Contusion of the coccyx: what should be the treatment and how dangerous are the consequences?

To earn a coccyx injury, do not necessarily fall. For such a trauma, a simple blow will suffice, for example, when riding a bicycle.

Many people do not rush to treat this problem with a doctor, since it seems that there is nothing terrible in it. This is a big mistake! The damage to the coccyx can have very serious consequences.

A bruise is a trauma of soft tissues and practically does not manifest itself externally (on the skin). It usually occurs on the tissue adjacent to the bone. At the same time there is a hemorrhage, which sometimes can show itself a bruise or bruise, which eventually turns from purple to yellow-green. Many believe that if the bruise has passed, then the bruise can be considered cured, but it is not.

Most often, the bruise comes from falling on the buttocks.In winter, in ice, such troubles happen especially often. Such injuries are faced by sportsmen engaged in skiing and speed skating, snowboarding and skateboarding. In children, tailbone bruises are more common than in adults. This can be explained by the fact that children are incredibly mobile and regularly stumble, fall and hit all parts of the body.

In the case of trauma, the so-called natural anesthesia acts during the first few minutes, and soft tissues only depart from damage. The pain a person begins to feel later. When stretching the skin in the coccyx, for example, with tilts and squats, the pain becomes even stronger.


  • 1Symptoms and consequences
  • 2First aid
  • 3Home Treatment
  • 4Medication Therapy
  • 5Physiotherapeutic procedures
  • 6Folk remedies
  • 7Physiotherapy

Symptoms and consequences

How can you independently determine that you received a coccyx injury? This will tellsymptoms of trauma:

  1. The pain is aggravated by walking or changing the position.
  2. Headaches arise as a result of inertial displacement of the vertebral column up to the brain.
  3. Pain from the bruise can give to the lower abdomen, anus, muscles of the buttocks, perineum, sacrum, legs.
  4. With an injury, the coccyx hurts strongly, as if piercing.
  5. A bump may appear on the bone, and a dense swelling on the skin in this place.
  6. If a bruise is sometimes bruised. The hematoma in this place later turns into a tumor. If such a hematoma appears, then a fracture of the coccyx is possible. Obligatory is the X-ray image of the damaged site. Treatment at home is possible if there is no fracture of bones.
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Many after the pain is gone, gradually forget about the trauma. But over time, a person begins to notice pain when walking and other mobile activities. The pain is not as pervasive as in trauma, but is of a regular nature.

The appearance of aching pain can indicate inflammatory processes at the site of the injury. If they are not treated, the purulent diseases of the pelvic organs may begin.

First aid

After getting injured, first aid should be given immediately.This will help not only to reduce pain, but also reduce the likelihood of pathological consequences.

First Aid Measures:

  • minimize sharp movements;
  • lie on your stomach so that the blood flows away from the damaged area;
  • eliminate any pressure on the coccyx;
  • To alleviate painful sensations, before resorting to a specialist, painkillers can be taken;
  • always consult a doctor;

You need to transport the injured person on your side.

The doctor will conduct the necessary diagnostics to exclude the possibility of fracture and damage to the spinal cord. The patient with such trauma is shown X-ray diagnostics.

Home Treatment

The first two days after the injury to the place of injury must apply ice compresses.For this purpose, you can use containers with ice or ice water. The patient should not stay too long in a sitting position.

Ideally, in this case, bed rest is shown. It is necessary to limit the motor activity and sudden movements. To sleep it is desirable on a stomach or belly.

Many believe that hot baths help, but this is misleading. Such therapy is strictly prohibited.

Treatment at home is reduced to one - the relief of pain.After cold compresses, that is, two days after the injury, you can begin to apply to the painful place of dry heat and warm it. To ease the pain in a sitting position, you can poke a pillow under your back. Special pillows (C-shaped) are sold in pharmacies.

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Medication Therapy

To get rid of the pain, nonsteroidal painkillers such as Ibuprofen, Indomethacin, Nimesil, Ibuprom, Paracetamol are prescribed.If the pain is severe, doctors prescribe injections with these drugs.

Means for topical administration are prescribed for the elimination of trauma symptoms.

Effective ointments and suppositories:

  • Ibuprofen,
  • "Dolobien
  • ointment with calendula and chamomile,
  • cream with bee venom,
  • "Ketanov"
  • candles «Ketonal»,
  • "Fastum-gel,
  • Traumeel,
  • "Arnica".

If the contour of the coccyx is contraindicated massage, so apply ointments and creams should be cautious.If you severely rub the bruised place, you can only exacerbate the consequences of trauma.

The use of candles adversely affects the intestines, irritating its walls. They are contraindicated in the presence of hemorrhoids and problems with the intestinal mucosa.

Before using candles, a consultation with a gastroenterologist or proctologist is required.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

They are used to localize and eliminate inflammatory processes in case of injury.

In traumas of the coccyx, three types of physiotherapeutic procedures are shown:

  1. CMT has an analgesic, neurostimulating, therapeutic and vasodilating effect.
  2. UHF increases the permeability of the capillary walls, enhances the lymph flow and blood flow, which increases the number of immune cells entering the focus of damage.
  3. Infrared rays are used for neuralgic pains to eliminate pain and resorption of the tumor in the area of ​​the injury.

Folk remedies

To reduce pain and remove puffiness, use fresh juice of wormwood.If you apply it regularly, the hematoma will quickly resolve.

The leaves of the plantain for rapid healing of the injury are applied to the injured place.Before use, they must be rinsed and grinded in the palms until the appearance of juice. The resulting pulp is applied as a compress.

Take a hot bath is prohibited.Warm baths with chamomile, on the contrary, will benefit.They relax the muscles, relieve pain and tension.


LFK helps to recover faster after an injury.You can go to lessons after you have a sharp pain from a bruise. With the help of physiotherapy it is possible to strengthen the muscles, regain their tone and get rid of tension.

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If the tailbone is injured, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will exclude the presence of a fracture and displacement of the vertebrae.