Treatment of sinusitis Komarovsky

Treatment of sinusitis and sinusitis by Dr. Komarovsky

Running form of rhinitis often causes sinusitis. This is what the famous doctor Komarovsky says, who believes that sinusitis and other diseases of the nasopharynx develop against the background of not completely cured infections.

The inflammatory process develops as a result of the entry of microorganisms into the area of ​​the paranasal sinus. Conduct treatment for maxillary sinusitis should be under the guidance of a doctor.

Including sinusitis and sinusitis can cause polyps in the nasopharynx, adenoids, curvature of the nasal septum. Similar pathologies occur in patients quite often.

Symptoms of the disease severely disrupt the respiratory process, promote stagnation of mucous clusters, including pus, and the development of inflammation. In addition to sinusitis, the patient can diagnose laryngitis, pharyngitis, frontalitis and other pathologies.

Symptoms of sinusitis can provoke and allergy. As Dr. Komarovsky notes, the treatment of the nasopharynx should be carried out only after the allergen has been eliminated, otherwise the therapy will not cause the desired therapeutic effect.

Symptoms of genyantritis

With the development of sinusitis in the patient, the following main symptoms are most often observed, which are listed in the video clip:

  • The body temperature rises;
  • The emotional state of a person is disturbed;
  • The patient feels a general malaise and weakness;
  • The appetite is disturbed;
  • Feel pain in the forehead, nose and cheeks, especially during lying and tilting forward.

In addition, Dr. Komarowski identifies such symptoms as headache, stuffiness in the ears, nasal voices. The patient strongly lays a nose, from the nose there are yellow-green or purulent mucous discharge.

If you notice symptoms of sinusitis or sinusitis, you should immediately seek medical help and begin the necessary treatment to prevent the development of complications.

What promotes the development of genyantritis

Reasons for the result

Doctor Komarovskythose that develops sinusitis and sinusitis, usually standard. The disease leads to a decreased immune system, frequent cooling, chronic respiratory illnesses.

The state of the environment also affects the patient's condition, sinusitis and sinusitis can cause gassed air and poor ecology.

Dr. Komarovsky recommends every day to monitor the air in the apartment, you need to use humidifiers and regularly conduct wet cleaning in the room.

Strangely enough, to provoke sinusitis and sinusitis can psychological disorders of health. For such reasons, Dr. Komarovsky considers frequent stress, being in a nervous environment, keeping an incorrect lifestyle, and not observing the regime of the day.

There are many cases when the disease could not be cured by any medicine, with a change in the situation, the health returned to normal. More information about the causes of the disease can be found in the video.

Diagnosis of the disease

In addition to

sinusitisAndart examination, sinusitis and sinusitis are diagnosed by X-ray examination. In rare cases, a medical-diagnostic puncture is used.

Polyps, cysts, curvature of the nasal septum can be identified using computer tomography. According to the analysis of blood, the doctor determines the degree of inflammation and the presence of allergens in the body.

To identify the causative agent of the disease, a laboratory analysis of the mucous secretions of the nose is carried out.

Dr. Komarovsky notes that the first symptoms are only an excuse for seeking medical help. Independently, the same illness can not be treated, since the cause of the ailment can be very different.

The doctor correctly diagnoses the disease, identify the cause of the violation of health and appoint competent treatment.

Treatment of the disease

If the disease has an initial mild form, treatment is usually performed with the help of medications.

  1. Vesicoureasing drugs stop inflammation of the mucosa and facilitate breathing.
  2. With the help of salt solutions, the nose is washed with sinusitis.
  3. In case of fever, the doctor may prescribe the use of antipyretic drugs.
  4. A complex of vitamins and minerals allows to strengthen the immune system and improve the overall condition of the patient.

Folk remedies also help to ease the patient's condition and stop the inflammatory process, detailed information and recipes can be found in video clips.

But treatment with home methods should be done only after consultation with the doctor.

When you should not stop a cold

notes that the discharge from the nose should not always be stopped. The fact is that any allocation is associated with a specific cause. Usually mucous membranes begin to actively produce mucus to protect the body from all sorts of irritants. Such irritants include:

  • Viruses and bacteria;
  • Dust and toxic substances;
  • Allergens.
Dr. Komarovsky recommendsWhen a runny nose appears during a cold illness, an active cold is associated with the need to destroy infections that have entered the body. It is mucus that contains substances that can stop the development of viruses.

