Beginning cough in a child than treated

How and what to treat a beginning cough?

lechenie nachinauwego kawliaWhen the cough is just beginning, you need to get rid of it immediately. If it is light, it is not dangerous, but it can worsen with time. Treatment should always begin in advance, so you can not give a cough to progress, and develop into any disease.

Causes of cough

Before treating a beginner cough, you need to find out why he appeared. Often it is a symptom of a sore throat, when a foreign body enters the respiratory tract, lymph nodes may increase. The first days of coughing sputum is not excreted, it is dry.

When the body temperature rises, the allergy increases, the mucous viscosity increases, so sputum forms. Because of the viscosity of the sputum in large quantities accumulates in the respiratory tract and can not go outside. Cough helps to bring mucus out.

It should be borne in mind that cough can be triggered by diseases of the heart, intestines, stomach, allergies, inflammation in the nervous system.

Treatment of a beginner cough

1. If you notice that you are starting to get sick, you need to lie down, you can not go out into the street.

2. As much as possible drink warm drink - a narrow mouth, a weak tea with lemons, an infusion of rose hips, so you can improve the separation of sputum, cough will quickly pass.

3. Maintain the optimum humidity in the room, constantly ventilate the room, do a wet cleaning, so it will be easier to recover.

4. Use of warming compresses. If you notice yourself having a dry cough, you need to use such a medicine for a compress from a cough: take castor oil - a few drops, add alcohol, vodka, rub in the back and chest area, then wrap it in a warm scarf, scarf. So you can get warm well. Do it best at night.

Medications for beginners coughing

First, you need to turn a dry cough into a moist, productive, for this recommend using Tusupreks, Mukaltin, Bromgeksin, Sinekod, Termopsis.

For the first time, you need to dissolve mints of lozenges, also recommend using herbal preparations - breastfeeding. It is advised to use inhalation with a beginning cough, so you can soften the cough, get rid of dryness, perspiration. You can breathe on a saucepan with boiling soda solution, potatoes. It is recommended to use decoctions from oak bark, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile. For the procedure to be effective, it must be performed up to 5 times a day, no less than 10 minutes. When a person can not do everything at once inhalation, you need to drink hot liquid, you need to drink up to two liters of water per day.

The purpose of treating a beginner cough is to find out the cause of the cough, then do everything to increase the amount of sputum, and it is diluted, improve the mucous membrane in the respiratory organs.

Drugs should be treated with extreme caution, if a large amount of sputum accumulates in the lungs, it is dangerous for different complications - pneumonia, emphysema.

The usual cough that accompanies ARVI, ARI is recommended to be treated with mucolytic drugs - syrups Dr. Mom, Percussion, pectoral, drops with anise, syrups in the composition includes the root of the altaika, licorice. Beginning cough can be cured with Ambroxol, Bromhexine, Acetylcystenin.

Effective methods of treating a beginner cough

1. Before taking a course of therapy, you need to find out the cause of the cough. In ARVI, ARI is selected appropriate treatment.

2. When the cough is just beginning, with it a strong perspiration in the throat, a runny nose, you need to take immediate action. To do this, you need to prepare a solution with sea salt, as often as possible, they wash the nose. Then instill with anti-inflammatory drops. To rinse your throat, use Furacilin, a solution with salt, soda and iodine. You can use chamomile broth, juice with aloe, infusion with sage.

3. Wear warm clothes and ventilate the room, monitor the humidity. If the air is dry, cough begins to aggravate, it can develop into laryngitis, bronchitis.

5. When the cough is just beginning, you need to turn it into a wet one. Used an old and reliable tool, you need to dissolve the warm butter in butter, add a little honey, licorice, thermopsis. Boil and drink. It is advised to use tea with the addition of lemon, ginger.

6. Heating means are effective. It is necessary to take castor oil, add a little alcohol, attach to the diseased area, roll into a warm veil.

