How to relieve a child's coughing

How to relieve a child's coughing

How to understand the causes of coughing attacks in children

Cough, especially his attacks, does not just disrupt the child's sleep, but also weakens it, causing severe anxiety among his parents. Most often they try to treat a child's cough with the use of special drugs to eliminate cough, restoring the patency of the respiratory tract, while applying special antibiotics, often only aggravating situation. Only finding out the real cause of a child's ailment can help in eliminating a cough.

By all the rules of medicine, a cough is called a reflex reaction of the body, the cause of which lies in the irritation of the respiratory receptors, which have a division into fast and slow ones. Development of cough occurs by stimulation of fast receptors, which is promoted by the action of internal and external irritating factors, chemical and mechanical nature. The cough mechanism is triggered by the combined action of these groups.

The normal state of things suggests a child coughing about 15-20 times a day and this should not be taken as a disease. Such manifestations of cough contribute to the elimination of mucus, which was formed in the upper respiratory tract.

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How to relieve a child cough

An acknowledged means of treating coughing attacks in a child, which in practice has proved its own effectiveness, can be considered alkaline drink. Since ancient times, cough in children was made with milk in combination with tea, brewed on the flowers of chamomile. In order to achieve a greater effect in milk, it was suggested to dissolve a certain amount of soda and honey. In addition, a good effect involves the use of ordinary water alkaline type. The baby should be seated in his bed, gently pat on the back and upper area of ​​his chest. Slapping promotes the withdrawal of some mucus from the bronchi. After this, the child should be offered to drink a dose of drinking, and to ensure that he drank a little.

In addition, a good effect is the resorption in the mouth of a mixture consisting of butter and honey, collected in volumes of one tablespoon of each component. After the child drinks his portion, you should give him a few sips of warm, fresh milk.

How to relieve a coughing fit in a child at night

Despite the fact that the correct way to indicate the cause of a night cough in a child is capable only of children physician, parents are obliged to understand what needs to be done in order to calm the attack of night cough in their child.

  1. First of all, you should wake the baby and try to determine exactly what kind of cough is present in it, wet or dry. If you have sputum, you need to determine its color. The most dangerous situation is the presence of purulent clots in the secretions when coughing, indicating a serious illness. In these cases, you should definitely call a doctor.
  2. In diseases of the upper respiratory organs, it should be understood that dry cough is normal. To ensure that the child does not have a blood circulation disorder, you should change his body's position more often, turning from one side to the other and placing under his head a cushion or pillow.
  3. A night cough in a child can be a concomitant symptom when cutting teeth. In order to suspend the flow of the process, it is necessary to put a couple of pillows under the head of the child, after raising the head of the bed.
  4. You can give the child a large amount of warm drinking, after which he will be able to sleep soundly. Antihistamines help to reduce mucosal edema, it is only necessary to ensure that they are in accordance with the child's age.

How to relieve a dry cough in a child

For effective removal of attacks of dry cough in a child, one should first of all determine the nature of its course and establish the reason why it occurs. It is capable of causing allergic reactions to detergents or detergents containing bioadditives. Also, the cause of coughing can be respiratory infection and obstructive bronchitis in the form of its complications. Among other reasons, pleurisy and pneumonia can be noted.

At attacks of a dry cough it is necessary to spend first of all humidification of air in a premise where there is a child. For this purpose, the appropriate moisturizer is ideal. In addition, you can simply put a basin of water next to the baby's crib. Good coughing-off special lollipops with antitussive effect, as well as cough syrup. If the child does not have a high temperature, it is therefore permissible to use a warming compress, mustard plasters and warming ointment. Also, an attack of dry cough helps to remove:

  • fresh air from the evening airing of the room;
  • wet cleaning of the child's room;
  • sufficient volume of warm drinking for the health improvement of the child;
  • Washing of the nasal passages of the child with water to wash away the mucous formations.

How to remove a strong attack of a child's cough

You can take off a strong cough attack by such methods:

  • boiled milk with sage, it should be boiled and after conduction and settling, give the child to drink directly before going to bed. It is recommended for regular attacks;
  • if in the throat of the baby pershit, should give the child honey or butter in the amount of one tablespoon;
  • if the cases are complicated, it is recommended to perform inhalations using essential oils of cedar and sage. The child will need to breathe a couple of oils, dissolved in water. It is best to perform these operations immediately before going to bed;
  • A good traditional remedy for severe attacks of cough is black radish. Cut into cubes and mixed with sugar, it should be baked in the oven for an hour and a half. After this, the formed porridge should be filtered and give the child a day not more than four tablespoons;
  • it makes sense to use vodka or chemically pure alcohol. After grinding the child should be wrapped in a warm scarf around the neck and warmly dressed.

