Treatment of a chronic cold in 10 minutes

Treatment of a chronic cold. Help



damn, I thought I was the only one)
but in fact it helps me to muffle a runny nose warming, that the thread is warm to the bridge of the nose - and especially, it is good to boil an egg in a steep, cut and hold on the bridge of the nose half warm. if you urgently where-thread outside the house - ointment evamenol. it is convenient to carry in a purse or pocket. because you can not smear drops on the subway.
PS: especially pleased with the answer of the girl Melamori, advising poprobyvat LEVOMICITIN))) it is better then just a blooming! levomitsitina one therapeutic function - it treats PONOS, and not a rhinitis in any way !!!

Stepan Konovalov

at the very same problem, but chronic diseases are not treated, they can only be muffled, try CAMETON - it helps me


vysmarka should be more often and warmer to dress :))


me too nichrome does not help, I live with a handkerchief


Has Levomycetin tried?
And to the doctor to descend or go ???


after this bullshit and the truth it is difficult to be cured, here you want you do not want it is necessary to refuse it!!! It is necessary to drink Sinupret and the procedures of various inhalation pass, but this is either with the doctor or in the sanatoriums. And if you're lucky, the golden rule: do not use vasoconstrictor drops for more than 7 days and read the instructions, somewhere not more than 3 days there are many other nuances!

oleg khudyakov

Go to a doctor and complain about naphthyzine. He will prescribe you
other drops without this shit. But not such as mint there or
eucalyptus. These are other drops. Here you will drip them as sparingly as possible and five days a week. These drops, of course, are not that of naphthysine, but they also do not give up, so they do not leave the habit.
By the way, you have a snot right now, not because they just are,
but from the same naphthyzine and most likely no longer snot, but simply can not breathe, despite the fact that in every pocket for naughty naphthyzin.

just a man

popornboy such a thing. every morning when you wash your nose with water, so that it gets into your mouth 2-3 times, in the evening repeat (though not a pleasant feeling) at first a little warm and within a week go to the cold.
It does not help immediately, but after about a month I should feel the result. Personally, I have been doing this for about ten years and you know a cold only when I finally catch cold and get sick, but I do not. (and before he could not walk without a handkerchief.

Yuri Hwang

There is another option: take a solution of salt, a percent or buy saline, add a drop (one) of iodine, pour the solution into the teapot for welding, and tilting his head to one side, insert the tip of the teapot (gently) into the nostril from the top, until the solution flows from the other nostrils... Iodine dries the mucous and disinfects... passes.. .
The same with another nostril ...

Larissa Demidova

It is necessary to treat not a disease, but a person. Cleansing tea of ​​Dr. Miller brings the whole organism in order. And this problem does not disappear. Checked. Link here: [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration] If you are interested - contact me - I will help to order.
I'll send the link to "soap"


Rhinitis - inflammation of the nasal mucosa. It is usually caused by various viruses and microbes. Its development is promoted by hypothermia, severe gas contamination or dustiness of the air. Runny nose is often a symptom of infectious diseases (influenza, diphtheria, measles, fever, malaria, etc.).
Recipes of traditional medicine
used in the common cold:
1. Menthol oil (drugstore). Inoculate 3-5 drops of menthol oil into each nostril. Do twice a day; simultaneously lubricate with oil: forehead, whiskey, behind the ears, the back of the head, the wings of the nose. You can mix menthol oil with camphor oil. The procedures are the same. Well helps with a beginning cold.
2. Kalanchoe (home remedy). With the beginning of a cold it is enough 2-3 times a day to lubricate the nose with juice from a fresh leaf Kalanchoe and runny nose will quickly stop. You can dig in 3-5 drops.
3. Tincture. At 100 gr. sunflower or olive oil take one tablespoon with the top of the crushed ledum. Insist 21 days in a dark place, shaken daily. Strain, wring out. Drip 2-3 drops in each nostril for the first time, then instill 1 drop 3-4 times a day. Do not more than a week. Runny nose goes away in a few days.
4. Chronic rhinitis. Make slightly warm, slightly saline water. Add there 1 teaspoon of any of the listed tinctures (calendula, sofar, eucalyptus). Take water, liter. This water wash the nose.
The procedure is as follows: to bend under the water at an angle of 45 degrees, nose to draw it and release it from the mouth. So skip the entire solution without looking up your nose alternately through each nostril. Do with chronic colds twice a day, morning and evening.
5. Red beet. Bury in each nostril for 5-6 drops of freshly squeezed beet juice (fresh, not boiled). You can soak a cotton swab in fresh juice and put it in your nose.
6. It helps from the cold a finely chopped onion, infused with sunflower oil. This compound lubricates the nostrils.
7. With a cold, honey is chewed with honeycombs and honey is applied to the nostrils.
8. Eucalyptus tea and peppermint are excellent for inhalation with a cold. For a liter of hot water, 3-4 drops of infusion are enough.
9. With a cold, it is recommended to wrap the feet of gauze moistened with alcoholic infusions of capsicum, top with woolen socks and go to bed.
10. With a cold, take 1 part of freshly prepared carrot juice, 1 h. vegetable oil and a few drops of garlic juice. Bury in the nose 3 times a day.
11. From the cold helps a mixture of honey with red beet juice. Mix a teaspoon of honey and 3 tablespoons of beet juice. Bury in the nose a few drops 3-4 times a day.
Good luck!! !


