Rengalin Cough syrup for children

Rengalin from cough: instructions, reviews

Rengalin Tablets Instruction

Rengalin tablets, the instruction to which is enclosed in each of the packages, are intended for the treatment of cough. The accompanying sheet contains all the information the patient needs when applying them. Here you can read about their appointment according to the indications, as well as about all contraindications that also occur. In addition, the instructions detail the use of the drug and its dosage regimen.

Form, composition, packaging

Rengalin is released in the form of tablets, which are taken by resorption in the oral cavity. The form of each of them is planocylindrical with the presence of a chamfer and the separation risk. White color. On both sides of the pill there are inscriptions: RENGALIN / MATERIA MEDICA.

In the form of an active substance, a complex of water-alcoholic substances applied to the lactose base in a diluted form from antibodies to substances: morphine, bradykinin and histamine appears. They are supplemented with the necessary proportions of isomalt, sodium saccharin, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium cyclomate, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide and citric anhydrous acid.

The preparation is packed in packs of cardboard one, two or five contour cellular blisters made of aluminum and polyvinyl chloride. Each blister has a dozen pills.

Term and conditions of storage

The drug is stored for no more than three years in places that are protected from sunlight and the infiltration of children. The acceptable temperature in the room should not exceed twenty-five degrees. When the expiration date indicated on the package expires, the drug should be disposed of immediately.

Rengalin indications for use

Rengalin tablets are recommended for use in cases of ailments of the respiratory tract accompanied by bronchospasm and coughing both acute and chronic. Also, the drug is indicated for the treatment of productive (unproductive) cough, when there is a diagnosis:

  • ARVI / influenza;
  • respiratory diseases of an allergic nature;
  • infections and inflammatory processes that occur in the airways;
  • pharyngitis in acute form;
  • bronchitis chronic;
  • obstructive laryngitis acute;
  • laryngotracheitis.


Contraindication to taking medication may be an individual intolerance or sensitivity to its components.

Rengalin instructions for use

The preparation of Rengalin is taken orally by dissolving the tablet in the mouth.

For an adult patient, appoint 1 or 2 pieces three times per day, not combining with meals. The severe form of the disease allows for an increase in the frequency of drug use up to four or six times.

Rengalin during pregnancy

When pregnancy is recommended for prescribing Rengalin only in exceptional cases, given the ratio of benefits for women and risks for the fetus, since studies on the safety of the drug for this category of patients do not was conducted.

Rengalin from cough for children

Children are allowed to Rengalin to the appointment not earlier than three years. This restriction is due to the lack of sufficient information on how Rengalin is safe and effective in treating young children.

Side effects

In the form of side effects, only those reactions were noted that are characteristic of individual intolerance of drugs with respect to its components.


When an accidental overdose is allowed, dyspeptic phenomena should be expected.

Interaction with drugs

The drug Rengalin normally interacts with any of the medications. Not a single case of drug incompatibility was recorded.

Additional instructions

The medicine does not affect the professional abilities of drivers and others that work with machinery.

Rengalin analog tablets

Among the analogs of the drug can be noted many popular antitussive drugs: Kodelak, Bronholitin, Omnitus and many others.

Rengalin price

At cost, the medicine is slightly more than 150 rubles.

Rengalin from a cough testimonials

Reviews of the drug characterize tablets Rengalin as an effective and quick-acting cough remedy with a pleasant taste.

Lyudmila:The pills helped my five-year-old child to a great degree, when a dry cough of an obsessive nature began to torment him. Taken as directed by the doctor.

Valya:Tablets are very convenient, especially when a fit of coughing in an unsuitable place begins. With the resorption of the tablet, the cough recedes. With regular admission you can get rid of the ailment and at all. I was helped with a prolonged cough, when other funds were not so effective.

Cough medicine "Rengalin instructions for use, analogues, reviews

A cough is called an unconditioned reflex. It is necessary not only for cleaning the respiratory tract from foreign objects, but also testifies to the existing disease of the ENT organs.

How to get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon? To do this, consult an otolaryngologist. After examination and delivery of medical tests, many doctors recommend coughing "Rengalin". What this means is and how it should be taken, we will tell below.

