Cough syrup from 1 year

Cough syrup for the child 1year and 3 months !!


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ibufen, without additives and dyes very well helps, have already tried!


let's say that the doctors prescribed, well, maybe not all at once, but alternating, and self-medication is best not to deal with


Children's LAZOLVAN


lazolvan baby syrup elecampane lincas I give all the syrups in 20 minutes. is obtained in 3 hours syrup. then in 3 hours again the same way. I still add a cough syrup or mucaltin to the syrups.

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It is necessary to consult a pediatrician, because an allergy is possible, read here

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liquorice root. only if there is no temperature!


Syrup is dangerous because it can cause the strongest allergic reaction. Watching what cough, you can do inhalation with soda or narzan, well, in extreme cases with Lazalvanom for sputum discharge. And since you can ripen the root of licorice and give 1/4 teaspoon, it does not hurt. Esche very well helps mukaltin or tablets from the cough cheapest.

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For children under 5, expectorants are not prescribed. Most effective: inhalation of moistened air and warm drinking.

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For a start, WHAT IS THE CASH? If wet, with hard-to-separate sputum, then you need to help her separate))) Lazolvan - mucolytic, try to do without chemistry to start! Age is small, pity the baby! Help with a moist cough syrup of althaea (mukoltin in tablets - this is the same alteyka, read the instructions!), Plantain, elecampane (!) Or another herb with the property OTKHARKIVAYUSHCHAYA.
And if a dry cough, then none of the above-read and written will not help, only worsen! !
But do not forget about the most important thing: if you breathe dry or even worse with dusty air, NO medications will help!!! Moisten the air in the room to 50-70%, a plentiful warm drink - THIS IS THE EFFECTIVE AND BEST MEDICINE!


The doctor listened to the child? Inspected it? Has appointed or nominated treatment proceeding from signs. How can we not seeing and not hearing the child advise syrup or drops. Not seriously somehow.

What kind of syrup from a cough can be used for children up to a year and a year

Treatment of cough in the child is carried out on an individual basis. After all, when designing the therapy scheme, the doctor takes into account both the severity of the disease and the age of the patient. For babies after a year, there are syrups for eliminating a productive or unproductive cough. Dosage and duration of therapy is also prescribed by the doctor, after she receives the results of all tests.

How to correctly apply syrup for children before the year Gedelix, is indicated in this article.

The best drugs for children from 1 year old

Many specialists have already determined for themselves effective drugs, which have repeatedly proved their effectiveness. Use for the treatment of cough in a child after a year (from 1-1.5 years), you can use the following types of syrups:

  1. Sinekod- use the drug is necessary at the initial stage of the disease, which is characterized by a dry cough. In the role of the main component is butamyrate. He actively influences cough, completely eliminating it. For this reason, the sinecode should be used before the sputum production begins. As a rule, this period lasts 3-5 days. If after a week of treatment with the drug it was not possible to obtain the desired effect, then its reception ceases. The disadvantage of Sinecod is the fact that it can not be administered to children under 3 years old.
  2. Herbionrefers to drugs in which only plant components are present. It can be used by patients both before the year and at an older age. Has a syrup antitussive and expectorant effect. In addition, the active components of the syrup make it possible to neutralize all microbes and to remove the inflammatory process.
  3. Kodelak PhytoIt is considered a very famous and popular medicine for fighting a child's cough from a one-year-old child. It has a positive effect on dry cough and sputum discharge. But it is not possible to treat those patients who have asthma attacks.
  4. Stopoutsin- a very effective drug in the fight against dry cough. It's enough for a few days that the unproductive cough transformed into wet. The effect that the active components of the syrup exert on the cough receptors makes it possible to thin the sputum and quickly remove it. As a result of this treatment, the baby begins to cough more and the accumulated mucus exits the respiratory tract in large volumes.
  5. Broncholitinrefers to preparations of plant origin, allows you to reduce the intensity of coughing attacks and dilute the accumulated mucus.
  6. Bronhicum- a medicinal product, which can be used to cough for children who have already reached the age of 6 months. The syrup has a very pleasant taste and does not have a side effect on the children's body.
  7. Stoptussin Phyto. In its composition, you can find thyme, thyme, honey and plantain. With extreme caution, it is necessary to take it to babies who are prone to allergies, as there have been cases when an allergic reaction has occurred on a certain component of the medication. Has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. Apply only after one year. Actively eliminates a wet cough, liquefies the accumulated mucus and takes it out.