How to relieve a barking barking attack in a child

In the case of barking coughing in a child, accompanied by wheezing when exhaling, sometimes rough, sometimes silent, with hoarseness and shortness of breath, this suggests that one should resort to help doctor. The combination of all of the above symptoms may indicate the appearance of a false croup in a child, leading to suffocation and very sad consequences. If all of the above is missing, the child can be helped by simple methods, the transfer of which does not take much space:

  • carrying out steam inhalations can reduce cough and significantly relieve breathing;
  • warm drink in a considerable amount;
  • elimination of all factors that worry the child, as this only aggravates the situation;
  • the use of mustard plasters in combination with a simple tapping massage, these measures are necessary to facilitate spitting out of the child;
  • use of antitussive expectorants.

How to quickly remove a fit of coughing in a child

For the rapid removal of coughing attacks in the child, especially if they are of a systemic nature, the use of paraffin is necessary. This measure will allow for warming up of the lungs, which will allow the baby to sleep at night without suffering coughing attacks. It is important to constantly monitor the temperature of the paraffin, because if it is too hot, the child will burn it.

Also, in the event that the question arises of the need to quickly remove the symptoms of a cough, a recipe involving the use of licorice root can help. It is able to conduct proper disinfection and healing of minor injuries characteristic of coughing in the larynx. Since sugar is included in the syrup, children with diabetes should not be given it.

When diluting the syrup, this must be done only with clean water. Add a syrup to tea or another drink should not, because of the increase in temperature, it can lose some of its properties. If there is a reception of a liquor based on licorice, then it is necessary to drink a lot of drink, because without it a thick mucus forms, from which breathing becomes difficult.

Children's cough suppressants

To calm and soften the mucous membrane, the use of such cough suppressants is recommended:

  • lozenges, intended for resorption, or pastilles;
  • various syrups of vegetable origin;
  • medicamentous preparations possessing combined action.

It is the latter species that proves to be the most effective in treating children's coughing attacks. Among them is the Herbion syrup, prepared on the basis of plantain. It consists of very important components that help get rid of the symptoms of cough and sudden seizures. It is about flowers of mallow, vitamin C and extract of plantain leaves. Such a combination of components helps to create a high-quality enveloping action of the syrup, to remove irritation of the mucous membrane and to soften it. All this helps to eliminate the consequences of infection with the infection.

A means is used to assist in the treatment of colds, as well as to eliminate the effects of severe seizures due to air dryness. In addition, the cause of the condition may be asthma attacks, as well as the concentration of mucus in the nasal cavity. Steady concentration of the composition makes it possible to use a remedy for coughing sick children, starting from the age of two years.

How can I remove a dry cough in a child?

How to remove an attack of dry cough in a child? This question is asked by every parent when a child wakes up in the middle of the night and can not stop coughing. There are many effective ways to relieve an attack, but for this you need to know, against what background the cough developed.

Reflex response of the body, aimed at the release of the respiratory tract, at the beginning of the disease is accompanied by attacks of dry cough, causing burning and not bringing relief.

Causes of dry cough

The innocuous cause of coughing in a child can be reduced air humidity, the presence of dust in the room or the sharp smells of smoke, aromatic oils, paint and other substances.Consequences in this case can be as a single seizure, and allergic reaction of the body.

In such a situation, wet cleaning and airing the room in combination with blocking the source of unpleasant odor can eliminate the problem.

When foreign bodies get into the upper respiratory tract, a dry cough occurs suddenly, accompanied by a gasp of asthma. It is impossible to eliminate this without the intervention of a doctor.

The most common cause of dry cough becomes irritation of the receptors of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract due to a reduced secretion or increased viscosity.