Pharmaceutical form, composition and packaging

Cough "Rengalin" is available in the form of tablets. They have a facet, a risk and a flat-cylindrical shape. Such a drug is intended for resorption and contains antibodies in its composition:

  • to bradykinin;
  • to morphine;
  • to histamine.

We can not say that such an antitussive drug includes the following components: isomalt, lemon anhydrous acid, magnesium stearate, sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin.

To buy tablets from cough "Rengalin" it is possible in contour cells from a foil of aluminum or PVC. As a rule, they are packaged in cardboard packs.

In what other form are the medicines "Rengalin" produced? Syrup for oral administration is intended for the treatment of children. This tool contains the same components, but comes on sale in bottles with a measuring spoon in the kit.

The main properties of the oral preparation

Medication "Rengalin the price of which will be indicated below, shows pronounced bronchodilator, as well as antitussive properties. Due to its components, it provides anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-allergic and analgesic effects.

According to the instruction, the medicine in question inhibits (selectively) the central links of the cough reflex and significantly reduces their excitability. This process is due to the modification of bradykinin-dependent activation of B1 receptors and histamine-dependent H1-receptors.

By inhibiting centers of pain sensitivity in the thalamus, this medication is able to block the transmission of impulses (painful) in the brain. In addition, this agent inhibits the fluxes of these impulses from the periphery. This is due to a decrease in the release of algogen (plasma and tissue).

Features and the result of use

The preparation "Rengalin analogues of which are listed below, does not promote drug dependence and does not depress respiration. Also, it does not have sedative and narcogenic properties.

After using the drug under consideration, all symptoms of laryngitis, acute pharyngitis and bronchitis are relieved. Also reduces bronchospasm.

It should also be noted that "Rengalin" (tablets and syrup) effectively cures the symptoms of allergic manifestations.

Pharmacokinetics of medicament

Unfortunately, the sensitivity of modern methods of analysis (both chemical and physical) does not allow specialists to fully assess the content of doses of antibodies in human tissues and organs, as well as in its biological liquids. Therefore, the study of the kinetic properties of the drug in question is impossible.

When to take from a cough Rengalin?

Depending on the form of release, this drug is prescribed for adults and children. Usually this drug is prescribed for influenza, chronic bronchitis, laryngotracheitis, acute pharyngitis, acute respiratory viral infection and obstructive laryngitis. In addition, the mentioned medicine can be used for inflammatory, allergic and infectious diseases of the respiratory tract (lower and upper divisions).

Contraindications to use

The drug "Rengalin" for children is not prescribed until three years, even in the form of syrup. It should also be noted that this remedy is contraindicated for hypersensitivity to its ingredients.

Instructions for use

Take the pills and syrup in question by an oral route. This drug should not be washed down with water.

With a strong cough, adults are advised to use the medication in tablet form. This remedy should be kept in the mouth until dissolved. Its one-time dosage is one tablet. As for the daily dose, it depends on the severity of the disease and the age of the patient. With an average and mild degree it is recommended to dissolve about three tablets. In more severe cases, the patient is prescribed up to 6 tablets per day.

For effective therapy, you should always visit an otolaryngologist before taking this medication.

How to prescribe syrup "Rengalin" for children? The dose of this drug should be determined only by the pediatrician. It is necessary to use a measuring spoon. To treat the respiratory tract, it is enough for the baby to take 5 ml of the solution two or three times a day.

Side reactions

This tool is well tolerated by adults and children. Sometimes, against the background of its admission, the patient still exhibits undesirable reactions. Usually they arise due to intolerance of individual components of the drug.

It should also be noted that side effects after taking this medication very often develop after exceeding the recommended dose. Dyspeptic reactions are noted in the patient. For their elimination, symptomatic treatment is performed.

Interaction with other medicines

Until now, no information about the drug interaction of the drug "Rengalin" with other drugs has been reported. It should be remembered that before using this medication in the form of a syrup or tablets, you should always contact a doctor. This is due to the fact that if the medicament is misused, the course of the disease may worsen.