How to correctly apply the syrup for Lazolvan inhalations, you can find out by reading the article.

For babies from 2-3 years old

For the treatment of cough in children at this age, most commonly used Sinecod, Lazolval, Syrup Koldreks and Dr. Tays.

Lazolvancan be used in a wide variety of dosage forms. For babies from 2 years, the best option is syrup, since it has a low concentration and can not harm the baby's health. The active components of Lazolvan not only accelerate the output of phlegm, but also improve the motor skills of the bronchi, as a result of which they begin to actively contract during the period of cough reflex. During such treatment it is possible to transform a dry cough into a productive one. Alternatives to Lazolvan may include drugs such as Flavamed and Ambrobene.

What kind of cough syrup with an antibiotic for children is best to use, you can find out by reading this article.

At the coreSinecodathere is a synthetic element called butamyrate. Thanks to him, he can very quickly overcome the main causes of unproductive cough. In addition, the baby reduces the intensity of the pain syndrome. But the main component of the sinecode can accumulate in the tissues of the child's body. For this reason, it should not be used to treat babies under 2 years. The maximum therapeutic course lasts 7 days.

How to correctly apply Icelandic moss from a cough is indicated in this article.

Doctor Tais- a preparation whose composition presupposes the presence of both synthetic and natural elements. Thanks to sweeteners to use syrup babes can now with pleasure. The presence of a universal composition contributes to the facilitated use of secretion, stimulation of immunity strengthening and reduction of pain syndrome. But in the instruction for use it is noted that it is possible to apply the drug for cough treatment to patients after 2 years.

Which child cough syrup is best suited, you can learn from this article.

SyrupKoldruskchildren always take with a hunt, because its aroma and taste is very pleasant. This is achieved because of the presence of anise and licorice. In the role of the main component is guaifenesin, and there are: dextrose, macrogol, sodium cyclamate and benzoate. If you do not comply with the dosage, the child may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, allergies.

From 6-7 years

If the baby has a prolonged cough, then it is necessary to appoint a syrup, based on dextromethorphan. Compared with codeine, it is not addictive, but also has a slight anesthetic effect.

What kind of children's syrup from a dry cough is best used, you can find out by reading this article.

Dextromethorphanmust be taken to children from 6 years of age. The daily dose of the medication will be 7, 5 mg 4 times a day. In the treatment of syrup, side effects may occur, the cause of which most often lies in non-compliance with the dosage. As a result, the child has mild nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.

The next effective drug isBronchicum.This drug consists of plant components, so it can be used for both young and older children. In the treatment with Bronchicum, it is possible to remove the inflammation, neutralize the microbes and reduce the viscosity of the bronchial secretion, and also to withdraw it. This drug can not be used in children who have heart failure, impaired renal and hepatic function. The composition of the suspension involves an insignificant amount of ethyl alcohol.

How to look like children's syrups of cough on herbs, you can see in this article.

If your child is very often exposed to a cold and has a severe cough, then an excellent solution to the problem will be the use ofFluditika. The role of the active component is carbocysteine. It has a mucolytic effect, dilutes sputum and operates it from the body. Cabrocysteine ​​can be found in many medications that are used to treat cough. It is absolutely safe for the baby, so every parent can use it safely for the health of his child. Also, the composition of Flute is rich in such components:

  • Glycerol;
  • Sucrose;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • dye;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • purified water;
  • aroma "banana".

What kind of syrup from a wet cough for children is best used, is specified in this article.

Features of treatment of children under one year

For such small patients, all drugs used must have a safe effect. As a rule, pediatricians prescribe them medicines, which are based on only plant components. But they are appointed individually, because every cough has its own reason. For babies, the doctor can prescribe the following drugs:

  1. If the cough has arisen because of the laryngitis, then to neutralize the inflammation in the larynx, eliminate perspiration, wheezing and swelling of the ligaments, it is necessary to usesyrups based on medicinal herbs.
  2. When a cough that occurs during bronchitis, the baby feels very bad. He has a stuffy nose, he always wants to sleep, at night he is tortured by an unproductive cough. Only after a while cough becomes moist. It is very important to start treatment in time when only the first manifestations of the disease occurred. Otherwise, a bacterial infection may join, and in this case antibiotic therapy can not be avoided.A physician can prescribe to such small patients Herbion in the form of a syrup.Its composition contains a lot of plantain, which has the maximum effect and is completely safe. Thanks to him, it is possible to cover the laryngeal mucosa, soften the cough reflex, inhibit the inflammation, and strengthen the body's defenses.If a phlegm is given during coughing, then it is worth giving the baby Herbion on the basis of primrose, thyme and levomenthol.Lazolvan will help to reduce the viscosity of phlegm. After such treatment, it will quickly depart, and the mucous membrane will have a soothing effect.

