The sense of smell with a cold has disappeared

Why did my sense of smell disappear after a cold?

Such a problem, like the sense of smell after a runny nose, is very actual today and is encountered in practice more and more often. Often such a question is posed to people who have had a cold and can not fully recover. Loss of the sense of smell is an unpleasant feeling that can speak of the development of rhinitis. But as practice shows, with such a change in the body can quickly cope if you follow all the recommendations of a specialist. But in this case, self-medication is not recommended.

Runny nose

For a person, a natural condition is when he can distinguish and smell, otherwise he experiences discomfort.

The violation of the sense of smell is due to the fact that the norm has gone beyond the limits of the development of pathology. It is worth noting that if you do not feel at least one smell, then your body develops some problem that you need to notice in time and try to eliminate it.

What are the frustration with a cold

Loss of smellIn order to restore your sense of smell, first you need to identify what kind of violation you have. And only after that you can begin to be treated. To date, there are two types of disorders: first of all, anosmia, when the sense of smell is completely lost in the rhinitis, and hyposmia, when the ability to smell is only reduced.

But nevertheless, these are two serious diseases that can cause a lot of troubles and discomfort in the body. After all, a person without feeling any smells, can not fully live and perceive the world as he is.

The most important thing with the loss of smell - you do not need to panic and calmly take the whole situation and try to find the reason that caused this problem. If the loss of smell is associated with the disease, then no measures are taken when the disease has passed, everything will return to its proper place.

In order to regain the ability to smell, you need to do inhalations with menthol and lemon.

Often after five procedures a person again begins to smell. But if you are sure that your disease is not associated with a cold, then you need to turn to a neurologist for that the doctor conducted a computerized tomography of the brain, which will show why it was lost sense of smell.

Causes of loss of smell

A rhinitis is such disease when the person does not feel smells, often it is accompanied by a malaise, rise in temperature. The main reason that a person's sense of smell is lost is that the nasal mucosa is swelling. And if you put the wrong diagnosis, then the effectiveness of the fight against this disease can be minimized.

Cold is the cause of loss of smellWhen a person's sense of smell disappears during the runny nose, the cause of this phenomenon can be the following factors:
  • catarrhal diseases, such as acute respiratory infections;
  • chronic diseases associated with the nasal mucosa;
  • viral infections, such as ARVI or simple influenza;
  • allergic reactions;
  • inflammatory processes in the sinuses of the nose.

It can be noted that loss of the common cold often accompanies the appearance of rhinitis. But this development of the disease is not always observed. And in order to make a correct diagnosis, you need to contact the doctor. But if the sense of smell disappears after a cold, then it is restored a maximum of a week. If it has not returned within seven days, this indicates more serious diseases.

The ability to smell can also be lost due to age. The sense of smell worsens in the elderly. But there are reasons for this, for example, this phenomenon can be observed due to the fact that taste perception deteriorates. To prevent this from happening, people are encouraged to eat as many odorous foods as possible, such as ginger, dill, loops, cinnamon, vinegar, garlic, pepper, lemon.

How can I restore my sense of smell

Steam baths for olfactory recoveryIn order to restore the sense of smell, you need to conduct a few simple procedures. To begin with, soften the mucus with steam baths. Also, thanks to this procedure, you can clean the lungs and bronchi. It is necessary to carry out this procedure no more than three times a day for 20 minutes.

If you have dry skin, then before the procedure you need to lubricate the skin with cream. In order for steam to become more effective, it needs to add herbs. You need to breathe in the air with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Half an hour after the procedure you need to take a shower, just do not wet your head. After the shower, you need to stretch the body to improve blood circulation.

In order for a person to feel all the smells again, several procedures should be performed to restore the function of the mucosa, and only the doctor can do it. Restore the sense of smell can be either with the help of medicines, or with the help of traditional medicine, i.e. on grandmother's recipes.

But it is worth remembering that treatment should be prescribed by a doctor, often it consists of the following drugs:

  • naphazolin;
  • naphthyzine;
  • reserpine.