7. It is advised to rub your hands, feet with a garlic mixture, then put on warm woolen socks and go to bed.

8. It helps with coughing apple cider vinegar with hot water.

9. When starting coughing, it is necessary to pour dry mustard into the toe. The procedure is performed before bedtime. You can get your feet in mustard, the next day there will be a noticeable relief.

10. The best medicine is the papillary patch.

11. Helps to get rid of a beginner cough cabbage compress. It must first be smeared with honey. One sheet is applied to the back, the other to the chest, then a polyethylene film is applied. From above put on something warm, leave a compress for the night. It has an anti-inflammatory, pulling action, so it immediately becomes easier.

12. Often cough can occur due to a common cold. In this situation, you need to use a drop of Sanorin, Galazolin. Also helps sunflower, sea-buckthorn, dog rose oil, used in a warm form.

13. You can cook garlic and onion drops, if there is no allergic reaction. Preliminarily dilute with water, drip no more than one drop into each nostril.

14. With a beginner cough, drops with honey will help. To do this, you need to take lime honey, add warm water. To drip on 7 drops, in the morning, at a dinner and in the evening.

So, a beginner cough should be urgently treated, in no case should it be run to avoid complications. For treatment are used, both popular effective methods of treatment, and traditional.

What can I cure a beginning cough in a child?



1 day. In the thermos, ginger figs 5 and pour a liter of milk.
2 day. In a thermos of oats with a husk (з ст. l. with a slide) and pour hot milk.
3 day. The thermos milk is hot and the barge is equally divided.
Give a drink one of the options in tech. day.
And inhalation over the steam with soda.
Or it is very convenient and useful: boil and merge potato peelings, a spoonful of soda on them.
Make a paper from the newspaper, cut off the tip, cover the pan and put the baby to the "mouthpiece" to breathe (if age permits).
Adjust the steam flow of the lid, first open it a little, then more.. .
If there is no allergy to honey-smear the breast with a mixture of:
one art. spoonful
honey + fat inner + 3 drops of pharmaceutical turpentine.
And more warm drinks!
Let's play with toys in a basin with hot water (43-45 deg.), Where add a couple of spoons of mustard (or ready, or better powder half an hour before pour warm water).
Such warming up of handles very well helps both at beginning, and at already strong cough.
But do not let us dawdle long enough for 8-10 minutes.
Do not rinse, wipe dry, change into dry and to bed.
On the legs are woolen socks. In them, too, you can add a little mustard powder, a half-spoonful each.

Elena Sungurova

It depends on how old the child is. You can give a syrup "Stoptopsin and for general prevention I advise cranberry juice with honey !!!

Yulia Timoshenko

Warm milk, mixed: with alkaline mineral water. Simple and effective.

Tamara Nekrasova

Oats, but do not wash the hercules and pour the milk. For 1 glass - 2 liters of milk, boil and simmer, with the lid almost closed, so that 1 liter becomes. Cool and wring out. Drink half a glass 3 -4 times a day. Oats use again. The remedy is the strongest, they cure even inflammation and tuberculosis.


And we cough and bronchitis treated goat fat. With half a year already tried to give on an end of a teaspoon with mother's milk, warm. Cured bronchitis without syrups and antibiotics.

Andrey Frolov

How old is he?


If more than a year then two heads of onions cook 1 hour in 750ml of water over low heat, then filter the water there add honey to sweety was. And give on 2st. l every 2 hours. I at the cough only so have cured


dry cough - tussin plus - for children from 6 to 12 years = 1h. spoon every 4 hours. inhalation, if there is an inhaler = naphthysine with water diluted: .and breathe every 2 hours! Good luck! + Anaferon or arbidol whether an avlubin is antiviral.

Galina Chadrintseva

despite how many years-mustard or rubbing at night

Rosa Ibragimova

Usually Proshpan helps us cough. the sooner you start treatment, the better. There is no cough for a few days. At night you can have warm milk with honey. if there is no allergy to honey.

Olga Likhodeeva

Recently I learned about Influcid. Initially she was treated for flu and cold. When the child fell ill, I consulted with my sister, she is my pediatrician, and she also started giving her daughter to dissolve tablets Influcid. He eliminated headaches, aches and other symptoms for several days.

