clinical picture of arrhythmia.

Video: how to properly do inhalations with a nebulizer

Indispensable tool for inhalation in every home was a nebulizer - inhaler for cough and cold, for a short time eliminating the problems of the respiratory tract. For therapeutic procedures, medicinal solutions are used, for which the creation of fine particles is not characteristic. Inhalations of a nebulizer with a dry cough are performed with the use of antibiotics, herbal infusions, mucolytics or hormone-containing medicines, but how to properly use this device, you can learn from the useful video below.

Inhalation with dry cough nebulizer. Preparations for inhalations with nebulizer

Before you do inhalations with a dry cough nebulizer, you should definitely visit the therapist. After all, if you have serious diseases of the lungs or bronchi, then they need to be treated with radical methods, rather than with ordinary steam procedures.

inhalation with dry cough nebulizer

general information

Before you tell us how to do inhalations with a nebulizer, you should tell what the disease is all about.

Coughing - this reflex response of the human body to the presence of foreign objects, sputum or mucus in the respiratory tract. This deviation is usually divided into the following types:

  • dry cough;
  • wet.

The first option is the greatest danger for a person. After all, it is characterized by the absence of sputum. In this regard, the predecessor of dry cough very often acts a severe perspiration in the throat, which brings the patient tremendous discomfort. To get rid of such ailment follows with the help of medical devices.

Which treatment is better?

Inhalations with a dry cough nebulizer are very popular among patients. After all, using this device, a person can quickly get rid of an unpleasant sensation in the throat and cause separation of sputum.

how to do nebulizer inhalations

However, it should be noted that there are a great many ways to combat dry cough. Someone prefers to use natural remedies such as "Mukaltin" tablets or breast herbal collection, someone quieter use of radical antibiotics, and someone and does trust only the people's recipes.

But despite all the existing methods of treatment, adherents of all these methods certainly will not deny that inhalations with a dry cough nebulizer also have a positive effect.

Features and types of devices

To understand how to do inhalations through a nebulizer, you should find out about its features and existing types.

The nebulizer is a modern device for carrying out inhalation procedures. Using it to treat the airways, a person can easily transform any drug solution into tiny particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs. Due to such properties, the nebulizer allows you to cure a dry cough much faster than other medications taken orally.

At present, compression and ultrasonic types of devices are on sale. The last device is quiet in operation and small in size. Thanks to this fact, it can be easily applied for the treatment of young children.

how much inhalation nebulizer

The only weighty drawback of such a nibularez is that it can not cure a dry cough with the help of antibiotics and hormones. This is due to the fact that ultrasound simply destroys them.

As for compression nebulizers, they create quite a lot of noise. However, such a device is able to produce very small particles and allow the use of almost all medical products.

Preparations for inhalations with nebulizer

In view of the effectiveness of treatment with this device, pharmaceutical companies are producing more and more appropriate drugs. They can be purchased at almost any pharmacy.

So what medications are needed to make inhalations with a dry cough nebulizer? With this disease, doctors usually prescribe drugs that can soften the sore throat, reduce the viscosity of mucus, and also withdraw it from the lungs or bronchi. As a rule, the following means are used for this purpose:

  • Medication "Berodual." Usually, such a drug is prescribed for inhalation by a nebulizer to children. In this case, 0.5 ml (up to 6 years) or 2 ml means (from 12 years) should be used for 1 procedure. By the way, this medication should be previously diluted with 3 ml of saline.
  • The drug "Berotek". For the 1st inhalation you will need 0.5 ml (for a child over 12 years old). In advanced cases, you can use 1 ml.
nebulizer inhalation for children
  • Means of "Salgim". For one procedure it is necessary to apply 2.5 ml. It is recommended to administer the treatment up to 4 times a day at intervals of 6 hours, without the use of saline.
  • Medication "Atrovent". Inhalation with this drug is recommended for children over 12 years in the amount of 0.5 ml, from 6 to 12 - 0.25 ml, and up to 6 - 0.1 ml. Preliminary means should be diluted with saline solution.

Other means for treating dry cough

Inhalation nebulizer, reviews of which are only positive, you can do not only through the above drugs. In fact, along with broncholytics cure dry cough is quite possible with the help of immunomodulators (for example, the drug "Interferon"), anti-inflammatory phytopreparations (for example, Rotokan), as well as antibiotic agents (for example, Dioxydin, Furacilin, Fluimucil), and so on.

Among other things, dry cough can often be cured with hormones. If you need to cause a rapid dilution of sputum, we recommend using such mucolytics as "Pulmozyme" or "Lazolvan". They are inexpensive and are sold in all pharmacies.

One can not help saying that many experts recommend that patients receive dry cough therapy using ordinary and mineral water or saline solution.


How and how much to do inhalation nebulizer? These questions arise in almost all people who first encountered such a procedure. That is why in this section of the article we decided to tell you about what rules must be observed to independently conduct inhalation measures.

inhalation through a nebulizer

The basic rules of nebulizer treatment

So, for the treatment of dry cough nebulizer, you must follow the rules described below:

  • Inhalation nebulizer should be performed only in the sitting position.
  • During the procedure, you can not talk.
  • For inhalation, only fresh preparation should be used.
  • Prepare a solution for inhalation measures or open the ampoule with a drug preferably immediately before the procedure.
  • The maximum shelf life of the drug for inhalations in the cold store is 14 days.
  • As a solvent for the nebulizer, only sterile saline or distilled liquid should be used. It is strictly forbidden to use tap water, even if it has been boiled several times or passed through various filters.

