What to do with a sore throat

What to do with a sore throat? I got sick. Go to the doctor in the next 3 days does not work.


Julia Zink

I often suffer with a throat, therefore, as an experienced person in this business, I advise you to rinse with salt with soda, Lizobakt tablets rassasyvat, very good from the pain in the throat help, and drink immunal, t. to this immunostimulant, the throat quickly will pass. If the sore throat is not purulent and there is no heat, I was cured in this way for 2 days.

Artem Sergeev

spray hexoral. very well helps.


A teaspoon of salt on a glass of warm water and rinse every 15 minutes.
for tomorrow as a hand to remove.
a sore throat is a virus on the walls of the mucous, it must be washed and killed.


rinsing a glass of warm water 1-2 tablespoons of soda, 1-2 drops of iodine, the more often the better. GET WELL!

Ilya Psih

It is necessary to wear a woolen sweater with a high neck closing collar or wrap your throat with a warm wool scarf for dry heat. Dissolve the tablet of ascorbic acid every hour for six hours or every two hours throughout the day. Take medications for cough and sore throat - Pharyngocept or Falimint, lollipops and lozenges with antiseptic - Ascocept, Strepsils, Vicks and others, alternating their reception. However, traditional means are no worse: instead of a pharmacy "candy" you can hold in your mouth a teaspoon of honey, sea buckthorn oil or Vitaona, a piece of aloe cut from across the leaf, a little grated garlic or half a teaspoon of dry rose petals mixed with honey. You can dissolve the slice of the cut onion (swallow onion juice, and spit the whole slice when it becomes very soft). It is also effective to chew half a lemon with zest and do not eat anything for the next hour, and after about three hours, finish the remaining half of the citrus. During the day it is useful to keep a ball of propolis in your mouth, taking it out only during food and sleep. Traditional medicine recommends boiling a few figs in a glass of milk and 3-4 times a day to swallow a little gruel to soothe the nasopharyngeal mucosa. The antiviral harvest of herbs will also suit: a leaf of birch, eucalyptus and sage ( 3). A tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, insist in a warm place under the lid for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your throat with this. If the throat hurts very much, experts advise to rinse it with infusions of lemon balm and peppermint (pour a tablespoonful of boiling water and soak for 30 minutes in a thermos bottle). Help to cope with the pain and 1% menthol oil (15-20 drops per glass of warm boiled water). Use the same drugs for inhalations. After rinsing, hold for 5-7 minutes in your mouth a puree of grated carrots with honey (:). ENT doctors claim that this agent contributes to rapid resorption of plaque, which is formed on the tonsils with adenovirus infection. If you suspect a sore throat - high fever, sharp pain in the throat, worse when swallowing, the appearance of "inclusions" and raids on tonsils, an increase in cervical lymph nodes - immediately call doctor. Let the specialist prescribe the treatment, and the patient can supplement it with home remedies. Perhaps you need a special compress. It can be prepared from a concentrated solution of drinking soda (a teaspoon into a quarter cup of hot water). Spread a warm scarf on the table, lay it with a layer of cotton wool, top cover with a piece of cellophane, and on top put a 4-6 fold folded gauze pre-soaked in soda and lightly depressed. Apply compress to the throat for an hour. After the procedure, wipe the neck with baby cream and tie a woolen scarf or handkerchief. Source: http: // medichelp.ru


Rinse with soda. There are good tablets and there are kopecki - STREPTOTID (it must be dissolved)


Propohal and rinse with furatsilinom. In a jar (800 g), 10 tablets of furacilin, dissolve in hot water and leave on a sink. Rinse every half hour (hour), only not hot, but at room temperature. Proposol according to the instructions.
No iodine and soda!!! Otherwise, risk getting an abscess of the throat and be in the hospital! I once got a chance - doctors in the hospital almost poured from such advice, barely avoided operations thanks to horse doses of antibiotics. That is not good.
If it's really bad, take antibiotics. Now there are many drugs in any pharmacy.


Rinse your nose (blow your nose good) and then:
5-6 drops of lemon juice + 5-6 drops of warm water to drip into the nose (a portion on both nostrils).
This procedure should be done 3-4 times a day.
It helps with pains in the throat (pharyngitis), colds, laryngitis, runny nose.
Do not be afraid to apply this recipe! You will experience some unpleasant sensations that instantly pass. It is checked up (on itself) repeatedly! )
Get well!

Marta Saprynskaya

Lugol spray! Disgustingly but it helps!

Lyuda Anisova

Me in such cases Tonsilotren rescues. Always in the home medicine cabinet he is. Just relieve the pain quickly. And it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Severe sore throat when swallowing: what to do

Even in the evening, you were quite a healthy person, and woke up in the morning with a disgusting feeling. You can not swallow, every word brings a wild pain, a feeling that your throat has turned into one solid wound. Probably you have a sore throat. What to do to ease the pain?

The pain in the throat is directly related to any airborne infection. Viral infections move through the air and can easily infect humans with the slightest airborne contact with them. Even after a friendly handshake with a sick person, if you do not wash your hands and touch your mouth or nose, you can get a sore throat, which causes severe pain in the throat.

