Coding from alcoholism: how it happens, types, methods, price, harm

Coding from alcoholism is one of the methods of treatment of pathological passion for alcohol that dates back to the 1940s.last century. But in the East it was used by shamans and priests for many centuries. The basis of coding is the principle of aversion therapy( from the Latin "aversio" - disgust).Encoding promotes the development of a negative conditioned reflex from a drinking person to alcohol.

Russian scientist IP Pavlov supported the theory that any person belongs to the animal world and most of his actions and behavior are determined by reflexes - unconscious reactions of the body to external stimuli.

For the suppression of craving for alcohol, use strong and poisonous drugs and drugs that are incompatible with sharing with alcohol. At the coded person the state of health worsens, there is a fear, palpitation, a dyspnea or short wind and so on. One of the main coding for alcoholism drugs is disulfiram and its derivatives - esperal, antabus, tetura.

With the aim of introducing emotion of fear, the prohibition of alcohol consumption in the mind of an alcoholic, the coding from alcoholism is hypnotized. In the consciousness of the patient an associative relationship of alcohol with fear, pain, and the danger of poisoning is formed. The methods of exposure to hypnosis are hard and soft. And the best combination of alcohol coding is carried out with a combination of medicament and psychotherapeutic methods.


How is the encoding for alcoholism

The coding procedure combines the introduction of a medical product and immersion of a client into hypnotic sleep. The strong substance starts to act, and the psychiatrist, in parallel with this, causes the patient to have uncomfortable and painful sensations, presses on the eyeballs, the patient's solar plexus and fixes in the subconscious the associative connection of alcohol with pain and fear. The psychiatrist says the key phrase: "If you drink even a small amount of wine, vodka, beer, you will become very vomiting, you will not have enough air, your heart will be painful and painful. Pleasures alcohol will not bring. There will be only fear, pain and death. "

Coding from alcoholism is held in a separate room, and after the session is over, the patient is made an installation, so that he can not remember what is happening during the hypnotic session. The process of coding and memories of all auditory and other impressions during hypnosis are deep in the subconscious of the patient.

Types of coding for alcoholism

For alcoholics, coding for alcoholism is the main final step in the treatment of pathological dependence.

The coding methods are various: according to the method of Dovzhenko, drug coding with MST, SIT, NIT, "Torpedo", stitching.

Dovzhenko's method is based on hypnosis, and it is especially effective for those patients who are susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. After the session, alcoholism is treated with cleansing and further assistance of a psychologist, psychotherapist and narcologist.

Coding from alcoholism - stitching - is the implant introduction with an antialcoholic drug under the skin of the patient. The area of ​​sewing is the buttocks, under the shoulder blade, without damaging the skin. This method of getting rid of alcoholism prolonged, or prolonged action, because in the patient's blood is constantly maintained the level of anti-alcoholic substance, which appeals to alcohol.

The Torpedo method. Coding from alcoholism with the injection of the drug is incompatible with alcohol, but this is possible after a thorough examination of the patient's body. It is necessary to clearly know all the contraindications available to a particular patient for coding from alcoholism. The essence of the "Torpedo" method consists in the introduction into the body of powerful medications that, when ingested into alcohol, generate very poor health, disorders and disturbances in the activity of organs. The patient is observed for a long time by a doctor. If the patient does not drink, then everything is fine.

Along with the "Torpedo" method, there is an intravenous administration of SIT, MST and NIT medications. But here, they also conduct a provocation after the administration of drugs. The patient is given 30.0 - 50.0 for taking in and conviction of the need for complete abstinence from alcohol. The patient begins to feel very bad, he has a fear of dying from alcohol poisoning.

The coding of alcoholism by the double block , means a combination in the coding procedure of the psychological method of Dovzhenko with intravenous administration of medications.

Not all patients can undergo comprehensive treatment of alcoholism and subsequent rehabilitation in a special clinic. For them, a method of outpatient treatment in the form of coding from alcoholism at home is possible. With the indications, the doctor prescribes maintenance therapy with additional medications.

Other methods against alcohol encoding

Laser coding for alcoholism is based on the topography of biologically active points. It is like acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology. A laser can relieve a patient of alcohol dependence. Using a thin laser beam, the BIO points on the patient's body are processed. In addition to removing cravings for alcohol, a person improves the functions of most organs, blocking the center of dependence on alcohol.

The effectiveness of laser coding against alcoholism is higher than when treated by other methods. Often one session is enough to forget about alcoholic beverages forever. Is laser coding harmful to alcoholism harmful? No, this method is harmless, and it helps to further treat the liver, kidneys, and the cardiovascular system of the patient.

How much is the coding for alcoholism

The cost of the coding for alcoholism depends on the choice of method and treatment conditions. The cost can be from 3 - 8 - 10 thousand rubles and above. In each clinic - their prices for treatment. All this needs to be clarified on the spot, while recording at the reception. Probably, everywhere there is anonymous coding from alcoholism. And the patient does not need to worry about the disclosure of the delicacy of his problem to others.

After completing the treatment procedures, the patient is given a certificate of coding against alcoholism, certified by a medical authority. The evidence proves that the patient actually underwent treatment and got rid of alcohol dependence.

Can I get coded for alcoholism for free?

There are no such services in private drug treatment clinics. Free coding from alcoholism can be obtained at state narcological dispensaries or in non-state rehabilitation centers for alcoholics and drug addicts.

Harm of coding from alcoholism

It is not necessary to keep silent about the negative consequences of coding alcoholism. The coding procedure itself is a psychotraumatic situation, which is subconsciously always on the alert, causing uncomfortable sensations and experiences in a person. At any thoughts about alcohol at the treated person starts to vomit, there can be a depression, there can be pains in eyeballs and a solar plexus. If the former patient still drinks, then all the fears, unpleasant feelings will multiply repeatedly. Fear is replaced by horror, nausea becomes vomiting. Coding of alcoholism lays in the subconscious constantly operating mechanism on the lapel from alcohol in any form. Encoded person from alcohol can bring depression himself the kind of people in white coats, the smell in the hospital.

On the other hand, alcohol is also harmful. And what to choose - to drink or not to drink. To change the way of life that leads to illness and death, if it does not work voluntarily, what is better? Or worse?

At the same time, coding is not always guaranteed to prevent the patient from completely refusing alcohol. There are, encoded patients break down and go into drinking. A small number of patients may even not show negative effects of the encoding. But, in most cases, the refusal to drink alcohol is persistent.

It is more effective and softer to carry out complex treatment. Clear the blood from toxic substances, normalize the work of internal organs with the help of drugs. Carry out psychological and social rehabilitation. Finally, you can be cured of alcoholism with a complete change in your attitude towards the world around you, yourself.

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