We treat seborrhea on the head in children

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp in children can appear at a very early age. Seborrheic crusts on the head of the newborn should not cause panic in the parents. Proper care quickly and easily rid the problem. The main cause of dermatitis are the inflammatory processes that have arisen in the course of exposure to the skin of various stimuli. All this sensitive skin of the baby perceives painfully.

  • Symptoms of the disease in children
  • Causes of seborrhea
  • Folk remedies for treatment
  • Nettle
  • Chamomile
  • Tansy
  • Medication
  • Ointments and antibiotics
  • Shampoos
  • Prevention of disease
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It happens that the manifestations of dermatitis extend to the face, ears and chest of the child. In this case, one can not do without the help of a specialist.

Symptoms of the disease in children

The disease manifests itself as ordinary dandruff. In case of aggravation of the situation, the baby's head becomes covered with red specks, which are covered with white or yellow scales. They will fall off when combing. But the most unpleasant moment is that the baby's hair begins to fall very badly, and the disease spreads to other parts of the body.

It must be remembered that seborrheic crusts can not be ripped off with nails, since there is a risk of infection!

There are three stages of the disease - mild, moderate, severe. The latter form carries with it the following symptoms:

  • sleep and appetite disorders;
  • anxiety;
  • weakness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • anemia.

Causes of seborrhea

Common causes of seborrhoea in childhood are heredity, and an overabundance of hormones in the mother.

The first reason arises if the parents themselves suffer from this problem. In this case, various kinds of allergic reactions can not be avoided. Seborrhea, inherited from the mother or father, can manifest itself in the child throughout his life.

The second reason is the most common for babies babies. Hormones of the nursing mother, which stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands, provoke excessive production of fat. As a consequence, the baby has this ailment, which in time passes by itself.

Folk remedies for treatment

There are a number of ways to combat seborrhea, which are of national origin.

It is worth remembering that not all kinds of traditional medicine can come to a small child!


For this recipe, you need 100 grams of nettle leaves (crushed) to pour a half-liter of water and the same amount of vinegar. All this should be cooked for thirty minutes. After filtering, and left on time to cool. This broth is intended for washing the baby's head before going to bed, soap can not be used.


Two tablespoons of pharmacy chamomile pour one liter of water, boil for about 5 minutes. This broth serves as a conditioner if seborrhea is fatty.


For treatment, a tincture of tansy flowers will be required. With this recipe, you can rinse your child's hair. Pour 100 g of tansy with boiling water and let it brew for 30-40 minutes.

Tar soap or Ihtil soap. It is very log one time for seven days as a shampoo to use this or that soap.


Significantly facilitates the situation when treating the use of Vaseline. It can soften the seborrhea crust. As a consequence, they will be easier to remove to reduce the itching. For this procedure, use a soft brush or comb. In parallel with this, it is recommended to give the baby Aevit - a drug with vitamin A. With it, the child's skin will improve its condition, become more elastic, and peeling will decrease.

It is important to know that all creams containing vitamin A have a similar effect!

To cure seborrheic dermatitis, doctors use a complex method. In addition to treatment with medication, it is recommended to adhere to a hypoallergenic diet, both for the baby and for the mother. The diet should consist of foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and B. In addition, food should contain selenium and zinc.

Attention!Overabundance of vitamins can adversely affect the body as a whole and aggravate seborrhea.

If the disease is at an early stage, then drugs with ketoconazole should not be used. The reason for this is that prolonged use of drugs with this substance can cause sexual dysfunction in boys. In case of progression of the disease, specialists prescribe antifungal, which contain nizoral and miconazole.

To make the drugs have more opportunities to penetrate the scales, it is necessary to apply the applique. To do this, use vegetable oil or karatolytic ointments. Further, the doctor prescribes antifungal therapy.

Ointments and antibiotics

To effectively combat seborrhea, drugs are used based on zinc. It will easily cope with dermatitis, dry the skin and relieve inflammation. In addition, zinc is an excellent fighter with fungal diseases. Bright representatives are zinc ointment and zindol.

As for antibiotics, they must be tetracycline, and also have a wide range of action.


Washing your hair with hypoallergenic shampoo is extremely important. In addition, it is worth remembering the correct removal of seborrheic crusts.

  1. At the head of the baby is applied (to choose) olive or almond oil, petrolatum or calendula.
  2. Then you need to put on a special cap for twenty minutes.
  3. After a while, the head is washed with shampoo. The vodick should be warm.
  4. After that, the crusts are combed, a soft brush is needed for this.

The most popular shampoos that should be used during the treatment period are Head and shoulders, Friederm-zinc, Friederm-tar.

Prevention of disease

Medicine does not stand still. It is thanks to this that there are many ways to prevent this or that disease.

To prevent the appearance of seborrhea in a child, you must follow certain rules:

  • hygiene. For the baby it is absolutely necessary, the head should be constantly clean and dry;
  • regular care. It is necessary to systematically use special children's shampoos;
  • soft brush. The child's hair needs to be combed several times a day by the right brush.

Do not self-medicate. Be sure to go to the doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences. After all, for every woman is important that her baby was cheerful and healthy. And all that is required for this - basic standards of hygiene, care and love!

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