How to determine which cough is dry or wet

How can you tell a dry cough from wet in a child?

Each attentive mother who cares about the health of her baby should know how to distinguish dry cough from wet in a child. Cough reflex is a protective reaction that occurs in the body due to irritation of cough receptors. Such a process is very important for removing unnecessary contents from the respiratory tract, such as dust, smoke and other irritants. When untimely treatment of such a process, it can be prolonged for a long time due to the fact that the mucus will become denser and withdraw it will be more difficult.

The problem of child cough

This painful process can occur in a child regardless of the time of year.Sharp changes in air temperature can cause a decrease in the body's natural defense, which can lead to a cold with all its symptoms and consequences. The immune system of children is vulnerable to external factors, because it is not yet fully formed.

If the sputum stagnates in the bronchial tree, the inflammatory process begins to develop. Over time, its complications can become bronchitis or pneumonia. This phenomenon can occur not only because of the common cold. This is a natural defense of the body from external stimuli. Cough is dry and wet. These species differ in that, with a dry cough, the inflammatory process of the mucous larynx and pharynx occurs, while the wet one is characterized by an abundance of mucus in the bronchi. The treatment of dry cough is to use soothing and anti-spasmodics, and the wet form is treated with expectorants. It is very important to be able to distinguish these two species for successful treatment of the disease.

Features of dry cough

Cigarette smoke is the cause of dry coughDry, or unproductive, cough is one of the first symptoms of many viral or infectious diseases (eg, bronchitis or pharyngitis). It can be nasal, but sputum is not separated. This is because during the cold, inflammation develops in the throat and larynx, excessive amounts of mucus are produced and all the time there is a desire to clear your throat. The cough reflex is not accompanied by the release of mucus, it is strong, harsh, painful. Dry cough appears due to colds and infectious diseases of the respiratory system.

When a cold starts, the child feels a choking sensation in the throat and a kind of cough appears. After some time (3 - 4 days) the dryness decreases, the cough becomes wet, as the body develops phlegm. Then there is a slowing down of the mucus and coughing again can become dry. The reasons for the development of such a process are:

  1. Influenza: during it appears a dry and hoarse cough, gradually turning into wet.
  2. Cigarette smoke.
  3. Dry air in the room.
  4. Harsh chemical irritants, for example, paint with a strong aroma, various solutions.
  5. Periodic dry cough during the day can signal such infectious diseases as laryngitis (dry and barking), whooping cough (with spasms and whistles) or measles.
  6. Allergic reactions.
  7. Tracheitis.
  8. Pharyngitis.
  9. Pleurisy.
Scheme of pharyngitisDangerous is the kind of cough caused by a disease in which there is edema of the trachea and larynx (false croup).

Depending on the type of reason for such a reflex, it can appear in the daytime or only at night, have a barking or bothersome character, while mucus is not separated. Such a process can be paroxysmal, debilitating the children's body and, in the end, does not bring a result in the form of sputum discharge.

With a dry cough, there is a strong desire to cough, but doctors strongly recommend not doing this, not straining strongly the vocal cords and small vessels, since the consequence may be hoarseness or loss vote.

Parents should know that with a dry cough the child has an inflammatory process or irritation of the respiratory system, so you can not let the disease run its course, hoping that everything will pass by itself.

Treat dry cough

Ignoring the treatment of such a disease is fraught with the transition to a chronic stage. Pharmacy chains offer us a wide range of different cough remedies. It must be remembered that it is important for a child to see a doctor before starting treatment. All medicines are divided into synthetic (in the composition of which there are chemicals) and natural (they contain vegetable raw materials).

Libexin in the treatment of child coughAccording to the principle of action, drugs are divided into anti-spasmic (antitussive, which relieve spasm and calm cough) and expectorants (contribute to the dilution of sputum and the excretion of it from the organs respiration). Preparations based on plant raw materials act more gently on the body, have a small percentage of side effects. Therefore, when choosing medicines for your child, focus on precisely such means.

Unproductive cough is treated with antitussive drugs, and manifestations of moist cough are used by expectorants. Antitussive drugs have a calming effect on the mucous membranes of the pharynx and larynx, eliminate spasms in the bronchi. These drugs include:

  1. Libexin.
  2. Stoptussin.
  3. Tusuprex.
  4. Herbion syrup of plantain.

If the manifestations are very strong, it is possible to use drugs that inhibit the reflex, but they are used for a short time and only when a symptom appears. They are of central and peripheral action, aimed at suppressing the cough reflex (Ethylmorphine, Codeine, Glaucin).

Features of wet cough

Consultation of a doctor in the treatment of coughWet cough (productive) appears a few days after dry. Its difference is sound. Usually at the child it sounds sonorous and deeply, sometimes even gurgling. This type of reflex is accompanied by excessive sputum discharge, it is sometimes difficult to cough. The volume of the cough increases, and after the mucus goes off, it decreases. If the inflammation passes in a mild form, the color of the sputum is clear, and with prolonged forms of bronchial inflammation, the color of the sputum changes, there may be impurities of pus.

