Remedy for the common cold for children

We treat a runny nose in a child up to one year: the most effective means

Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, accompanied by stuffiness, shortness of breath, sneezing, is called a runny nose. This simple and safe (erroneous opinion of many) disease can be isolated, and can accompany other pathologies. Treatment of the common cold should be done correctly, especially in infants, because there is a risk of serious complications.

What childrens drops from the cold are the most effective, you can learn from this article.

Types of colds

Runny nose is a commonly diagnosed inflammation of the nasal mucosa in children. They are sick and teenagers, and children of school age, and newborns / babies. In medicine, it is common to distinguish the following types of common cold:
  1. Infectious. It occurs against the background of influenza, measles, acute respiratory-viral infection.
  2. Catarrhal (chronic). It lasts a long time, is characterized by stuffy nose, which worries children day and night.
  3. Allergic. All the signs of the common cold appear periodically and are related, most often, to the seasons of the year - for example, spring blooms in the spring, poplar fluff flies in the summer, and ambrosia blooms in the autumn.
  4. Vasomotor. It is diagnosed in children with weakened immunity, for which even a small draft, provided that warm clothing is available, can grow into a runny nose.

How to properly use aloe juice from the common cold to children under one year, you can learn from the contents of this article.

In the case of acute rhinitis (rhinitis), three stages of rhinitis can be diagnosed:

  • dry;
  • moist;
  • purulent.

Rhinitis in babies - features of the flow

If the runny nose lasts more than 2 weeks, it is necessary to seek advice from a pediatrician - perhaps a physiological runny nose has developed into an infectious cold.

Newborns are characterized by the development of a physiological rhinitis - a condition that is associated with the adaptation of the nasal mucosa to the surrounding world and independent breathing. In the womb of the mother, breathing through the mouth and nose was not carried out by the child - oxygen came through the blood through the umbilical cord. After birth, the body must get used to (adapt) to the new conditions life and the mucous membrane of the nose simply "calculates" the right amount of mucus that should produced. It is during this period that the baby can have nasal congestion, the presence of mucus.

What drops from the cold and nasal congestion are best, you can learn from the article.

With a physiological cold, the child does not experience discomfort and behaves absolutely calmly, therefore, fever, whims and sleep disturbance can not be associated with this condition.

Symptoms of a cold

For each stage of acute rhinitis (cold) there are symptoms:

  • at the onset of the disease (dry stage)- dryness in the nasal passages, the patient experiences unpleasant sensations ("scores"), there is frequent sneezing, a headache of a non-intensive nature develops;
  • wet stage- in the nasal passages mucus of light color begins to accumulate, the mucous membrane considerably swells and there is complete nasal congestion;
  • purulent- the discharge from the nose acquires a yellow-green tint, a stretchy and viscous structure.

At any stage of acute rhinitis, the above symptoms are accompanied by headache, general weakness, children are capricious and require increased attention from adults.

Acute rhinitis is highly treatable, and in some cases even completely without the intervention of doctors and the use of medications. If the runny nose lasts more than 3 weeks, then the risk of the disease transition to the chronic stage rises many times.

What to do when the nose swells without a cold and how to deal with this problem, what medicines and methods are indicated in the article.

Diagnostic measures

Runny nose in children before the year is diagnosed by a pediatrician already when examining the nasal passages - there is hyperemia (redness) of the mucosa, its swelling and the presence of mucus. In some cases, instrumental methods of examining a child can be used, and for consultation, more narrow specialists are invited-for example, an allergist, an infectious disease specialist.

The physician should differentiate the common runny nose from infectious diseases, in which the symptoms may be similar - for example, diphtheria, measles.

The child has a runny nose and sneezing, but there is no temperature, what to do about it and how to help the child help to understand the article.

Treatment of a cold in children under one year of age

The peculiarity of the common cold in children up to a year is a problem in its treatment. The fact is that the baby is unable to blow his nose and the mucus is difficult to exit - it accumulates in the nasal passages, which can lead to a rapid development of the chronic form of rhinitis. Parents can help the child with the following procedures:
  • provide the child's room with the right humidity- You can use special humidifiers or place containers with water, hang a wet rag over batteries;
  • regularly cleanse the nose of mucuswith the help of cotton flagella at the age of up to 9 months or an aspirator for older children.

