Massage with arthrosis of the knee joint


  • 1Self-massage and knee joint massage with arthrosis
    • 1.1Massage techniques for arthrosis of the knees
    • 1.2Honey in knee massage with knee arthrosis
    • 1.3Shiatsu with arthrosis of knee joints
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  • 3Effective techniques of knee massage for arthrosis
    • 3.1Effective massage techniques for knee arthrosis
    • 3.2Classical massage scheme for gonarthrosis
    • 3.3What is the real effectiveness of massage?
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  • 4Massage of the knee with arthrosis
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    • 4.2Contraindications
    • 4.3General tactics of performing massage
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    • 4.5Finnish
    • 4.6Shiatsu (Japanese)
    • 4.7Types of massage
    • 4.8Classical
    • 4.9Post-traumatic
    • 4.10Self-massage
    • 4.11Postoperative
    • 4.12Efficiency of massage
  • 5Massage for arthrosis of the knee joint: effectiveness and procedure procedure, rules of implementation, cost, video of therapeutic self-massage
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    • 5.1Why massage with arthrosis?
    • 5.2Techniques for the massage of the knees
    • 5.3Rules of the procedure
    • 5.4Contraindications
    • 5.5Prices for therapeutic massage in Moscow
    • 5.6Feedback on the effectiveness of the procedure
  • 6Self-massage with arthrosis of the knee joint: video, basic rules
    • 6.1Therapeutic massage tasks
    • 6.2The effect of massage on painful joints
    • 6.3Basic rules of the massage
    • 6.4Carrying out a quality workout
    • 6.5Folk methods of treatment of arthrosis

Self-massage and knee joint massage with arthrosis

Diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system of a person are dangerous not only because of their consequences, but also because the process of their development is accompanied by a strong pain syndrome. An exception is not and gonarthrosis.

Therapy of the disease takes into account this feature, so it is often aimed at conservative solution of the problem, struggle with symptoms. In the early stages of development, knee joint massage with arthrosis is one of the most effective ways of reducing pain syndrome.

Are there any restrictions? What massage methods can have the most beneficial effect?

Massage techniques for arthrosis of the knees

Direct massage of the knee joint with arthrosis is dangerous. Misconducting the procedure can lead to the onset of the inflammatory process and exacerbation of the disease. Therefore, the following methods of exposure are used:

  1. Massaging the dorsal muscles.

    This makes it possible to improve blood circulation in the body and, accordingly, to normalize the metabolism. The back is massaged from the sacral region to the place where the scapula begins.

    During the procedure, they try to avoid aggressive influence, so soft smooth movements are used. For rubbing, finger pads are used.

  2. Massaging a healthy leg.

    Such a massage with arthrosis of the knee joint can be performed under the condition of unilateral development of the disease. Begin the procedure on the back of the foot. They begin with the knee and gradually move to the hip. After that, slowly massage the front part of the knee joint.

  3. Massaging the sore leg. The implementation of this procedure must be done very carefully. All actions are performed on the back side. Categorically forbidden purposeful impact on the damaged joint.

A physiotherapist or rheumatologist can show how self-massage is performed for arthrosis of the knee joint and follow the first procedures. At unpleasant sensations it is necessary to stop a session and address to the attending physician.

Honey in knee massage with knee arthrosis

Bee products are an excellent way to eliminate inflammation and relieve pain in joints. Honey is used in a variety of ways:

  • Apply a compress.
  • Add to the trimmings.
  • Take with food.

The most popular method of therapy remains the use of honey massage from arthrosis of the knee joint.

The traditional method of honey massage is the following:

  • To increase the healing effect, it is necessary to steam the knee well. For this you can go to a classic Russian bath. It will be enough to steam in a few turns not more than 10-15 minutes.
  • A tablespoon of honey should be heated in a water bath. It is necessary to warm up until the honey becomes liquid.
  • Within 15 minutes, liquid honey should be rubbed into the site of pain localization. To do massage of knees at an arthrosis, it is necessary extremely accurately, soft circular motions.
  • The damaged joint is covered with a gauze bandage and wrapped around with something warm, a woolen shawl is suitable, preferably from a canine or goat hair.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the bath, you can use an ordinary heating pad to warm up the joint. It will be enough to put it under the foot and hold for 15-20 minutes, then you can start massaging the knee.

Shiatsu with arthrosis of knee joints

Shiatsu is a combination of Japanese gymnastics and self-massage. During Shiatsu's training, the whole body of the patient is worked through point pressure on the active points of the body.

Emphasis is placed on the correct execution of clicks and combining self-massage with regular physical exercises.

