We treat myopia with effective methods at home

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In our age of digital technology, myopia is one of the most common eye ailments. It arises, either because of the long work at the computer, or the constant use of the smartphone, and because of reading, or doing any work, such as knitting in poor lighting. Quite often, this ailment manifests itself at the genetic level.

  • Symptoms
  • Treatment of myopia
  • Treatment of myopia in children
  • Folk remedies
  • Other methods of treating myopia
  • Exercises
  • Treatment of myopia and spasm of accommodation according to Avetisov's method
  • Eye drops
  • Conjunctivitis of the eye - drops
  • Operation and its consequences
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The first symptoms are manifested when a person notices that he does not clearly see objects located at some distance from him. Treatment of neglected myopia should occur under the supervision of a competent doctor and with the use of his clear recommendations, contact lenses may be required. But the early stage is quite possible to cure at home.

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IMPORTANT!If, with home remedies, you experience only a gradual deterioration of vision, rather than improving it, immediately consult a competent doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination.

Treatment of myopia

Unfortunately, many people simply ignore the need to change their diet during any illness associated with vision. Whereas different food products are capable of completely differently affecting the general condition in the shortest possible time. With myopia, it is recommended to limit food intake with high acidity, bitter dishes as much as possible, minimize the use of potatoes and any dairy products. An exception can only be pure, natural cow milk, and it is not too often. In the dark, it is recommended to sleep as much as possible, so that the eyes rest in full.

Treatment of myopia in children

Children for the treatment of this disease will come up with such recipes:

  • camomile tea. Add 250 ml of boiling water to the chemist's chamomile and let it rest for half an hour. Then strain and take inside half a glass 3 times a day.
  • cherry leaves. Leave four cherry leaves in warm water for 10 minutes. For each eye to 2 sheets, leave for half an hour. It is better to perform before bedtime.
  • apricots. Fresh apricots to grind with walnuts 1: 1. Add 2 hours to the beaker of the resulting mixture. l. honey. Use 2 times a day for 2 tablespoons. l., mix with water.

Read it!Details about the treatment of myopia in pre-school children can be found here.

Folk remedies

In folk medicine, there are several recipes for internal reception, which effectively affect the eyes.


One of them consists of honey, fresh apricot and nuts:

  • a few fresh apricots put in a blender and mix with an equal number of nuts;
  • mix and add two small spoons of natural honey;
  • take the mixture daily, two teaspoons with a few sips of water.

IMPORTANT!Make sure that you are not allergic to honey, in order to eliminate the risk of acquiring a new health problem.

Honey and egg treatment

The recipe for drops.

  1. You need to cook a fresh hard-boiled egg, then separate the protein from the yolk.
  2. In the container put the protein and pour 1 hour. l. spoon of honey.
  3. Let it brew. Then merge into a clean vial.
  4. Eyes should be instilled in 2 drops 3 times a day.


The following recipe consists of carrot juice and butter:

  • pass a few fresh carrots through the juicer, draw 200 ml of juice;
  • add one tablespoon of any olive oil and mix thoroughly;
  • use one glass a day for a month after dinner.


Another means for treating myopia from the inside is blueberry tea. Blueberries are a very useful berry. It contains vitamins A, B and C, as well as trace minerals. There are many ways to treat blueberry sight. The greatest benefit is fresh.

  1. You can 1 tbsp. l. dried berries pour cold water overnight and let it brew, and swollen berries to use before breakfast.
  2. There is also a compress made of blueberries. Wash the berries, strain through gauze and dip into this juice a napkin or cotton swab, put on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water.

It can also be used as eye drops:

  • two tablespoons of leaves chop, the same number of berries fill with half a liter of boiling water;
  • add a teaspoon of finely ground licorice root;
  • mix and pour the entire mixture into a thermos bottle, leave for 30 minutes;
  • strain and drink tea four times a day for 150 ml.


The following remedy is used as eye compresses in the middle of the day, when the load on them is greatest:

  • take four medium, fresh cherry leaf and soak for ten minutes in warm water;
  • Put the leaves on your eyes and hold for half an hour, preferably before going to bed again.