If the runny nose in ARVI stops, these protective features are automatically blocked. Thus, Dr. Komarovsky recommends, during the cold, not to use drugs that eliminate the runny nose, so that the body can perform its own work independently.

If in the nasal sinuses begin to appear crusts and the patient begins to nasalize, the mucus can not cope with the infection and loses its protective properties. In this case, the clusters become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. The person starts yellow-white discharge, which indicates the development of bacterial infection.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the common cold should not be treated with a common cold.

If thick yellowish or purulent discharge appears, it is necessary to begin the appropriate treatment, so as not to cause the appearance of rhinitis, sinusitis or sinusitis.

Sinusitis and its types

With genyantritis, inflammation spreads to the epithelial cell layers, loose tissues under them, and blood vessels. Depending on the severity of the lesion, there are:

  1. Acute form of sinusitis, in which the symptoms and pain are pronounced.
  2. Chronic form of sinusitis, which develops against the backdrop of improper treatment.

In turn, the inflammatory process can be:

  • Catarrhal, when there is no pus in the mucous secretions, the inflammation covers the bone or periosteum.
  • Purulent, if the inflammation penetrates deeply, while purulent accumulations are observed in the mucus.

By spreading sinusitis can be one-sided if it affects one nasal sinus, and bilateral when both sinuses are affected.

Consequences of sinusitis

If you do not do treatment on time or do not treat properly, sinusitis can lead to serious complications. Violations of the respiratory system and internal organs include diseases such as:

  1. Chronic form of sinusitis;
  2. Tonsillitis;
  3. Bronchitis and pneumonia;
  4. Otitis;
  5. Etmoiditis, frontal.

In addition to violation of the respiratory system, sinusitis can affect other internal organs, causing such diseases as:

  • Meningitis, encephalitis in case of damage to the brain and its membranes;
  • Myocarditis in the pathology of the heart;
  • Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Sepsis;
  • Nephritis.

To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to consult a doctor in time and correctly conduct treatment, which, in fact, and will tell in the video in this article, Dr. Komarovsky.

How to cure sinusitis

Sinusitis is a common disease characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinus, which occurs in the acute, odontogenic, fungal, allergic, dontogenic forms. Timely determination of the disease, understanding what symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in children and adults is what is needed for recovery. The cause of the development is respiratory infection, allergic reaction, curvature of the nasal septum, chronic diseases of the oral cavity. Treatment consists in an integrated approach.

How to treat sinusitis in the home

An adult female genyantritis

Treatment of nasal disease consists of several areas, which are directed at all efforts in the treatment of sinusitis at home. Among them are:

  1. Elimination of the cause of the disease. In this case, drugs are prescribed that fight the causative agent of the disease: antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic.
  2. Removal of inflammation and improvement of the state of the sinus. For therapy, the washing of the nasal cavity, drugs with substances that promote the excretion of mucus are prescribed. Effective solutions from table salt and sea salt.
  3. Vasodilating drops. Used to improve drainage, as they remove puffiness of the mucosa. At home, broths are prepared for washing the nose with St. John's wort, propolis, Kalanchoe, Sophora, drops of eucalyptus, cyclamen. Sometimes a chestnut is used. Drainage as a treatment is more effective after washing with antiseptic agents, for example, Dauphin. Treatment of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses with the drug is without complications.
  4. Thermal procedures. Treatment at home involves warming the area of ​​the nose with dry heat. To do this, you need a warm egg, salt, blue bioptron lamp. Contra-indicated warming in the acute form of the disease.
  5. With severe pain, compresses with hydrocortisone and dimexide are made.
  6. The use of homeopathy, alternative treatments like leeches.

According to statistics, treatment with folk remedies has a positive result. There are a large number of drops, solutions for rinsing, compresses and ointments. Treatment is impossible without regular washing with a solution of sodium chloride before dropping drops. Home therapy excludes funds that cause the patient signs of intolerance. The proposed methods of treatment are suitable for adults and children alike.