Rhinitis or runny nose - inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Rhinitis can be both an independent ailment, and a symptom of many infectious and allergic diseases. The occurrence of colds contributes to hypothermia.
There are several good folk recipes for combating the common cold:
1) Mix 1 tablespoon fresh carrot juice and 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (olive or sunflower), which is pre-boiled in a water bath. Add in the mixture 1-3 drops of garlic juice. Blend the mixture daily. Bury a few drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.
2) Brewed or fresh beet juice to dig in the nose a few drops 4-5 times a day or wash your nose 2-3 times a day with broth beets. You can add honey to the broth. Cotton swabs moistened in beetroot juice, which are inserted into the nostrils 3-4 times a day, help.
3) Mix in equal parts the Kalanchoe juice and honey. Drink with infusion of melissa or St. John's wort - it perfectly removes the stuffiness of the nose.
4) Bury aloe juice 3-5 drops in each nostril 4-5 times a day, throwing your head back and massaging when digging in the wings of the nose.
5) Mix 2 parts of honey and 1 part of mint oil (sold in pharmacies). Lubricate the nasal mucosa.
6) Mix onion, mashed into a gruel, in the ratio: with honey. Take onions and honey mixture for 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The mixture will be more effective if you use onion juice instead of gruel.
7) Grate the beetroot on a small grater and squeeze the juice. Leave for a day in a warm place. Slightly fermented juice to dig in the nose for 3-4 drops 3 times a day.
8) A wonderful remedy for the cold is a hot foot bath with the addition of mustard (1 tablespoon of mustard powder to 7-8l. water), as well as drinking soda and salt.
9) Pour 6 dry tablespoons herb grasshopper (sold in pharmacies) 1L. water, boil for 3 minutes. Infuse, wrapped, 4 hours and strain. Apply in a warm form for irrigation of the nasal cavity with a strong rhinitis.
10) Mix in equal proportions of Kalanchoe juice and hunter's oil (sold in pharmacies). Lubricate the nasal passages with this mixture several times a day. It is good to combine with the inhalation of St. John's wort.
11) Grind the onion pulp with a glass of hot vegetable oil. Insist, wrapped, 6-8 hours, strain. With this oil, treat the nasal mucosa with a strong cold.
12) Add 50 gr. pine buds with cold water, close the lid, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Strain. Drink with a strong runny nose 5-6 times a day with honey or jam.
13) Add 10gr. crushed kidney black poplar 1 cup of boiling water. Insist 15 minutes and strain. Drink a glass 3 times a day.
14) Pour 1 tablespoon of herb peppermint, l. steep boiling water, insist, wrapped, 1 hour and strain. Take a glass of hot infusion, sweetening honey. Also rinse with this infusion of the nose.
15) Take 4 parts of aloe juice, 2 parts of gruel from hips, 2 parts of honey mixed in equal proportions with pork interior fat, 1 part of eucalyptus oil. Mix thoroughly. Tampons moistened with a mixture are inserted into each nostril alternately for 15 minutes.
16) Mix in equal proportions honey and hibernating oil. Lubricate the mucous membrane of the nose with a cotton swab during the day and at bedtime.
17) Mix 1 tablespoon of hibernating oil with the same amount of petroleum jelly. Enter with a tampon into each nasal passage.
18) Pour 1 teaspoon of herb lawn grass 1 cup of boiling water, insist 1 hour and strain. Bury in the nose or draw in the nose with a strong cold.
19) Add 10gr. herbs black-head (sold in pharmacies) 1 glass of vodka. Insist a day. Bury 2-3 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.
20) With a prolonged runny nose, dry leaves of the initial letter (sold in a pharmacy) crush into powder and snort 2-3 times a day.