Many parents instill mother's breast milk into the nasal passages, because it is believed that it has antibacterial properties - it's a mistake! It is much more effective to apply for instillation a weak saline solution (5 g of salt per half a cup of water).

What inexpensive remedy for the common cold for children are used most often, you can learn from the article.

Treatment of a common cold in children aged 1-12 months can last 3 and 4 days, but most often the parents celebrate their final recovery one week after the start of the procedure.


If there is a runny nose in an infant, treatment should be exceptionally safe - by no means Do not use to remove symptoms of drops and aerosols / sprays that are recommended for older children age!

For babies from the age of 3 months, you can use Nazivin drops - they have a vasoconstrictive effect. If the baby is already 5 months old, it is possible to dilute the accumulated mucus in the nasal passages with a physiological sodium chloride solution and then perform a liquid aspiration procedure (aspiration). To the best tools for treatment at the age of 5-6 months can be referred to Otrivin, Xylen and Vibrocil.In the period from 7 months and older, you can safely drip Interferon - it has not only therapeutic, but also preventive action.It is also possible to take homeopathic remedies agreed with the doctor.

What to do, when after the cold the sense of smell is gone, the information from the article will help to understand.

What remedy for a cold is better for a child - the doctor decides!

Folk methods

Official medicine fully approves the use of folk methods in the treatment of the common cold in children up to a year. The most effective tools include:

  • washing of the nasal passages with saline solution;
  • instill 1 drop a few times a day of aloe / calanchoe juice;
  • inhalation with broths of herbs (sage, chamomile, thyme).

Folk methods can be used to treat the common cold in children from 8 months of age and not earlier! A inhalation - with a 10-month.

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What is a common cold in children under one year old?

Many parents mistakenly believe that a rhinitis (rhinitis) does not pose a danger to the child and generally passes "by itself". But the statistics claim the opposite:
  • untreated acute rhinitis quickly passes into a chronic stage, which is hard to treat and constantly recurs;
  • at 7 months of age, the runny nose can develop into a purulent sinusitis;
  • at 9-12 months of age the risk of sinusitis develops.

How to cure a runny nose when breastfeeding with mom, will help to know the content of the article.

In addition, a prolonged runny nose leads to a violation of sleep in the child, his whims and irritability.Due to the fact that the baby can not fully breathe through the nose, the breastfeeding (or artificial) mode is also violated - the child does not eat the right amount of milk / mixture, loses weight, there are signs of irregularities in the system digestion.

What antibiotics for cough and cold are the best and quickly help, you can understand reading the article.


Look at the video of three ways to clean the baby's nose:

Runny nose in children under one year old is a disease that can be treated at home. Pediatricians should be consulted in case of fever, cough or other symptoms of an infectious disease.

List of cheap and effective remedies for the common cold

Rhinitis is the most common sign of a cold. When a stuffy nose is laid, it is difficult for a person to breathe, and this gives him a lot of inconvenience. Solve this problem with the help of effective and not very expensive means. Many may think that cheap drugs a priori can not have a positive effect, but this is absolutely wrong.

How does the analog of the bioparox for children look like in this article.

Treatment of rhinitis in adults

Where to find effective and at the same time budget funds for the common cold? There may be several options. The patient can go to the pharmacy where he will be advised to take pills, drops or sprays, or take advantage of folk medicine and its proven means.


If the runny nose chases you throughout the entire cold, then it is necessary to take medications, the action of which is directed not only at eliminating the symptoms, but also the cause. These include:

  1. Tablets with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effect. Their task is to neutralize allergies and colds of the same origin.
  2. Antibacterial drugs can eliminate the main types of bacteria in the nasopharynx.
  3. Antiviral drugs have a positive effect on the process of removing viruses from the body.
  4. Homeopathic medicines have a general strengthening effect and increase the level of interferon in the lymph. This element activates the internal protective-immune processes of the body.

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If you need to eliminate nasal congestion, then the most effective in this regard are drops and spray. It is best to use the latter option, since a spray with a lower dosage can have a greater effect and evenly distribute the active components over the surface of the nasal cavity. The main advantage of drops with vasoconstrictive effect is the exception of overdose.