Of course, other drugs can be prescribed, it all depends on the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient. All of the above drugs are vasoconstrictors that have an effective effect on the common cold. But if too often use these drugs, the runny nose can only increase, as there will be swelling of the mucous membrane.

Boiled potatoes for olfactory recoveryWhen the sense of smell was gone, you need to use folk medicine in order to return it. Folk methods are good because they can not harm the human body, which is not to say about drugs. Very often, with the help of grandmother's advice, people managed to be cured much more quickly than after using medicines.

One of the most common ways to treat cold is inhalation. Inhalations are carried out thanks to oils and solutions, which are based on boiling water and natural ingredients. It is very effective and common inhalation on a dry couple from cooked potatoes. Probably, many people with this procedure are not connected with the best memories of childhood.

There are also several recipes, with which you can make drops for the nose at home. This requires camphor and menthol oil in equal proportions. In each nasal passage it is necessary to drip three drops three times a day.

Excellent smell test

Often people think that they have lost the sense of smell, but in fact it is not always so. That's why if you can not understand if you have lost your sense of smell or not, you need to conduct a test, which will be discussed below. Need to take turns to smell such items as alcohol, valerian and soap. If you are good at all the smells, then you have smell all right.

But that's not all, in the next stage of this test, you need to try to discern the smell of sugar and salt. When this test is over, it's time to proceed to the next one. You need to put in front of yourself perfume, onions, instant coffee, chocolate, braised match and thinner. Then you need to close your eyes and ask someone to serve you one by one. If you could recognize each of the smells without errors, then everything is in order with your sense of smell.

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If one of the levels of this test is not passed, then for sure you are not all right with the sense of smell and you need to consult a doctor.

The sense of smell was lost with a cold - what should I do?

lost the sense of smell with a cold, what to do

Do something, when the sense of smell disappears with a cold, I want it as soon as possible. Moreover, the constantly trickling trickle from the nose does not give rest, so still it is not possible to breathe a full breast. Fortunately, there are ways to return to normal life, and many of them are quite simple.

Why does my nose lose my sense of smell?

Smells are recognized due to a small portion of the mucosa in the upper nostril. Its structure is somewhat different. And if there are any changes in him, a person completely or partially loses his sense of smell or begins to feel all the smells more clearly than usual.

With a cold, anosmia occurs mainly on the background of the mucosal edema. Because of the latter odorous substances do not fall into the right zone. This condition is observed in ARI, acute respiratory viral infection, exacerbations of viral diseases, rhinitis of various origin and other similar ailments.

What to do if after a cold the sense of smell is gone?

For effective and prompt treatment it is necessary to determine what caused anosmia. Most often, vasoconstrictors help to restore the lost scent:

  • Reserpine;
  • Naphthysine;
  • Naphazoline.

But they have one drawback - they are very quickly addictive. And this means that the next time, when the nose gets smell, it will be necessary to look for new ways of treatment.

More loyal, but no less effective means - saline or herbal solutions. They must be used to wash the nasal mucosa. If this procedure is not suitable for one reason or another, you can replace it with drops and inhalations. For the latter, you can also use herbal preparations, but natural essential oils cure better. Excellent curative drops are obtained from freshly squeezed aloe juice, beets, Kalanchoe.

Recipe for lemon inhalation with anosmia


  • boiling water - 200 ml;
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice - 10 drops;
  • after a nose the sense of smell was gone What to do
  • mint essential oil - 3 drops.

Preparation and use

Juice and essential oil should be added to boiling water. Leave the mixture on fire for a while. And while all the components of the inhalation will evaporate, try to breathe deeply with your nose. Do the procedure for each nostril for four to five minutes.

In the event that the sense of smell is gone after a strong cold, it is recommended to undergo a complete examination. It is possible that the reason for polyposis. And this disease can not be cured without the help of surgical intervention.

Because of the common cold, the sense of smell was gone, tell me, please, how to get it back?



