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All of us without exception, our legs perform a huge work during the day, probably the biggest work, than any other part of the body. Therefore, it is very important to provide care for the feet, the skin of the feet, behind the feet and heels at home using simple and affordable means.

Let's start, perhaps, with exercises to improve the tone of the lower limbs, removing the accumulated tension from them.


Exercises for the feet

  1. Keep your toes on the floor,higher.
  2. Leaning your heels on the floor, turn your feet towards each other and in opposite directions.
  3. Walk barefoot on sand, grass, in shallow water.
  4. Use your toes to lift stones, pencils, ropes( each foot separately).
  5. "Play the gamut" from right to left and from left to right with the fingers of each leg.
  6. Sitting, rotate the rolling pin with soles, rolling it from the fingers to the heel.
  7. While standing, rotate the rolling pin from the fingers to the heel, pushing hard against the sole with one foot first, then the other.

These exercises should be done every day for 10-15 minutes.

For tired, swollen feet baths from mint ( 100 g of dry leaves on a basin of water), as well as the lubrication of feet with kefir or sour milk are useful.

When ingrown nails, it is recommended to boil the file and hold a groove in the middle of the nail - longitudinal or transverse.

Fast way to rejuvenate your feet

  1. Soak your feet in hot water.
  2. Remove pungent horny particles with pumice stone.
  3. Lubricate your feet with cream and massage your feet lightly.

Recipes for foot and heel creams for skin improvement and rejuvenation

No. 1. First version

  • Crude yolk - 1 pc.
  • Sunflower oil - 1 tbsp.a spoon.
  • Vinegar essence - 1 tbsp.a spoon.
  • Turpentine gum - 1 teaspoon.

Manufacturing technology: thoroughly mix the yolk with sunflower oil, then with stirring pour essence and turpentine( can be without turpentine).

Cream rejuvenates the feet, they become tender, like a baby. Since there are numerous biologically active points in the foot, the cream tones the entire body. Do not rinse off the cream.

Recipe No. 1 also uses with radiculitis .He gave good results and during attacks of inflammation of the trigeminal nerve .Apply it in other cases.

For cracks and wounded, the cream is contraindicated.

№ 2. The second variant

  • Olive oil - 100 g.
  • Wax - 15 g.
  • Pine resin( rosin) - 20 g.
  • Butter - 1 tbsp.a spoon.

Manufacturing technology: grind rosin into powder, put the ingredients in enamel ware and, stirring, boil for 10 minutes. Remove the foam. Cool down. Store in a glass jar. The cream heals cracks and wounds on the soles, softens the skin.

It is very good when a person cares for tired legs, but it is better to achieve such a state when the legs do not get tired at all. Psychics say that energy can flow through sick legs. The better the circulation in the legs and the passage of energy on them, the less likely that at the end of the day there will be a breakdown.

Foot massage

Effective way anti-fatigue - foot massage. On the sole comes out a mass of nerve endings, and her massage has a toning and restorative effect on all organs.

We remember our feet too late - when they start to get sick. It is necessary to look after the feet in the same way as for the face. They should be protected from the youth. The skin on the foot should be pink, well-groomed and young.

As a result of foot massage, many diseases are treated. The causes of the disease themselves stop can be:

  • badly selected shoes or shoes with very high heels,
  • poor nutrition( lack of meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, nuts, buckwheat, wheat, millet, eggplant),
  • lack of calcium( food,rich in calcium: liver, kidneys, heart, eggs, oats, nuts, beets, dandelions, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, oranges, raisins, milk, cottage cheese, cheese),
  • small amount of leg exercises or improper performance.

Technique for performing

  1. Sit in Turkish on the floor and turn the legs apart with the plantar side up. Rub your toes between your hands. Pull them, pull them.
  2. Spot a spot foot massage with your thumbs. The impact should be strong enough: thumbs are screwed into the foot as if. The stop from the opposite side must be fixed with the remaining four fingers. Painful points on the foot work more carefully. The duration of each point is 20-30 seconds.
  3. Rub and stroke the foot with the palm of your hand.
  4. Beat your toes with your fingers.
  5. Press the foot with your hands from the edges to form a longitudinal cavity( flatfoot prevention).
  6. With one hand, hold your foot firmly, and the other grasp the thumb and try to rotate it first into one and then to the other side.
  7. Place your foot on the floor and massage the upper side of the foot( the sides of the heel to the fingers) with circular movements of the fingers.
  8. Massage your fingers in the direction from the toes to the lift.
  9. Massage the dots on the inner and outer sides of the heel with phalanxes of the fingers( suppress from the sides from the ankle to the heel).

Massage feet preferably in the morning and evening. In the morning - after the shower, when the feet are warmed up.

After the massage, you should lightly pat the leg from the bottom up( from the fingers to the buttocks).

In the evening before the massage, you should make a foot bath. For 3 liters of boiled water, add 1 g of baking soda. The duration of warm soda bath is 15 minutes. Then pumice the heels, lubricate the feet with cream, then massage the feet.

The more vigorous you do the massage, the more vigorous will circulate the blood, which will wash the toxins and revitalize the legs.

The main symptom of poor blood circulation is pain and coldness in the legs of .With increased circulation, the blood will reach the most distant from the heart points of the feet and revitalize them.

Foot massage, produced for a long time, increases the immunity to infections and colds.

Reviewed by

Элла, 53 года . Complained of poor bowel performance. After a week of foot massage, the work of the intestine was normalized, and chronic constipation passed. There were no changes in the diet. If she at least once missed the procedure, the positive effect was lost.

Vibration shoe

During the vibro-hymn, an effective cleanses the cells of the slags. Engineer AA Mikulin noticed: if you climb on your toes so that the heels come off the floor by one centimeter, and drop sharply to the floor, you experience a shock, a concussion. This will happen the same as when running and walking. Thanks to the valves in the veins, the blood will receive an additional impulse to move upwards. Such shaking should be done slowly, not more often than once a second. After 30 exercises( shaking), take a break in 5-10 seconds. Above a centimeter, the heels should not be raised so as not to damage the venous valves.

Vibroimmunity is the effective help of in the prevention of thrombophlebitis .

Source: Tartak AM The big gold book - health without medicines.- Moscow: Dilya, 2007, 624 p.