The most effective and inexpensive drugs that remove nasal congestion are:

  • Xylometazoline (59 rubles);
  • Galazolin (31 rubles);
  • Tizin (38 rubles);
  • Nazivin (130 rubles);
  • "Toonos" (72 rubles);
  • Grippostad Reno (86 rubles);
  • Ximelin (95 rubles);
  • Otrivin (140 rubles);
  • Rhinonorm (45 rubles).

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Folk remedies

If such a cold symptom as a runny nose suggests a stuffy nose, then do not panic immediately and go quickly to the pharmacy, buying expensive and ineffective drugs. A great alternative to them can serve home-made drops. In addition, they are absolutely safe for health, easy to prepare, you do not have to spend money on drugs, the effectiveness of which you are not aware of. But people's recipes have been tested by time and people.

From this article, you can find out what to do when the child does not get cough and how to treat it.

The most effective are:

  1. Juicy Kalanchoe. When the cause of nasal congestion lies in the congestion of mucus, then it is worth using this remedy. After its use, a strong sneezing occurs, during which the nasal passages are cleared of the pathogenic factor. Such a cheap remedy for rhinitis is so safe that it can be used even by children.
  2. Inhalation with garlic. This is the cheapest tool. This procedure allows you to eliminate all the accumulated bacteria and removes the swelling of the mucosa. To make it necessary to chop the garlic, put in boiling water, put 2 dessert spoons of soda. Remove mixture from fire, cool and inhale steam for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Plantain. If the stuffiness of the nose is infectious or allergic, then folk medicine has a plantain for this case. In addition to the adult population, even the smallest children can be used. To make it, you need to take finely chopped plantain leaves in the amount of a tablespoon, pour them with a boiling water, wait for the broth to cool down, and after dripping their nose 3-4 times in knocking.

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Treatment of rhinitis in children

Folk treatment of the common cold in small patients is similar in many respects to adults, because they use natural ingredients that have a safe effect on the body. As for pharmaceutical products, the differences are more significant here.

Drops and Spray

The most effective spray for children is Xylometazoline. It can be produced in the form of a drop and a solution. Enter medications inhalatorily. It is best to buy a compressor nebulizer for this. If you perform this manipulation, then the effect can be fixed for 10 hours. But you can not use this remedy for more than a week, otherwise it can be addictive. One more effective and inexpensive drugs for the treatment of pediatric cold may include such inexpensive drugs:

  • Otrivin;
  • Fornos;
  • Tizin-xylo;
  • Ximelin;
  • Halazolin;
  • Rhinostop;
  • Xylen.

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Combined preparations

The best and most affordable remedy for a cold is a plant-derived drug. Such drugs, as a rule, have a combined effect. They can eliminate puffiness, inflammation, have antiseptic and mucolytic effect.

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The most popular tool remainsKnoxprey(70 rubles), which is issued in the form of a spray. It belongs to antiviral drugs, so it is allowed to use it after 2 years.

Another combination of drugs suggests the presence of homeopathic remedies. They allow you to overcome puffiness, eliminate viruses and boost immune forces. On the positive side, a drug in the form of a sprayGrillpostad Reno(65 rubles). It belongs to the group of effective and safe drugs for the common cold.

As a child to wash the nose with furatsilinom, you can learn from this article.

Using a nebulizer

Such adaptation is simply necessary in case of development of allergic rhinitis in the child. Thanks to him, the treatment can be carried out using medicines based on water and essential oils. The most accessible are considered Pinosol (130 rubles) and Evkasept (55 rubles). They contain essential oils that can eliminate inflammation, relieve spasms and have an antiseptic effect.

What kind of pill from the cold is best used, you can learn from this article.

As part of a drug such as Nazol Advance (71 rubles), contains menthol and eucalyptus. Due to this combination it is possible to obtain the necessary effect instantly and to eliminate the inflammation that has arisen in the nasal passages. It is these components that can overcome inflammation, narrow the blood vessels and anesthetize.

At the child in 3 years a rhinitis and tussis, what with it or this to do or make, it is possible to learn or find out from clause or article.

As part of Pinosol, there are anti-inflammatory components that actively fight with pathogens and regenerate the damaged epithelium of the nose. It is administered in the form of drops or with the help of a nebulizer.

