Action of toxic substances

The principle of the action of toxic substances is the poisoning of .Depending on the degree of poisoning effect on the human body, it can manifest itself in a range - from a mild state of intoxication, deafness to profound disturbances of consciousness and physiological functions until their complete loss and death - death.


Artificial euphoria

This publication is not about fighting chemical toxic toxic agents and how to protect against them, but about persons who are toxic substances, that is, those who take psychoactive substances in order to obtainthe state of intoxicating intoxication, the appearance of illusions and hallucinations. It is the creation of artificial euphoria as a way of escape from the surrounding reality.

We already know that substance abuse is a disease that develops with the regular abuse of a psychoactive substance of any origin. Starting from drugs, ending with substances of chemical and plant origin. Toxicomania is characterized by psychological and physiological dependence on a substance that activates the psyche of a person, which is a part of medicines, household chemicals and so on. At the same time the work of the psyche changes towards the appearance of mental disorders and disorders, the personality gradually degrades.

The name of this disease comes from the fusion of two Greek words toxikon - "poison" and mania - "madness, insanity."

Toxic effect of psychoactive substances on the human body

Toxic substances, when inhaled by toxicomans like narcotics are built into the mechanism of metabolism in the body, thus forming a psychophysical dependence with the development of the most adverse consequences and harm. Dependence on the level of the psyche sometimes manifests itself after two or three days of inhalation of harmful substances. The resulting state of artificial euphoria and psychological discomfort is pushing the sick person to repeat regular sessions of toxin intake. In the mind of a morally stumbled person, a new system of "spiritual" priorities is rapidly forming.

How does physical dependence on a psychoactive substance manifest itself?

In medicine, there is the concept of "withdrawal syndrome".This is precisely the combination of a complex of vegetative-neurological and mental disorders. Which is manifested by a persistent decline in the background of mood, the presence of depressive feelings, discomfort and disorders of physiological functions. There is an abstinence after a while after the weakening of the action of the toxic products in the blood and their excretion from the body.

Abstinence is severe. With the purification of the organism after two or three days, it reaches its extreme severity and severity. A person is anxious, restless, suffers from muscle and joint pains and convulsive muscle twitches. The joints "twist. The fingers are trembling, the head is spinning, it makes me sick, vomits. The patient sharply grows thin and at it the blood pressure quickly decreases.

What is worse than substance abuse or addiction?

In the stereotypes of our thinking there is a line between drug addicts and addicts. Addiction is taken more seriously, and substance abuse is a harmful temporary habit. In fact, this is not so. Due to their unfavorable impact on the psychological, social, personal status, they are similar. Both categories of patients equally degrade and die. And equally need serious treatment in hospitals and rehabilitation centers for alcoholics and drug addicts.

In connection with the lack of consciousness of their illness( anosognosia), toxic addicts tell the myth that the management of illusions and hallucinations is in their hands. That after inhaling the toxic substances they have the ability to see everything that they want.

Symptoms of substance abuse

  1. psychological and physiological dependence of the substance being misused;
  2. the inability to dispense with this substance;
  3. regular toxic substance abuse;
  4. tolerance, or an increase in a single dose at the time of taking the substance;
  5. adverse effects on the body and mind.

Signs of substance abuse are the same as in addiction.

Experiencing toxic intoxication

Illusions and hallucinations appear 5-7 minutes after the inhalation of a toxic substance. At first, a person easily dizzy, consciousness fogs. These symptoms are increasing. The feeling of balance is lost, clumsiness appears. This condition lasts about three minutes.

Then comes the euphoria( "bliss"), causeless laughter, fun. The teenager is inadequate, talks and performs actions with only the characters of his experiences that are visible to him. Before my eyes floating circles, a rainbow, silhouettes. Voices are heard in my head. Depending on the nature of the hallucinations, the behavior is calm or restless.

The toxic intoxication lasts about 15 minutes. The sense of time is lost. Intoxication passes and there is a strong pain in the head, nausea with vomiting, dizziness and stuff. There is a partial loss of memory.

When getting used to a toxic substance and unable to take another dose of it comes narcotic withdrawal. The symptoms are described above. And with an overdose of a toxic substance, symptoms of dryness of the mucous membranes come out, the face is hyperemic, the pupils are dilated, breathing is increased, palpitations, impaired coordination of movements and visual impairment.

After the expiration of two to three days after taking psychoactive substances, there are negative consequences in the form of asthenia, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and acute conjunctivitis.

Adaptation of the body toxicant to harmful substances occurs quickly. Initially, the intervals between doses are three to four days, then one day, and then a daily toxicant etches its body.

Single doses in one to two months increase 5 times. The state of drug intoxication is being transformed. It is shortened and loses its appeal. What pushes the drug addict to increase the dose taken and the frequency of its intake.

It's amazing, they themselves use toxicants to antidepressants as an equivalent - toxic substances. In their opinion, helping to drive out life's problems, troubles.

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