The defeat of the mucous membrane can be a consequence of a number of diseases:

  1. Bronchial asthma is characterized by a prolonged dry cough, manifested mainly during sleep. The duration of the reflex reaction does not exceed half an hour and ends with expectoration of a viscous clot of transparent mucus. During a cough, you can observe muscle spasms around the diaphragm, pain in the chest, a violation of the rhythm of breathing.
  2. Pertussis is a baby infection, accompanied by a dry convulsive cough. A characteristic symptom is a cough during the night sleep, accompanied by vomiting and difficulty breathing. The disease is diagnosed with prolonged (before, months) incessant cough, which can not be cured by standard means.
  3. ARVI is manifested as a result of various viral infections penetrating the cells of the epithelium, causing their inflammation and death. The larynx is affected by pneumonia; nasal cavity, trachea - with tracheitis and pharynx - with pharyngitis.

Bacterial infections:

  • tuberculosis is accompanied by a prolonged inflammatory process, taking place in the lungs and lymph nodes, causing a reflex cough;
  • diphtheria - swelling of the larynx and throat, leading to compression of the trachea and causing coughing.

Gastroesophageal reflux is characterized by the onset of coughing attacks after eating, especially in the horizontal position and in sleep. The cause is inhalation of vapors of gastric acid, which flows into the oral cavity when the child lies.

Bronchitis, pneumonia or pleurisy are characterized by strong, frequent attacks of dry cough, a complication of infections. Prolonged cough accompanied by pain in the chest and abdominal cavity.

Non-traditional cough relief products

As a non-drug treatment of dry cough attacks, the child can use:

  1. Inhalation of potato vapors, decoctions of herbs (licorice, Ledum) or essential oils (sage, cedar). For children under 3 years of inhalation, wet steam is not recommended.
  2. Dilution of sugar syrup obtained by boiling sugar solution to viscous state - for children under 3 years old or hard caramel for older children.
  3. Reception of broths of medicinal herbs, such as thyme, peppermint, thermopsis, chamomile.
  4. Prepare a decoction of milk with sage, defend, drain. Use before bedtime.
  5. Dissolution of buckwheat honey (1 h. l.) in the absence of an allergy or a piece of butter.
  6. Prepare the broth from a small bulb in a glass of milk, over low heat followed by percolation. Drink in small sips.
  7. Carry out a compress of 40% alcohol solution or the same product with badger fat. Compress is applied using a rag moistened in the product, on the back and chest of the child, and then fixed with food film and bandage. Leaves for the whole night. 3 applications are sufficient for the treatment of cough.
  8. Prepare the medicine: to a glass of milk, brought to a boil, you need to add 30 g of honey, 30 g of butter, 1 egg yolk, 1 g of soda.
  9. Healing broth is prepared from a glass of milk and 1 hour. l. pine buds, which are placed in boiling milk, after which the drug is settled for 1 hour, used 2 sips during the day.
  10. Decoction of viburnum - a vitamin drink, prepared from berries of Kalina with the addition of 3 hours. l. honey on 1 liter of broth. You can use it as an antitussive agent and as a prophylaxis for catarrhal and viral diseases.
  11. Use a high pillow to ensure the flow of mucus from the nasopharynx further into the stomach.

Drug treatment for dry cough

The most effective means for coughing are inhalations with the help of special inhalers, which ensure the production of dry steam. As an active substance, physiological saline is used.

Duration of inhalation for children under 3 years is 3 minutes, for older children - 5 minutes. Longer inhalation is not recommended.

  1. An alternative to physiological saline solution is mineral water.

    Treatment of cough in the home at the child should be performed with the help of various syrups, the effect of which is individual for each patient:

  2. "Linkas" - a brown liquid consisting of extracts of herbs, has an expectorant and antitussive effect, accompanied by bactericidal action. It is used for the treatment of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by a cough with hard-to-separate sputum. Applicable for the treatment of cough in children from 6 months, recommended a one-week course of treatment.
  3. "Libexin" is available in the form of tablets, is a cough remedy for peripheral action, based on the suppression of the sensitivity of the nerve fibers of the respiratory tract.
  4. "Libexin muko" is used for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, is shown to children over 2 years old.
  5. "Broncholitin" is well tolerated by the body, is shown with combined treatment with antibacterial, antipyretic means, vitamins, is applicable for children older than 3 years, characterized by a number of contraindications and side effects effects.
  6. "Bithiodine" is used to calm cough in the upper and lower respiratory tract, has an antitussive effect that affects the receptors of the mucous membrane.
  7. "Stoptopsin" is available in the form of tablets, characterized by a good mucolytic effect, is indicated for use since 12 years.
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Sanitation rules for coughing