The cost of the medicinal product and similar preparations

How much does such a tool as "Rengalin" cost? Its price is not very high and is approximately 210-215 rubles.

If you can not buy this medication, you can replace it with a similar remedy. So which drugs act like "Rengalin"? Analogues of this medicine are sold in almost all pharmacy chains. Among them, the following are especially popular: Broncholitin, Kodelak-Fito, Terpinkod, Kodelmikst, Glikodin, and Konderfin. "Alex-Plus "Cophanol "Codelac "Bronchocine."


What do patients say about the drug in question? According to their reviews, this drug really helps to cure a productive and unproductive cough. A few days after the initiation of therapy, the patient feels a significant relief.

Also, many consumers are pleased with the inexpensive cost of this drug, its availability, as well as the possibility of applying to children and replacing analogues.

"Rengalin" for cough: instructions for use and analogues

Cough - a rather unpleasant phenomenon, which is caused by muscle contractions in the respiratory tract. This is an unconditioned reflex, manifested in diseases of the ENT organs.

If you do not know how to cure a cough, then you should consult a narrow specialist - an otolaryngologist. Most often, doctors prescribe a medication such as "Rengalin" (from a cough). The instruction, analogues and principle of action of this drug are presented below.

Form of preparation, its packaging, composition

In what form do you produce the medicine "Rengalin" from cough? The instruction says that this product is manufactured in the form of tablets of flat-cylindrical shape, with a risk and a facet. They are designed for resorption, and also have engraving MATERIA MEDICA and inscription RENGALIN.

What do they contain tablets for coughing "Rengalin"? Instructions for use asserts that this medication includes antibodies to:

  • bradykinin;
  • morphine;
  • histamine.

It should also be said that the preparation in question contains the following components: anhydrous citric acid, isomalt, magnesium stearate, sodium saccharin and sodium cyclamate.

In the sale of this product comes in contour cells of PVC or aluminum foil, packed in a cardboard box.

It should also be noted that this medication is made in the form of a syrup for oral administration. This form of the drug is for children. It has the same components, but goes on sale in dark bottles with a screw cap and a dosage spoon in the kit.

Properties of the preparation

Why is the "Rengalin" medication for coughing so popular? Instruction, reviews argue that this drug has pronounced bronchodilator and antitussive properties. Due to its complex composition, it is capable of providing antispasmodic, anti-edematous, analgesic, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects.

This drug selectively inhibits the links of the cough reflex (central) and reduces their excitability. This is due to the modification of histamine-dependent activation of H1 receptors and bradykinin-dependent - B1-receptors.

Inhibiting the centers of pain sensitivity, which are located in the thalamus, the drug in question blocks the transmission of impulses (painful) in the cerebral cortex. It should also be noted that it inhibits their flows from the periphery. This process is carried out by reducing the release of algogens (tissue and plasma).

Features of the medicine

The drug "Rengalin" from a cough, the instruction of which is described below, does not cause dependence and respiratory depression. In addition, it does not show sleeping pills and drug-related properties.

The use of this agent facilitates the symptoms of laryngitis, bronchitis, acute pharyngitis and reduces bronchospasm. It should also be noted that this medication is able to cure systemic and local signs of allergic reactions.

Kinetics of the preparation

How does the absorption of such a drug as "Rengalin" (from coughing) occur? The instruction states that the sensitivity of modern chemical and physical methods of analysis is not allows to estimate the content of doses of antibodies in biological fluids, organs and tissues of a person in full least. Thus, the study of the pharmacokinetics of this drug is impossible.

When should I take it?

In what cases do they prescribe Rengalin for cough? The instruction for children and adults says that it is used for flu, acute pharyngitis and obstructive laryngitis, as well as SARS, laryngotracheitis and chronic bronchitis. In addition, this remedy can be recommended for use in infectious, allergic and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract (lower sections).

Prohibitions to use

When should not I prescribe Rengalin from a cough? The instruction says that such a medicine is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its elements. Also, this medication is not recommended for use in children under 3 years (including in the form of syrup).

Medication "Rengalin" (from coughing): instruction

The indications of this drug were listed above. This medicine should be taken only by oral route.

