Hand tremor: causes and treatment in adults

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Hand tremorsProbably, each of us faced with a situation when hands are shaking. Sometimes we can explain it with a nervous shock, excitement, fear, but it happens that we do not find a reasonable explanation.

In fact, the causes of hand tremor can be many, and not all of them relate to psychology, some of them indicate the presence of serious damage to the brain or internal organs.

What is behind this common and quite ordinary phenomenon, and what can it tell? Let's reflect, why and in what cases at the adult person hands are shaken, and whether it is possible to get rid of this unpleasant condition in house conditions.

Causes of hand tremor

Why are the hands shaking, and what are the causes of this condition? There are two main types of hand tremor: physiological (natural) and pathological. Physiological tremor of the hands can occur in any healthy person, and the amplitude of involuntary vibrations is small enough.

The enhanced physiological tremor has a somewhat larger amplitude and can arise at states that cause excitation of peripheral β-adrenergic receptors:

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  1. Physical overstrain: lifting weights, holding the static posture (for example, if you are in the transport uncomfortable grasp the handrail), the overall fatigue of the body.
  2. Psycho-emotional stress- stress, examination, public speaking. In this case, hand trembling is the cause of the characteristics of the nervous system and is not a pathology.
  3. Depression, which affects the self-control of a person. In this case, the use of psychostimulants and antidepressants during this period can provoke an increase in tremor, as well as excessive consumption of alcoholic, strong coffee and tea.
  4. Aging. Hand tremors are common in the elderly. He can gradually progress, becoming more frequent. If it appears, when the hands are at rest, then when a person uses his hands, he becomes stronger.
  5. Poisoning. Whether it is food, alcohol, or whatever, it does not matter. With any of these poisonings, toxins, getting into the blood, are carried throughout the body and, getting into the brain, affect the nerve cells. First of all, they attack the vestibular apparatus and occipital lobes, which are responsible for the coordination of movement. It is this fact that gives an answer to the question of why hands are shaking after alcohol, especially if it is used frequently and systematically.
  6. Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, inveterate smoking, drug overdose or even vitamins. All this leads to an increased burden on some organs, especially the heart, which in turn leads to an effect of excitement, anxiety and often to tremor of hands. For example, the causes of tremor in divorced fingers are the regular abuse of alcohol.
  7. Side effects of various drugs(most often they can be found out by carefully reading the instructions to the drug).

Why the hands are shaking: possible diseases

If the above reasons related to lifestyle are not suitable for your case, then perhaps the cause of hand tremor is a serious systemic disease of the body. In other words, the trembling of the hands is just one of the symptoms of another, much more serious pathology. Below we list the most common diseases that are accompanied by hand tremors:

  1. Parkinson's disease- hands are shaking hard enough, and not only with the load, but even in a dream. The asynchrony of the jitter of the right and left hands is possible: one of the hands trembles more strongly. Also often shaking shoulders, head, lips.
  2. Multiple sclerosis(due to the deposition of autoimmune complexes in nervous structures, is more often observed in young patients).
  3. Essential tremor- a hereditary disease in which the hands tremble, fingers on the hands, neck, lower jaw, and sometimes even a voice. It occurs when performing simple, but exacting, movements with hands (shaving, bringing a spoon to your mouth). Tremor is postural and is strengthened when stretching the arms in front of you. Trembling increases with physical activity, stress and fatigue.
  4. Thyrotoxicosis(because of improper functioning of the thyroid gland, the exchange of potassium in the muscles worsens, and because of this the hands are shaking).
  5. Damage to the cerebellum, which is responsible for coordination of movements, is accompanied by a tremor of extremities during active movements and at attempts to keep them in a static position.
  6. Alcoholic tremor. It manifests when the form of the disease is neglected. This is the trembling of the divorced fingers, head, whole body. Occurs in the morning in a hangover state. After drinking, alcohol usually decreases or disappears altogether. The same goes for withdrawal from drug addiction.
  7. In people with diabetes mellitus, the tremor may be associated with a decrease in blood glucose, and after taking the sweet it disappears.

Many patients with this problem believe that this is a trifling symptom, that it is treated very simply, they think that the doctor will prescribe a medicine for the tremor and all will go away at once. However, the treatment of tremor involves the therapy of pathology, which manifests itself by the trembling of the hands.

However, the diagnosis of a disease that causes tremors can be quite a difficult task, therefore an accurate syndromal description of tremor is extremely important for its solution. When making a diagnosis, the doctor conducts a detailed questioning of the patient and a visual examination. In case of difficulty, the patient is referred for additional diagnostic procedures.


For the differential diagnosis of physiological and pathological tremor, there is often enough anamnesis. With pathological tremor, a more detailed examination is needed:

  • Neurological examination;
  • Laboratory methods of research for the presence of endocrine pathologies;
  • CT, MRI of the brain.

Mandatory treatment should be exposed to people whose finger tremor is a consequence:

  • drinking alcohol;
  • long-term stress and emotional stress;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • disseminated sclerosis;
  • cerebellar lesions;
  • Parkinson's disease.

To clarify the diagnosis will need to conduct functional tests, each of which allows you to determine the different characteristics of the tremor:

  • Pull out your hands in front of you and for a while fix them - for pathology of the cerebellum appears postural tremor (depends on the posture).
  • The patient is asked to bring a cup filled with water to his lips - this is how the intentional tremor (movement to a specific target)

Also the most accessible method, allowing to determine the amplitude of tremors of brushes at home, is considered a method using a blank sheet of paper on which it is necessary to draw a spiral.

What should I do when my hands are shaking?

If you notice that you have a tremor from time to time, visit a therapist. He will have to prescribe a test and send to other specialists for further consultation (more often to a neurologist). Tremor can have a different nature, which must be determined. And use the appropriate treatment, and when the tremor is only one of the manifestations of a certain disease, then, having engaged in close therapy, he will "go away" himself.

If there were no organic disorders in the survey, then at home, follow these recommendations to get rid of hand tremors:

  1. Take sedative preparations of plant origin (tincture of motherwort, peony, valerian and others, periodically changing the drug).
  2. Avoid stressful situations, learn to remove some problems from oneself, master the technique of relaxation.
  3. Observe normal sleep and rest.
  4. Refuse alcoholic beverages and smoking.
  5. Reduce the intake of caffeine to a minimum.
  6. When you have a tremor, take something heavy in your hands (weighting helps to shake).

As additional stimuli to combat tremor, it is recommended to develop fine motor skills, learn to weave beads, knit and crochet, macrame, fold origami, cut wood. Swimming has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, so with a constant physiological or pathological tremor, you can visit the pool several times a week to improve your condition.

Any drug, starting with nonselective beta-blockers and ending with preparations against seizures, should prescribe the doctor according to individual tolerability, since many drugs that act on the central nervous system, there are side effects.

Pathological tremor of the hands requires more thorough treatment, with the use of medications or surgical intervention.


Preventive measures include:

  1. Doing sports.
  2. Compliance with the regime of work and leisure.
  3. Relaxing bath with lavender oil before bedtime.
  4. Limitation of the use of spicy and salty dishes.
  5. Exclusion from the diet of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other provoking factors.

Do not be shy about your condition and postpone your visit to the doctor. Modern methods can prevent the progression of the disease or completely rid it of it. It is enough just to trust a qualified specialist!

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