How to cure a runny nose at home



Treatment of a cold
Acute rhinitis should be treated with the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease: a nasal lump, a burning sensation in the nose, sneezing, a headache, a sore throat - it means the time has come. It is best to first make a hot foot bath (water to the knees) at a water temperature of 40-45 ° C for 10 minutes with the addition of mustard. After such a procedure, you should drink hot tea with lemon, lime color or raspberry jam, broth of wild rose, black currant, it is also desirable to take a moderately hot bath and go to bed. On your feet you can wear warm socks, pouring mustard in them, since the soles of your feet are rich a reflexogenic zone, in which, in this case, temperature and irritating effect of mustard. Also in this situation, vitamin C in powder or in tablets will help, it has anti-catarrhal action and stimulates immunity.

Treatment of a common cold with folk remedies.
1. Menthol oil (drugstore). Inoculate 3-5 drops of menthol oil into each nostril. Do twice a day; simultaneously lubricate with oil: forehead, whiskey, behind the ears, the back of the head, the wings of the nose. You can mix menthol oil with camphor oil. The procedures are the same. Well helps with a beginning cold.
2. Kalanchoe (home remedy). With the beginning of a cold it is enough 2-3 times a day to lubricate the nose with juice from a fresh leaf Kalanchoe and runny nose will quickly stop. You can dig in 3-5 drops.
3. Tincture. At 100 gr. sunflower or olive oil take one tablespoon with the top of the crushed ledum. Insist 21 days in a dark place, shaken daily. Strain, wring out. Drip 2-3 drops in each nostril for the first time, then instill 1 drop 3-4 times a day. Do not more than a week. Runny nose goes away in a few days.
4. Kerosene. At night, smear the soles of his feet with kerosene and soak a thin rag in kerosene, squeeze and put on the soles. Wear warm socks or stockings on your feet and warmly wrap. In the morning, there will be relief or a runny nose will pass.
5. Chronic rhinitis. Make slightly warm, slightly saline water. Add there 1 teaspoon of any of the listed tinctures (calendula, sofar, eucalyptus). Take water, liter. This water wash the nose.
The procedure is as follows: to bend under the water at an angle of 45 degrees, nose to draw it and release it from the mouth. So skip the entire solution without looking up your nose alternately through each nostril. Do with chronic colds twice a day, morning and evening.


but you can potatoes or eggs (just cooked, warm) on the nose to lead, they say helps.


Rinse with dioxin


aloe =)) och good plant) helps)

Zinaida Tatarintseva

Danas. If there is no Danas, drip the beet juice.


drip the juice of Kalanchoe 3-4 times a day: 15 drops of Kalanchoe, 5kap. water. (on 2 nostrils of a dose). I cure myself of sinusitis!

Irina Shilovskaya

Tempered and will not hurt!


Buy in the pharmacy ENT-adaptation "Dolphin" - a cool thing, you will wash your nose with sea salt. You can even cure sinusitis.

Ekaterina Gulyaeva

You can wash it with a saline solution, it narrows the blood vessels and the runny nose decreases, and there is also a saline nasal spray, too, they can, at the same time, something like a salt solution)))

Yu Peter

It is necessary to understand the difference in the elimination of symptoms (congestion) and the actual treatment.
It is better to be treated. T. e. from the common cold. If you sneeze, then a viral infection is possible.