The video tells about cheap and effective remedies for the common cold:

What to do when the ear was stuffed with a cold is indicated in this article.

Eliminate allergic rhinitis in children can a drug such as Adrianol (91 rubles). It is characterized by the provision of anti-allergic effects and the elimination of an increased predisposition of the immune system to the effects of allergens.

Runny nose is always unpleasant symptoms, especially when it is accompanied by a strong nasal congestion. Very often against this background people get a headache, they sleep badly, a feeling of apathy arises. I will use the presented recommendations, you will manage to overcome this unpleasant symptom and improve your state of health.

A good remedy for the common cold. The most effective remedy for colds

If you treat a cold, then it passes for 7 days. If the cold does not heal, it takes a week. It's heard by everyone. But this opinion is erroneous. Many people let the situation slide, but the runny nose needs to be treated. Sleepless nights, lack of appetite, headache, sneezing, dryness and sensitivity of the nasal mucosa are the most harmless manifestations of acute rhinitis. In the absence of treatment, complications are possible: otitis media, sinusitis, frontalitis and the transition of the common cold into a chronic form.

Most often, the appearance of the common cold is promoted by viruses, bacteria, hypothermia. Itching in the nasopharynx, nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, headache - if you have these symptoms you need to start treatment as soon as possible.

Many pharmacy products for the treatment of cold are released without a doctor's prescription. But consultation with a specialist is never superfluous. And taking antibiotics with a beginning rhinitis is not justified. They can not cure rhinitis, but they can harm the body.

With a beginning cold and runny nose, folk remedies are good. Hot foot baths with mustard powder and tea with raspberries are the best home remedies for the common cold. Beet juice, aloe is also effective if the rhinitis has just begun. The advantages of traditional medicine are that the risk of side effects is minimized, unlike medicines. But folk remedies do not always help.

The funds used to treat rhinitis, a lot in the pharmacy range, consider the main.

Drops with vasoconstrictive effect

The most popular and effective group of medicines. Dripped in the morning a good remedy for

Coryza, and all the day the nose is breathing. However, from the heaviness in the head, sneezing and itching, these medicines do not help. After a while, the cold begins again. Vasoconstrictive medications do not treat rhinitis. They relieve nasal congestion and mucosal edema. Use with a runny nose such drops are needed, this will help reduce the risk of otitis.

If you take more than 7 days, the drugs cause the opposite phenomenon (tachyphylaxis), and the nasal mucosa swells again. Often people have to drip vasoconstrictive drops for many years, without them the nose does not breathe. It's addictive, and getting rid of it is very difficult.

Drugs of this group can cause hypertension, increased intraocular pressure and tachycardia. It is impossible to simultaneously use vasoconstrictors and drops with therapeutic effect. The minimum interval between their instillation is 40 minutes. Otherwise, the drug will not work, the vasoconstrictor drops will not let it suck.

If the rhinitis lasts more than 7 days, you need to see a doctor.

Groups of vasoconstrictive drops

1. Preparations containing naphazoline. Medications "Naftizin "Sanorin" - representatives of this group. The action time is about 4 hours. Of all the groups, the shortest. Strongly dry the mucous membrane of the nose. Now they are rarely used.

2. Preparations of xylometazoline. Means "Galazolin "Rinonorm "Ximelin "Tizin "Rinostop" - representatives of this group. There are approximately 6 hours, a more gentle effect on the mucosa. Many representatives of this group contain sea water and other substances for moistening the mucosa.

3. The active ingredient is oxymetazoline. Preparations "Nazivin "Otritin "Nazol" - the main representatives of this group. The duration of action can be up to 12 hours. The least irritating to the nasal mucosa, therefore, any of them is the best remedy for the common cold among the vasoconstrictors.

Drops with sea water

All drops and sprays for moisturizing the nasal mucosa contain a solution of sea salt. "Aquamaris "Akvalor "Salin "Morenazal "Physiomer "Marimer" - these are preparations that moisturize and soften the mucous membranes. A similar remedy for the cold, reviews of which are always positive, relieves swelling. Preparations based on sea water treat inflammation and dilute purulent separable.