Effective folk remedies

Folk remedies for treatment of genyantritis

Treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies, the most effective of which have been known for a long time, is the regular use of herbal remedies, compositions that do not cause complications. The proposed methods are good if the disease is treated without punctures in the future. Among traditional medicine, the following are distinguished:

  1. Application of inhalations with propolis. The cooking scheme is simple: in a saucepan it is required to boil two liters of water. Add two teaspoons of spirituous tincture of propolis. After the pan is removed from the fire. The patient breathes the ferry, bending over the pan. He holds his head above the pan and covers the top with a blanket.
  2. Preparation of drops on the basis of honey. Grass celandine finely chopped, mixed with honey and aloe juice in equal amounts. It is buried in two or three drops in each nostril. The daily rate is three to five times. Contraindications for allergic reactions.
  3. Application of rosehip oil. Therapy of sinusitis at home is effective when using rose hips or sea buckthorn oil. Drops are digested three times a day, have a facilitating effect. Effective in acute, chronic and purulent maxillary sinusitis. Do not bury children under two years of age.
  4. Use of herbs. The herbal collection is taken internally. It is allowed to use in the absence of intolerance. The recipe is generally available: you will need to put two or three spoons of chamomile, sage, lavender, eucalyptus or St. John's wort in glassware. Grasses are thoroughly mixed, the prepared collection is poured with two liters of boiling water, and then it is infused at room temperature. The broth is taken one hundred grams every three hours. Treatment of maxillary sinusitis in adults at home involves a course within 14 days.
  5. Compresses made of clay. In hot water, 50 grams of clay are mixed. Two pieces of gauze are wetted in vegetable oil and superimposed on the nose. Clay is applied to the nose over the gauze. Compress in case of illness lasts thirty minutes.
  6. Compress from laurel leaves. A branch of leaves is flooded with water, brought to a boil. It's getting cold. In the finished solution, a napkin is wetted and applied for one hour on the sinuses of the nose. The face is covered with a towel from above.


Antibiotics treat the disease only with bacterial form. The use of drugs in other forms leads to side effects. The bacterial form is formed due to the growth of streptococcus bacteria, staphylococcus, so antibiotics are selected with the content of active substances. These can be funds of the penicillin group - Amosin, Ampicillin, Amoxiclav, Ecoclav, Dolphin; macrolides - "Sumamed", "Macropen", "Clarithromycin"; fluoroquinolones - "Ofloxacin", "Lomefloxacin".

Antibiotic Claritomycin with genyantema

Medicinal preparations

Treatment of chronic sinusitis in adults involves the use of "Bioparox". The drug is used for inhalation, in neglected forms, the drug is administered through the nose. The doctor appoints the dosage individually. Treat without a puncture sinusitis is well ointment Vishnevsky, which has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect. Relieves exacerbation, eliminates the need for piercing. Quickly relieves the cold at an early stage.

An interesting method of combating sinusitis was suggested by Professor Neumyvakin: treatment of the disease consists in applying hydrogen peroxide (3%), because it is a strong antiseptic, coping with any form of the disease. Treatment of the sinusitis of the house consists of rinsings and instillations of drops. One or two drops are instilled. The daily rate is two to three times. For the solution, the peroxide is diluted with water in equal amounts.

Features of treatment of sinusitis

The peculiarity of treatment in adults at home and during inpatient treatment is a combination of different methods - taking medications, physiotherapy, and other procedures. The initial stage can be treated quickly, does not require antibiotics, just follow the recommendations. The sinusitis can be left-sided, right-sided or spread to both sides. After treatment of sinusitis it is important not to get sick again.


To treat without a puncture the chronic form of a genyantritis it is possible by means of brainings of sinuses, application of the medical products directed on excretion of a sputum: for this purpose mucolytics are registered. Flushing is carried out by weak solutions of table salt at home or saline solutions at a reception with an otolaryngologist. As an auxiliary therapy, vitamins, fortified preparations are taken.


Acute antritis often has a two-sided shape. Therapy is aimed at eliminating a purulent focus, consists of general physiotherapy, the use of local and anti-inflammatory drugs. The drugs are aimed at excretion of sputum and improvement of breathing. Effective are drugs for removing pus through the mouth. The course of treatment lasts 2 weeks.

Treatment of sinusitis in a hospital

Treatment of sinusitis in the hospital

In the hospital, the treatment takes place according to a scheme in which antibiotics, washing, drops, physiotherapy are simultaneously involved. A special device, known as the "Cuckoo", removes purulent discharge from the nose without a puncture. The action of the device resembles a domestic wash, but they use antibiotics, soothing mucous compositions, saline solutions. Get rid of sinusitis will forever help modern tools and techniques.