How to treat a beginning cough

How to treat a beginning cough

A person who does not know what a cough is, does not exist, it's a normal reaction organism on various irritating factors - dust, some foreign particles, respiratory diseases ways. It can be caused by colds, allergic reactions, heart or lung problems, and infections.


  1. Before starting treatment, make sure that your cough is catarrhal and not caused by any more serious causes. If you are not sure - ask for help from a specialist, because it's much better to be safe than to get a whole heap of problems in the future.
  2. If the cough has just begun and is accompanied by a choking and sore throat, a runny nose, then there is a chance to quickly overcome both the cold and cough, if immediately take emergency measures: several times a day, rinse your nose with salt water and bury anti-inflammatory drops. Rinse the throat with furicilin or soda with iodine and do this every hour. But you can alternate these remedies with infusions of chamomile, aloe or sage. These herbs are irreplaceable for their anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Warmly dress and ventilate the room, do a wet cleaning yourself or someone ask. The air in the room must be clean and damp.
  4. Beginning dry cough should be made wet, so that sputum easily escapes. For this, have a drink of warm milk with butter and soda, thermopsis, licorice root or plantain. Drink before going to bed a hot tea with honey or warm alkaline mineral water.
  5. A very good remedy for starting coughing is warming up. To do this, take a little castor oil, mix it with alcohol and rub it well into the skin, then wrap it with a warm kerchief or scarf.
  6. Rub hands and feet on your hands with garlic, put on woolen socks and go to bed, under the blanket. You can also hold hands for 10 minutes in hot water before going to bed, and then rub them with apple cider vinegar. A good way is to attach a pepper bandage to your heels or put on socks, filling them with dry mustard. Legs also rubbed with castor oil, or even kerosene! Ways - a great many, but the point is to create limbs, and with them and the whole body, dry heat. Strong sleep under the blanket and good sweating can make a miracle in the morning.
  7. If the cough does not go away and the cold symptoms increase, without interrupting the treatment with home remedies, call the doctor, because it is important not to allow acute bronchitis or pneumonia. Maybe I'll have to drink stronger medicines. Do not "prescribe" them yourself!

How to quickly cure a child's cough with safe means

Cough in the babyCough can be treated after the cause of its appearance has been determined.Cough is a protective reaction of the body that occurs as a result of getting into the respiratory tract of bacterial, allergic or chemical irritants.Therefore, to quickly cure a cough in a child and adults, it is important to establish the cause of its occurrence.

Why does a cough arise?

Causes of child coughingThe occurrence of coughing attacks does not always indicate the development of the disease, sometimes such a process can be caused by an allergic reaction of the body. It is customary to identify such factors, in the presence of which children often observe this symptom:
  • respiratory viral infections;
  • proliferation of adenoids;
  • inflammation of ENT organs;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • the reaction of the body to dry air.

Depending on what caused the cough in children, it is common to divide it into several types. It can be dry, "barking wet, paroxysmal, suffocating.

How is the treatment?

Asking friends how the child quickly cure cough, it should be remembered that the treatment should be carried out only after the child is examined by a pediatrician.

Medical preparations can not be assigned to a child independently, as such actions can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.

In the process of cough treatment a child can be assigned funds belonging to several drug groups. Such cures will help cough:

  1. Mucolytics- drugs aimed at diluting sputum and removing it to the surface of the respiratory tract. Among them are medicines such as Ambrobene, Halixol, Lazolvan.
  2. Antitussive- funds that suppress the activity of the cough center. Among the drugs of this action belong Mukaltin, Pertussin, Licorice Root.
  3. Expectorants- drugs that accelerate the process of sputum expectoration. Gedelix is ​​usually appointed.

Vegetable preparations

Cough preparations of vegetable originIf coughing occurs in children, it is better to give preference to herbal remedies. The main advantage of such drugs is their versatility, they help to cope with dry or wet cough. In addition, they are low-toxic, do not cause side effects, so they are usually prescribed to children.

