Manifestations and tactics of therapy of acute myocardial infarction of the posterior wall of the left ventricle

The heart is one of the most important organs in our body, which controls the competent functioning of our entire body.

That's why when there are failures in his work, it is necessary to sound an alarm and urgently turn to a professional, because the consequences can be extremely unpleasant.

First of all, today we will talk about acute myocardial infarction, which occurs on the back wall located in the left ventricle.


  • 1general characteristics
  • 2Prevalence
  • 3Causes and risk factors
  • 4Danger and consequences
  • 5Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • 6First aid
  • 7Tactics of treatment
  • 8Prognosis, rehabilitation and prevention measures

general characteristics

What do we mean by the term "heart"? First, it is the most important organ that influences thecorrect blood circulation and well-coordinated work of all organsgenerally.

Prevalence of the disease in RussiaSecondly, the heart itself is a muscular organ that is constantly compressed and unclenched. This means that it was formed quite good musculature, which has a transverse appearance and throughout life should protect the body from external influences.

Myocardial infarction is a disease thatit is very difficult and has the most unpleasant, frightening and unpredictable consequences. Most often, the cause of the development of this disease is caused by one of the possible causes of death of one of the sites of the heart muscles.

From other forms of heart attacks, this disease is distinguished by its seriousness. The fact is that after the back wall of the left ventricle ceases to function properly, processes in the body that lead to disruption of the functioning of certain organs are occurring.

It rejects the musculoskeletal system of the body, worsens the work of the speech apparatus, and other processes are possible.

Such a form of infarction is quite dangerous andmay result in a person's loss of legal capacityand getting a group of disabilities, so one of the most important roles is played by timely diagnosing of such a problem, careful medical supervision and prevention.


Unfortunately, myocardial infarction is a very common disease. According to statistical data, about 9 million inhabitants of our country per year experience this disease andabout 4 million citizens do not go on the amendment, which is followed by a lethal outcome.

Features of the disease and its dangerBased on the same statistics, at-risk groups are older citizens,over 55 years old. In men, this disease is much more common.

The most susceptible to the disease inhabitants of the southern regions, because due to the humid climate and high temperatures, there is an additional burden on the heart, which is more difficult to bear from year to year.

But residents of the middle zone of Russia and the Far North can incur this disease, leading a wrong way of life, overloading themselves too much and not normalizing the working day.

In young people, myocardial infarction is extremely rare and is the causehigh stress on the muscles of the heart, so in the risk group are athletes and representatives of professions associated with excessive physical exertion.

Causes and risk factors

One of the main reasons that can cause myocardial infarction of the posterior wall of the left ventricle isatherosclerosis. Unfortunately, almost everyone has this disease, and is in a state of hibernation. Atherosclerosis may not manifest itself throughout life, or it can lead to a full heart attack.

At risk are men who can become victims of a heart attack at the age of thirty. Women survive this disease after fifty.

If this illness was seen in your relatives, then take the time to standunder constant supervision of a doctor, heredity is one of the most important factors that provokes the disease.

Twice a year, take it.tests for the content of cholesterol in the blood. Increased content of it can also cause myocardial infarction of the left ventricle and its posterior wall.

Wrong way of life, which led to excess deposition of fat masses in the body, can also carry you to a risk group. People, leading a low-activity, reclusive way of life, deprived of constant contact with fresh and clean air can also be exposed to a heart attack.

Many doctors say that heavy smokers also increase the risk of a function of the posterior wall of the left ventricle.

At risk, and those who have suffered for many years fromhigh blood pressure or diabetes mellitus. Both are not the best way to affect the work of the heart, which leads to disastrous consequences.

If you find two or more symptoms, which could indicate that you may be under the influence of this disease - urgently consult a doctor and are under observation. It is best if you begin to change your lifestyle and at the same time implement all the doctor's preventive recommendations.

Danger and consequences

As a result of blood circulation disorders, which resulted from the death of one part of the heart, the back wall of the left ventricle, extremely unpleasant and undesirable consequences are possible.

What are the consequences of this dangerous stateSo, due to myocardial infarction on a certain part of the heart,gap. The consequence of this action is immediate death.