How to exercise?

For the proper conduct of inhalation procedures, you should know:

  • To fill a nebulizer with an inhalation solution, you should use only sterile needles or syringes.
  • In the treatment of cough, which was caused by abnormalities in the work of the upper respiratory tract (for example, with laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.), it is recommended to breathe slowly and deeply through the mouth cavity.
after inhalation with a nebulizer
  • In the treatment of cough, which was caused by the pathology of the lower respiratory tract (for example, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia), should be deeply inhaled vapors mouth, and then hold the air in the chest for 2 seconds and evenly exhale it through the nose.
  • In diseases of the nasopharynx and nasal sinuses, one should superficially and calmly inhale the pairs with the nose.

How much to spend and what to do after?

Typically, inhalation nebulizer spend about 6-12 minutes. Moreover, these procedures are recommended not earlier than 1.5 hours after a meal or intensive physical exertion.

So what to do after the treatment activities are completed?

  • After inhalation, the patient should thoroughly rinse the oral cavity and nose with a nebulizer, and wash the face with clean water.
  • After the treatment, it is strictly forbidden to rinse the mouth and nose with antiseptic solutions.
  • After inhalation, the nebulizer is not allowed to smoke for 1 hour.

Among other things, after taking these measures for the treatment of dry cough, you can not eat for 30 minutes. By the way, if for the treatment of respiratory diseases you use several different drugs, then they should be applied strictly in a certain sequence. So, at first it is recommended to inhale pairs of bronchodilators (bronchodilators), and in ¼ hours - expectorant or mucolytic medicines.

If these procedures have contributed to the sputum, the nebulizer should be filled with antiseptics or anti-inflammatory drugs.

preparations for inhalations by nebulizer

Alternative devices

It is not a secret to anyone that a nebulizer is a rather expensive device. In this regard, not everyone is able to buy it for the treatment of dry cough. In this case, experts recommend regular steam inhalations, using a kettle or a pot of boiled water. Of course, such treatment is less effective, but with the right selection of funds (herbal fees), the patient can still get rid of a sore throat or severe nasal congestion.

What is better for a child from a cough for inhalations on a nebulizer?


Regina Lutsko

Do not add oil solutions to the nebulizer. For a nebulizer, you can use a physical solution (or alkaline mineral water) with a dry cough, if you can use a wet cough to dilute phlegm Lazolvan, Ambroghexal, Ambrobene is the same medicine from different manufacturers - in the form of a solution for inhalation (in hospitals they are not diluted with saline solution !!!).
And in occasion of Beroduala - it is used only at a dyspnea.
The best option is to contact a pulmonologist, he will listen to the child, determine the type of cough, and write out the prescriptions.


With a dry cough: 1 teaspoon of soda pour a glass of boiling water and mix thoroughly. This is good when barking dry cough!

Katya Kislova

The best and proven means for inhalation is eucalyptus oil. I just dripped a few drops in a pot of boiling water and put this pot in the bathroom. And she put her baby to swim. At this time he was breathing essential oils, because by inhalation of such a small child, it is very difficult to make breathing very difficult. Try it helps a lot. And the best grows. cough syrup - LINKAS. Helps a lot

Olga Oreshkina

What is a nebulizer?
I have an ultrasonic inhaler. Inhalation from the cough we make Lazolvan + nartium chloride, or Lazolvan with mineral water, or naphthysine with sodium chloride (if the voice is sizzling).
even massage I do with "ointment badger" soft can (in the pharmacy is, it seems pneumatic called).
and tickling to clear your throat.
it is possible to do over the broth with the inhalation steam, for this, soda and chamomile are poured into the water and boiled


Use pharmacy tinctures of chlorophyllipt, calendula, eucalyptus, St. John's wort, salvin, romazulan, onion and garlic. You can pour into the inhaler warmed Borjomi, a solution of soda (4 teaspoons per liter of water) or infusion of a mixture of flowers of calendula and chamomile, eucalyptus and sage leaves, St. John's wort, the root of the coil. It will take 10 sessions of 15-20 m. Be sure to get in a pharmacy.


If the snot is not green then inhalation with mineral water 5 min. It will be better to leave snot. If you already cough badly with lazolvanom well and antiviral add.


At one time I worked in an office where inhalations are done, mostly we used Phys., But in severe cases, if the child had a false groove, Berodual and Pulmicort did. You'd better consult a pediatrician, but in a home environment, preferable to Fizrazvor !!

Elena ++++

I agree that the house is better than saline solution!
Good inhalation with mineral water, because the baby is small, essential oils often give an allergic reaction, at my child on Lazolvan at an inhalation "twists" an intestine, I know as at others on it or him an allergy. Therefore, the most innocuous: saline, alternate with mineral water. Health!


The ultrasound inhaler and nebulizer are a bit different. The nebulizer gives smaller pairs
Oils are allergic to och, like grass.
Only simple water mines, if you decide to do them without prescribing a doctor, Ing is not always shown
Sessions are not more than 7 minutes but can be up to 5 times a day.

Oksana Ksendzova


Svetlana Krylova

If the cough is dry, Prospan is suitable for inhalations with a nebulizer. The sooner the treatment begins, the faster the cough will be.

Olga Gromova

I'm more suited to the nebulizer. Also I add to it drops of Prospan, as they are vegetable and without dyes. Allergies do not cause, and cough is removed well.

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