1. First of all, we strengthen the antimicrobial immunity of everyday grinding of the feet (foot, shin) to the knee, hands (rear of the hand, forearm) up to the elbow 2-3 times a day for 3-5 minutes of exposure to all limbs from day to day, until the pain and burning sensation disappears completely. extremities.
2. Mass the painful areas in the area of ​​the malar bone (cheeks) 3-5 times a day and more every day with increasing effort until the soreness disappears completely.
3. Mass the painful fate of the periosteum of the bones of the nose day after day until complete relief from soreness.
4. To get rid of rhinitis, sinusitis, frontalitis, etmoiditis, it is also necessary to strengthen the antiviral immunity: a) Tapping the head with fists or, l. plastic bottle with water without air bubbles 2-3 times a day for 2-3 minutes a day, until the soreness in the head disappears completely when tapping. Tapping also helps to get rid of the headache if it bothers you.
b) Stimulation of sneeze. The number of sneezes can be increased from 10 to 20 times a day. Direct the air flow by sneezing preferably through the nose. To irritate the nasal mucosa is convenient for sneezing, with ear sticks or bury in the nose 4-5 drops of fresh aloe juice or calanchoe 3-4 times a day; the juices of these plants irritate the nasal mucosa and cause multiple sneezing. Some may experience irritation of the nasal mucosa with pepper or snuff.
c) Stimulate antiviral immunity can, it turns out, and the reception of certain products with a strong immunostimulating effect, it is mustard and horseradish. When using these spices, we must ensure that the molecules of essential oil of these spices fall into the nasal cavity and into the paranasal sinuses, into the bronchi and lungs and would cause a specific effect the brain missed). When these recommendations are implemented, recovery begins within two to three days. Good luck to all.


The simplest and ingenious way: - chopped onions add to a small amount of water, insist a little. And to drip this onion liquid into the nose Any runny nose will pass instantly!

Angelina Angelinka

Methods for home cure for the common cold are many. I somehow liked - to drip into the nose of aloe + honey + water. Moreover, aloe must be at least 3 years of age and better than aloe leaves before preparing a solution for drops in the nose lying in the refrigerator for a week.

Lina Lavrova

Well, yes, it is difficult to guess in advance when a child falls ill. A drop of such a long time is not stored. In my opinion, it is good to have at hand such a tool that will help to provide quick help with malaise and will not give rise to pain. In this regard, I really like Breath Plaster. It is designed for inhalation and is applied to clothing, not to the body. Can still be glued on the bed. For the child the most suitable option. And essential oils when inhaled relieve the infection and allow the nose to breathe normally. Only it is necessary still that the child mucus blew out that she did not stagnate in a nose.

Chronic rhinitis: effective treatment with folk remedies

If you are worried about a chronic cold, treatment with folk remedies will help you get rid of the disease quite effectively. Under chronic rhinitis (rhinitis) is meant inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which does not pass for a long period of time. Talk about the development of rhinitis can be if the patient is diagnosed with frequent discharge from the nose with the predominance of mucus or pus, stasis, which then appears in the left, then in the right nostril and the inability to freely to breathe in the nose.

The problem of chronic coldsToday, this ailment can be treated with a large number of medicines that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription at the nearest pharmacy. However, patients do not want to use strong drugs to treat the cold. In this case, very effective homemade recipes can come to the rescue, which are easy to prepare on your own at home. Such recipes differ not only in high efficiency, but also in the low price of the ingredients that make up their composition, which can not but rejoice.

Herbal and plant treatments

The use of currants in chronic coldsChronic rhinitis can be successfully treated at home with special decoctions, powders, tinctures and mixtures, which include medicinal herbs and plants. As practice shows, many such products help not only cope with unpleasant symptoms of rhinitis, but also increase the immunity of the patient.

The fruits and twigs of currants are very effective for chronic rhinitis.From the fruits of this plant you can make a very tasty and healthy compote. To make such compote a small amount of raw material should be poured in 1 liter of boiling water and cooked over low heat for about 20 minutes. The product must be infused before it cools down completely. To drink compote follows within a day not more than 4 glasses.

From currant twigs at home, you can easily cook an equally effective broth. A small number of sprigs should be poured with 1 liter of boiling water and cook over low heat for at least 4 hours. The ready-made broth should be consumed inside every night before going to bed for 2 cups. The broth should be drunk in a warm form. If desired, you can add a little sugar.