A good remedy for the common cold does not remove the stuffiness of the nose instantly. It cures the runny nose and reduces the risk of complications. Medicines in this group have no side effects. They are allowed for small children and pregnant women.

If there is no possibility to purchase drops with sea water, you can use simple saline solution. This is a common salt solution, it is also effective for the treatment of rhinitis.

Antiviral drugs

A good remedy for the common cold is a drop with an antiviral effect, but they are effective only at the first stages of the disease. Apply antiviral drugs strictly according to the instructions, otherwise they will not help. Timely reception and exact dosages will cure a cold in 3 days.

Antiviral drops "Grippferon "Nasoferon" contain interferon. Interferon is produced in the body. He is responsible for immunity and attacks the virus. Interferon is available in droplets and in dry powder. This is an effective remedy for the common cold. Ampules with dry interferon can be used from birth. They just get divorced by water. The drug has no side effects, only individual intolerance is possible.

There are other antiviral drops in the nose - Derinat. This is an excellent remedy for cold and colds. They stimulate the production of interferon. Spray "IRS-19" contains bacterial lysates. He fights with a cold and bronchitis. When using drops with immunomodulating effect in the epidemic period, the probability of "catching" a runny nose decreases.


Plant extracts in drops are good for the common cold. They well moisturize and soften the nasal mucosa, treat inflammation. The drug "Pinosol" is the leader of this group, the most effective remedy for the common cold. It is available in the form of drops, ointments and cream. Essential oils are included in the medicine "Pinosol so it can cause allergies. Contraindicated in children under 3 years. All drops that contain essential oils can not be used in this age category, they can cause bronchospasm.

There are pencils-inhalers "Doctor MOM "Gold Star". They contain essential oils that can be inhaled. The nose begins to work reflexively. You can use this remedy for a cold in pregnancy.

Combined preparations

They contain several components. Drops may include an antibiotic. They are designed to treat rhinitis of bacterial nature. The drug "Polidex" contains an antibiotic, which quickly treats the infection. There is also an anti-allergic component - dexamethasone. It removes the swelling of the mucosa. Choosing the best remedy for the common cold, it is worth considering and this medicine.

Some drops, in addition to the vasoconstrictor component, contain an antiallergic substance. They help with allergic rhinitis. Preparations "Vibrocil "Sanorin-analgesin" well relieve the swelling of the nose for allergies. "Vibrocil" in the drops can be used for children from 1 year. In addition, you can use this remedy for a cold in pregnancy.

Many drops contain a vasoconstrictor and seawater. They prevent dryness and relieve swelling. The drug "Snoop" in adult and pediatric form of release well softens mucous and eliminates nasal congestion.

Antibacterial drugs

Such drugs as "Bioparox "Isofra contain powerful antibiotics. They are appointed by a doctor. With sinusitis, frontal sinuses and lingering rhinitis, this is the most effective remedy for the common cold. With the beginning of the disease, the use of these drugs is unjustified. Plus these funds are that they are not absorbed into the blood. Therefore, side effects inherent in antibiotics, they are not peculiar.


Homeopathic remedies are good because they do not have side effects. They act at a runny nose at any stage. The main rule of homeopathy reads: "You can not deviate from the instruction". If you miss the time of instillation and do not follow the multiplicity - homeopathy will not help. Preparations "Edas-131 "Delufen "Euforbium-compositum" will remove the edema of the nasal mucosa, have an anti-inflammatory effect, raise immunity. Safe and effective drops are suitable for adults and children. In complex therapy significantly improve recovery. Treated homeopathy for a long time. It has a cumulative effect and on the first day still does not heal.

Nebulizer - a modern solution for the treatment of a cold

Use a nebulizer with a cold is very convenient. This is an ultrasound device, through which inhalations are carried out.

Treatment of the common cold with a nebulizer can not be compared with the use of pills and tablets that pass a long path through the body until they reach the diseased organ. Similar medications, in contrast to inhalers, often leave an unfavorable trace in the form of a variety of side effects.

Folk remedies

Rhinitis is the most common disease. Many people suffer from it. Runny nose may appear several times a year. That's why there are a lot of folk recipes. Here are some examples of them:

1. Fir and eucalyptus oil. A few drops of essential oil drip into the vegetable oil (about 25 ml). Drip in the nose in the morning and at night. Such a mixture instantly facilitates breathing, has a bactericidal effect, softens the mucous membrane and relieves swelling.