In addition to treating the disease, a number of measures should be taken to alleviate the symptoms, namely:

  • to soften the airways, it is necessary to increase the humidity in the room by placing containers with hot water or by hanging a wet towel on the battery;
  • the temperature in the room should not be less than 20 ° C and more than 22 ° C;
  • identify and eliminate sources of unpleasant and strong odors that can cause irritation of the mucosa or allergic reaction;
  • provide a plentiful drink, which can serve as milk, still mineral water, herbal decoctions with mucolytic effect;
  • diet should be dietary, meals - easily digestible stomach, for example, mashed potatoes on milk.
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With prolonged incessant cough, if traditional medicine and syrups do not help stop the disease, you need to seek medical help.

How to relieve a child's coughing

Probably everyone was faced with an ill-fated annoying cough, which prevents sleep, eat and communicate with friends and colleagues. How to remove an attack of cough in a child, find out in this article.

It is worth noting that in this article we are considering a typical cough caused by a cold. If your cough does not catch a cough, causes difficulty in breathing, or even whistles occur during breathing, it is advisable to immediately seek help from a qualified doctor. Coughing attacks are typical for more serious diseases, which can lead to serious consequences, some of them can even lead to death.

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How to relieve a child's coughing

So, in order to relieve a fit of cough you will need:

1. Milk

2. Soda

3. Butter

4. Mineral water, preferably Borjomi

The initial stage of the common cold in a child is usually accompanied by the appearance of a cold, sharp sensations in the throat. Coughing attacks occur after a while.

The subsequent coughing will be "dry" and possibly accompanied by pain, it is desirable to try to restrain it. At this stage it is recommended to start taking some expectorant. And then the question arises: how to remove a fit of coughing in the child. To do this, warm the milk, add a spoonful of butter and / or one fourth of a spoonful of soda, or a little bit of mineral water. This mixture should be drunk with hot, tiny sips.

How to remove a fit of a wet cough in a child

After a while, the cough will cease to be dry and painful. This is the next stage of the common cold. Your health will improve, but in this phase, sputum is produced from the lungs and airways, resulting in a "wet" cough, especially in the evenings. With such a cough it is very difficult to fall asleep. And if you are faced with such a problem, you can relieve a coughing attack by assuming a vertical position, in case you lie, and if you are standing then try to lie down, take a position, half sitting, having put more pillows or just bend over forward. Prepare the medical composition, as in the previous step. We remind you that this drink should be drunk while it is in a hot state.

Chamomile tea is also a good way to relieve a fit of cough. To do this, buy in the pharmacy chemist's daisy and brew it like regular tea.

How to relieve a child of a cough caused by bronchial asthma?

Bronchial asthma is accompanied by severe coughing attacks, most often at night. Given that the muscles of the diaphragm are constantly straining, the patient may experience pain in the chest and in the abdomen. Cough can subside in half an hour-hour, then expectorated viscous sputum. In this case, the child is given a special drug prescribed by the doctor. You can give a warm drink, take the child in his arms or turn on his side, this will ease the attack of coughing.

Other causes of cough in the child

1. A strong cough may not be infectious, and cough is a consequence of ingress of foreign bodies, such as particles of dust or crumbs, into the respiratory tract. It ends when the dirt is removed from the lungs. In this case, the baby should be put down the stomach so that the head is below the trunk and slightly knock on the back.

2. Pertussis is accompanied by a strong, convulsive cough. First it manifests itself in the form of an ordinary cold, but it can not be treated with the usual means, for example, mustard plasters, inhalations, and is strengthened over time. Most often attacks come at night, can be accompanied by vomiting. How to remove an attack of cough in the child in this case is not yet known, but it is necessary to take the child in his arms or turn over to the barrel so that it does not choke in the case of vomiting.

3. Sometimes severe attacks can occur with respiratory diseases of the respiratory tract, that is, the nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx. Diseases are accompanied by a dry "barking" cough. If the disease is properly treated, then cough recedes after 3 days, in the absence of treatment, complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia may appear. Such cough can be cured by a warm drink, milk with butter or tea with honey, which will soften the mucous membrane of the throat and cough will subside. Excellent propolis helps to suck, like candy.

Attacks of dry cough in the child

Dry cough in children, its attacks, occur with a constant and pronounced irritation of local receptors located in the mucosa of the tracheobronchial system.