The basic principles that Shiatsu follow in the arthrosis of knee joints are:

  • The load on joints should be as much as possible physiological.
  • The movement of the joints should alternate with those that are performed without stress until those that need to be applied.
  • Internal sensations are a reliable guide in the performance of exercises.

When performing massage with deforming arthrosis of the knee joint, the procedure begins with small movements with a small amplitude. The same rule applies to the performance of exercises.

Such a measure is painful, but with its help you can achieve good and fast results. Over time, when the joint is developed, it begins to gradually increase the load.

If massage with arthrosis of the knee joints causes discomfort or after the procedure there are aching or drawing pains, either the intensity of the exercise should be reduced, or the them at all.

The main thing, with arthrosis is not to overload the joint, so all exercises are good in moderation. The same applies to massage techniques. Aggressive movements and strong pressure are categorically contraindicated.

The purpose of the effect is to improve the flow of blood to the damaged area, for this purpose strokes and soft rubbing with fingertips are best.

The expediency of the selected procedure should be consulted by a specialist.

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How to perform massage with gonarthrosis of the knee

Massage with knee arthrosis can bring significant relief to a sick person, and its regular use stops the development of the disease. Different kinds of therapeutic massage are not in vain recommended for various joint and muscle diseases.

The effect of their impact is confirmed by centuries of medical practice. It is important that such a procedure is performed correctly, taking into account the particular course of the disease. At home, a positive result can be achieved with the help of regular self-massage.

The nature of the problem

At its core arthrosis of the knee joint or gonarthrosis is a chronic degenerative-dystrophic disease that affects the cartilaginous layer and other articular elements.

This pathology manifests itself as characteristic symptoms: intense pain syndrome, crunching during movement, swelling in the knee zone.

If no treatment measures are taken, then the progression of the disease leads to a restriction of movement in the knee joint, until its complete immobilization.

When gonarthrosis, depending on the severity of the disease, complex treatment is carried out, including medical therapy, physiotherapy and various other technologies.

Massage of the knee joint with arthrosis is considered an important stage of such complex therapy.

This procedure certainly can not repair damaged tissue, but it can normalize the function of the joint.


Numerous studies confirm the positive effects of therapeutic massage in gonarthrosis.


First of all, there is a normalization of lymphatic outflow, leading to lymph, stagnant as a result of chronic inflammatory processes.

The depreciation functions are restored as a result of improving the elasticity of the cartilaginous tissue and stabilizing the intraarticular fluid.

The following positive results achieved by massage are distinguished:

  • analgesic effect;
  • muscular relaxation around the affected joint;
  • elimination of stiffness of the joint and improvement of its mobility;
  • normalization of blood supply, which stimulates regenerative processes;
  • elimination of toxins that promote swelling.

Principles of procedure

Currently, several methods of performing arthrosis massage of the knee joint are popular:

  1. The Russian version. The system includes stroking and rubbing. The most characteristic combination of massage with water and gymnastics.
  2. Eastern variety. The main task: the release of the muscular system (up to the stop) from blood stasis.
  3. Japanese version or massage according to the Shiatsu method. The technique is based on a dosed point physical effect on the most affected joint zones.
  4. The Swedish technique. It combines stroking, rubbing and intense joint motion. As a result of the procedure, the muscles, ligaments, nerve fibers and vascular system are affected.
  5. Finnish technology. The technique has much in common with the previous method, but movements are carried out with the help of thumbs.

When carrying out the massage, standard movements are performed, which must be trained up to automatism:

  1. Stroking. This movement is carried out by the palm of the hand and puts the task of lowering the muscle tone, improving lymphatic and blood outflow from the area of ​​exposure.
  2. Trituration. Solved problems: muscle relaxation, improvement of joint mobility.
  3. Kneading. It is considered one of the most important techniques for arthrosis of the deforming type. When it is pressed on the skin of moderate intensity. Massage reaches even deep zones.
  4. Vibrating movements. Their essence consists in shaking the skin and muscles. Vibrating load is transmitted to all tissues, which enhances effectiveness.


The standard scheme of massage for knee arthrosis includes 3 stages: preparatory procedures, the main part, the final stage or the exit from the procedure.

The first stage provides, first of all, certain exercises of physiotherapy exercises for warming up the muscular system. Effective preparation is provided by the steam room in the sauna or sauna.

With a similar warming up of the muscles, subsequent massage reaches deeper tissues.

The basic procedure can have different features. In particular, often the massage is performed in an aqueous medium at a temperature of 36-38 ° C.

In addition, to increase the therapeutic effect, oils, ointments and creams for rubbing into the skin are used. Massing movements are directed towards the location of the lymphatic vessels.