Simple prophylaxis - frequent airing of the apartment, the use of multivitamins, beekeeping products (honey, propolis, pergah, pollen), garlic, onions, lemons for food, reception BADs, frequent walks in the open air, general hardening - and you and your family will be under reliable protection, believe me - checked on my family and all my relatives and close.
With pain in the throat - just gargle with a solution - on a glass of warm boiled water - 1 teaspoon of salt and soda, and 1 teaspoon of tincture of propolis or calendula (that is at home). Rinse often - 5-8 times a day.
With a cold - Balsam "Revival" - anoint them with nasal passages, dilute the juice of red beets: with warm boiled water and drip them for 3-5 drops in each nostril, you can make garlic oil - crush 2-3 cloves of garlic, pour them with unrefined sunflower oil and let stand in a closed bowl for at least 15-20 minutes, then drain this oil and dig in the nose - 1-2 drops in each nostril 2-4 times in day. There are a lot of such recipes - but here they have resulted most effective and tested both on themselves and on their loved ones.


That's when the cold will pass, and the sense of smell will return itself. Really with you such for the first time?! At me at each cold


do inhalation with onions, it helped me


Urgently to the doctor!!! Forgot about the flu?


This is a temporary phenomenon. Restore immunity and everything will pass.


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Maria Level

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wash your nose!

How to regain your sense of smell with a cold?

How can I regain my sense of smell with a cold? This question is asked by many people who have experienced acute respiratory-viral diseases. This condition was experienced, probably, by every person throughout life. The reasons for this phenomenon can be different. It should be noted that there are two forms of loss of smell: congenital, almost not curable, and acquired - the consequence of injuries, tumors, which can be got rid of, but it will take a long treatment. The third form is short-term. It just arises because of infection in the body and is manifested by the reaction of the nasal mucosa - a copious secretion of secretion. Therefore, the receptors become less susceptible, the sense of smell becomes dull.

The problem of the common cold

You can restore your sense of smell in many ways: doctors recommend the use of medicines, healers - recipes of traditional medicine. But in either case, one should always consult a doctor, as some components of medications and "home remedies" can cause severe allergies. Therefore, in order not to cause more damage to the body, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

Medication for loss of smell

If the sense of smell has disappeared after the flu, ARVI, then certain medications will be needed for treatment. If the cause of malaise has become more serious problems, then self-medication in any case impossible. It is better to visit the hospital and ask the doctor to prescribe medications and dosage for the therapy.

Drug-induced cold managementTo restore the sense of smell, which was lost temporarily, you can apply the following drugs:
  • "Naphthyzine
  • "Nafazoline
  • "Reserpine
  • "Aqua Maris
  • "Euforbium
  • "Furacilin."

The first three are vasoconstrictive, which allows you to reduce the secretion of secretion, thereby the runny nose will quickly pass, and the sense of smell will recover. But these drugs develop rapid addiction, so after 5 days of their use should be discontinued.

The rest of the medications are more sparing, but they are much more expensive. But the effect of them is really very good. The runny nose disappears in a matter of days and the sense of smell is immediately restored.

Chamomile for the treatment of a cold
The main task of drugs - to remove swelling in the nasal cavity and reduce secretion, then the sense of smell will quickly recover.

The drug "Aqua Maris" is known to almost everyone. It can be used regardless of age. It well rinses the sinuses, contributes to the destruction of viruses and bacteria that have fallen on the nasal mucosa and caused irritation. Also, this remedy can be used as a prophylactic during the "quarantine period that is, in the autumn and in the spring. It is enough 2 times a day to spray with a spray in the nose and not worry about the appearance of a cold and the sense of smell will disappear.

How to regain sense of smell after a cold with the help of folk remedies?

All national recipes, of course, are effective, but to double the effect, it is better to apply them in parallel with drug treatment. Then the sense of smell will return much faster.

The healers say that from the simplest improvised tools you can make excellent drops that will help restore the sense of smell to a person who has had an infectious disease.

Camphoric and menthol essential oil in equal quantities. The mixture should be instilled in each nostril 2 drops 4 times a day. Essential oils can be used tea tree, sea buckthorn.