Unfortunately, the not yet healed tissue of the heart muscles is very weak, especially as a result of an experienced heart attack. This tissue can fuse if the treatment and treatment has been accelerated, and may begin to tear further, thereby disrupting the overall blood flow and the functioning of other organs.

Another phenomenon isventricular fibrillation.The circulatory system in these parts of our heart is disturbed, which leads to pain, muscle detachment, and untimely surgical intervention leads to death.

With improperly selected treatment continues to developthrombosis and acute cardiac aneurysm, which can also lead to death.

That is why,At the slightest manifestation of the symptoms of myocardial infarction, you should not postpone your visit to a doctorand to inspire oneself that bad health is not a consequence of a bad clinical picture.

Only your timely attention to your body can be saving and protect you from unpleasant consequences.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Like any other disease, myocardial infarction of the posterior wall of the left ventricle has its symptoms, according to which it is enough simply to reveal what disease is trying to capture your body.

Chest pain. Many write off unpleasant sensations on the lungs, especially heavy smokers, someone thinks that it hurts the bones or is just a cold thing, it's not so if your pain is of a periodical nature and reminds you several times a day with a short duration.

Also this pain hashard and piercing character, sometimes it becomes hard to breathe. This difficulty is characterized by the fact that the supply of blood is disrupted and, perhaps, for a while you will feel it.

Pain sensations are not localized in one place. Over time, with your ignoring, they begin to give in the hand, in the neck, in the chest, which increases the manifestation of pain.

Some patients note that they often felt,If someone presses on the heart inside or it contractsfor a few minutes, literally binding the person.

All these bells are signs of a developing disease in you.

Such a pain can not be tolerated- the more often it manifests itself, the more likely the fact that in the near future irreparable can happen. This is not the case when you can and should endure pain.

People who suffer from diabetes and do not feel the signs at all. Unfortunately, the pain sensations of such people are dulled, and they can not understand what is happening to their body in fact. That is why in medicine there is such a term as a painless myocardial infarction.

The common diagnosis of myocardial infarction with the help of an ECG makes it possible to assume this form of the disease, since the zone is invisible to the apparatus.

First aid

When a threat of a heart attack occursurgently need to go to the hospital. The resuscitation department prepares the patient for urgent surgery or in every possible way tries to push back the moment of meeting with the disease.

Only in the first few hours after the infarction began to be selected to your cardiovascular system, you can prevent the terrible by taking special medications.

When the threat of a premature infarction has passed, the doctors inject the patient with medications that are aimed at slowing the clotting of blood clots. This drug helps to regulate blood circulation and melt the already formed thrombi.

After this, the physician starts the usual treatmentin hospital mode, where the patient is already under constant surveillance.

Tactics of treatment

Basics of treatment of this form of MIIn the treatment of myocardial infarction, the posterior wall of the left ventricle is often usedbeta blockersand other drugs. By increasing the amount of oxygen in the body, doctors get a good blood thinning. At the same time, the need for the work of the heart is reduced and an extra load will be removed from it.

If there is no need for prolonged treatment, any cardiosurgeon will offer you an alternative method that involves performing a bypass operation.

During the operation, the heart works, the extra load is removed, the work of the blood flow improves. After the operation, the patient is prescribed bed rest and long-term follow-up.

Prognosis, rehabilitation and prevention measures

Many are afraid that after myocardial infarction they will not be able to live their usual life. It is difficult to answer this question accurately, because now you need to protect yourself, think more about your health and rest.

Therefore, if you have previously led an active lifestyle, you will have to give up a lot. But even so, he used to spend his life on the couch, will have a hard time. After all, now in your program for rehabilitation will include outdoor walks.

For those who did not get complications after a heart attack, it will be usefulexercise therapy, walking. If the patient does not notice pain and other inconveniences, in the form of shortness of breath, then recovery is better than successful.

Prevention and rehabilitation measuresDo not forget aboutmedicamentous treatment, because this is the basis of your recovery. If necessary, visit the procedures indicated by the doctor in the medical institution or you can take them at home.

Following the recommendations, you will quickly go to the amendment and forget about the unpleasant disease.

Be healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones
. Remember that everything is in your hands, so try to pay attention in time to the strange behavior of your body.

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