An important condition: the procedure should not cause pain and sensitive discomfort.

Massage of the knee joint will be useful if you use not only the joint itself, but also other areas that are potentially capable of participating in the development of arthrosis.

With gonarthrosis, it is customary to massage the following areas (simultaneously with a knee massage): stroking vertebral column; lumbar and sacral region; hip joint zone; lower limb and foot.

The general order of the massage is usually the following. The procedure begins with the lower vertebral department.

Then a hip joint massage is performed using stroking, tapping and kneading.


Only then is the effect directly applied to the knee joint according to the type of massage chosen.


As a rule, knee massage starts with a lateral stroking. After that, different types of grinding are used.

The next step: re-massaging the femoral site with a reduced number of repetitions.

Such cycles are made 3-4 times, and after the end of their legs several times folds neatly and unbends, as well as rotational movement of the shin.

To do this, stroking the knee, as well as rubbing it with your fingertips. The last nuance: shaking and gentle stroking of the affected knee joint.


Self-massage is one of the embodiments of massage technology. Of course, it's difficult to provide a full-fledged procedure on your own, but you can regularly carry out a simplified treatment that will give a positive result in the treatment of arthrosis.

Self-massage is recommended in the sitting position, with the legs bent at right angles.

During the procedure, the right hand makes movements from the outside, and the left hand moves from the inside of the knee.


Usually, the effect is not only on the knee joint, but also on the shin.


The most often used are such massing movements: actions with the palm of the hand; manipulation with a hand clenched into a fist; stroking the palm and fingers; combination of intensive and soft impact. Self-massage is carried out for 12-17 minutes. It is important that during the massage there is no pain. It should be remembered that this type of exposure is effective only with regular application.

Application of massagers

Currently, increasingly with self-massage at home using a special device - a massager.

What is the advantage of mechanization of the process? Firstly, not every person is able to produce self-massage to the full extent due to his morbid state.

Secondly, the device allows you to shorten the time for the procedure.

Modern massagers provide deep massage, intensive heating of the joint, vibrating effect.

The design of the massager, as a rule, includes rollers on a special platform, which can provide multi-functional massage.

You can distinguish effective modern devices such as Marutaka and Join Max. The first option can work in the Shiatsu massage mode.

The second system was created purposefully for the treatment of knee joint lesions.

Knee massage for arthrosis is considered an important element of complex treatment, which can significantly improve the effectiveness of drug therapy.

Such a procedure can be carried out in specialized medical institutions or independently at home.

It is important to do everything correctly, taking into account the characteristics of the disease and in full.

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Effective techniques of knee massage for arthrosis

Properly performed massage with arthrosis of the knee joint can significantly alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of this ailment. The great value of massage was known even in Ancient Greece, China and India. Today it is an excellent addition to the traditional methods of treating knee arthrosis.

Osteoarthritis of the knee (gonarthrosis) occurs due to premature wear of the cartilage of the knee joint. Massage is not able to restore cartilage, but it helps to restore the functionality of the joint and bring great benefits in the form:

  • relief of pain;
  • relaxation of the muscles located near the affected joint;
  • elimination of stiffness and restoration of knee mobility;
  • acceleration of healing processes by improving blood circulation;
  • leaching of toxic inflammatory substances causing pain and swelling.

Effective massage techniques for knee arthrosis

Patients with arthrosis of the knee joint are shown the following types of massage therapy:

  • Japanese (Shiatsu),
  • Finnish,
  • Swedish,
  • Russian.

During the massage, the Shiatsu method simulates the dosed point physical load on certain (hard, painful) joint zones.

Swedish and Russian methods are similar in that they are characterized by the use of stroking and rubbing palms, but Swedish massage also includes the movements of the directly affected joint, due to which a more pronounced Effect. The Finnish technique is distinguished by the fact that all kneading movements are carried out with the thumbs.

The massage procedures themselves pursue the following goals:

  • relieve tension;
  • stretch muscles, ligaments and neurovascular connections;
  • grind seals in tissues, remove deposits from the joint;
  • to release muscles from venous blood;
  • stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage;
  • improve the motor function of the knee.

For this, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, stroking, etc. are used.

Classical massage scheme for gonarthrosis

Important: massage should be performed only by a qualified experienced specialist and only if the patient has no contraindications to this procedure.