When to go to the doctor

Many people do not hurry to address the patient's throat to the doctor. However, if more than five days with intensive self-treatment the pain did not pass, a visit to the doctor is simply necessary.

Do not wait five days to go to the doctor, if:

- pain intensified significantly, in comparison with the initial stage;

- the process of swallowing was difficult;

- It is impossible to breathe normally;

- there were rashes on the skin;

- On the neck swollen and lymph nodes hurt;

- in saliva or sputum - blood;

- you feel a strong weakness;

- the body is dehydrated;

- hoarse voice is pronounced or the voice is gone.


Modern medicine knows a lot of tools for relieving pain in the throat:

- Lollipops,

- Sprays,

- pastilles,

- aerosols,

- Solutions.

With severe pain, this is not always effective. If the pain is caused by a sore throat (that is, pathogenic streptococci and staphylococci), use not lollipops but special remedies. And not uncontrollably, but on medical prescription. These are antibacterial drugs.

In everyday life, to relieve severe pain, you can use:

- potassium permanganate (known to us potassium permanganate) - make a solution,%;

- furatsilin - on a mug rinse two tablets;

- baking soda - half a teaspoon per glass;

- salt, cooked or sea - the same;

- a solution of soda + iodine + salt.

Folk remedies

Beer. It's enough 100 g. Boil, cool, and drink in small sips. Repeat five times a day. The recipe is for adults only!

Tea mushroom. Infusions rinse the throat quite often (10 times a day) and for a long time (for 10 minutes).

Blueberry. Dry fruits in the amount of 100 g pour a half-liter of water and boil until the volume is reduced by almost half. Rinse with an interval of two hours.

Sage. He - a special honor and respect. Folk medicine considers this plant a panacea for throat diseases. Prepare the infusion in proportion to the water - a tablespoon of leaves on a glass. Insist half an hour. Rinse every hour and a half until the pain decreases.

Of the herbs still help marigold and chamomile, as well as St. John's Wort.


Treatment of sore throat compresses

Sometimes the standard medicines for sore throat do not always help to get rid of unpleasant painful sensations. In such cases, long-forgotten, but time-tested folk "grandmothers" come to the rescue, which help the person to stand up for several days.

But, even people's treatment implies compliance with a certain complex, which will include:

  • Maintenance of the patient in the warmth;
  • Regular throat rinsings;
  • Drinking lots of fluids;
  • Treatment with herbs and home-made syrups;
  • Baths;
  • Treatment of sore throat compresses.

Provide heat ...

With a cold and severe pain in the throat, it is necessary to provide the patient with warmth without fail. It is very important that the throat, chest and legs of the patient always remain warm. But, while it is undesirable for a person to sweat. On the throat, you can wrap a warm woolen scarf, and put on your feet socks. It is not necessary to cover a few dozen blankets to keep warm (as a rule, it provides only increased sweating).

The patient needs to be warm, for the reason that it will intensively stimulate blood circulation in the body, support the work of the whole body and the immune system in particular.

Rinse for sore throat

Often, rinse the sore throat in order to wash out bacteria-activators of the inflammatory-infectious process. For more effective rinsing, it is recommended to use special disinfectant solutions. It can be a decoction of sage, chamomile, thyme (herbs are sold in a pharmacy and are brewed according to the instructions).

The classic and proven means of rinsing the sore throat is sea salt or the usual saline solution, which can be bought at a pharmacy (it is also called sodium chloride). Our grandmothers prepared a rinse solution for this recipe: in one glass with warm boiled water was dissolved 1 tsp. of common table salt, 1 drop of iodine was added and the sore throat rinsed for 5-10 minutes.

In a period of severe exacerbation of pain, rinsing should be done every hour, then, as soon as there is a slight relief - every 2 hours.

Abundant drink during illness

During an exacerbation of colds it is recommended to drink a large amount of warm liquid. For example, herbal teas have an emollient, restoring and anti-inflammatory effect. Brew herbal tea on the basis of herbs, mother-and-stepmother, mallow, plantain, thyme, chamomile and althea. In pharmacies, you can also find anti-cold herbal preparations.

If you have severe pain in the throat, then it is very important to drink a large amount of warm liquid. It can be hot tea with honey and lemon, or hot milk with honey. This is how our grandmothers softened the pain in the throat.

Home syrup for sore throat

To treat a sore throat does not necessarily buy expensive pharmacy syrups - you can easily cook it at home.

The most effective remedy for sore throat is onion-honey syrup. To make it, you need to peel 1 medium onion, rinse it and cut into very small cubes. Then, completely pour all the pieces of onion with natural honey.

The therapeutic mixture must be left overnight to insist. In the morning, through gauze, strain the resulting gruel (you should get a sweet syrup and separately - pieces of onions). Onion-honey syrup is recommended to take 1 tsp. 5-6 times a day.