The use of althaea in chronic coldsAt home you can cook a very good decoction of the leaves of the althea and eucalyptus. Althae possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and eucalyptus has a strong astringent and disinfectant effect. 20 g of crushed althea leaves should be mixed with 10 g of eucalyptus leaves. The resulting mixture must be soiled in 1 cup of boiling water. After that, the gruel should be cooked on low heat for no more than 5 minutes. Cool the broth strain and drink 5 times a day.

You can treat rhinitis with a powder made from dried plants. 1 g of rue should be mixed with 10 g of the root of the claw and the same amount of the medicinal drop. All the ingredients must be ground to a powdery state. The powder must be very fine and dry, so that it can be inhaled with the nose. This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a day.

Rinse the nose with a tincture made from 1 spoon of marigold and 500 ml of warm water. Such washing should be done twice a day. Positive results will appear much quicker if you learn how to draw a healing tincture through your nose and spit out through your mouth.

Treatment with vegetables and fruits

It's not a secret that many fruits and vegetables have a lot of useful microelements and vitamins.

Lemon for the treatment of chronic coldsThese micronutrients can be very effective in fighting the symptoms of rhinitis. Folk remedies for chronic rhinitis with fruits and vegetables can cure the disease in a very short time.
  1. Decoction of red beets. For its preparation, medium-sized beets must be washed, peeled, cut into small pieces and poured 1 cup of boiling water. A few days later the broth will begin to wander. The drug should be filtered and used to rinse the nose several times a day. The remaining liquid can be kept in the refrigerator, but no more than 3-4 days.
  2. The next recipe will require a lemon. 120 g grated on a fine grater of fresh root horseradish should be mixed with the juice of 3 lemons. It should be a pretty thick mixture. It should be ingested in ½ of a small spoon in the early morning and after dinner. Such a tool can cause increased lacrimation, but this should not be taken into account. Take this mixture should be for several months.
  3. Effective treatment of chronic rhinitis with onions. It is necessary to grate the onion peeled on a small grater. After this, the resulting mixture should be wrapped in a wet napkin and attach it to the wings of the nose. On top of the nose should be covered with a clean dry cloth. With such a compress you need to lie about 15 minutes. This procedure should be repeated after 3-4 hours. If desired, you can insert into the nose moistened in onion juice gauze bandage. Keep these tampons in the nose should be at least 20 minutes.

Useful oils from rhinitis

Eucalyptus oil in the treatment of chronic coldsSome people prefer to combat the manifestations of the common cold with the help of essential oils and vegetable oils.
  1. 10 drops of eucalyptus oil should be mixed with 10 drops of peach oil and 10 ml of carotoline. It should be a mixture of oils of a uniform consistency. In it, you need to moisten the tampon from the gauze bandage and insert it into your nose for 20 minutes. This procedure should be repeated twice a day.
  2. 1 ml of rose oil should be mixed with 5 g of lanolin, 5 g of Vaseline and 1 ml of carotoline. In the resulting liquid, you need to moisten a rag tampon and insert it into the nasal cavity. Carry out such procedures before the complete disappearance of the common cold.
  3. 50 ml of olive oil should be mixed with the same amount of freshly squeezed carrot juice and 2-3 drops of garlic juice. The received liquid should be digested in the nose three times a day. For 1 time should not use more than 3 drops of medicinal product.

Other popular folk remedies for the common cold

Chronic rhinitis can be treated with melted butter. 500 g of butter should be placed in a saucepan and boiled over a slow fire for about 35 minutes. The resulting mixture must be filtered through a double layer of gauze. The mass that remained on the gauze should be discarded, and the clean oil should be transferred to a jar and placed in a refrigerator. Three times a day you need to take a small amount of oil, melt it in a water bath and bury it in your nose.

Flushing the nose with sea salt

Cure rhinitis can be with the usual laundry soap. A small piece of dark brown household soap should be soaked and soap a finger. After that, the soaped finger should be treated with the right and left nostril, taking it as deep as possible. This procedure can be carried out three times a day.

You can get rid of the cold with the help of horseradish, rye flour and honey. All the ingredients must be taken in equal amounts and mixed. From the resulting mass, you should make a flat cake and attach it to the bridge of the nose. This procedure is best done before bedtime every day until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

At home, you can wash the nose with warm water with 1 tablespoon of sea salt a spoonful of soda and 5 drops of iodine. The resulting fluid should be drawn in one nostril and try to pour out of the other nostril. If it does not work, then you can pour the medicine through your mouth.