To the surprise of many patients, a massage session for the treatment of gonarthrosis does not begin with manipulation on the knee. Before the masseur gets to him, other parts of the body must be well prepared. With a classical procedure, the stages of massage for knee arthrosis look like this:


  1. massage of the lower part of the spine;

  2. kneading the muscles of the thigh of the leg on which the affected joint is located: 3-4 strokes are performed stroking, squeezing (with the palm of the hand or the fist of the fist) movements;

  3. shaking and stroking the muscles of the thigh, re-kneading, re-shaking and stroking.

Main part:

  1. stroking (usually circular) of the knee at the sides;

  2. trituration of several species;

  3. express massage of the thigh;

  4. cautious movements of the joint: flexion and extension;

  5. rotational movements of the shins;

  6. hip massage;

  7. rubbing the knee with your fingertips.

Final part:

  1. easy stroking of the knee,

  2. neat shaking.

During the session, the patient should not experience pain. Especially effective are massage procedures conducted in warm water or during / after a visit to the sauna.

What is the real effectiveness of massage?

The positive effect of massage on the course of gonarthrosis was demonstrated in a clinical study conducted at Yale University (USA). The study involved 68 adults with this diagnosis.

Some patients attended classical Swedish massage sessions twice a week during the first month and 1 time in the week during the second month of testing, the remaining participants led a habitual way of life and did not resort to massage procedures.

The results published in May 2006 were as follows:the participants of the study who underwent the course of manual therapy significantly changed for the better indicators of soreness, stiffness, functionality, mobility and endurance of the joints.And even 2 weeks after the end of the course, the achieved effect was preserved.

In the second group of participants, all indicators remained unchanged.


In the early stages of the disease, massage can be considered even as an alternative to the medicamental treatment of knee arthrosis.

Taking medications can be accompanied by negative consequences for the cardiovascular system, GIT, kidneys and liver.

Manual therapy is safe in this respect, and at the same time it has sufficient efficacy.

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Massage of the knee with arthrosis

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including arthrosis of the knee joint, are dangerous consequences, as well as the presence of pain syndrome, which accompanies the patient throughout the of the whole disease.

All therapeutic measures take into account this feature, therefore, first of all, struggle with negative symptoms is conducted.

At the initial stage of the disease, one of the most effective ways to stop the pain symptom is knee joint massage with arthrosis of almost any nature and course.

Indications for use

Correctly chosen tactics of treatment can significantly alleviate the patient's condition. In addition, it perfectly complements the conservative therapy of arthrosis in the knee joint.

Gonarthrosis (knee arthrosis) occurs as a result of premature destruction of the cartilaginous tissue. Despite the fact that it is impossible to cure the disease with massage alone, it plays an active role in restoring the functionality of the joint and is prescribed in the following cases:

  • for pain relief;
  • for maximum relaxation of the periarticular muscle tissue;
  • restoration of joint motor activity;
  • acceleration of regenerative processes due to the normalization of blood circulation;
  • removal from the body of toxic substances that provoke pain and swelling of the tissue;
  • the removal of muscle tension and stimulation of blood flow and lymph drainage;
  • stretching of ligaments, muscles and neurovascular connections;
  • liberation of muscle tissue from venous blood;
  • improving the motor function of the joint.


Before proceeding with the procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since you can not perform knee massage in the following cases:

  • bleeding of a different nature, including internal bleeding;
  • stage of exacerbation of the disease;
  • Varicose veins, since there is a possibility of vascular thrombosis;
  • hyperthermia and fever.

Active physical action on the limbs is excluded in case of varicose veins

In addition, procedures are not recommended if there is ligament rupture and the patient has increased pain sensitivity.

General tactics of performing massage

Before starting the procedure, the patient is encouraged to warm up the muscles and joints.

For a quick effect, you can use a hot bath or shower, but this procedure should be performed extremely rarely, since high temperature can complicate the course of the disease.

To obtain a stable result, the procedure is recommended to be done daily for 10-15 minutes.

Massage for the knee includes 3 basic techniques:

  • stroking;
  • trituration;
  • kneading.

In a single procedure during the day, its duration should be 25-30 minutes, and in two sessions it is reduced to 10 minutes. Each action should be repeated 3 to 6 times and you need to massage not only the sick joint, but also healthy.

Before proceeding with the procedure, a compulsory consultation of the attending physician is necessary to avoid possible contraindications.

There are following ways of massage, used in the treatment of arthrosis in the knee joint:

Russian and Swedish

These types of massage are slightly different from each other, nevertheless, they involve rubbing and stroking the affected joint, but the Swedish massage is accompanied by additional movements of the directly affected knee.


It is most often used as a treatment for pain syndrome. All actions are carried out very gently and gently, without unnecessary effort. The sequence of the warm-up is practically the same as the Swedish and Russian systems.