Compresses for the treatment of sore throat

Compresses are a classic folk remedy for the treatment of the sore throat. For their preparation you can use ordinary potatoes or cottage cheese. Compresses help relieve acute pain in the throat, increase the defenses of the body and stimulate the work of the immune system.

Depending on the type of pain in the throat, cold and warm compresses emit. If the pain in the throat is painful and acute, then a cold compress is used, if the pain does not excruciate, but it keeps for several days in a row, then it is necessary to resort to warm compresses.

Recipe for acetic compress with sore throat

At a high body temperature, it is recommended to apply a moist compress to the shin (yes, it is on the lower limbs). The action of the compress is designed to ensure that the hot body of the sick person will give heat to the compress, and that, in turn, will evaporate. As a result, the temperature of the sick person's body drops very quickly.

For the preparation of compresses, it is necessary to mix in ordinary parts ordinary table vinegar and cold water. In this liquid, moisten any cloth (for example, a towel) and wrap around the calves of a sick person. Compresses must be changed every 15-20 minutes.

The recipe for the curd

Curd compress has cooling effect, anti-edema, softening and anti-inflammatory. For preparation of a compress it is recommended to take 500 grams of ordinary cottage cheese and thin out a thin layer on the fabric (for example, on a cotton cloth). Then, this compress should be heated (for example, put it on a battery or for one or two minutes in a microwave oven). After the compress you need to wrap around a sick sore throat and put a towel on top. Keep the compress on your throat until the cottage cheese cools and becomes unpleasantly cold.

Potato Compress Recipe

Boil 4 medium potatoes, still heat them and apply on a towel. Then, roll the towel twice (you should get a kind of roller) and put the towel on your sore throat. You can fix the roller with a warm woolen scarf. It is recommended to remove the compress from the throat when it is completely cool.

On the day the patient needs to do at least 2-3 such compresses.


Very sore throat during pregnancy, what to do?

It is dangerous when the throat is very sore during pregnancy, what should I do? What means will not harm the future baby, and how to treat the throat during pregnancy. Before answering this question, you need to find out the cause of the pain in the throat of a pregnant woman. Inflamed, tonsils can, because of staphylococcal and streptococcal bacteria. But you always need to remember that your condition affects the development of a future child, because it is so important take timely measures, so that the disease of the throat is not complicated, it could be quickly and easily to eliminate.

You also need to carefully consider the selection of medicines. They should be safe first, do not influence the child; second, they are effective. When you have a severe pain in the throat, immediately start every hour rinse it with such a mixture - 1 tablespoon. soda, half a tablespoon of salt, a half liter of water. With the help of these rinses an alkaline effect is created that does not allow to reproduce harmful microorganisms that bring you discomfort and pain. Also, it is necessary to alternate such rinses with broths of herbs - eucalyptus, strawberry leaves, chamomile. With their help, it is easy to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. How much should I gargle a pregnant woman?

Remember, on the first day you should start rinsing in an hour; the second day - in two hours; the third day - in three hours. If you stick to this principle, gargles will really help you.
To remove a strong pain in a throat at pregnancy it is possible and by means of inhalations. As for rinses, you can use chamomile, soda, boiled potatoes. What do we have to do? Inhale the steam from the teapot spout. Do inhalation need from five to eight times a day, daily you can reduce inhalation.

Do not forget that the pain in the throat arose because of an infection or a virus, so that you can easily get rid of it, you need to use as much fluid as possible, it is believed that so all negative bacteria and viruses washed out. Drink the best tea with melissa, honey, lemon, citrus juices, chamomile, fruit drinks, but remember that citrus and honey can not get too involved, because a child can be allergic. Also take vitamin C daily.

In case of illness, it is not possible to physically overwork the pregnant women. A severe sore throat will pass faster if you lie down. Bed rest (up to 3 days). At the same time, legs, neck, throat, chest should be kept warm. Pregnant under no circumstances you can not soar your legs, make mustard plasters. It can cause a miscarriage.

Remember that all procedures are best performed for the first time days of the disease, the main task is to remove the inflammation from the throat, which causes pain, then it will be much easier. Doctors are allowed to use a drug - lysobacote - during pregnancy. In addition to the saline-iodine solution and herbal infusions, the throat can be rinsed with sea salt (up to 10 times in day), make a tincture with garlic - grind 3 cloves, pour 200 ml of boiling water, must brew one hour. Rinse 2 to 4 times a day.

Very good help rinsing with apple cider vinegar. Add 1 teaspoon to a glass of warm water. Inflammation in pregnant women from the throat will help to remove beet juice, for this you need a glass of beet juice with the addition of a tablespoon of vinegar. Rinse up to 5 times a day.

If severe pain is caused by a sore throat. Hydrogen peroxide will help. Add 1 teaspoon to a glass of warm water. For pregnancy does not hurt and rinsing with a solution of furatsilina, his antimicrobial effect is equated to antibiotics.
Despite all the means of pregnancy, one should remember that without consulting a doctor, you can not do self-medication, it can affect your baby. Therefore, it is better to be safe and not to take chances.


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