Few people know that you can cure a chronic rhinitis with the help of mustard. You can make very effective foot baths with this product. A small amount of dry mustard must be added to the pelvis with water and keep the feet in it for at least 15-20 minutes. This procedure perfectly cleanses the nose and improves overall well-being with colds.


Before using any folk prescription for rhinitis, a sensitivity test should be performed. To do this, a small amount of the product should be applied to the skin and wait for about 1 hour. If during this time there are no unpleasant sensations, then the home medicine can be used without fear.

Chronic rhinitis. Home Treatment

The nose is stuffy and the cold is excruciating... The diagnosis is rhinitis. This is a fairly common disease at least once in a lifetime, but everyone has had it. In particular, rhinitis is acute. The causes of the disease are: allergic reactions to irritants, infections, etc. Chronic rhinitis is much less common, but it does not become less painful. It is a consequence of the manifestation of acute rhinitis or prolonged exposure to unfavorable external factors.

Chronic rhinitis. Symptoms of this disease are: nasal congestion, mucous or mucopurulent discharge, the appearance of crusts in the nose, a decrease in smell, etc. All these symptoms are similar in nature to the symptoms of acute rhinitis, but they do not occur so clearly.

Treatment of chronic rhinitis

Note that chronic rhinitis is of an infectious and non-infectious origin, depending on which and are divided into species.

Are you diagnosed with chronic rhinitis? Treatment is worth starting without postponing. First of all - drug, in combination with folk remedies, which can be used at home.

Chronic rhinitis: treatment with medications

Here it should be noted that drug treatment will depend on the type and form of the disease. Consultation of the doctor is necessary. In the treatment of catarrhal rhinitis, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial ointments and drops are most often used, and atrophic ones are used to improve the condition of the nasal mucosa, allergic - antihistamines and if necessary antibacterial agents, etc. Patients are prescribed physiotherapy procedures, such as UHF, laser therapy and others. At a high temperature - without fail antipyretic drugs. All medications are applied only on the advice of specialists.

To the note: use of funds for burrowing the nose patients should be taken with caution, using them no more than 10-14 consecutive days. Long-term use of these drugs can lead to a deterioration of the nasal mucosa. This is where you should resort to folk remedies that have a more sparing effect.

Chronic rhinitis: treatment with folk methods

The usual case of rhinitis, as mentioned above, is the instillation of the nose. A good effect in this case is given by the Kalanchoe juice, the calendula juice, the juice squeezed from the leaves of the red geranium. In the first two cases the method of application is as follows: three drops at least three to four times a day. In the third - the number of receptions is the same, only two drops. Menthol oil also gives a positive result. Burying should be from three to five drops in each nostril. In parallel, they can also lubricate the forehead, temples, behind the ears.

In addition to instillation, a method of washing the nasal sinuses is widely used. To do this, you can use warm slightly salted water, prepared from the calculation of a spoonful of tea salt per ½ liter of water. Add to the solution you can and tincture of medicinal herbs: eucalyptus, sophora or calendula. The washing is carried out as follows: the head is tilted sideways, the solution is drawn in by one nostril (the second is being squeezed by the hand), spilled through the mouth. Then the same procedure is performed with the second nostril.

For the treatment of rhinitis, tampons with propolis oil can be placed in the nose: ground propolis - about 20 grams mixed with a small amount of cream and sunflower oils, bringing to a mass of 100 grams. Cotton swabs, moistened with the received oil, put in the nasal sinuses in the morning and in the evening.

Positive effect in the treatment of this disease gives warming of the legs and hot foot baths, which, however, is not carried out in the presence of high body temperature.

A good tool is inhalation. For their conduct, you can use eucalyptus oil (a few drops of oil to add to hot water, breathe over steam), infusions from leaves of raspberry, currant, calendula flowers and other medicinal plants (10-20 grams of grass per 200 milliliters of hot water). Time - up to 10 minutes, duration - from a week to 10 days.

If rhinitis is accompanied by high fever, it is necessary to take antipyretics. It can be medicinal herbs: raspberry, linden, cowberry, hips.

As we see, when diagnosing "chronic rhinitis treatment at home is not only possible, but also welcomed. The main thing - do not forget to take care of your health.

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