The technique of performing the procedure involves kneading the painful area with the small pads of the thumbs, which requires strong and hardy hands

Shiatsu (Japanese)

Dosage point massage is used to relieve tension from a certain area. In this case, it is important to consider the general condition of the patient and, with the slightest deterioration, adjustment or withdrawal of therapy is required.

The tactics of performing Shiatsu massage in the knee area

The amplitude of movements increases gradually. In the absence of discomfort and pain, it can be increased to the maximum.

Types of massage

All types of massage have a therapeutic effect, but in each specific case of neutralizing the symptoms of gonarthrosis, the most suitable methods of massage are used, among which are:


Classical massage with gonarthrosis is divided into several stages:

  • Preparation. At this stage, warming up the muscles and joint with massaging the lower part of the spinal column, kneading the femoral region of the affected joint (3-4 kneading, stroking and squeezing) is performed. At the end of preparation, shaking and stroking of the muscles is performed.
  • Main part. At this stage, circular strokes of the lateral knee region, several types of rubbing and massaging of the thigh are performed. Then the joint is gently, effortlessly bent and unbent, the shin is rotated, the femoral muscle is massaged, and the affected area is rubbed with fingertips.
  • The conclusion. At this stage, the knee area is easily stroked and neatly shaken. It is important to ensure that the patient does not experience pain during the session.

In some cases, an infrared massager is used that has a double effect on the affected joint


Injured joints are accompanied by the development of edema, hyperemia, soreness and displacement of the patella.

In this case, an individual approach is prescribed, which includes taking medications, interventions, physiotherapy and kneeling massage to eliminate stiffness and stiffness movements in the joint.

After injuries, all movements are carried out very carefully, with minimal loads and only, after a while, they should be gradually increased

Thanks to such intervention after the operation, the atrophic change in muscle tissue is prevented, the blood flow to the knee is increased, and oxygen is supplied to the tissues. The duration of the procedure for damage is about 30 sessions, and for greater effectiveness, massage is recommended to combine with heated medicinal oils and ointments.

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After traumatizing the knee area, massage is performed, according to the following procedure:

  • The knee is stroked round the palm;
  • shaking and squeezing is performed;
  • palm and phalanx of fingers rub the area of ​​the lesion;
  • The joint is kneaded by the tips of the fingers, fists, the edge of the palm with the final vibration and light strokes.

When performing a massage by a specialist, the lumbar region, the thigh, the middle part of the shin, and only the knee at the end are worked first.


With an independently performed procedure, one can not exert an effort in the popliteal fossa region, since vessels and veins are concentrated in this place.

In addition, massage is performed on both extremities. Self-massage of the knee joint allows to remove the pain symptom and maximally relax the muscles.

For the session, 10-15 minutes are sufficient for 2 times a day.

To effectively perform self-massage of the knee area at home, the following actions are used:

  • in the first place muscles are developed, located near the knee with the help of light stroking movements from the bottom up, which allows to increase blood flow in the area of ​​inflammation;
  • further, the embracing movements of the lateral part of the knee with simultaneous circular motions are performed, after which it is necessary to start stroking the entire knee. Effectively combining massage and honey, as in this case, honey massage in addition to a relaxing effect, enhances the nutrition of muscles;
  • further, longitudinal rubbing with the pads of the fingers and cross-rubbing the palm with the edge (without increased pressure) is performed. You can perform a palm shift. In this case, the superficial muscles are kneaded. Exercise should be finished with easy stroking of the knee.

Tactics of doing self-massage

It is important to consider that an independent massage for the knees should be performed in a complex therapy and only after preliminary consultation with the attending physician, which will allow to take into account all contraindications and possible complications.


One of the effective ways to restore the functionality of the joint after the performed arthroscopy is massage, which accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues, prevents the emergence of postoperative edema and returns operability the joint. In this case, lymph drainage (manual) massage or a hardware method can be used.

When performing a massage under a diseased limb, a small pillow or roller is placed to increase blood flow.


The procedure is carried out exclusively by a specialist who ensures that during the massage for the knee joints the patient does not experience pain and discomfort.


In addition, in combination with massage, a course of physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapy measures is assigned, which allows to speed up the process of recovery.

Efficiency of massage

In the course of studies of the tactics of treatment of gonarthrosis by Yale University (USA), data were obtained on the positive effect of massage procedures on the recovery of the patient.

According to the results of the studies published in 2006, all participants who underwent a massage course felt a significant reduction in the pain syndrome and stiffness of the joint. Improved endurance and mobility.

Such indicators remained for 2-3 weeks after the end of the full course of massage.