What expectorating cough syrups are best to use is indicated in the article.

The video tells about cough syrups for children from year to year:

How to apply syrup from an allergic cough is indicated in the article.

Carrying out the treatment of small patients it is very important to pay attention to the composition of the drugs. It should assume only plant components. In addition, for infants, treatment with syrups in which alcohol is present is unacceptable. Observe all pediatrician recommendations and follow the dosage, then the medicine will have only a positive effect.

Cough syrups - the list of the best assistants in the treatment of the baby

A child's body perceives any illness more heavily than an adult. Therefore, the approach to their treatment should be special. Coughing is a very common symptom for a child. Depending on its type, a dry or wet cough should be chosen according to the treatment.A good remedy for fighting a child's cough is special syrups.They have a taste that is pleasant to the kid and has a viscous consistency that allows gently enveloping the throat, muffling the cough and treating it.

Types of child cough

At the reception the doctor diagnoses what kind of cough the baby is sick

At the beginning of cough treatment you need to know its source, otherwise you risk making it worse. Cough is different:

  • A natural cough.This is a normal reaction of the larynx to external stimuli - dust, dirt. Its characteristics: short duration, strengthening in the morning and during harvesting, not affecting the mood of the child.
  • Psychological cough.As the name implies, this kind of cough is caused by psychological stress in the form of conflicts, etc. It can also develop after a disease. To treat it it is necessary by means of dialogue with the kid and supervision at the psychologist. Characteristics: appearance during a conversation, active manifestation during stress, high sound and repeated repetition in a minute.
  • Cough caused by illness.It can be dry, wet, periodic and protracted. His characteristics: accompaniment of the remaining symptoms - temperature, decreased activity, loss of appetite, runny nose, but how to rinse your nose with a child with a cold, you can learn from this article.

Features of cough treatment in children

Children under 1 year old

Reasons for the appearance:

  • ARVI; what to do, when the cough does not pass after ARVI, is specified in the article.
  • Increased glands;
  • Bronchial asthma; but how to treat asthmatic bronchitis is indicated in this article.
  • Hot or stale air;
  • Inflammation of the trachea. What to do when children have laryngitis tracheitis laryngotracheitis, this article will help to understand.

To treat a cough in babies is necessary under the supervision of a doctor. The regime of the baby should be not strictly bedded, but with the inclusion of activity: a calm game if desired. Carry the baby around the house in his arms.

If the child has lost his appetite, do not force him to eat by force. Just try to offer easy baby yogurt, jelly, fruit puree.But you have to watch for the baby to take a lot of fluids, as this helps the body recover.Drink it with your favorite drinks, lightly warming them. Give a beautiful bottle, turn this process into a game.

To choose preparations for treatment it is necessary carefully, besides, consulting with the doctor.It is best to use broths of hypoallergenic herbs and plant-based syrups.Doctors often prescribe a comprehensive treatment: pills, syrups, massage and inhalations for children coughing. Massage is done in the sternum, soft patting movements, feet are massaged.
Inhalations help with any kind of cough. Steam inhalation dilutes sputum. Soda inhalations are good for dry cough.

Syrups are preferred on a plant basis. The most effective of them - "Doctor Mom" ​​with a dry cough and "Lazolvan child" when wet.

Children under 2 years

Recommendations for children of this age do not differ much from previous ones. You need to follow a special diet, eat more porridge and mashed potatoes, cabbage.The grape juice and its fruits are also effective, it exerts an expectorant effect.You can give the child a lemon, ground with honey.

You can make special mustard baths: add dry mustard in warm water, hold the legs there, then put on warm socks and go to bed. It is also important to drink a lot. You can use inhalation.

Children from 3 years

Humidified air in the room - the first recommendation for a child coughing

Already an adult child to treat cough can also be dieting, providing frequent drinking.It is necessary to regularly air the room and humidify the air.In the period of coughing, even at the beginning of the disease, it is not necessary to take the child to a kindergarten. You can use folk remedies, for example, burnt cough sugars or other popular cough recipes for children.

