Inflammation of axillary lymph nodes in women and men: causes, treatment, photos and symptoms

Any infectious agent that penetrates the human body through damaged skin or from chronic infectious foci in diseases is filtered by the node closest to its site of the lymphatic system.

What to do if an axillary lymph node has become inflamed? You should understand that the inflammation of any lymph node, including the knot under the arm in women, and even more so of a whole group of nodes, may indicate a diverse pathology - acute respiratory viral disease, angina or even breast cancer.

Proceeding from this, go as quickly as possible to the doctor-therapist, he, determining the cause, will appoint a survey, consultations of other specialists.

In a healthy female body, there should be no inflammation of the axillary lymph nodes. Treat the disease immediately, strengthen the immune defense. Then you will be healthy and insured against more formidable pathologies.


Why the lymph nodes under the arm are inflamed: the causes of

In general, in medicine, inflammation of the lymph nodes is called lymphadenitis. The increase in the size of the lymph node and the appearance in it of painfulness at the palpation testifies to the infectious effect with which the immune system does poorly.

The most common causes:

  1. allergy to various substances;
  2. bacterial and viral infection( influenza, acute respiratory viral infection, tonsillitis, measles, etc.);
  3. of breast disease in women( cancer, mastitis, including developing on the background of stagnation of milk during breastfeeding);
  4. malignant neoplasms;
  5. thrombophlebitis;
  6. Diseases of the oral cavity.

Lymphadenitis can also occur if the hair follicles are inflamed when shaving through the micro-skin marks. Add here - unsuitable creams and deodorants. This lymphadenitis passes quickly after the cause is eliminated.

In children, the lymph nodes under the arm grow against the background of chickenpox, mononucleosis, measles. In adult women or men, inflammation can indicate the presence of tuberculosis or syphilis.

Inflammation of several lymph nodes at once - a signal for a quick reference to a doctor: this can indicate the presence of a serious disease requiring immediate treatment. Lymphadenitis( inflammation of the lymph nodes) under the arm shows inflammatory processes in the body.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm: symptoms, photo

At first the inflamed lymph nodes somewhat increase in size, without causing appreciable discomfort. You can feel minor pain when pressed. Skin over the area of ​​the inflamed lymph node slightly reddens.

The initial signs of the disease can go away on their own, if they start to be treated. However, with a more severe pathological process, there are symptoms of intoxication of the body:

  1. fever, chills;
  2. weakness, increased fatigue;
  3. headache, nausea;
  4. painful sensations, intensifying when you touch the lymph nodes;
  5. increase in the size of the lymph nodes.

The process is dangerous by the transition to the stage of pus formation, which then drives the infection throughout the body bringing it to other organs.


As a rule, lymphadenitis is not an independent disease. Therefore, the diagnosis involves finding out the cause that caused the inflammation.

  1. It is important to find out which disease or causative agent causes the inflammatory process in the lymphatic system.
  2. Inflammation of the lymph nodes is easily determined by visual inspection and palpation. Then a clinical analysis of blood and urine is prescribed. With an increased level of leukocytes, indicating the presence of infection, additional tests are given.
  3. If suspected of tuberculosis, Mantoux and X-ray examination are performed.
  4. If a suspected HIV infection or syphilis is prescribed serological tests.
  5. If a suspected oncology is carried out a histological examination and take a puncture of the lymph node.
  6. Ultra-sound examination( ultrasound) is assigned to assess the condition( adhesion process) of the lymph nodes.

Timely detection and treatment of inflammation significantly reduces the risk of complications. Otherwise, the tissue of the lymph node can be destroyed, and this requires surgical intervention.

But the most formidable complication is the penetration of the infection into the bloodstream, which can lead to death.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm: treatment of

Remember that lymphadenitis is not a separate disease, but a symptom of the presence of a pathogenic infection in the body. Treatment can not fight with the investigation, eliminate the cause - the nodes will return to normal and the body will recover.

How to treat lymphadenitis: medical preparations

Antibiotics are prescribed for the elimination of infection in inflammation of the lymph nodes. The course of treatment is from ten to fourteen days.

What antibiotics are prescribed for lymphadenitis?

  1. Amoxicraft ;
  2. Amoxicillin ;
  3. Azithromycin .

This is not the whole list of antibacterial agents. Their appointment makes the doctor sick! And not a patient to himself.

