Violation of the main muscle in men: symptoms and prevention of heart failure

The heart failure syndrome develops as acute or chronic, but in any case requires the most serious attitude, medical supervision and following all recommendations, as it can only mean one thing - the heart muscle is damaged, the violations concern the entire cardiovascular system.

The highest percentage of deaths and sudden deaths are due to heart diseases that cause this syndrome.


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    • 1.1 Common symptoms
    • 1.2 Differences between male and female disease
  • 2 As noted imperceptible
  • 3 first alarming symptoms
  • 4 failure When to rush to the doctor
  • 5 heart does not forgive negligence


Despite the fact that men are much more likely to suffer fromthis syndrome, he overtakes them more often for 10 - 15 years earlier than women, the symptomatology of heart failure in both sexes practically does not differ.

Consider the common first signs of heart failure and individual symptoms in men.

Common signs

  • Shortness of breath : the first thing a person experiences, the tissues of which do not receive the right amount of oxygen. At first the person "suffocates" only after serious physical exertion, then even in peace he can not breathe deeply and evenly.
  • Painful sensations : a burning sensation in the chest in the region of the heart, pressing pain, giving away in the left hand, under the scapula on the left. This symptom is caused by spasm of the coronary arteries, the result of which can be a heart attack.
  • Cough : abnormalities in the operation of the left ventricle can cause stagnation and accumulation of fluid in the lungs, which, when exerted, causes a dry, "persistent" cough.

    Patients rarely complain about this symptom, as they write off cough for any other diseases, except for heart and vascular diseases.

  • Edema : both in men and in women, one of the first alarm signals is small edema of the feet and ankles, sometimes - the shins that appear in the evening. They are usually credited with fatigue, long staying on their feet, in tight shoes. In the beginning, this swelling per night subsides, but with the progression of insufficiency, it takes more and more time.
  • Nausea : fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity, which causes nausea, with an acute course of the attack - vomiting.
  • Dizziness, loss of sense of balance : these symptoms are associated with insufficient blood supply to the brain.

See a video about chronic heart failure:

Differences between male and female disease

  • Age : in men, heart failure manifests itself 10 to 15 years earlier than in women. The first signs often appear already in 40 -45 years.
  • Ischemia : Insufficiency in men develops against the background of coronary heart disease caused by tobacco smoking, frequent use of alcohol, severe physical stress and stress.
  • Pain : Numbness and pain in the left arm, neck, jaws on the left, men experience more women, who are more worried about the edema of the legs and tachycardia.
  • Potency : most men experience serious problems with potency, erections may not be at all.

In general, the differences in symptoms are associated only with the perception of feelings to patients.

Fatigue and increased fatigue of men are attributed to the increased stresses , overweight, which also appears in case of insufficiency, cyanosis and a growing abdomen are attributed to an incorrect lifestyle, dry cough - nicotine addiction.

To doctors, a strong half of humanity gets only in case of an attack, when acute heart failure develops.

Mortality in men is much higher, which is due to problems not identified in time, lack of prevention and treatment.

How to notice the inconspicuous

The first, unobtrusive signs of heart failure in men, which is very important to pay attention - is an increase in fatigue and persistent fatigue .Of course, you can not discount the age, serious physical stress and stress of modern life. However, just like this, with increasing fatigue, the "first bell" of heart failure also sounds.

Insignificant, but very important for diagnosing at the first stage such symptoms as:

  • fast fatigue;
  • weakness;
  • apathy;
  • loss of appetite;
  • severity and swelling of the legs;
  • cyanosis of the mucous membranes, lips, pallor of the skin.

If the nervous or physical overtaxis overtakes a man after 35 years more often than once a month, disappears appetite, the legs of begin to swell, doctors should be consulted to exclude heart problems or begin treatment.

In this video, you will learn why edema begins to develop in heart failure:

First anxious manifestations of

deficiency If the man has ignored the first, almost imperceptible symptoms, heart failure can manifest itself at any moment so that a person is on a hospital bed.

  • Dizziness, fainting, fainting : this can happen at home, outdoors, when leaving a room or in public transport.

    And very rarely there is a person who can distinguish fainting from a heart attack, to help.

    The consequences are extremely serious, saving lives depends on the correct actions in the first minutes of the attack.

  • Arrhythmia or tachycardia , irregular heartbeat rhythm, sensation of cardiac arrest.
  • Shortness of breath , increasing day by day, first with loads, then - and at rest.
These symptoms require immediate examination, diagnosis and the appointment of proper treatment, constant monitoring of physicians.

When to rush to the doctor

Heart failure - a syndrome that increasingly leads a strong half of humanity to disability, disability, it becomes the cause of death.

Immediately call a physician if sensations such as:

  • occur; sudden shortage of air;
  • sharp pain under the scapula, in the left arm, numbness;
  • a feeling of discomfort in the heart area;
  • fear, most often the fear of death after a sudden nightly awakening( lack of oxygen causes the brain at critical moments to experience exactly this feeling, as noted by cardiologists);
  • nausea, vomiting, sometimes diarrhea along with arrhythmia and chest pain.

Men should definitely come to see a therapist who will decide whether to hospitalize or send them to a cardiologist. Sometimes men who suspect an attack of osteochondrosis, lose precious minutes and hours in queues to a surgeon or neurologist .

The first specialist should be the therapist, and even better - the therapist - the cardiologist.

The heart does not forgive carelessness

To become utterly helpless, to live, fearing any physical exertion, without friendly gatherings and constantly restraining oneself in everything - a situation more terrible than a man can not imagine anything.

It should be remembered:

  • acute heart failure develops almost instantaneously against a background of heart attack, poisoning, inflammation, stress.

    From the first symptoms in men and women to a critical condition and a lethal outcome without medical intervention passes from 1 hour to 2 days;

  • chronic can last for years, the symptomatology is smoothened, but almost all organs and vessels are destroyed, causing all new chronic diseases, without the help of doctors, there is a high probability of sudden cardiac arrest, a fatal outcome may result in inflammation, exacerbation of kidney or liver disease.

The heart is exposed to many loads every second , it reacts to any external influence, it should take care that this "engine" works as long as possible, take care of it carefully and do not forget that a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, rejectionBad habits will help to keep men's health for many years to come.

In conclusion, see the program in which the professor and the doctor of medical sciences will describe the illness:

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