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Fatty hepatosis is one of the types of liver cell damage at the metabolic level. The pathological process consists in depositing excess fat inclusions inside the hepatocytes, accumulating and breaking the envelope. At the same time, fat enters the intercellular space, and the normal parenchyma undergoes fibrosis( proliferation of connective tissue).

The replacement of the liver with non-functioning structures occurs gradually. Initial reversible changes go to the stage of cirrhosis. Then the only method of treatment remains liver transplantation. Treatment of fatty hepatosis of the liver with folk remedies supports medical therapy, includes recommendations on nutrition, does not replace, but significantly helps the restoration of hepatocytes with traditional drugs of hepatoprotective action.

How do you make sure of the indications for phytotherapy?

Among people there is a group of high-risk for the likelihood of developing fatty hepatosis. Among the most likely factors:

  • reaching the age of 45 years;
  • vegetarianism;
  • the index of body mass index is above 28 kg / m2;
  • presence of diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • hypertension;
  • profession associated with the impact on the liver of poisonous lead salts, carbon tetrachloride, other industrial poisons;
  • certain ethnicity( pathology is more often detected in people of Asian nationality, less often in African Americans);
  • is a hereditary burden( the presence of a similar problem in the blood relatives with liver health).

Patients in these groups may not feel any abnormalities in the liver at the initial stage of the lesion. However, an in-depth analysis of biochemical processes makes it possible to identify signs of disturbances. Care should be taken to undergo a regular preventive examination.

Flat eyelashes( xanthelasma) - an indicator of impaired fat metabolism

A combination of these causes with a viral infection, trauma and surgical intervention is especially dangerous for the liver. Scientists have established that the symptomatology is manifested when 1/3 of the hepatic tissue is already full of fat. The person has:

  • blunt bursting pain in the hypochondrium on the right;
  • nausea;
  • loss of appetite;
  • yellowing and itching of the skin;
  • lesion of the eyelids by small wen;
  • allergic rash type urticaria;
  • fatigue.

Decreased immunity affects frequent infections. This trouble can be helped. It is not recommended immediately to start herbal treatment, you must first take tests, go through ultrasound. It is possible in this way to identify other diseases that contribute to secondary fatty liver dystrophy. People who are addicted to alcohol, who do not want to change their eating habits to acute, fatty and fried foods, it is useful at least temporarily to cleanse their liver.

For these purposes, folk methods are no less suitable drugs. It is difficult to choose the desired method independently. The attending physician is not always familiar with phytotherapy. It is better to consult a nutritional specialist. He will tell you how to treat fatty liver hepatosis with folk remedies and what medications are compatible with herbal preparations.

Recommendations for treatment can be divided into dietary and phytotherapy.

Correction of nutrition

According to folk treatment of hepatosis, it is necessary to immediately exclude animal fats and alcohol from food. Any use of fatty food further "clogs" the cells, eliminates all previously achieved successes. Alcohol has a pronounced toxic effect. Even drinking a glass on a holiday, regardless of the type of drink, worsens the position of the liver.

People's councils suggest replacing animal fats with vegetable oil. There is a large selection of useful oil crops. It is important that the liver of not all patients is equally useful.
Experienced nutritional scientists believe that each person retains a genetic memory for food.

Therefore, for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean the most healthful olive oil. In the Far East, several generations successfully use soy products and oil. In the central zone of Russia "local" medicinal action on the liver is sunflower, linseed, corn oil, a product from zamaniha.

Siberians prefer cedar oil

You can consume the product for salad dressing or on an empty stomach. To accelerate the release of bile, their liver is recommended after taking a half-hour lying on the right side. It's easy to make a pumpkin with honey. To do this, we cut off the tip, take the seeds and let them on the seeds. Inward pour liquid fresh honey and insist 14 days in a warm place. Then scoop up the aromatic honey in another bowl. It is recommended to drink on a tablespoon three times a day for a month.

Bran from wheat, oats or rice with obesity of the liver can be added to cereals, soups or pour a small amount of boiling water, after cooling to eat. The product helps to get rid of fat through the intestines. Nutritionists completely agree with the folk treatment of hepatosis with vitamin B15.So, it looks, from a scientific point of view, recommendations to eat daily 5 nuts from apricot kernels, include a pumpkin pumpkin, pumpkin gruel, melons( watermelon and melon), dried fruits in the liver diet.

To cope with the initial stage of fatty hepatosis, it is necessary to include the following in the food:

Menu for liver hepatosis for a week
  • green tea( known for its antioxidant properties) - removes toxins, improves liver blood supply;
  • decoction of rose hips( can be brewed twice);
  • freshly squeezed carrot juice( to enhance the effect diluted with warm milk).