Rosehip, which has a unique vitamin composition, in combination with nettle, has a beneficial effect on vision when treating myopia:

  • dry or fresh nettle, chop with a knife and mix with the hips of the dog rose;
  • pour herbs half a liter of boiling water and insist in a thermos for about two hours;
  • take a decoction of 200 ml at least three times a day.


Ophthalmic is used in the manufacture of many medicines for the eyes, taking it as a decoction, you will soon notice a significant improvement in the state of the eyes:

  • two tablespoons of the crushed plant, pour half a liter of boiling water and insist for half an hour;
  • strain, drink 50 ml three times a day before eating.

Eye drops are also made from the eyeballs, which are applied on a daily drop:

  • one tablespoon of the crushed plant, pour half a glass of hot water;
  • leave for 20 minutes, strain.


Needles are widely used in the treatment of various viral diseases, but it does not have the worst effect in treating the eyes:

  • collect a small amount of needles together with branches and needles;
  • chop, five teaspoons pour a little more than half a liter of water;
  • for 20 minutes, warm in a water bath, then cover and leave for six hours;
  • strain the broth, pour in a tablespoon of any honey;
  • use one tablespoon after meals at least three times a day;
  • a course of treatment is recommended for three months.


The following prescription of compresses for the eyes is known to every person, which means that he managed to prove himself as a sufficiently strong agent in restoring vision:

  • get green, leaf tea of ​​the highest quality;
  • two teaspoons pour a glass of boiling water, cover, insist for a quarter of an hour;
  • soak the cotton pads in tea and apply to the eyes for 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

IMPORTANT!Do not use cheap teas in bags for eyes, it is fraught with negative consequences and even chemical burns.


Cowberry, thanks to the vitamins and microcells contained in it, has a very positive effect on the blood supply to the retina of the eye and improves the condition of the whole eyeball:

  • two cups of fresh fruit mixed with a couple of full spoons of natural honey in a blender;
  • take the drug in three full spoons a day daily.

Flowers of marigold

For people who work quite a lot of time per day at the computer, it is highly recommended to use the following remedy, based on the flowers of the marigold:

  • collect a few flowers, tear them to the petals and dry them in a dark place;
  • Prepare a powder from the petals, at least half the glass should go;
  • take the powder in its pure form with water every day on a teaspoon, during the week.


If the use of cow's milk with short-sightedness is desirable to exclude, then the goat opposite will have a curative effect:

  • Serum from milk heat on a water bath for half an hour, not bringing to a boil;
  • dilute with the same volume of water at room temperature, drip two drops every evening;
  • treat for two weeks several times a year.


Rosemary has the properties to eliminate eye fatigue and significantly increase visual acuity:

  • get a rosemary in the pharmacy in dry form, if necessary, grind;
  • pour boiling water with a little less than half a liter of water, insist half an hour;
  • strain, blot in the broth discs from cotton wool and leave on the eyes for 15 minutes;
  • apply compresses daily, preferably before going to bed.


On the properties of cranberries can be told endlessly, this is a real storehouse of vitally important vitamins. In combination with honey, it has a tremendous effect in treating myopia:

  • juice of half a lemon mixed with 200 ml of boiling water;
  • add one glass of natural cranberry juice and one spoonful of honey;
  • take it every morning on an empty stomach, a course of at least two weeks.

The following compresses are taken without the use of any herbs and only with hot and cold water:

  • Prepare two containers with water 5 and 80 degrees in advance;
  • alternately dip a napkin and press it against your eyes for a minute with warm water and for half a minute with a cold;
  • repeat for three times.

IMPORTANT!Be extremely careful with cold water, do not press it for more than 30 seconds, so as not to catch your eyes.

In its pure form honey treats the eye no worse than in a complex of other herbs:

  • two teaspoons of natural, fresh honey filled with ten tablespoons of boiled water;
  • stir well until the lumps are completely dissolved;
  • drip two drops on one eye three times a day;
  • The course of treatment should be about two weeks, clearly following the regularity.

IMPORTANT!The composition is allowed to store in the refrigerator for no more than two days, after which to prepare a new one. Wait until the product has reached room temperature before use.