Withdrawal of wet content allows to clear bronchi and lungs from mucus, which is an excellent medium for the development of pathogenic flora. This kind of cough appears as a result of viral infections, a common cold, allergic manifestations, inflammation of the bronchi and lungs. Due to the fact that the secretions have a viscous consistency, they need to be provoked to move away in order to prevent the bacteria from multiplying in them.

If the mucus becomes turbid, it can signal the onset of the inflammatory process. The brown color of the discharge indicates an allergic reaction, the green color indicates sinusitis and other infectious diseases of the respiratory apparatus. Excessive sputum discharge indicates tracheitis or bronchitis. If the wet cough changes dry, this indicates a process of recovery of the child, so the task of the previous stage of treatment was to transfer the dry cough into a wet form.

Treatment for wet cough

Honey for cough in childrenMucolytics are prescribed for better sputum discharge. They help reduce the viscosity of mucus and help it to be quickly removed from the respiratory system. The intake of such drugs can be combined with the use of a large amount of liquid (drink teas, compotes, fruit drinks).

Preparations based on chemistry better cope with the mucus and the decrease in its viscosity. To help with the reflex help means on a plant basis ("Pektolvan Ivy "Herbion Primrose"). When treating wet cough, a generous warm drink, milk, radish juice, honey (if the child is not allergic) is recommended.

A particularly important mate's assistant in the treatment of cough is the nebulizer. Inhalation can be done with the help of special means or usual saline solution.

When treating both dry and wet cough, it is very important to understand the differences between them and the characteristics of each species.

It is necessary strictly to follow the prescriptions of the doctor, to select the drugs according to the age of the child and his features (a tendency to allergies).

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Differences of different types of coughing from each other and ways of treating them are commented by Dr. Komarovsky (video).

What cough worse than wet or dry



It is necessary to be treated at the doctor, but (for the inquiry)
Both dry and wet cough is a protective reaction of the body, cleansing the respiratory tract. How to get rid of a cough, not everyone knows. First of all, you need to determine what kind of cough - wet or dry. With a dry cough, sputum is not excreted, whereas a wet cough is necessarily accompanied by its excretion. The treatment of a wet cough completely completely different from the treatment of dry cough. Dry k. Is the cause of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (trachea, pharynx, larynx)
for treatment are applied
expectorants: Licorice root, Mucaltin, Leaves of plantain, thyme, coltsfoot, Solutan, Pertusin, Broncholithin are used for bronchitis and colds
mucolytic drugs: Bromhexine, Carbocysteine, ATSTS, Ambrosol and are prescribed for pneumonia, bronchitis
Combined preparations: Doctor IOM, Kodelak Fito are appointed for colds, ARVI and ARI


Both are good!



Irina Rastunina

Dry is worse and it should be done as soon as possible wet,

Plotnikova Alevtina

dry. Wet is when everything is already cleared.



Alain Dobriniec

better without it


In general, it's better not to get sick :)

Alexander N

Dry is worse.

Anastasia Snegireva

dry, for good reason does the expectorant doctor prescribe

Alexander Kurt

gg, and he and that... And when you buy tablets from a cough in the Pharmacy, always say what cough, And then the pharmacist Mukaltin will give you, with a wet cough, and one night, choke on your own phlegm ...

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any niche good

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Dry, he will turn the whole soul.


wet is well rehearsed dry.


At me now dry-is tired already to cough some days, I do not know than and to treat.



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cough he is a cough ...

How to understand what your cough is dry or wet??? just in the pharmacy today asked and I do not know ...


Olga Robul

With a dry cough, as if "gnawing" in his throat, he is frequent, nasal, such impression that he is in the throat... A moist cough is less frequent, but it can be characterized by bubbling in the bronchi and sputum may be released with it. In the beginning usually a cough dry, then wet

Inna Timokhina

then see a doctor


Dry without sputum (no expectoration)


Well, when dry, usually "pershit" in the throat, as if a dry cookie swallowed... and wet - it seems to be "gurgling" ...


There are nine types of cough. Dry cough is usually superficial with no excretion of sputum, it can still be called "barking". Wet when separation of sputum occurs.

How to understand what my cough is? dry or wet?



if coughing up when you cough means wet if not then dry

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If drooling from the mouth means wet

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wet with sputum


but in general it is learned from the doctor

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this phlegm is called)

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If after a coughing spit has something that is wet ...

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if there is sputum when coughing (not drooling, other) - wet cough

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Dry - when you cough, but nothing comes out, your throat hurts, and wet - sputum goes away

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Most likely dry. But it would be good if the doctor listened, it is difficult to determine, and to treat ngado correctly. With a dry cough to drink expectorant is bad - you try to clear your throat, but in vain, only more of the larynx is irritated.


on the monitor, black drops appear?

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