The peculiarity of this medication in the form of tablets and syrup is that it is not required to be washed down. For the treatment of paroxysmal cough, an adult is recommended to use the drug in tablet form. It must be kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely. One dose of this drug is one tablet.

How should I use the children's "Rengalin" (cough syrup)? The instruction says that the dose of such a drug must be determined by means of a measuring spoon. For the treatment of respiratory organs, the child should be given 5 ml of the drug twice or thrice a day.

As for the dosage of tablets, it depends on the person's age and the severity of his illness. According to the instructions, about 3 tablets should be absorbed per day.

To achieve the proper therapeutic result, you should always visit a doctor before using this medication.

In severe condition, the patient is recommended to take about 4-6 tablets per day.

Side effects

This drug is tolerated fairly well. In some cases, this medication may contribute to the appearance of undesirable reactions. As a rule, they arise because of intolerance of the ingredients of the medicine.

One can not help saying that side effects after taking this drug are often developed because of exceeding the recommended doses. In this case, the patient has dyspeptic reactions. To eliminate them, you should conduct symptomatic treatment.

Drug Interactions

To date, no data on the drug interaction of the drug under consideration with other medicines has been provided. However, you should remember that before using this remedy, you should definitely visit the therapist. Only an experienced doctor is able to determine the possibility or impossibility of therapy with this medicine.

Cost and analogy

What is the price of the medication in question? The answer to this question you can get only in the nearest pharmacy. According to the patients, the cost of this medicine in our country is about 207-215 rubles.

In some cases, experts recommend using other means, with a similar composition and principle of action. To such analogues doctors include the following medicines: "Kodelak-Fito "Glikodin "Alex-Plus "Kodelak "Bronchocin "Cofanol "Broncholitin "Kodelmikst". "Terpinkod "Konderfin".

Patient Reviews

In most cases, consumers give positive reviews about this drug. They argue that it helps well to eliminate both productive and unproductive cough. In addition, it has a therapeutic effect on the very cause of the ailment mentioned.

One can not help saying that the patients attribute the inexpensive value to the advantages of this drug, availability in almost all pharmacies and the ability to use against young children (from 3 years).

"Rengalin instructions for use, contraindications, reviews

When you come to see a specialist with your problem, the doctor always listens to complaints and conducts an examination. After that, he prescribes a variety of medications to correct your condition. However, most drugs have contraindications. The doctor is not always able to remember them. Therefore, before you take this or that medicine, you need to read its annotation.

This article will introduce you a medical product called "Rengalin". The instruction manual will be described in detail. Also you can find out which contraindications to the use of such a tool still have. Separately, it is worth mentioning about the reviews.

General description of the preparation: its composition, price

About medicine "Rengalin" instructions for use says that the drug has a bronchodilator and antitussive effect. It can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. The product is available in the form of tablets or lozenges for absorption. The main active ingredients of the drug include a complex of antibodies - bradykinin, histamine and morphine. As auxiliary substances are saccharins, magnesium stearate, citric acid and other constituents.

Medication "Rengalin" from cough is produced on 20 tablets in one package. The cost of one pack of medicine is about 180-200 rubles. You can buy the drug in any pharmacy network without a corresponding prescription.

Indications for use

In what cases is the "Rengalin" remedy appointed? The manufacturer informs that the medicine copes quite quickly and effectively with a cough of various etiologies. Therefore, the following situations are referred to as indications:

  • chronic and acute respiratory diseases;
  • bronchospasm;
  • development of unproductive cough in ARVI;
  • allergic spasm of the bronchi;
  • laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis;
  • as a complex agent in the treatment of other colds and allergic diseases.

Despite the fact that you have become aware of the cases in which the "Rengalin" remedy is prescribed, you should not use it yourself to cough. Contact your doctor for qualified appointments and individual recommendations.

Pay attention to the list of contraindications

The medicine "Rengalin like most other medicines, has its contra-indications and time limitations. Remember that you can never ignore this information. It is strictly forbidden to use the medication if there is one or more contraindications to the therapy!