You can apply and mustard plasters, but do it carefully, keep them no more than 3 minutes.

Varieties of cough syrups

Monitor the effectiveness of the syrup for five days, and if it does not help, replace it with another remedy

Syrups are of two types: the first is directed to the treatment of dry cough, the second - to the treatment of a damp cough.Therefore, the choice of syrup depends on the type of cough. By their composition, syrups can be organic and synthetic. Carefully read the composition and give preference to preparations from natural ingredients.

Among syrups, monoscopes are also distinguished, with only one active ingredient included, and polysyrups, the composition of which includes a set of components.

It is more effective to choose natural polysiropes, since they practically do not harm health and have a complex effect on dry or wet cough.

It is important to remember thateven natural syrup with prolonged use can adversely affect the body.Therefore, if after 5 days the syrup you are taking does not help, provided that you follow the instructions, it is recommended to replace it with another drug.

List of effective cough syrups

  1. Eraspal.This is an orange syrup with possible precipitation. It includes hydrochloride fenspirida, as well as an extract of licorice, dyes and flavors. The minus of the drug is that it contains sugar substitutes, which have a detrimental effect on the health of the baby. To apply it is necessary so: to children till a year 4 mg of a syrup, children are more senior than year 2-4 teaspoons, to adults from 3 to 6 tea spoons. The use of syrup should be abstained during pregnancy. It is worth noting that in the event of headaches, nausea, vomiting should stop using syrup.
  2. Gedelix.A vegetable syrup based on an extract of ivy leaves. It acts on the removal of phlegm. Designed to treat wet cough. Method of application: children under 1 year, ml twice a day, children from 4 years of age the same dose, but 3 times daily. Children from 4 to 10 years are prescribed a similar dose 4 times a day, children older than 10 years should consume 5 ml 3-4 times daily. The course of treatment is not more than a week.
  3. Bromhexine.Syrup fights with phlegm, is intended for the treatment of a damp cough. Dosage: adults and children over 14 years from 8 to 16 mg 3 times a day. Children under 2 years should take 2 mg three times a day, from 2 to 6 years - 4 mg, from 6 to 14 - 8 mg.
  4. Syrup of Althea.The liquid is yellowish in color. The cough syrup of Alteika fights with phlegm. It includes a dry extract of althea root and sugar syrup.
  5. Syrup of licorice.The drug in its composition includes sugar syrup, a thick extract of licorice and water mixed with ethyl alcohol. It is an organic syrup that is used in the treatment of wet cough. Contraindicated in patients with ulcer and people who are allergic to components.
  6. Dr. Mom is a cough syrup for children.A syrup of green color with a pleasant smell of pineapple. He struggles with a damp cough. Contains dry extracts of aloe, nightshade, turmeric, licorice, pepper cubebe and basil. The preparation is of plant origin.
  7. Linkas syrup from cough.The liquid is brown. The composition of the drug includes dry extracts of licorice, violets, long pepper, hyssop leaves, alpinia roots, althea flowers. The herbal preparation is intended for the treatment of moist cough.
  8. Gelisal.A thick brown syrup with a yellowish tinge. The active substance is a dry extract of ivy leaves. Has an expectorant effect. Application: children from 1 year to 5 years in half a measuring spoon twice a day, children from 5 to 10 years the same dose 3 times a day, children over 10 to 1 measuring spoon three times a day.


From this video you will learn more about how to treat a child's cough:

Organic cough polysirop is a good medicine for treating children.In consultation with a doctor and the correct choice of syrup, treatment will be effective.Also, the syrup is suitable for the complex fight against the baby's disease. Choose a syrup depending on the type of cough and do not give preference to "universal syrups and then the cough will quickly weaken its grip.

Cough syrup for children up to a year, which is better to choose?

Cough in infants indicates that an irritant is excreted from its body. It is easier for an adult to clear his throat, withdraw phlegm, infants because of the fact that he does not fully developed bronchi, it is quite difficult to do this, so a large amount of sputum is formed, which the child can not to cough out. To choose a syrup for a child of up to a year you need to be extremely careful not to harm the child even more. Therefore, it is important to consult with the therapist on time in this regard.

