Varicocele in men: symptoms of all stages, diagnosis and photos

Varicocele( or varicose veins), is considered one of the most common diseases among men. The clinical picture seems to be the expansion and increase of venous vessels, the task of which is to drain blood from the canal and testicles.

Often men do not seek help from specialists, experiencing minor discomfort and aching pain in the scrotal area. Learn about the presence of pathology by accident, during an examination associated with another disease.

In addition to pain, which increases with walking, sexual intercourse and physical exertion, the consequence of pathology is infertility. Varizzocele in men develops in four stages, each of which has its own symptoms.


  • 1 Levels and their characteristics
    • 1.1 First( 1)
    • 1.2 Second( 2)
    • 1.3 Third( 3)
    • 1.4 Fourth( 4)
  • 2 Testicular localization
  • 3 Diagnostic measures

Degrees and their signs

Pathology relatedwith the blood vessels of the genital organs. There is

in 20% of men , with teenagers first in the risk zone( puberty).On the causes of varicocele in adolescents read in a separate material.

Progression in boys begins after sports loads and leads to complications that threaten infertility. Therefore, it is very important to know the symptoms of this disease in order to act in time.

First( 1)

There are no changes in the thrombose weave of the blood vessels. The patient can feel a small discomfort , the manifestations of which connects with other causes. At this stage, the disease can be held for a long time, only provoking factors will lead to its aggravation.

Complications occur after:

  • of a prolonged stressful condition;
  • subcooling;
  • received injuries;
  • immunosuppression.

The first stage is distinguished by the impossibility of visual determination of pathology.

Second( 2)

Symptoms of the 2nd degree for the patient differ little from the first. The only distinguishing feature is bulging of veins , which can be observed through the thin skin of the genital organs.

The temperature rises, inflow of nutrients is limited, because of which the decreases the number of spermatozoa.


A man begins to periodically feel neurological pain, which is exacerbated by the flow of blood to the dilated veins of the .Part of the scrotum, affected by varicocele, increases, and on its surface is clearly expressed venous pattern.

Discomfort is more evident:

  • in hot weather;
  • long-term holding in standing or sitting position;
  • late in the evening.
Unpleasant sensations also interfere with a man in high-grade sex, because of what many begin to complain of a reduced potency.

Fourth( 4)

It is considered the last( started) stage of varicocele, in which the patient experiences constantly present pain .

The crimp of the blood vessels, as well as the resulting edema, cause to increase the volume of the scrotum , while the testicle itself decreases.

Regardless of the patient's accepted position, the contours of the veins begin to be very prominent.

In this photo you can see how the symptoms 1, 2, 3 and the 4th degree of varicocele in men in the groin look to better understand what it is. Minor and nervous look is not recommended!

Stages of the disease in the photo

Localization in the testicle

Varicocele is divided into the types of localization: left-sided( 88% of cases), right-sided( 3%), bilateral( 9%):

  • Left-side .Most of the painful sensations appear in the men on the left, where the renal vein is located, which contacts with a number of passing vessels that have pinched it. This is explained by the physiological structure of the genital organs and blood vessels in them.
  • Right-hand .Varicocele on the right is very rare, with no significant symptoms. Present discomfort, expressed by drawing pain, manifests itself only after physical exertion.
  • This pathology is not considered an independent disease. Its manifestations are affected by genetic abnormalities or the acquisition of venous insufficiency, which is provoked by malnutrition, work in a sitting position or lack of physical activity.
  • Two-way .It is caused by impairments, which are provoked by the widening of the veins between the testicle and the inguinal ring. Pain symptoms are more apparent on the left, due to the considerable length of the venous trunk, so the disease is often diagnosed as left-sided.

Photo varicocele on the left, right and both testicles are presented below. It is not recommended to look weak-hearted, just like a minor!

Different location of the veins in the photo

You can read about the causes, dangers and methods of treatment varicocele in separate articles and look at the video:

Diagnostic measures

Diagnosis depends on the degree of development of the pathology:

  1. Men rarely consult a specialist because of discomfort,but even those who apply face problems with diagnosis. Since at the current stage of the disease all symptoms are hidden, is diagnosed using palpation or visual observation, it becomes impossible to .Identify this pathology can only be using Doppler ultrasound or ultrasound.
  2. Beginning with the second degree, the therapist can perform diagnostic tests visually or by probing the testicles .The only condition, the patient, should be in a standing position.

    The diagnosis is confirmed after the instrumental examination( ultrasound and dopplerography) and sperm delivery for analysis. Confirmation of the diagnosis indicates the progression of the disease.

  3. In addition to instrumental examination and sperm analysis, it is possible to diagnose varicocele in the doctor's office. The pathology in the scrotum is visible regardless of the position of the patient .With the help of palpation, the doctor determines the size of the testicles, as well as the extent of the veins.
  4. The neglect of the disease is visible without additional diagnosis( probing or equipment).Complaints about often throbbing pains, highly dilated veins of testicles or seminal ducts give the the ability to quickly establish a diagnosis of .

There are no threats to the life of a patient with varicocele, so many men with this problem prefer to avoid the doctors side. Ignoring the treatment leads the most innocent form of the disease to the last stage, and the result is childlessness.

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