  • The main and first ban for treatment can be calledincreased sensitivity to components.At the same time, it is necessary to focus not only on the main active substances, but also to consider additional components.
  • Children up to three years.The manufacturer does not recommend the use of medication to treat babies due to the lack of clinical studies of this age group. Also, children under three years of age can not properly use pastilles (dissolve).
  • It is prohibited to use the medicinal productduring lactation. The manufacturer says that the ingredients have the ability to penetrate into breast milk and enter the child's body. If this therapy is necessary, lactation should be temporarily suspended.
  • Use during pregnancy does not have confirmed clinical data. The manufacturer warns that the constituent drugs can penetrate the placental barrier. Therefore, the drug is administered only in emergency situations, under the close supervision of physicians.

If the drug "Rengalin" was prescribed to you by a doctor, but after the acquisition you found that you have contraindications to its use, then do not follow the recommendations received from the specialist. Ask for help again and study this issue with the doctors.

Rengalin: instructions for use

A single dose of the drug is 1-2 lozenges. Multiplicity of application - up to 3 times a day. In the first days of treatment with strongly expressed symptoms, you can use the medicine six times. Later the dose should be set as standard.

Each tablet should be kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely. It is advisable to do this before or after eating. Do not drink immediately after resorption of the drug. Refrain from them for at least half an hour. The duration of treatment is set individually by the doctor.

Negative moments

Can the medicine "Rengalin" provoke the development of side effects? The composition of the drug is such that it is usually well tolerated when you use the prescribed dose instructions. But some consumers say that after the use of tablets they have changed their taste preferences. Also, the remedy sometimes causes abdominal pain and indigestion. Much more often than these reactions, allergies may appear. However, in this case we are talking about the intolerance of the components.

How does the medicine work?

After consuming the drug, the tablet dissolves quickly enough in the mouth. However, modern methods of research do not allow us to establish the concentration of antibodies in the blood, organs and tissues. Therefore, until now this point remains unexplored.

Antibodies to histamine contribute to the removal of edema and have an anti-allergic effect. Antibodies to morphine bind to opiate receptors. The antitussive effect is enhanced by antibodies to bocardine.

What about customer reviews?

Patients say that the drug has a pleasant taste. It can be kept in your mouth without any discomfort until it completely dissolves. The drug has an expanding effect on the bronchi, removing the spasm. Also, the drug blocks the cough receptors. As a result, a person ceases to cough up and begins to feel much better.

Consumers report that the drug does not interact with other drugs. The instruction for use confirms this. Despite the content of antibodies to morphine, the drug does not have a hypnotic or sedative effect. Therefore, it can be taken even by drivers and persons working with dangerous mechanisms.

Let's sum up a little

You became aware of the preparation "Rengalin" - the instructions for use are presented in the article. The drug has a lot of advantages. Also, the medicine does not have special indications and almost never shows adverse reactions. But, despite all this, it is not necessary to treat the cough yourself. With improperly selected therapy, you may face complications. All the best!

"Rengalin" for cough: reviews, composition, instructions for use and analogues

Surely many people experienced the suffocating effect of coughing on themselves. This condition is called forced exhalation through the oral cavity, which is caused by contractions of muscle tissue in the respiratory tract. This is due to the irritation of a huge number of receptors that are located along the entire respiratory tract.

What is the physiological role of cough? This process helps to clean the respiratory tract of various substances, as well as to prevent mechanical obstacles that disrupt the air passages.

As you know, coughing is an unconditioned reflex. It usually manifests itself in diseases of the respiratory tract. How to get rid of it faster? Specialists recommend using a drug such as Rengalin. Instructions for use, reviews, analogues and price of the funds in question are presented below.

Composition of the drug and the form of its release

In what form is the medicine "Rengalin" made from cough? Reviews say that this product is available in the form of flat-cylindrical tablets for resorption of white, with a facet and a risk.

On one side of this medication is the engraving of MATERIA MEDICA, and on the other side - the inscription RENGALIN.

According to the instructions, one tablet contains:

  • antibodies to bradykinin;
  • antibodies to histamine;
  • antibodies to morphine.

