Features of treating myopia in children

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Today in children's ophthalmology is increasingly diagnosed with such a disease as myopia. This pathological process can be congenital or acquired. Cure the disease is possible if it is found at the initial stage of development. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing severe complications, which can no longer be eliminated.


  • 1Definition of disease
  • 2Causes
  • 3Symptoms
  • 4Possible complications
  • 5Treatment
    • 5.1Medicated
    • 5.2Infrared laser therapy
    • 5.3Vacuum massage
    • 5.4Laser influence
    • 5.5Surgery
    • 5.6Folk remedies
      • 5.6.1Apricot and honey
      • 5.6.2Carrot juice and olive oil
      • 5.6.3Blueberry tea
      • 5.6.4Cherry leaves
      • 5.6.5Rosehip and nettle
  • 6Prevention
  • 7Video
  • 8conclusions

Definition of disease

Myopia (myopia) is a pathology in which the visual function is disturbed when considering objects that are located at a long distance.But all that is located near, the child sees clearly. This pathology is associated with the fact that the parallel light rays reflected from distant objects focus not on the retina, but in front of it.

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Nearsightedness most often develops in children, than in adults. And diagnose it mainly in the period of 9-12 years. With age, the violation can only increase.


If the child was born prematurely, the development of the disease occurs in 30-50% of cases. But most oftenshort-sightedness is acquired. She progresses while studying at school. The following factors can influence this:

  • increased load on the organ of vision;
  • violation of posture;
  • improperly organized workplace;
  • inadequately formulated food deprived of vitamins;
  • a long stay at the computer and TV shows.

It is a mistake to think that the progression of myopia occurs when wearing glasses. Such a situation is possible only if the optical accessory has been picked up incorrectly.


The first symptomatology of myopia in a baby is characterized by a decrease in visual acuity when looking at distant objects.Because of this, the child starts squinting. Sometimes such a state can be temporary, transitory or reversible.

To the following symptoms of pathology, fasteye fatigue during reading, viewing related subjects.Children try to bring the text closer to the eyes for reading.

With divergent strabismus, a 6-month-old baby will be able to judge the initial stage of myopia development. It is necessary to show the baby to the doctor as soon as possible.

When the child turns a year, the disease can be diagnosed by frequent blinking of the child. In addition, he seeks to bring the object as close as possible to the eyes for consideration. Being at school, children are not able to see the written text even on the board. The visual function near remains normal, with the children noticing rapid eye fatigue.

Possible complications

If you do not treat the disease at the initial stage of its development, it will lead to a decrease in visual acuity, resulting in developing divergent strabismus.If myopia is congenital and progressive, then complications arise from the retina, while visual acuity decreases intensively. Perhaps the development of a spasm of accommodation in a child.

Characteristics of children with visual impairment are described in this article.



To reduce the stress inside the muscles of the eye, you must useeye drops. For this purpose, the drug Atropine is most often prescribed. Drip it for 7-10 days.

In addition, the weakened eye muscle needs vitamins. The doctor can prescribevitamin complexes, in which lutein is present. Very effective drug Lutein-Children's complex. This is a multicomponent dietary supplement containing such components as:

  • lutein,
  • zeaxanthin,
  • lycopene,
  • extract of blueberries,
  • taurine,
  • vitamins A, C, E,
  • zinc.

Children who are already 7 years old may take the drug.

Due to this combination of components, it is possible to fill the lack of vitamins, protect the eyes from the development of myopia and its progression.

Also proved effectivegymnastics for eyes with short-sightedness. With the constant application of the complex of exercises, it is possible to achieve not only the elimination of the disease, but the stopping of its progression and the removal of a constant voltage. Although it is proved that there is an opportunity to improve eyesight by 1-2 Dpt.

Infrared laser therapy

The essence of this manipulation boils down to the fact that the organ of vision is affectedinfrared radiation. This is done from a close distance. Due to this, it is possible to improve the nutrition of the tissues of the organ of vision, to stop the spasm of accommodation, which is the main cause of the development of myopia. Special equipment is used during the procedure. Due to it, a physiological massage of the ciliary muscle is achieved, which is responsible for complete accommodation.

Vacuum massage

During this procedure, an alternating vacuum is used.This manipulation improves the hydrodynamics of the organ of vision, increases blood circulation, which positively affects the work of the ciliary muscle.

Apparatus for carrying out vacuum massage

Laser influence

This procedure serves to improve spatial vision. The laser radiation is fed to a screen that is focused at a distance of 8-10 cm from the child's eye. The therapeutic effect is achieved by changing the volume and structure of images appearing on the monitor. This stimulates the nerve cells of the retina.


Operative treatment is performed only in the case when the pathological process progresses at a rate of more than 1 D per year.In this case, surgery is used - scleroplasty.With this operation, it is possible to strengthen the posterior segment of the sclera of the organ of vision and to activate metabolic processes in the shells of the eyeball.

Conducting scleroplasty

Folk remedies

It is necessary to use folk remedies only in combination with medicinal methods.

Apricot and honey

Take a little apricot, chop them, combine with nuts in equal quantities. Then add 20 ml of liquid honey. Use the product in the morning and evening for 40 grams, with water. Such treatment does not have time limits.

Carrot juice and olive oil

Take 2-3 fresh roots, squeeze the juice with a juicer. Take a glass of juice and add 20 g of olive oil. Take the lead to an empty stomach in the amount of glass.

Blueberry tea

Take 40 g of finely chopped blueberries and the same number of fruits. Add 10 g of finely chopped rhizome of licorice. Pour all 2 glasses of water. Infuse in the thermos. After 30 minutes, the broth is filtered and taken 4 times a day for 150 ml.

Another decoction of blueberries can be used as drops for the eyes. For this, take a piece of juice and 2 parts of water. Drip 5-6 drops in each eye. Perform this procedure once a day.

Cherry leaves

Take 4 leaves of cherries and soak them for 10 minutes in water. Then remove them and attach them to your eyes. It is best to perform the manipulation before bed. A sterile dressing is suitable for fixing the leaves.

Rosehip and nettle

Finely chop the nettle, and then take it in the amount of 20 g and combine with the same number of hips. Pour 2 cups of boiling water. Infuse in the thermos for 2 hours. The filtered broth is taken 3 times a day for 200 ml.


To prevent the development of myopia in a child, the following rules of prevention should be observed:

  1. Correctly organize the workplace. Sitting behind the book, the light should fall evenly.
  2. Take care that the baby does not tilt his head close to the book, notebook.
  3. Between the eyes and the object of work should be observed distance of 30-35 cm.
  4. Do not allow the child to read while lying down.
  5. When working at a desk, it is necessary to give the child a rest of 20-35 minutes.



Myopia in children is a frequent occurrence. But you can fight it if you find the problem in time. Use for this can various methods. Their choice depends on the degree of pathology and age of the patient.

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