With the help of a puncture

Puncture is a simple operation, during which purulent accumulations with clots of blood are removed from the sinuses. After the puncture, the sinuses are washed abundantly with saline solution with the addition of medications. It is prescribed only in the absence of the result of medical treatment after ultrasound. Punctures are used in the treatment of illness for adults and children, the soreness is average, it all depends on the sensitivity of the patient.


Treatment with a laser method promotes rapid recovery without further complications. This is a non-surgical method that does not require in-patient treatment. The laser eliminates puffiness, promotes the excretion of sputum. Treatment consists of several procedures in the interval of 1-2 weeks, while the patient does not feel any discomfort. The procedure has a quick, painless rehabilitation period.

How to treat sinusitis in pregnancy

Pregnant girl is bad

During the period of gestation and lactation, the treatment of the disease involves carrying out lavage and taking medicines based on medicinal plants (homeopathic). Severe forms of the disease allow the doctor to prescribe antibiotics, but not a puncture. Safe therapy is the use of "cuckoo". If the temperature rises, wipes with a damp sponge help, a cool shower.

What will happen if you do not treat a genyantritis

Lack of timely treatment leads to the development of a chronic form, in which there are regular headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, purulent mucus with an unpleasant odor. Later the development of sinusitis leads to osteoperiosty, meningitis, sepsis, neuritis, purulent otitis. Proper treatment eliminates complications, saves from pain.

Video on how to cure maxillary sinusitis without puncture

Want to know all about how to treat sinusitis in children, adults? Are you interested in modern methods of getting rid of the disease in adults? Presented below videos will reveal all the secrets, help to make a coherent picture of the disease and follow recommendations to forget about the disease, do not remember more about medications, procedures, hospitals, punctures.

Komarovsky on the symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in children

How to treat sinusitis in adults

Feedback on treatment methods

Olya, 23 years old: I suffer from childhood, acute catarrhal form of sinusitis due to untimely treatment has developed into chronic. When there is a strong cold and the symptoms of sinusitis I use Vishnevsky ointment. Ointment warms the sinuses of the nose and promotes the excretion of phlegm. For a week I completely recover and return to work. Together with ointment I do inhalations and lavages.

Anatoly, 30 years old: What is the genyantritis I learned just recently, delayed with treatment. The doctors were sent for surgery (puncture). Friends advised to use the cuckoo, helped, pus left without surgery. I expected strong pains, but it did.

Anna, 34 years old: A child often picks up colds from children. This time the rhinitis has passed in a genyantritis. She refused antibiotics and drugs and decided to use folk remedies. The child was helped by aloe juice and inhalation. In addition, she made decoctions of medicinal plants.

Symptoms of sinusitis in a child, treatment of children

treatment of sinusitis in children

Genyantritis is a disease of the nasal cavity, which has an inflammatory character. The disease affects not only adults but also children. To eliminate all of its unpleasant symptoms, you can use medicines or folk remedies. To achieve maximum effect, the doctor can prescribe a comprehensive therapy.

Main features

The disease can develop in children of different age groups in different ways. Of course, these differences are minor, but it is important to know them for the timely detection of sinusitis.

sinusitis in the child symptoms and treatment

What antibiotics for genyantritis and sinusitis should be used, you can learn from the article.

Identification of signs of the disease in children under one year old

At this age, children can not tell themselves what hurts them, what feelings they visit. But there are a number of signs that each mother will be able to give a correct assessment of the situation. They include:

  • bad sleep, the child is inactive, he always wants to sleep;
  • obstruction of the nasal passages, as a result of which the baby has a nasal voice and difficult breathing;
  • from the nose comes a large number of mucous secretions, which have a purulent character;
  • body temperature can rise to a level of 38 degrees.

How often sinupret can be used for sinusitis is indicated in this article.

However, the nasal sinuses at this age are not yet formed! Therefore, higher signs can be evidence of other diseases. But in any way a genyantritis.

Genyantritis in a child symptoms and treatment for up to 1 year

Detection of signs of the disease in children 5, 6-7 years

To manifest an ailment at this age begins to be more active. Here his symptoms depend on a kind of pathology.