These components are applied to lactose as a mixture of 3 active alcohol-water dilutions of the substance.

One can not help saying that the "Rengalin" of the cough, the reviews of which are listed below, includes such auxiliary constituents such as isomalt, anhydrous citric acid, sodium saccharin, magnesium stearate and sodium cyclamate.

This product is sold in contour cell packs of aluminum foil or PVC, which are packed in a cardboard box.

Features of the medicinal product

What is remarkable about the medicine "Rengalin"? Instruction, application, reviews about this product are presented in this article.

Experts argue that the drug in question has bronchodilator and antitussive properties. In addition, due to the complex composition, this agent is able to provide anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, analgesic and antispasmodic effects.

Due to modification of bradykinin-dependent activation of B1 receptors and histamine-dependent activation of H1-receptors, this drug is selective inhibits the links (central) of the cough reflex, and also reduces the excitability of the cough center, which is located in the oblong brain.

By inhibiting centers of pain sensitivity in the thalamus, the drug is capable of blocking the transmission of pain impulses to the cerebral cortex.

One can not help saying that the drug "Rengalin which can be reviewed by everyone, inhibits the flow of painful impulses from the periphery. This is due to a decrease in the release of plasma and tissue algogenes (including histamine, bradykinin, PG).

What other properties are the tablets for Cough Rengalin? Reviews argue that, unlike narcotic analgesics, this drug does not cause drug dependence and respiratory depression, and also does not have hypnotic and narcogenic properties.

The use of this drug contributes to the relief of manifestations of acute pharyngitis, bronchitis, laryngitis and a decrease in bronchospasm. In addition, this drug reduces local and systemic signs of allergic reactions. This is due to the effects on the release and synthesis of bradykinin and histamine from mast cells.

Kinetic parameters of the drug

What pharmacokinetic parameters are characteristic for the preparation "Rengalin" from cough? The experts' comments state that the sensitivity of modern physical and chemical analysis methods (for example, such as chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas-liquid chromatography and liquid high-performance chromatography) does not allow to fully estimate the content of ultra-small doses of antibodies in organs, biological fluids and tissues rights. This makes it technically impossible to study the pharmacokinetics of the drug.

Medication readings

What is the drug prescribed for? As a rule, it is used in a productive and unproductive cough that has occurred with acute pharyngitis, influenza, acute obstructive laryngitis, ARVI, chronic bronchitis, laryngotracheitis, as well as other allergic and infectious-inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory ways.

In addition, this drug can be prescribed for acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, which are accompanied not only by cough, but also by bronchospasm.

Contraindications of medicinal product

When a patient should not prescribe the drug "Rengalin" from a cough? Reviews argue that such a drug is contraindicated for admission in the presence of increased individual sensitivity to its ingredients. Also, this medicine is forbidden to use in children under three years of age (due to inadequate data on its safety and effectiveness).

The way of using such a drug as "Rengalin" from a cough

Children (reviews about this drug are described below) this medication is given only after reaching the age of three.

It should immediately be noted that drugs of this kind should only be taken orally.

A feature of the drug in question is that it does not need to be washed down with water or some other liquid. To treat a cough, the tablet should be kept in the mouth until it is completely dissolved. Only one pill should be taken at a time.

The dosage of this remedy depends on the age category of the patient and on the degree of his disease. A day should dissolve at least three tablets.

To achieve a therapeutic result, you should always consult a doctor before taking this medication. As a rule, in the first 24 hours a doctor recommends taking up to four or six tablets. But this is only if the condition of a person is very difficult. With an easier disease, this amount of the drug can be reduced.

Occasional phenomena

The medicine "Rengalin" from cough (reviews, the price of the drug listed at the end of the article) helps very well. However, in some cases this medication can cause side reactions. Usually they arise because of individual intolerance of any components of the drug that are included in its composition.

It should also be noted that side effects after taking the drug in question may occur due to excess of the recommended dose. In this case, a person has dyspeptic symptoms. For their elimination, symptomatic therapy is necessary.