If the disease has acquired a chronic form, more powerful drugs are prescribed: Tubazid , Ethionamide .In some cases, injections are administered to the affected area. In chronic form, compresses are shown using Streptomycin .

If lymphadenitis is caused by tuberculosis, the treatment is carried out in a hospital, using special means. With oncological diseases treatment is selected by an oncologist. Chemotherapy is prescribed, or operative removal of the lymph node together with the tumor.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed - electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy.

For the treatment of the lymph node armpit, ointments - are prescribed. Tubaside , . Thibone , ointments based on Salicylic acid , Viferon .Apply compresses with Borate Vaseline , Heparin ointment, with Troxevasin .

Homeopathic remedies can reduce soreness and help a speedy recovery. To do this, use Ichthyol ointment and Dimexid .

Positive action is provided by Chloretil - spraying the affected lymph node causes numbness, and after several procedures the inflammatory process goes away.

In the purulent, late stage of lymphadenitis, is performed by .An inflamed lymph node is opened, pus is removed, washed. Then put a drain to remove pus, and remove it after a week, after which make dressings.

Than to treat lymphadenitis: folk remedies at home

The main purpose of using traditional medicine is to increase immunity. It is more effective to combine them with traditional methods and after consulting with the doctor.

Echinacea is a simple and affordable way to strengthen the defenses of the body. Tincture of Echinacea is sold in any pharmacy, and take it by half a teaspoon, diluted in a quarter cup of water, four times a day.

You can prepare a syrup from the dry or fresh root of Echinacea. To do this, take half the glass of the root of the plant and pour 300 ml of boiling water. Boil for another 20 minutes on low heat, remove from heat, add half a glass of fresh peppermint and let stand for five minutes. To make the resulting broth more pleasant to taste, you can add honey. Take a tablespoon three times a day. Children under 10 years - a teaspoon.

If, against the background of treatment with syrup from the roots of Echinacea, pains in the stomach have arisen, treatment should be stopped.

A proven and well-known agent for strengthening immunity is vitamin C .Take it three times a day, starting at 250 mg. If necessary, increase the dose.

Aloe vera juice is another effective remedy. It is mixed with honey and with red wine in equal proportions, mix well and insist for a week. After that, you can start treatment - use the medicine on a tablespoon for half an hour before meals.

Calendula promotes the purification of lymph and the removal of pathogenic microorganisms. To prepare the infusion, pour hot flowers( 200 ml.) Into the flowers of the plant( 1 tablespoon) and leave under the lid for 2 hours, wrapped. Then you can take 50 ml( but not more!) Four times a day on an empty stomach. The duration of the course is a week.

Calendula can be combined with with tansy , these plants must be mixed, chopped, poured with boiling water and allowed to brew for about two hours in a wrapped pan. After this infusion, strain, and you can take. Use it three times a day for 20 minutes before a meal.

Remember: to warm the diseased nodes of the lymphatic system - you can not! Will be ignored!

On the use of compresses, ask your doctor!

Compresses using traditional medicine have a positive effect on painful sensations. They are cooked just before the application, and you need to keep at least two hours. To achieve maximum effect, the compress should be covered with polyethylene and fixed with a bandage. Compresses are prepared from walnut leaves - 3 tablespoons of leaves pour 150 g of vodka and insist for three days. Prepare a decoction for compresses from the leaves of mistletoe. For this, the leaves are poured with boiling water or kept in a water bath. But fresh mint leaves are applied in the raw form.

  1. Prevention is a balanced diet - a large presence in the diet of fruits and vegetables, a sufficient amount of meat.
  2. Walking in the fresh air and moderate physical activity also strengthen the defenses of the body.
  3. In addition, it is not worth negligent to cut, wounded, hoping to "self-heal."They can get an infection, which will lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes. Therefore, damage should always be treated with an antiseptic solution.

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In the human body from 400 to 1000 lymph nodes. Through them, as through a kind of filters, passes the lymph, cleansing of microbes, toxins and foreign substances. As soon as the body recognizes the enemy, immune cells begin to be actively allocated in the lymph nodes. Therefore, lymph nodes react very sensitively to any disturbance in the body. Healthy lymph nodes are usually invisible to the touch.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes by the armpit is a serious pathology, in the absence of treatment and in the development of the last stage on which suppuration occurs, can lead to a fatal outcome.

But if you start treatment in the beginning, then the inflammation quickly goes away. It is equally important to conduct a thorough diagnosis, because lymphadenitis can be a symptom of more complex diseases and formidable pathologies.


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