Plantain since ancient times is actively used for almost any medical purpose, no exception is the use of nearsightedness of the eyes:

  • collect a few fresh, medium leaves and dry in a dark place;
  • chop, two teaspoons of the plant, pour half a cup of boiling water in an enamel vessel;
  • heat on the stove, tightly covered with a lid for half an hour on a small fire;
  • stir frequently, after the preparation, strain;
  • take before eating a little less than half a glass daily.

Potato flowers

Potato is the source of vitamin C. It is useful in the content of starch, potassium, sugar glucose. When short-sightedness is necessary, put a dry flower of potatoes in a spoonful of water. Spoon hold over the candle so that the water does not have time to boil. Cool the resulting liquid and pipette your eyes. It is best in the morning for 2 drops in each eye. The procedure should be repeated from 2 weeks to 2 months. It all depends on the stage of the disease. There will be unpleasant sensations, but it is necessary to suffer.


Ordinary daisy, as well as plantain is acceptable for use in almost any disease. In the case of diagnosing myopia, improve their condition will help the next decoction:

  • a tablespoon of dried flowers pour a cup of boiling water;
  • cover, insist in a dark place for about half an hour;
  • strain, consume half the glass three to four times a day.

Other methods of treating myopia


In addition to treatment with folk remedies, it is recommended that you regularly perform sets of eye exercises:

  • you need to take a deep breath and look at the tip of your nose. Hold your gaze and breath for 6 seconds - exhale and look straight. Close your eyes and relax for a few seconds;
  • take a breath and look away to the right, with exhalation return it directly. And again, breathe in and take it to the left, we look straight at the exhale;
  • when you inhale, look in the right corner, when you exhale, look straight ahead. Similarly, do the exercise only to the left;
  • Look for 5 seconds on the drawn label on the window, and then into the distance;
  • Take a pencil in hand, pull out your hand, put it in front of your eyes vertically. Bring him to yourself until he starts to double. Exercise 7 times;
  • make an easy eyeball massage of closed eyes;
  • Close your eyes, then open them sharply. Do this for two minutes.

Treatment of myopia and spasm of accommodation according to Avetisov's method

The spasm of accommodation of the eye is manifested by myopia. In order to prevent a decrease in vision, a special technique with a focus on training the ciliary muscle and sclera has been developed. On the basis of each method, a whole group of exercises is formed, with the help of which the vision is partially or completely restored. Complexes of exercises are designed for daily execution, as a result of which is the result of recovery. Each person will be able to individually choose for themselves a suitable complex. Therapeutic exercises allow you to relax and relax, suitable for people with or without myopia.

Eye drops

Most often, eye drops are included in the composition of atropine - a substance that helps the eye return to its normal state. To help people with myopia become drops:

  • Emoksipin (bury daily for 30 days, 2 drops in each eye);
  • Vita-Yodurol (drip several times a day for 2 drops);
  • Quinax (2 drops 3-5 times a day);
  • Irifrin (1 drop 2-3 times a day);
  • Taufon (1-2 drops 2-3 times a day for 3 months).

Important!It should be remembered that drugs can have side effects and should be taken as prescribed by a doctor!

Conjunctivitis of the eye - drops

When treating bacterial conjunctivitis, you can use Tobrex and Albucid. If conjunctivitis is viral, then it is necessary to use Lokferon, Interferon, Ophthalmoferon and Rexod of. With allergic conjunctivitis appoint Poludan, Oftadek, Sofredeks, Floksal, Taufon, Tsiprolet. It is important to remember that a doctor should pick you a drop.

Operation and its consequences

The operation for myopia changes the optics of the eye. Therefore, all restrictions for people with this disease remain. No physical activity and long work at the computer. Since in the root it does not disappear even during surgical intervention. It may be necessary to do a re-operation if the doctors find a problem with the retina.

In the postoperative period, patients do not distinguish between the boundaries of flowers and objects. Dryness of the eyes is noted, conjunctivitis, swelling, hemorrhages, epithelial ingrowth and inflammatory processes may appear. Although successful operations are quite a high percentage, but much depends not only on the qualification of the doctor, but also on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Limit maximum use of the computer and watching television at least for the duration of treatment. Also, it is not recommended to read much, especially in the evening. Buy additional lighting devices so that your eyes never feel tired with lack of light, but also beware of its overabundance. Regularly take an examination with your doctor to monitor the course of treatment.

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