Treatment of synovitis of the shoulder joint by various methods

The musculoskeletal system is one of the most important systems of our body. It is she who takes on a continuous load: both during the movement and during sleep.

Like any part of our body, the locomotor apparatus sometimes affects the disease. To prevent this or to take timely action in the first symptoms of the disease, you need to know about it as much as possible.

One of the ailments is the synovitis of the shoulder joint. This disease arises because of the inflammation of the membrane surrounding the joint. This shell makes out a secret that allows the joint to move smoothly and reduces the friction of the cartilaginous tissue at the junction of the joints.

When the membrane is damaged, the liquid is released in excessive volume, accumulates in the periarticular cavity and begins inflammation, which risks developing into sepsis if the disease does not start on time treat.

If the patient has only a moderately pronounced synovitis of the shoulder joint, still it is not necessary to start the disease and delay the visit to the doctor, as the consequences can be deplorable.


  • 1Causes of synovitis of the shoulder joint
  • 2Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • 3Methods of treatment

Causes of synovitis of the shoulder joint

The reasons for the development of synovitis of the shoulder joint are many, depending on which treatment is prescribed. The most common cause of this disease is shoulder injury. This includes not only broken bones, but also simple bruises and dislocations.

As a result of the injury, the synovial membrane begins to produce more fluid, as if trying to reduce the load on joint, but the result is just the opposite - the secret is accumulated in the periarthric bag and stretches it, traumatizing more more.

It also happens that the disease does not develop as a result of trauma. For example, a person may not suspect that the cause of pain in the shoulder joint of the right arm may be synovitis, and not fatigue after a long working day.

This disease often occurs not only in professional athletes, but also in plasterers, painters, which tend to perform a lot of monotonous work, implying a heavy load on the shoulder joint.

The cause of synovitis can be an infection. It can enter the body both during a shoulder injury, and develop as a result of neurogenic disorders, allergic reactions, after the transferred tuberculosis and sore throat. Synovitis often occurs as one of the complications resulting from diseases of the endocrine system. This ailment is also characteristic of patients with hemophilia.

In the risk group, professional sportsmen - swimmers and throwers, unskilled workers, whose work is connected with a monotonous load on the shoulder joint, as well as loaders that lift weights, which negatively affects the joint.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Synovitis is an unpleasant disease and requires timely treatment, so it is important to consult a doctor at the first symptoms.

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TOsigns of ailmentrefers to the pain in the shoulder joint of the right hand - it is this hand that is more likely to be affected by the disease. Often, patients complain that they often have a shoulder joint when pulling their hands back - this can not be called a simple fatigue after a day's work, it is worth immediately contacting a traumatologist. Often people do not attach importance to the fact that they have a shoulder joint after training, writing off everything for overload, but this is already an alarming bell of the incipient inflammatory process.

Diagnosis is usually conducted by a rheumatologist, although sometimes the patient can be sent first to a traumatologist, because this disease often develops as a result of trauma. An experienced doctor will immediately identify the cause and prescribe the right treatment. To do this, he first of all will ask you whether the shoulder joint hurts during movement and at rest, which character is pain - permanent or wavy; will examine the joint itself - is there any swelling in the shoulder area and armpits.

The doctor should find out from the patient whether the allergy is suffering, what diseases he has recently suffered, whether there are abnormalities in the functioning of the thyroid gland.

An important point is the way of life of the subject - the number of physical activities, with which the work is related. Curvature of the spine and flat feet can also cause the development and aggravation of synovitis.

For the most accurate result, you will need to take a blood and urine test, and take a puncture from the affected joint. This procedure is performed in the doctor's office and does not require anesthesia.

To take a synovial fluid sample is important to determine if there is an infection there.In addition, an X-ray examination of the affected shoulder is performed to determine the degree of damage to the joint, the size of the accumulated fluid.

Inflammation usually affects only one joint, and the simultaneous defeat of both is extremely rare, but it is also possible. Synovitis may occur at different rates and intensities, depending on the type and cause of the lesion. The first symptoms can appear within a few hours after the injury and for several days with other types of disease.

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Synovitis can be accompanied by pains not only in the shoulder joint itself, but also in the neck or in the arm - between the shoulder and elbow. Patients often hold a sore arm in a bent position, as if pressing it to the body.

With synovitis, the body temperature often rises as a consequence of the inflammatory process.

Sometimes symptoms of synovitis are confused with heart disease, since a person may experience pain in the shoulder joint of the left hands and treat it with the use of sedatives that do not relieve inflammation in the joint, and disease is started. Therefore, when symptoms appear, it is important to see the doctor, and not self-medicate.

Methods of treatment

The synovitis of the shoulder joint requires compulsory and immediate treatment, otherwise it can develop into a chronic form, which requires constant surgical intervention because of the periodically accumulating in the articular bag liquid. Depending on the stage of the disease and its complexity, a different treatment is required.

Surgical intervention is inevitable.It is only possible to remove excess fluid from the articular region. Therefore, the treatment of acute pain in the shoulder joint must necessarily take place after consultation with the doctor and on his instructions. After removing the exudate - secret, accumulated around the joint, it must be immobilized as much as possible. For this purpose, a special compressive and restrictive bandage movement is sufficient, but in exceptional cases gypsum application may be required.

After this, the patient must prescribe medication with certain drugs. If synovitis was caused or accompanied by an infection, antibiotics are prescribed.

The doctor must prescribenon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, mineral complexes and biologically active food additives,contributing to the restoration of periarticular tissues and maximum nutrition of their beneficial substances.

Effective correctly selected physical exercises that can and should be performed after removing the tire or an immobilizing bandage will be effective. They contribute to the inflow of blood to the aching joint and accelerate recovery.

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Strongly contraindicated pushups and lifting weights.The program of exercises must necessarily appoint a doctor.

There are special resorts on which there are sanatoriums engaged in the treatment of traffic. Visiting such establishments gives the fastest positive result, as here the patient undergoes complex treatment: from taking medication and proper nutrition to water procedures, mud baths, therapeutic massage and magnetic resonance therapy.

Often resort to helptraditional medicine. But such treatment is permissible only after a visit to the doctor and along with taking medication. Laurel oil is used for laurels, tinctures made of nutshells, anti-inflammatory preparations from oregano, St. John's wort, valerian, althea, millennia are used. Also popular folk remedy in the fight against diseased joints is the root of the comfrey - it is used in the form of tinctures, broths and ointments

In time the diagnosed synovitis responds well to treatment, which usually takes along with the rehabilitation period about a month.

Than to treat the synovitis of the shoulder joint, it is easier to prevent it and prevent the development of mild inflammation into a purulent process that requires prompt intervention. A good prevention of the disease is the elimination of joint overload and the alternation of physical activity with rest. It is very important to see the doctor immediately when the first symptoms of synovitis appear, so that his treatment is quick and easy.