Some experts believe that at an early stage massage with arthritis of the knee joint can be considered as an alternative to medical therapy.

Given that drugs often cause a number of adverse events affecting Gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, kidney and liver function, massage is completely safe and is effective.

The main condition for recovery is a decrease in the load on the knee, so people with increased body weight a special diet for weight loss is prescribed, a sparing regimen, restorative therapy and normalization of psychological state. The question of what kind of massage should be used in this or that case is decided solely by the doctor. If all the recommendations are observed, there is a long-term remission and an improvement in the general condition of the patient.

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Massage for arthrosis of the knee joint: effectiveness and procedure procedure, rules of implementation, cost, video of therapeutic self-massage

Gonarthrosis (knee arthrosis) is a disease in which first the intraarticular cartilage is damaged, and with time, there is deformation of the knee, destruction of the tissues of articular cartilage, impaired motor activity.

Treatment of this serious illness must begin immediately. An effective and safe method is massage with arthrosis of the knee joint.

It is used to alleviate the course of the disease, and as an addition to the conduct of drug therapy.

Why massage with arthrosis?

Favorable, analgesic effect on the knee joint is provided by massage with arthrosis. Its main goals are:

  • relieve the patient's pain;
  • to overcome stiffness of the knee joint;
  • to stimulate blood circulation and lymph circulation in the sites damaged by arthrosis;
  • prevent and slow the development of stiffness of joints, contractures;
  • improve the supply of tissues to the limb with oxygen and nutrients;
  • prevent muscle atrophy.

The use of massage with gonarthrosis was proved by the scientists of Yale University who conducted a clinical experiment involving 68 adult patients suffering from this disease.

During the trial, half of the patients visited the Swedish massage twice a week during the first month, in the following month the number of sessions was reduced to 1 time per week.

The second half of the patients did not attend sessions.

In May 2006, the first results of this experiment were published.

The state of health of the participants who had undergone the course of manual therapy improved significantly, and the positive effect was preserved even after 2 weeks after the end of the massage sessions. In the second half of the patients, all the indicators for the better have not changed, the pain has not passed.

Based on the positive results of the study, physicians concluded that at an early stage of the disease, when the cartilaginous tissue is not too thin, massage procedures can be an excellent alternative to medical treatment of arthrosis of the knee. During the period of acute illness and subacute period, massage should be part of complex therapy.

Techniques for the massage of the knees

There are many different methods of manipulating the knee with arthrosis. How to choose a suitable system, which is best for you, advises the attending physician. The most effective massage techniques are:

  1. The Russian. At the heart of the technique of massage lie rubbing and stroking. For the best results of treatment of arthritis of the knee joint, it is recommended to combine the technique with hydrotherapy sessions and gymnastic exercises.
  2. Japanese (Shiatsu). The main objective of the technique is to normalize the circulation, improve the motor function of the knee, release the muscle system from stagnation of venous blood.
  3. Swedish. The most positive technique, which combines stroking and rubbing with joint movements. Thanks to the procedure, the patient is well stretched joints, muscles, relaxed neurovascular connections, the compaction in the tissues is rubbed, the pain is reduced.
  4. Finnish. Very similar to the Swedish, with the exception of the intensity and direction of movements, the entire procedure of kneading is carried out by bundles of thumbs.

Rules of the procedure

Properly conducted massage should be done carefully, slowly. The maximum duration of the procedure is 25 minutes. The general rules for performing massage therapy are as follows:

  • Before the massage it is recommended to warm up the limbs, using a hydromassage.
  • In joint arthrosis, the massage scheme consists of massaging not only the knee, but also other parts of the body.
  • At the beginning of the session, only slow movements are permissible.
  • If during the procedure there were painful sensations in the knee joints, massage is stopped.
  • Over the course of the session, overheating of joints, increased stress on the lower parts of the affected limb is unacceptable.
  • During the process, the patient should be calm.
  • To maintain the remission phase, the massage course is repeated several times a year.


The carrying out of massage procedures also has contraindications. They include:

  • diseases of the abdominal cavity, blood, hair, skin, nails;
  • hypertension, hypotension;
  • sclerosis of cerebral vessels;
  • mental disorders;
  • tuberculosis;
  • oncological or venereal diseases;
  • varicosity;
  • acute myocardial ischemia;
  • pulmonary, cardiac, renal, hepatic insufficiency;
  • intestinal disorders - vomiting, diarrhea, nausea.

Prices for therapeutic massage in Moscow

The cost of healing massage with gonarthrosis will vary depending on:

  • prestige of the clinic where the procedure is performed;
  • mastery of the masseur;
  • severity of the disease;
  • used treatment technique.