Causes of bouts of dry cough in children

Dry, low-productive paroxysmal cough may occur in such diseases:

  1. Bronchial asthma

This pathology is characterized by a strong paroxysmal unproductive cough, which manifests itself most often at night. Cough can continue for half an hour, the attack ends with the departure of viscous vitreous sputum. When the attack is constantly straining the muscles of the diaphragm, while the patient can experience chest pain, dyspnea, weakness and malaise. Most often bronchial asthma develops against the background of increased reactivity of the body, frequent viral infections, bacterial infections (chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, giardiasis).

2. Foreign body of the respiratory tract

Attacks of dry irritating cough in a child can occur as a result of getting into the respiratory tract various foreign bodies (particles of dust, crumbs, small pieces of food, small beads, buttons, peas, beans). A coughing attack ends only after removal of these irritating agents from the lungs and bronchi by bronchoscopy or other means.

3. Pertussis and paracottus

Children's infections whooping cough and parakoklysh are accompanied by a pronounced dry convulsive paroxysmal cough. Most often, these attacks occur at night and may be accompanied by vomiting and difficulty breathing (reprises). At first these diseases appear in the form of usual cold cough, but over time the symptomatology grows and can not be treated with the usual means (mustard plasters, inhalations). The disease usually lasts from five to six weeks. Diagnosis of pertussis and paracottus is a rather complicated process, and treatment in most cases, especially in young children, is carried out in a hospital.

4. Infectious viral respiratory diseases

A strong dry paroxysmal cough can be observed with respiratory diseases of the upper respiratory tract caused by the virus parainfluenza, rhinosin cytial virus and adenovirus infection, which are accompanied by a lesion of the larynx, nasal cavity, trachea and pharynx. Diseases are often characterized by a "barking" dry cough. With proper and timely treatment, cough relief and cure comes in 3-5 days, and absence treatment can lead to the development of bacterial complications in the form of bronchitis, pneumonia, alveolitis and pleurisy.

5. Inflammatory diseases of the lower respiratory tract and pleura

Strong and frequent attacks of dry, unproductive cough often develop with obstructive bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) and pleurisy (inflammation of the pleura), which are a complication of viral infections. A strong prolonged paroxysmal cough is accompanied by pain in the chest and abdomen. Treatment lasts from 5 to 15 days, often prescribed antibiotics, antihistamines and antispasmodics.

Attacks of a dry cough in a child at night

Coughing attacks at night in a child cause anxiety among parents, especially in cases where during the day The kid feels well, and putting him to bed and falling asleep often causes heartbreaking coughing. The cause of this symptomatology is most often inflammation and swelling of the larynx, trachea and bronchus of various genesis with laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis or irritation of the bronchopulmonary tree with viscous sputum for spastic (asthmatic bronchitis), pneumonia, cystic fibrosis. Nocturnal coughing attacks can occur with childhood infections, most often with whooping cough and paracottus. If coughing attacks begin right after the baby goes to bed - it is possible that he has an allergic reaction to the mattress stuffing, feathers and textile dyes.

Therefore, to eliminate dry cough as a symptom of the disease - you need to identify and eliminate the cause of the disease (infectious or inflammatory process). It is also important to remember that you should not self-medicate, but consult a specialist in a timely manner.

The primary task of parents is to alleviate the condition of the child, to determine the cause of cough and to eliminate it as soon as possible.

How to help a child with attacks of dry cough

To help the child in the presence of frequent attacks of dry cough, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the cause of its occurrence - an allergy (use of a detergent with a lot of perfume or bioadditives in the composition, conditioner for bed linen, feather cushions, fish food, parrots or hamsters), respiratory infection or its complications in the form of obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia or pleurisy.

In the presence of a paroxysmal frequent cough, it is necessary to moisten the air in the room with a special humidifier or place an open container with water near the crib. Helps to remove an attack of lollipops with antitussive effect or softening syrup from coughing. In the absence of high temperature, you can put a warming compress, a mustard or warming ointment.

Significantly facilitate coughing:

- the influx of fresh air by ventilating the room before bedtime;

- humidification of the room with wet cleaning;

- Plentiful warm drink;

- cleansing the nose of mucus accumulation with washing of the nasal passages with sea water or decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs;

- with particular care apply inhalation in connection with possible exacerbation of the edema of the mucosa and antitussive drugs.

With the aggravation of coughing, the addition of dyspnea, you should urgently seek medical help.

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