2. Beetroot juice relieves inflammation and swelling. Drip it several times a day or make tampons (for 10 minutes). A weak solution of beet juice can be dripped to babies from the common cold.

3. Honey drops. Dilute honey with water in equal proportions. A little warm up and drip up to 6 times a day. Do not use if you are allergic to this product. Honey is a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

4. Aloe vera increases immunity and relieves inflammation. You can drip in its purest form. You can dilute with vegetable oil.

5. The Kalanchoe juice is an irritant. When it is instilled, intensive separation of mucus begins, swelling rapidly and inflammation is removed.

Washing your nose at home

In the hospital, in the ENT departments, there is a special device for washing the nose. It creates pressure and rinses the nose with medicine, washing out pus and mucus. A similar procedure can be done at home. Rinsing the nose brings relief to the patient and helps cure the runny nose. The medicinal solution is taken up in a container and inhaled with a nose, spit out the solution with the mouth. The procedure is carried out in the morning and at night.

How to prepare a solution

  • In one glass with a little salt water pour a teaspoon of tincture of eucalyptus or marigold. The solution has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action.
  • 2 filter bags of chamomile or sage brew a glass of boiling water. When the solution becomes slightly warm, wash the nose. The solution has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  • 3 drops of iodine per glass of warm water. The bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of iodine cure the common cold. It is not recommended for purulent sinusitis.
  • You can wash your nose with a simple saline solution. This procedure dilutes the mucus and removes the swelling from the nasal mucosa.
After rinsing, all medicines will be absorbed better. The effect of vasoconstricting, combined and homeopathic drops increases several times.

From the cold helps infusions of herbs, which are drunk inside. You can mix fruits of raspberries, herb of oregano, a leaf of a birch and mother-and-stepmother. Brew the mixture and drink several times a day. Very good for the cold helps the flowers of linden, chamomile. Herbs help cure cold and colds. Rosehips and mountain ash will increase immunity and accelerate recovery.

Treatment of any disease should begin with a consultation with a specialist. Not all patients can use drops. Many people have vasoconstrictive drugs. With genyantritis, therapy without antibiotics is most often ineffective. People with curvature of the nasal septum can not help the drop. All these nuances are taken into account by the doctor.

A prolonged runny nose can give many serious complications. Inadequate therapy can make the ailment chronic. Rhinitis is a disease that should be treated. We have presented you many options for its therapy. Choose the most effective remedy for the common cold is only for you, and it is better to do this after consulting a doctor.

What is recommended from the common cold for children?

Every parent should know what to use from the common cold for children. Rhinitis itself is an ailment in which inflammation of the nasal mucosa occurs. It should be noted that this disease is quite common in babies. Usually, a runny nose in children appears due to a weakened immune system. Even a weak and fragile children's body can not stand up against all malignant bacteria that seek to enter the body. Also, quite often, babies suffer from this ailment in the cold season due to hypothermia.

It should be noted that not all parents are serious about the common cold, considering it a non-dangerous disease. This is a very big mistake. In time, the cured rhinitis can cause inflammation to rise higher into the maxillary sinuses, which connect the nasopharynx with the middle ear.

Determine the presence of a cold in a child will not be difficult.The sick kid raises his temperature, swells up the nasal mucosa, which causes difficulty in breathing. Also, crumbs lose appetite and taste perception deteriorates.

Medication for ailment

Currently, there is a huge amount of medicines for treating a common cold in children. Vessoconstrictive agents for topical use are very popular in the fight against unpleasant symptoms. These drugs contribute to the rapid narrowing of the vessels of the nasal mucosa, which leads to a reduction in its edema. Positive results, as a rule, do not keep you waiting long. After a fairly short period of time, the baby is lost snot and nasal breathing is restored. Such vasoconstrictors as "Otrivin" and "Nazivin" are very popular. Suitable for children under 1 year. The main thing is to observe the dosage of the drug for each age group. When treating infants, it is better to use nasal drops. You can take vasoconstrictors for a maximum of 7 days.