The doctor's consultationChamomile is the most famous antioxidant in the plant world. Chamomile broth in combination with mint and sage gives a good result. The rhinitis quickly disappears, the sense of smell returns after the lapse of 12 hours of applying drops. The composition is buried in the nostrils 7-8 times a day.

When the sense of smell is gone, salted water is a good help - an analog of the drug "Aqua Maris". Only such a solution prepared at home will be much cheaper. This will require 150 ml of water at room temperature and 1 hour. l. salt, better if it is with iodine. The agent does not need to be digested, the salt water must be inhaled so that it reaches the larynx. The procedure should be carried out very carefully, without haste, so as not to choke with the composition. Perform manipulation 5-6 times a day. You can not make too salty solution, it can burn the mucous and then the sense of smell will have to be restored by more radical methods.

One of the plants that is practically in every house, aloe. This is truly a storehouse of vitamins. You can restore the sense of smell with the help of aloe juice. For this, leaves of three years old and older need to be cut off, put for 5 hours in a cold place (freezer), after grinding and squeezing juice. Bury the agent in the nose 4 times a day for 3 days. On the second day the result will be seen.

In equal amounts, the juices of lemon and cyclamen are mixed. The composition is drawn into the nostrils.

Everyone known for his miraculous properties propolis will also help quickly get rid of the common cold and return the sense of smell. It must be mixed with vegetable and butter in the ratio 3. All components are thoroughly mixed, the composition is applied to cotton swabs, which are inserted into the nostrils for 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening.


Decoction of beet leaves with the addition of honey will help to remove swelling, reduce the secretion and restore the sense of smell in the rhinitis. Casting (150 g) should be washed, pour 300 ml of water, boil over low heat for 3 minutes. After the solution has cooled, add 1 tbsp. l. honey. In no case can you add honey to hot mixtures, while it begins to secrete poison. The composition needs to dig in a nose 5-6 times a day on a drop in each nostril.

According to healers, it helps a lot in the cold and is a great way to restore the sense of smell of celandine juice. But in this case, you should be very careful, because if you get on the mucous membrane, concentrated juice can cause a burn. Therefore, use it only diluted with distilled water in the ratio of 1 drop of juice for 1 hour. l. water. Drip this compound should not more than 3 times a day.

Onions for the treatment of a coldCabbage juice possesses an anti-inflammatory and restoring property.

Many people use onion juice. But here too, it is necessary to take precautions. It is the wrong dosage that often leads to burns. Onion juice is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 drop per 1 tbsp. l. water.

The easiest way to deal with the state when the sense of smell was gone is the boiled egg. They need to warm up the nasal sinuses through the scarf for 7 minutes 5-7 times a day.

Reducing the sense of smell in the cold will help aromatherapy

Essential oils restore the work of receptors, so applying them in combination with an aroma lamp also gives a good result both in treating the common cold and in restoring the sense of smell. Due to the rapid evaporation and the inhalation of fumes, the sense of smell appears already on the second day.

For the aromalamp, eucalyptus, menthol oil can be used. But it is possible to carry out such procedures only if the person does not have an allergic reaction to the components of the oils. Therefore, before using these tools, consultation with a doctor is mandatory.

What other means can I use to restore my sense of smell?

As mentioned above, the main task of any procedure is to reduce edema and secretion secretion. In this case, the heating with a table lamp very well. If there is ultraviolet, then the effect is achieved twice as fast. To perform the procedure, you need to sit at a distance of 25 cm from the lamp, send light to the nose area, the eyes should be closed. The procedure should be at least 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes. After a three-day application of manipulation, the sense of smell will return.

A good tool is not only to restore the sense of smell in the cold, but also to get rid of a cold - inhalation. For them, you can use a decoction of potatoes, sage, chamomile.


Loss of smell in the common cold is a fairly common phenomenon, which can be got rid of in a matter of days. The main thing is the regularity of the procedures and obligatory consultation with a specialist.

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