It is useful for the liver to eat a little oatmeal every day for breakfast, you can add dried apricots and raisins to it. Oat grains contain a variety of medicinal substances, including polyphenols - which provide the absorption of fat by the liver. From oats it is recommended to prepare a broth, jelly. To improve the taste, add a little honey.

From spices is useful turmeric. It is added to meat dishes, soups. Drink from chicory - is considered to activate the metabolic processes. Folk diet recommends people with excess weight 1-2 times a week to arrange unloading days of apples, vegetables, kefir, cottage cheese( you can come up with a combination).

Tips for herbal medicine

Plants that have medicinal properties are not forgotten in traditional medicine. Many are used to make hepatoprotectors, choleretic preparations. Classical examples:

  • Based on the milk thistle( with active substance silymarin), Legalon, Silymarin, Karsil Forte, Silibinin, Silimar, Karsil have been synthesized. Official medicine is recommended for the regeneration of liver cell membranes, as antioxidant treatment for a three-month course.
  • Artichoke( active ingredient - tsimarin) made Tsinarix, Hofitol, artichoke extract. It is used as an anti-inflammatory drug.

We know the ability to lower cholesterol, remove water, so it can be prescribed at the ascites stage

. We will focus on the recommendations of herbalists. Milk thistle - has an antioxidant effect, helps the liver to get rid of toxins. Therefore, it is often recommended by surgeons and gynecologists after operations accompanied by prolonged anesthesia.

Seeds, cake( finely chopped dry grass), oil are applied. Stimulation of immunity allows the body to cope with liver problems on its own. Brew in a thermos for the night or chew a teaspoon of powder before eating. The course is not less than 30 days, after the break - repeat.

Immortelle maximizes the healing properties in flowers. In addition to the choleretic effect, it affects the overall metabolism in the hepatic cells. It is recommended to cook the broth for half an hour in a water bath or easier to brew overnight in a thermos. Enough two tablespoons before eating.

Infusion of pine needles( 2 l of 1 kg of pine needles) is cooked in a dark place for a week. After percolation add sugar or honey. It is necessary to drink a glass before eating. Peppermint leaves are known as a choleretic agent that helps the liver. It is better to insist 10 minutes like tea with chamomile flowers, which have disinfecting properties.

Calendula flowers - anti-inflammatory, choleretic and disinfectant. Decoction accelerates cellular metabolism in hepatocytes. Brew as tea. You can add honey. The combination of flowers of nasturtium and centaury corresponds to a mild effect on metabolism in hepatic cells.

You can prepare a collection of phytopreparations from several plants that enhance the effect of each other. It includes:

  • licorice;
  • leaves of birch;Ashberry berries;
  • fruit of wild rose and hawthorn equally;
  • leaves bearberry;
  • nettles;
  • leaves cranberries;
  • root of dandelion and althea;
  • fruit of fennel.

Decoction of tansy and yarrow flowers tastes bitter, but has the property of removing slag substances, bile from the liver. Wizards recommend preparing a composition of walnuts and honey. They argue that the nuts should be ripped unripened in time "before the holiday of Ivan Kupala."

Green walnuts at this time are considered particularly useful. A handful of peeled nucleoli are passed through a meat grinder, add a little honey in May and mix to the degree of gruel. Then you need to fill with an equal volume of vodka. The tincture is prepared for 30 days. You can drink on a teaspoon before eating.

Green walnut rind contains 50 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits

It is recommended to eat 3 slices of lemon with honey every morning when the liver is enlarged. Add lemon juice to tea, compote, herbal decoctions. In the last few years, the work of military doctors of the hospital named after Vishnevsky on the harmful effect of St. John's wort has appeared. The carcinogenic property of grass is proved. Therefore, we do not recommend using it in the pathology of the liver in broths and combinations with other herbs.

To cure fatty liver hepatosis with the help of folk remedies, it is necessary to adjust for long courses with the replacement of one decoction with another. In this case, be sure to follow a diet. With acute hepatosis, the duration of treatment is at least six months. With chronic - listed tips should be carried out all life.


Valentina Petrovna, 48 years:
The whole family every winter and spring drink broth of wild rose. What to expect Hepatosis? It is very convenient and useful for the liver: half a glass of my berries and thrown in a three-liter thermos, the next day - ready "compote", you can brew again, in my opinion, it turns out the decoction is even more delicious.
Alla, 56 years old:
I decided to try linseed oil with my husband. For salad dressing, it is suitable, and in other cases for an amateur.
Nina, 53:
The doctor recommended the grandson as a herbal remedy for brewing tansy, dandelion root and wormwood. I read, it turns out these herbs are useful for the liver. She also drank "for the company", ceased to feel heaviness in the hypochondrium.