How to treat bilateral sinusitis is indicated here in the article.

Acute form

If the disease is acute, the child often complains of the following symptoms:

  • discharge from the nasal passages and poor nasal breathing;
  • sensation of tension in one or two sinuses of the nose;
  • pain in the cheekbones, head.If there is unilateral sinusitis, then only one part of the face can be affected.When a bilateral is diagnosed, the entire face is involved in the pathological process;
  • toothache, which only increases when chewing;
  • headache. In the affected sinus, pus is concentrated, which leads to internal pressure in the sinus, and this provokes a pain syndrome.

How long it is possible to use sumamed at a genyantritis, it is specified in the description to the given article.

On the video - the symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in a child:

Manifestations of chronic disease

The development of the disease in chronic form occurs as a result of negligence of the parents and does not respond to the alarming symptoms of acute sinusitis. As a result, the disease goes into a chronic stage.

Manifestations of this form of sinusitis in a child are characterized by symptoms of the disease in the acute stage, only now they are less pronounced. Unpleasant signs can visit the baby for a long time. The stage of remission alternates with exacerbation. During this period, the necessary processes are started in the mucous system. As a result, the body's defenses will weaken.

Manifestations of chronic sinusitis

Manifestation of various forms of the disease

Sinusitis in children 5-7 years old is divided into cat, purulent and viral. For the first species is characterized by an acute course, the bone and periosteum are involved in the process. Purulent discharge from the nose may be absent. Purulent form of the disease is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, purulent discharge with a smell from the nose.

Is it contagious if you read this article.

According to the type of inflammation, sinusitis is divided intocatarrhalandpurulent. In viral sinusitis, the voice changes in the child, the discharge from the nose can contain bloody clots, pain pressing pressure "behind the eyes."

Manifestation of various forms of sinusitis

Manifestation of a disease without a cold

At this age, the present ailment can occur without a cold. In this case, parents should know the symptoms, so as not to miss the precious time and start the necessary treatment.

For those who want to know what dangerous sinusitis is worth reading this article.

  • a slight rise in temperature, which can last for several days;
  • permanent nasal obstruction. Runny nose does not leave the baby for a week;
  • pains in the head, which are aggravated by movement;
  • painful sensations in the jaw during chewing;
  • The x-ray image of the sinus will be presented in the form of dense opaque spots.

Infecting the sinusitis can children who have very low immunity due to the presence of a concomitant disease:

  • adenoids of 2-3 degrees;
  • allergic diseases, in which the children have swelling for a long time;
  • various polyps, which are diagnosed as chronic sinusitis;
  • congenital curvature of the septum of the nose.

To distinguish a common rhinitis from a genyantritis is very simple. During rhinitis, the baby has a stuffy nasal passages. With genyantritis they are laid in turn.

How long can I use for maxillary sinusitis amoxicillin is indicated in this article.

Therapeutic events

If you managed to recognize the symptoms of sinusitis in time, then do not delay with treatment. Do self-medication here is unacceptable, you can use only those remedies that the attending physician will recommend.

Therapy of a viral disease

To eliminate all unpleasant manifestations of the viral disease, it is necessary to perform complex treatment. It presupposes:

  • Use of medicines, whose action is aimed at eliminating symptoms;
  • local activities whose purpose is to strengthen immunity;
  • The doctor appoints surgical treatment extremely seldom and that only in case of acute necessity.

What kind of drops in the nose with antibiotics from sinusitis should be used, indicated in the description in this article.

On the video - genyantritis in children, symptoms and treatment for Dr. Komarovsky:

Medication intervention

When treating childhood genyantritis, doctors often prescribe certain drugs. In this case, the specialist takes into account the general well-being, the age of the patient, the stage and form of the disease. For this reason, self-medication is excluded. The effective drugs include:

  • use of drops and sprays;
  • taking antibacterial medications and antibiotics;
  • physiomanipulation.Medication for sinusitis

The most effective vasoconstrictive drops include the following:

  • Sanorin;
  • Naphthysine;
  • Nazivin;
  • Halazolin;
  • Ximelin.

These funds allow you to quickly release nasal breathing. But the use of drops is not recommended for a long time. For a child, vasoconstrictor drops should be obtained in the form of a spray or aerosol. Thanks to this effect will occur faster. All the medicinal components will be distributed evenly and in the exact dosage.