Interaction with other drugs

To date, there is no information that the drug in question is contraindicated for concomitant use with other medicines. But, in any case, before starting treatment with this remedy, the patient is obliged to consult a specialist, which, taking into account the indications and the general condition of the patient, will determine the impossibility or possibility of therapy by this drug.

Special Recommendations

The drug in question does not affect the patient's ability to drive. The same goes for activities with dangerous mechanisms.

Preparation "Rengalin" from cough: reviews, price, analogues

How much does the medicine in question cost? The price of this drug in the Russian Federation is about 205 rubles.

If required, this drug can be replaced with similar drugs. As a rule, they include the following: "Glikodin "Kodelak-Fito "Konderfin "Kodelak "Cofanol "Broncholitin "Terpinkod "Alex-Plus "Bronchocin "Kodelmikst ".

As for the feedback from consumers, they are mostly positive. Patients claim that this drug really helps to cough. Moreover, it has a curative effect on the very cause of this ailment.

Also, the main advantages of the drug in question are its availability in all pharmacies, relatively low cost and the ability to apply for young children (from three years).

In what cases is "Bronchicum syrup from a cough?" Effective?

When excruciating exhausting dry cough, a lot of things you try to ease your condition, and if the child is ill, even more so.

There is such a drug "Bronhikumsyrosp from cough on a plant basis, which is just used to treat colds, including infectious diseases, accompanied by a cough with a difficult separation of sputum, and who very often recommend pharmacies in pharmacies when you contact them for advice, which is better to buy in this of the situation.

Externally, the syrup "Bronhicum" is a reddish-brown transparent solution, which has a weak honey smell. Packing - a bottle of 100 milliliters.

Bronchicum, as can be seen from the name itself, is designed to fight with bronchitis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, whooping cough. The active substance of the drug "Bronchicum syrup from cough" is an extract of the plant thyme, taken in a liquid form, which has the property to soften a dry cough.

Also, "Bronchicum" is available in the form of pastilles and elixir, but pastilles are not shown to children under 6 years of age, and they are effective only at the onset of the disease, elixir it also fights with a wet cough, and "Bronchicum" syrup from a cough and dilutes sputum, and thanks to the auxiliary components that make up its composition, it also softens the dry cough.

In addition to the fact that this preparation is bronchodilator, it exerts an expectorant effect, it also has pronounced anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

As for the dosage and the conditions for taking the drug as a syrup, for adults and teenagers who have reached the age of 12, it is 2 teaspoons, which must be taken after meals 3 times a day.

Children aged 6 to 12 years are given 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, at the age of 2 to 6 years - enough two-time intake of syrup for 1 teaspoonful.

Children from 1 to 2 years, the dosage is reduced to half a teaspoon 3 times a day, and very small - from six months to a year - The dosage can be chosen only by the doctor, despite the fact that the drug is often dispensed without a prescription, and the instructions indicate the norms reception.

Infants up to 6 months of taking this drug is contraindicated.

The average duration of treatment is 10 days, but the duration of admission is determined by the stage of the disease and therapeutic necessity. In particular, it is not recommended to take "Bronchicum syrup from a cough" to women during pregnancy without consulting a doctor, as well as during breastfeeding.

Despite the fact that this is a herbal preparation, like any medicine, "Bromchicum" in a number of patients can cause allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of urticaria, edema, skin rash, and it is contraindicated in people with congenital intolerance to fructose and other components preparation.

Serious contraindications are chronic heart failure and severe impairment of the function of organs such as the kidneys and liver.

It should also be noted that the preparation contains ethyl alcohol in its composition, besides, it should be taken with caution to people with diabetes.

There is another nuance that needs to be taken into account. During the reception of "Bronchicum syrup from cough" should be abandoned the use of other antitussive drugs that can reduce the formation of sputum, thereby hampering the process of coughing.

This syrup, thanks, among other things, to its affordable price, is quite popular, however, whatever positive "Bronchicum syrup from cough "reviews had no, before use, carefully read the instructions for contraindications and adverse reactions that may not be known pharmacist. And if you develop already listed or some other suspicious phenomena or reactions from your side the body should immediately stop taking the drug and seek additional advice from the treating the doctor.

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