Lishay in humans: photos, signs and treatment

Lishay in humansLishay in humans is a skin disease that is characterized by the appearance on the skin of the rash in the form of small itchy "nodules" or in the form of inflammatory spots of the papule.

Pathology develops as a result of viral or fungal damage. Almost all types of the disease (with the exception of a few) are infectious and endanger the surrounding people in the absence of adequate treatment. Pathology can affect any part of the body.

There are several varieties of lichen in humans: photos, symptoms and treatment of which we will consider in detail in this article.

Types of depriving a person

Based on the reasons that caused the appearance of deprivation in humans, the nature of its manifestation and the symptoms that accompany it, a large number of varieties of this disease are allocated.

The mostcommon types of lichens with detailed photos are presented below.:

  • pink lichen Zhibera;
  • red flat lichen;
  • pityriasis lichen (multicolored, colored);
  • shingles;
  • ringworm (microsporia);
  • feline ringworm;
  • sunworm;
  • tubal lichen.

The manifestation of the symptoms of a disease directly depends on which type of lichen struck the skin of a person. Below, we will look at each of these species in more detail.

How does lichen in humans look like: photo

We offer to view detailed photos depriving a person to understand how this or that form of the disease looks in the initial stage.

Lishay in person photo

To see other photos, and also to esteem about signs and ways of treatment of various kinds of lichen at the person it is possible hardly more low.

Pink lichen in man

What is the causative agent of this type of disease is not exactly known, but it can appear after the catarrhal infections.

The main symptoms of pink lichen (see Fig. photo), occurring in both adults and children:

  • the appearance of pink spots on the body;
  • itching, peeling.

Usually, the disease begins as follows: on the skin appears a single spot of pink color (it is called the mother's spot), which has a rounded shape and a reddish edging. In the center of the stain, the skin is dried and flaky. Over time, the maternal spot begins to increase in size.

Thus, after one or two weeks from the onset of the disease, distant areas of the skin are covered with pink spots of smaller sizes. On the affected areas of the skin with pink lichen, there is a mildly pronounced itching

Than to treat?

After a few weeks, pink lichen passes by itself. To accelerate the recovery of the patient is recommended:

  • take antihistamines to reduce itching;
  • to refuse to wear synthetic clothes;
  • Avoid ultraviolet rays and sports loads that cause the body to sweat profusely;
  • go to hypoallergenic diet, give up alcohol, tobacco and their derivatives;
  • when treating this type of skin disease it is strictly forbidden to use hormonal ointments, cosmetics, iodine and salicylic acid;
  • it is desirable to lubricate the skin with oils or antiseptics.

For the time being it is recommended to reduce the number of water procedures, for some time not to use cosmetic preparations for the skin of the body, do not wear clothes made of wool. You can not comb and rub the area of ​​pink lichen.

Pink lichen

Red flat lichen in man

It appears as a red rash, which affects the skin in addition to the mucous membranes (most often the oral cavity) changes the shape of the nails (see Fig. a photo). Usually the disease is accompanied by itchy skin. Mostly sick women 40-60 years old, prone to diseases of the biliary tract and digestive tract, a person with diabetes.

How to treat?

Treatment of red lichen planus begins with the elimination of all factors that could trigger the development of the disease. The patient is advised to protect himself from contact with professional and household allergens, to carry out the treatment of foci of infection and give increased attention to the therapy of all concomitant diseases.

In the presence of severe itching, the patient may be prescribed anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and antiallergic drugs (for example, claritin, tavegil or telphase).

Red flat lichen

Shorthaired (multicolored) lichen in man

This fungal infection manifests itself in the form of discolored spots or spots of brown or pink. The color changes with time, the stain flakes (see Fig. a photo).

Spots of small size sometimes merge, and large foci appear with uneven outlines. They do not darken under the influence of sunlight. There is itching, excessive sweating. Localized in the chest and neck.


It is necessary to treat this ailment in a complex way. The therapy of pityriasis is reduced to the use of antimycotic ointments and tablets of antifungal agents.

In turn, pink lichen often passes independently and does not require the preparation of a curative program. Patients are advised to avoid increased insolation, refuse to wear synthetic clothes and reduce the number of water procedures.

Peregrine lichen

Shingles in humans

Disease of viral etiology, the causative agent of which is the varicella zoster virus. Shingles develop in people with reduced immunity, with hypothermia and after the transferred stress. Suffered it people of age, HIV-infected and those who in childhood did not have chickenpox. However, even the presence of chicken pox in the anamnesis is not a guarantee that lichen does not affect the skin in the adult state.