Here is a list of some clinics in Moscow and prices:

  • "Workshop of health." Ul. Leninsky Sloboda, house 19, building 6. Metro: Avtozavodskaya. The cost of the procedure is from 1500 rubles.
  • Center for Manual Therapy "Free Movement". Ul. Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya, 20/28. The cost of the session is from 1800 rubles.
  • "The power of the hands." M. Proletarian, st. Krutitskiy Val, 3. The price of the procedure is from 1950 rubles.
  • Center Dr. Bubnovskogo. Pyatnickoe highway, 6, building. 1. The cost of one massage session is from 2000 rubles.

Manual therapy for arthrosis is an obligatory medical measure, the implementation of which can be entrusted only to an experienced specialist. But there are some effective self-massage techniques with a stimulating effect, using which you can remove the sharp pain after walking.

Before the session it is necessary to warm up the knee area with a hot shower, a bath, a hot-water bottle with honey. The entire procedure should not take more than 10-15 minutes. After a self-massage session, it is recommended to lie for about 20 minutes.

As the technique of self-massage of a knee joint is executed, look in video:

Feedback on the effectiveness of the procedure

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Self-massage with arthrosis of the knee joint: video, basic rules

Osteoarthritis - inflammation of the joints, causing intolerable pain. This disease leads to dystrophic changes in articular cartilages, which cause a smoothing of the contours of the joint.

There is atrophy of a number of large muscle groups located, the amplitude of movement decreases. On examination, seals in the tissues are possible.

In large joints: hip, ankle, knee - the pathological process develops, and small joints also undergo destruction.

Causes of joint damage can be:

  1. Regular sport activities.
  2. Increased weight.
  3. Flat feet.

The disease can arise from unstable metabolism, the malfunctioning of cells.

With the help of self-massage, everyone can stop the inflammatory processes of the knee joint, thereby improving their health.

These steps are aimed at affecting the aching joint and the ankle muscles located near the knees. As a healing method self-massage is irreplaceable.

But not everyone has the opportunity to go to the masseur.

Therapeutic massage tasks

  1. Anesthetize an inflamed place with a resolving effect.
  2. Slow down the degeneration of the process.
  3. Recover the lost joint function.
  4. To promote the recovery of the whole organism. Trituration with arthrosis of the knee joint is done from the hip, then go to the tibia with the foot, finding pain points.

The effect of massage on painful joints

Massage is performed to reduce the pain threshold for arthrosis of the knee joint, and also to:

  1. Improve blood and lymph circulation in the affected areas, fill the tissues of the legs with oxygen.
  2. Create hyperemia.
  3. Stop atrophy of muscle groups.

First, the lower leg is massaged and only then the knee joint. To start the massage you need circular strokes, then pat on the skin, hold flat kneading.

Complete the process with passive and active movements, stroking the knee.

Where there is swelling, increased soreness, you need to gently knead the skin, and then the subcutaneous layer.

Self-massage for arthrosis of the knee joint provides for different effects:

  1. Stroke (planar, pinching).
  2. Razirat (rectilinear, circular movements, spiral).
  3. Knead (press, push, stretch).
  4. Finger shower (pinching), sawing.
  5. Vibration.

Basic rules of the massage

Self-massage is performed on an empty stomach. Eat a piece of chocolate or sugar after the end of the massage, then hold gymnastics. Rest after 2 hours. At this time, do not drink or smoke.

Experts recommend doing self-massage in the bathroom, under the shower at 36-38 ° C. This enhances metabolic processes, normalizes sleep.

Massage is carried out until two in the afternoon, as the procedure tones up the body. You can use rubbers and ointments.

Self-massage is performed in the bathroom with a bast, a brush.


Massage movements with acute arthrosis of the knee joint are performed with caution, without causing pain, leaving no bruising on the body, without disturbing the skin. Warm up the skin vigorously until a warm sensation appears. Do not rub the lymph nodes. It is best to self-massage with clean, warm hands.


All massage movements are directed towards the popliteal fossa. After the massage, make a few folds of the knee joint.

The process is completed by gentle stroking.

Begin to knead the largest muscle of the hip, move from the knee to the top of the inguinal fold, the lymph node.

With a strong knee arthrosis, a massage is performed:

  • hips in front and behind,
  • of the knee joint
  • shins from behind and in front,
  • ankle joint,
  • toes.

Improper self-massage will do harm.

Warm-up with arthrosis of the knee joint is a mandatory medical procedure. Quickly remove the sharp pain can be, knowing the effective techniques of self-massage.