Licorice root is an effective and safe natural remedy, it is widely used in the manufacture of medicines. It can be syrups, potions, tablets - licorice syrup, tablets with propolis, thoracic elixir. The maximum effect in the treatment of cough will be the use of tea from the root of licorice, which includes other antitussive and anti-inflammatory herbs.

The root of the althaea reduces the intensity of cough and promotes sputum discharge. Children are prescribed such drugs based on the root of the althaea:

  • Mukaltin;
  • Breast gathering number 1;
  • Bronchostop syrup;
  • Alteika.

When coughing caused by bronchitis, often used plantain, because the leaves and seeds of this plant are endowed with anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. The plantain extract became a part of such remedies as Plantain syrup, Stoptussin Fito, Evkabal, Tusavit, Pektoral.

As an antitussive agent for acute and chronic form of bronchitis, homeopathic preparations based on ivy extract are used. This plant is used in the process of producing medicines Pectolvan Ivy, Gedelix, Prospan.

Primrose is a plant that has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antimicrobial and antipyretic effects. The extract of this medicinal plant was included in the Syrup of the Primrose Herbion, Sinupret, Bronchipret.

Classical components of medicines against cough in folk and traditional medicine are such herbs as thyme and thyme. Thyme is endowed with a powerful antimicrobial property, is a part of Stoptussin Fito syrup, drops and syrup Bronchipret, Eucambal syrup.

Some Indian medicines made on the basis of ancient Indian recipes are also popular in pediatrics. These include the following homeopathic medicines:

  • syrup Kofol;
  • Cook syrup;
  • Doctor Mom;
  • Travisil.

In spite of the fact that herbal medicines are considered relatively safe, they can be taken only by the pediatrician, following the indicated dosage and treatment regimen.

Folk treatment

Honey with lemon from coughBeing interested in how quickly to cure a child, you can find many effective recipes of folk medicine. With the development of respiratory-viral diseases accompanied by cough, such folk methods will help:
  1. Within 10 minutes, cook a small lemon, cool, cut in half, squeeze the juice. Mix with a few spoons of glycerin and honey, take it spoon 4 times a day.
  2. The process of recovery will speed up the reception of black radish. It should be rubbed, mixed with honey and eaten spoonful in the morning and evening. Also known is this way of using this medicinal root: take a medium-sized radish, cut out the flesh in it, put a few spoons of honey, leave for a while. When the radish leaves the juice, it should be taken several times a day.
  3. It is useful to drink freshly squeezed carrot juice, mixed in equal parts with milk.
  4. Cut two onions, boil in a glass of milk, drain, get a liquid to drink every two hours for 2 tablespoons.
  5. 3 tablespoons of birch buds mixed with 100 g of butter, melt, burn for an hour. Add 200 g of honey, stir and take on a spoon before eating.
  6. FigsWarm milk is good for coughing. It is mixed with alkaline mineral water: adding a spoonful of honey. You can also stir a spoonful of jam from the figs in the milk.
  7. For various types of cough, figs, cooked in milk, have long been used. In a glass of milk you need to boil until soft 3 fetuses of figs, you need to drink the medicine before going to bed.
  8. Lemon torsion in a meat grinder, add a spoonful of honey, insist an hour, take on a spoon 3 times a day.
  9. Ginger - an effective tool in the treatment of such symptoms of colds, as a cold and cough. It can be used in the preparation of tea, adding other antitussive products - honey or lemon.
Foot bath for a child from coughWhen coughing it is useful to conduct thermal procedures - steam and foot baths, warming up the chest and back. To reduce the cough, you can do salt heating. To do this, you need to heat the salt in a frying pan, wrap it in tissue, put it on the chest and back of the baby. Do not use too hot salt, as severe skin burns can occur.

Parents need to know what the child quickly cured cough, thus preventing the development of complications of the common cold. However, one can independently carry out treatment only with mild forms of cough, when it is possible to do without medications.

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