This disease is characterized by unilateral skin lesions predominantly on the trunk, a common malaise, a slight itch, fever and neuralgic pain in the places of future rashes. There is an increase in local lymph nodes and the formation of papules that turn into vesicles with clear contents.

Than to treat this deprive?

Drug treatment includes the use of antiviral drugs, such as Valtrex, "Famvir" or "Acyclovir which suppress the herpes virus, both in primary and secondary defeats them.

Immunostimulating drugs such as "Isoprinosine" are also prescribed, so that the body can successfully fight the disease. In addition to drugs taken inside, you need ointments, gels and solutions of local effects - "Alpizarin "Epigen "Zovirax or lotions of interferon.


White lichen in man

White lichen, in the first place differs from the rest - the type of lesion, the pigmentation of the affected areas forming white traces. It makes the skin lighter, and can take a rounded shape with an area of ​​up to 4 centimeters. Sometimes lichen can cause itching and flaking, and in winter, inflammation.

Treatment Options

When a simple white lichen appears, the treatment is exclusively local, aimed at softening the affected areas. For these purposes, a lanolin-based ointment is usually used, as well as a normal baby cream.

If the stains of the lichen dry and become inflamed (this sometimes happens in winter), ointments with hormones are used: for example, hydrocortisone ointment (1%).

White lichen

Ringworm in humans

The second name of this pathology is trichophytosis. Causes fungus disease, which affects the skin of a person. The disease at first is asymptomatic, so recognizing ringworm at an early stage is quite problematic. The clinical manifestation of the disease begins with a swelling in the form of a red or pink spot with clear boundaries.

After that, the swelling begins to increase and at its edges appear bubbles, which bursting, form an itchy crust. The skin in the center of the spot begins to peel off. Hair that is in the place of injury begins to thin out or break off. In the case of appearing depriving the hairless portion of the skin, it has the appearance of pale pink spots with edging in the form of a roller.

How to treat at home?

Treatment can take place approximately according to this scheme.

  1. Local ointments, gels, creams or sprays such as Clotrimazole, Mikoseptin, Terbinafine.
  2. In the morning: iodine treatment. In the evening: treatment with ointment containing salicylic acid.
  3. Vidal's Milk. It is prepared in the prescription department and includes six aimed at combating the fungus components.
  4. Inside for 2-3 weeks: Griseofulvin. This natural antifungal agent is narrowly directed, the doctor can replace other drugs that can fight the pathogens of ringworm Microsporum canis and Trichophyton tonsurans.

In parallel with antifungal drugs, a dermatologist can prescribe immunomodulators and vitamin complexes to boost immunity.


Microsporia in humans

Another fungal variety is depriving, and there are cases when microsporia is confused with ringworm. The causative agents of these diseases are different, with microsporia it is a fungus called microsporium canis, it is different from the fungus that causes ringworm.

With microspores, a pink spot appears on the skin, with clear edges and peeling. Hair is broken off over the skin at a level of 4-5 mm. More often, infection comes from cats and dogs, and possibly from people. Most often this disease affects children, because they are due to their curiosity constantly have contact with animals, not only at home, but also on the street.

Than to treat at home?

In the treatment of microsporia of the scalp, griseofulvin remains the drug of choice, an antibiotic produced by a mold fungus. Griseofulvin, produced in the form of tablets of 125 mg. The drug is taken every 3-4 meals during meals with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, which is necessary to increase the solubility of griseofulvin and increase the duration of its action.

To cure microsporia of smooth skin without affecting the hair, external antifungal agents are used.

  • clotrimazole;
  • cyclopyrox;
  • isoconazole;
  • bifonazole and others.

In cases of severe inflammation, it is advisable to prescribe combined preparations containing additional hormones.


Scaly lichen

No less common name for squamous lichen in humans is psoriasis. The disease has a chronic character, it is characterized by latent flow, combined with relapses.

Eruptions in psoriasis are prone to inflammation and are located mainly on the outside of the extensor surface.

Scaly lichen

How to treat a man's lichen?

If any suspicious rash is found on your skin, you need to contact a specialist, since he decides what to treat the lichen most quickly and effectively. Launched forms of the disease are cured more difficult, so rush to the doctor is necessary with the initial forms of the disease.

You can take out lichen with the help of folk remedies, but medical help will be more reliable. Even better is the combination of medical methods of elimination with home medicine.

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