What temperature can be at an inflammation of a genyantritis, it is specified in given clause or article.

The doctor can prescribe the baby treatment with antihistamine, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Thanks to them, it is possible to eliminate the first signs of pathology. The most effective are usually Protargol and Kollargol.

The video tells how to treat viral antritis:

In modern medicine, there are antibiotics that have a local effect. They include Isofra, Bioparox. Excellent effect has a means of plant origin - Sinuforte. Its composition presupposes the presence of therapeutic substances of the cyclamen tubers.

How to use thuya oil for sinusitis, you can find out from this article.

When there is an advanced stage of the disease, antibiotics can not be avoided here. To children, a doctor can prescribe such medicines:

  • Macrolides;
  • Cephalosporins;
  • Amoxicillin.medicines for the treatment of genyantritis

It is necessary to use UV irradiation, UHF currents when treating pediatric sinusitis. But the effectiveness of the implemented activities will be noticeable when combined with drug treatment.

Antihistamine treatment is advisable to appoint, provided that provoked the formation of an allergic reaction or poisoning the body. Thanks to such medications, it is possible to eliminate the swelling of the mucosa. The most popular are:

  • Clarotadine;
  • Erius;
  • Cetrin.

People's Aid

It is possible to resort to alternative medicine for the treatment of pediatric sinusitis, but only after agreeing all the activities with the doctor. Effective are inhalations, home-made drops and medicinal infusions.

The video tells how to treat sinusitis in a child with folk remedies:


This treatment option is considered the most effective. To prepare the formula, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Decoction of pine buds. The main ingredient is sent to a pan, pour water and boil. Inhale couples for 15 minutes, and then put the baby under the blanket. After such a procedure, relief comes instantly.
  2. Propolis. In boiling water send ½ dessert spoon of propolis tincture. Inhale the vapor for 10 minutes and the sinusitis will completely disappear. This kind of inhalation is considered the most effective. It is actively used for acute inflammation of the nasopharynx and bronchi.inhalation of sinusitis for a child

Homemade Drops

At home, you can prepare the following effective drops for the nose:

  1. Combine in the same amount tincture of eucalyptus and tea. Drip the nose 3 times a day for 2 potassium.
  2. Cyclamen juice- an effective tool that in a short period of time relieves the child of all unpleasant symptoms. To drip the juice you need 2 drops in both nostrils. After 5 minutes the child begins to sneeze, sweat profusely, and from the nose will come out thick yellow-green discharge.
  3. Mix the juice of aloe, mountaineer, onion and calanchoe. Producing the procedure you need 2 times a day. After that, warm the baby's sinuses with a blue lamp.Homemade drops from genyantritis

Means for internal reception

With genyantritis, the child can be given the following folk remedies:

  1. Take 100 sugar powder, water and finely chopped pine needles. All combine in a container, which will need to be installed in the oven. Prepared formula to consume 20 ml 3 times a day.
  2. Collection of herbs, which includes eucalyptus, chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, lavender, string. Pour the herbs 2 liters of water, insist, strain and give the child 100 ml 6 times a day.Collection of herbs, including eucalyptus, chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, lavender, a string of sinusitis

Help for Dr. Komarovsky

Dr. Komarovsky does not recommend giving the child antibiotics immediately, when the runny nose lasts only 3 weeks and there is no pain and no temperature. Viral sinusitis does not require antibiotics and punctures. When prescribing antibiotics before the formation of a viral infection, the probability of complications can be increased several times.

Dr. Komarovsky also does not recommend inhalation and warming up. In acute maxillary sinusitis, all symptoms leave the baby after 3 weeks. If during this time, the disease can not be cured, then it is not bacterial, but allergic sinusitis. The doctor suggests first to use the usual saline solution for washing the nose and vasoconstrictor droplets. If the child has increased temperature and pain, then you can proceed to more decisive actions.

On the video - the symptoms and treatment of sinusitis in children Komarovsky:

By itself, sinusitis is a very serious illness, and especially when it affects the children's body. To joke with this illness it is not necessary, as after there can be irreversible consequences. Once you notice the baby's symptoms, immediately go to the clinic to a specialist for an accurate diagnosis and the appointment of further treatment.

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