Features of cough in children under one year old

Small children have a paroxysmal cough that ends with vomiting, if you do not treat ARVI in time, cold, the child will lose weight and various useful substances will be released from his body. Due to the fact that sputum accumulates in the bronchi, serious pathological processes in the organs may occur.

Syrup for babies and used to dilute sputum, get rid of cough reflex. Children are advised to give syrup, because it is sweet, pleasant to the taste, they will swallow it. Tablets are not always they can swallow, and this is dangerous for their health, so as not to choke.

Types of cough syrup for a child

Effective syrup with plantain, with the help of it you can reduce the viscosity of phlegm, withdraw it from the bronchi. Herbion syrup contains mallow, plantain. Dr. Thiess contains mint oil, plantain. There is ivy in the Propana. You can also use it for children up to the year Ambrobene, Ambroxol. With the help of them you can cure a productive cough, if it is strongly dry you need to use Lazolvan, it includes ambroxol.

A safe cough syrup for small children is Eucabal, with the help of it you can stop the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract. Dr. Mom is also often prescribed by therapists for the treatment of cough.

Recommendations for the use of syrup for children under one year of age

1. If the child has a dry cough, you need to give a syrup, with which you can thin the sputum, suppress the cough reflex. This syrup is called antitussive.

2. Independently the syrup to the child is forbidden to give up to a year, it is necessary first that the doctor completely examined the child, listened, then wrote out the necessary syrup.

3. A cough syrup for babies may contain one or more components. You need to choose safe. If you have a child with an allergy, it is better to refuse the syrup, it can cause diathesis.

4. The best syrup is the one containing the plantain, with the help of it it is possible to reduce the viscosity of phlegm, it will begin to leave the area of ​​the bronchi more quickly.

5. Productive cough in a small child is treated with the help of Herbion, Doctor Tays, Prospa. Dry treated with Lazolvanom.

6. Inflammatory process in the respiratory tract in a child will help stop the syrup Eucabal, Dr. Mom.

Benefits of syrups on herbs for children under one year

Plant medicines are not as harmful as those containing a large number of chemical elements. Particularly prized is the syrup Bronchicum, it contains primrose, thyme. Herbs can envelop the mucous membrane, the throat is not so pershit, the cough disappears, it removes inflammation. Due to the fact that Bronhicum contains thyme, it is used to combat pathogenic microorganisms. In the primrose contains a large amount of vitamin C, so you can dilute sputum and withdraw it from the respiratory system.

The drug Bronchicum is allowed after six months, the syrup has a pleasant taste, it practically has no side effect on the body. A vegetable syrup Stoptussin Fito is often used. It contains thyme, plantain, thyme, honey. Use a syrup carefully, because it can lead to a serious allergic reaction. Syrup has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. You can only use after 11 months. With the help of his treat a wet cough.

Cough syrups up to one year with different throat diseases

1. With laryngitis, to stop the inflammatory process in the laryngeal region, get rid of perspiration, wheezing, swelling of ligaments, to cough up phlegm, you need to use herbal syrups.

2. When tracheitis, to remove the inflammatory process with the trachea, get rid of a dry, harsh, barking cough that often occurs at night use syrup Sinekod, the composition of the drug is citrate butamirate, with the help of it you can get rid of reflex of a cough. It can be used for small children, it does not affect the work of the stomach, intestines. It does not contain substances that can be addictive. With the help of Sinekoda, the child breathes easier, the bronchi expand. For infants, use special droplets instead of syrup.

3. With bronchitis, a child can behave very badly, he becomes listless, he has a nose, he is drowsy, then starts to worry about a dry cough that can only be wet with time. It is important to treat it when the first symptoms appear, so that a bacterial infection does not join, then antibiotics will be needed. Because of the chronic form, the bronchial walls can be exhausted, everything ends with asthma. In this situation, it is recommended to use syrup from cough Herbion, which includes plantain, it is effective and safe. With the help of it envelops the mucous membrane of the larynx, cough softens, so you can stop the inflammatory process, strengthen the immune system. When viscous green sputum appears when coughing, it is necessary to give the baby Gerbion, its composition includes primrose, thyme, levomenthol. Lazolvan will help to liquefy phlegm, it will quickly depart, and it also soothes the irritated mucous membrane.

So, a cough syrup for a child up to one year can be used, only you need to take into account all contraindications and side effects, so that it does not hurt your baby anymore. Before use, consult a doctor in advance.

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