Using such medicines, do not forget that they very quickly penetrate into the blood and can adversely affect the general condition of the body. That's why you need to use these drugs only after a meeting with a professional. It is very important to follow the dosage established by him. Sometimes the use of vasoconstrictors causes the appearance of pale skin in the baby.

Very popular are the moisturizing drops "Physiomer "Salin "Aqualor which are a solution of sea salt. Such drugs moisturize the nasal mucosa, reduce inflammation and swelling. These drops do not have a momentary effect, but their big plus is that they do not have side effects, so they can be used without fear to treat children.

At the first signs of a cold, antiviral drops should be used. With a timely and proper admission, such remedies will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms in just 3 days. These drops contain interferon, which is a substance produced by the body in response to an infection attack. Many doctors believe that antiviral drops are the best way to treat a cold in babies. In the pharmacy you can buy dry interferon in ampoules. This remedy should be diluted with clean water and used like any other drops in the nose.

In the event that bacterial inflammation has joined the cold, then the illness should be treated with antibacterial agents. Very effective is the ointment "Bactroban 2% aerosol "Bioparox" and nasal spray "Isofra". No less popular antibacterial drops "Pinosol". This remedy softens the irritated mucosa, has an excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. It should be noted that, because of the rather high content of essential oils, these drops often cause the development of an allergic reaction. Drops "Pinosol" are not recommended for the treatment of a cold in children under 3 years.

Allergic rhinitis can be treated with antiallergic agents. Effective drug - a drop of "Zirtek." They can be used to treat children under 2 years old. With the development of this type of rhinitis it is very important to protect the child from the allergen that caused the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.

Treatment with folk remedies

To treat a runny nose in children is possible not only with medicinal preparations, but also with folk recipes. For their preparation, as a rule, does not require the expenditure of a large number of forces, time and ingredients.

A severe runny nose in children under 1 year can be treated with beet juice. In each nostril of the baby should be dripped three times a day 2 drops of beet juice. Pre-juice should be diluted with the same amount of water. Experts advise using only freshly squeezed beet juice. If desired, beet juice can be replaced with carrot juice.

Drug medications can easily be replaced with the following folk remedy: 1 garlic head must be cleaned and chopped in garlic. The resulting gruel should be diluted with a small amount of olive oil. The agent should be infused in a dark place for about 12 hours. Ready mixture should be instilled in the baby's nose 2 drops in each nostril. Such a tool can be slightly pinched, so it is better to use it for the treatment of more adult children.

If there is a suspicion of infection, then you can take drops from onions at home. 1 teaspoon of onion juice should be diluted with the same amount of pure water. The resulting liquid must be mixed with a small amount of honey. Use 2 times a day.

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At home, a sick child can be given a mixture of 1 spoon of aloe juice and the same amount of honey. Both ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and dripped into the baby's nose. Experts recommend using for this prescription aloe vera over 3 years.

Additional options

For the treatment of infants, warming can be used.

A small bag of cotton cloth must be filled with boiled millet porridge and applied to the area of ​​the maxillary sinuses. Remove the bag only when it is completely cool. In any case, you can not use too hot millet porridge. It can cause a burn of the skin.

An effective home remedy for a common cold for children: 1 liter of water should be poured into a saucepan and brought to a boil. After that, add some dry leaves of eucalyptus to the boiling liquid. The resulting mixture is boiled for 2-3 minutes. Next, remove the pan from the heat, allow the medicine to cool and add 1 spoonful of soda. The child should bend over the pan, cover his head with a towel and breathe in pairs for 10 minutes. It must be ensured that the steam is warm, but not hot. Otherwise, there is a high risk of burns.

A proven remedy for the common cold for children is the juice of the century. 1 tablespoon of liquid honey should be mixed with the same amount of juice of the plant. The resulting consistency should be instilled in each nostril 2 drops. A positive result will not take long.

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At home, you can prepare a very effective syrup of medicinal sage. Pour 1 teaspoon of chopped herb into 1 glass of milk. The resulting liquid should be boiled over low heat for 10 minutes. Ready mixture to drain, again boil and give the child before bed.

Before using any folk remedy for the common cold, children should consult a professional. This will help to avoid a variety of complications.

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