Carrying out a quality workout

Massage is a real rescue measure for people with arthrosis. If the massage of the shoulder and hip joints causes difficulties, then the knees are massaged with ease.

It is necessary to sit down on an armchair, relax and bend a leg in the knee. Begin gentle stroking, then go to the kneading movements.

The therapeutic procedure is carried out for 15 minutes approximately four times a day, sometimes a 2-time 10-minute self-massage is enough. When warming up, the pain forces you to stop the procedure and lie down for a while.

If you still have questions about how to properly perform massage movements of the knee joint, video 1 will be very useful.

It is recommended to warm up the movements with arthrosis of the knee joint while sitting and starting them with grinding.

At the moment of self-massage, use your half-bent fingers, pads (for rectilinear, circular and zigzag movements), the base of the palms of the hands, the movement of the cushions of the four fingers, the movements of the phalanges with the bent fingers in a circle, the knuckles of the cams, the ribs palms. Work should be, repeating the therapeutic movements up to three times. The massage session should take up to 15 minutes. This warm-up for knee joint disease is sometimes performed twice a day. In this case, one session is reduced by 10 minutes.

2 clearly demonstrates the slowing down of destructive processes after treatment.

  1. Prevent muscle atrophy.
  2. Improves metabolism.
  3. There is a source of important "building" amino acids.
  4. Slow down the processes of destruction of cartilage and joints.
  5. The process of inflammation and swelling is suppressed.
  6. There is a long anesthetic effect.

With arthrosis of the knee joint to severe inflammation, a disorderly effect on the joint can result.

  1. Excess weight increases the effect on the fragile cartilaginous surface.
  2. Excessive physical loads. Concerning the activities of athletes.

    Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is their occupational disease, as the joints wear out and are deformed due to constant loads.

Incorrect lifestyle, smoking and alcohol adversely affect the vascular part and arteries. Varicose veins increase the risk of developing arthrosis. 3 clearly demonstrates the consequences of joint destruction.

Folk methods of treatment of arthrosis

Here is another effective way to treat a sick joint. Sick knee with a warm warmer.

Apply honey, make a few circular movements clockwise with your fingers bent into a fist. Then attach a fresh mug, close the joint with a warm handkerchief.

Therapeutic procedure for arthrosis of the knee joint is done before bedtime. In two weeks you will relieve yourself of the pains in the joint forever.

For the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, you can also do the following:

  1. In diseased joints with the help of massage movements rubbed pig fat, the duration of the course is a month. The procedures performed will effectively protect the knee joint and it will not bother you.
  2. The method of curing arthrosis of the knee joint with sunflower oil. A little heat two dessert spoons of vegetable oil and before going to bed rub it into the affected joint. To forget about the disease, you need five treatment sessions.
  3. Salt bath.

    When pains, it is recommended to soar your feet in hot water, in saline with soda, 3 spoons. Massage the sole with your toes for about 20 minutes. Wear woolen socks, do not wipe your feet, go to bed.

    According to the teaching of oriental medicine, the fingers of the extremities are reflexively attached to separate internal organs, so their massage has a good effect on the functions of all body systems.

  4. Treatment with honey. The joint warms with a warm warmer.

    Half a tablespoon of liquid honey, heated on a water bath, is applied in a circular motion for about 20 minutes, gently rubbed into sore spots. Then it is necessary to cover a knee with a soft cloth, and from above to put something warm.

    Hold this compress for two hours, then remove the bandage and rinse with warm water. This procedure is carried out daily for two weeks.

In video 3 you can see the action of the compress, which saturates the joint through the surface of the skin with the necessary nutrients.


The dissolving effect, which improves the condition of the arthrosis focus, has a burdock with birch buds.


Strengthening blood circulation by massaging the skin improves the condition with painful arthrosis of the knee joint.

Purified blood flow is considered the basis for the rapid destruction of the inflammatory process. With him comes the right food in the blood and all the slag contaminations go away.

With arthrosis of the knee node deposits accumulate, build-ups of salt are formed. This occurs when stagnant phenomena of internal fluids.

Using a diet, herbal medicines, you can reduce the likelihood of developing arthrosis of the knee.

Measures for prevention include daily walks, running (light jogging), practicing exercises, playing moments in clean air, self-massage.

Be sure to consult a doctor before treatment of illnesses. This will help to take into account individual tolerance, confirm the diagnosis, make sure the treatment is correct and exclude the negative interactions of the drugs. If you use prescriptions without consulting a doctor, it is entirely at your own risk. All information on the site is provided for informational purposes and is not a medical benefit. All responsibility for the application lies with you.

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