How to treat liver pain at home

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  • When is treatment prescribed?
  • Diabetes Treatment Scheme
  • What if the pain is not associated with a pathology?
  • If there is no possibility to consult a doctor
  • Power requirements for liver pain
  • Characteristics of hepatoprotectors
  • How to reduce the pain in the liver with herbs?
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If a person has been examined and is sure that his liver is hurting, the treatment is prescribed by a doctor. It is impossible to get rid of this symptom quickly. The pain will decrease as the activity of the process decreases.

Different liver diseases require a different approach to therapy. At home, the usual inpatient treatment is usually continued, but at lower dosages. Acute hepatitis is treated up to two years to prevent the transition to a chronic course.

Recommendations on what to do at home, you can get from doctors, specialists in infectious diseases in the treatment of viral hepatitis, a gastroenterologist. In large medical centers there were hepatologists.

When is treatment prescribed?

True pain in the liver is rarely intense. Localize in the right hypochondrium. Feel like dull, aching or constant weight. They can irradiate to the right side, back, epigastric region.

Additionally, there are signs of impaired digestion: bloating, diarrhea or constipation, weakness. With long-term course of chronic diseases, the symptoms of disturbance of all kinds of metabolism become the main ones: bleeding gums, loss of appetite and weight loss, skin itching, decreased mental abilities( pronounced memory impairment).

With hepatitis, after a certain period after the onset of pain, jaundice, darkening of the urine and discoloration of the stool should be expected. Men gradually develop impotence, and women are often treated for infertility.

Diagnosis takes into account the localization, irradiation, the nature of the pain

Pain becomes painful with a growing malignant tumor, suppuration of the cyst and the formation of an abscess, accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity( ascites).Heart defects with circulatory failure are accompanied by an increase in the stagnant liver and pulsating pains in time with heart contractions.

Patients should be aware that the liver can not be affected by sudden seizures. Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, and pancreatitis are characterized by a similar character. This pathology can proceed in parallel with liver disease, maintain its activity, cause additional digestive disorders.

Gradual strengthening of pain syndrome with movement to the iliac region on the right is typical for acute appendicitis. At the expressed pains in hypochondrium and in a back it is necessary to think of diseases of a right kidney.

There are quite a few pathological conditions that simulate pain in the liver. Properly differentiate their origin is only possible by an experienced attending physician. He will understand what causes the pain and tell you how to get rid of them better. Timely recourse to medical care helps to avoid a serious run-down.

Diabetes Treatment Scheme

It is impossible to quickly remove pain syndrome without general liver therapy. Virtually any pathology of the body requires the restoration of dying hepatocytes, the fight against the inflammatory process and edema. Treatment will require dieting in the diet, refusal from alcohol and smoking, cessation of heavy physical exertion.

Barrier function of the liver

Antibacterial drugs are used to detect bacterial abscessing, echinococcosis is treated with special antiparasitic agents.

In the treatment of viral hepatitis requires expensive antiviral drugs, immunomodulators. In autoimmune processes, high doses of corticosteroids and cytostatics are used.

In order to support the regeneration of cells, prescribe drugs of the hepatoprotector group, vitamins. To improve the processes of choleresis and outflow cholagogue preparations of different action( choleretics and cholekinetics) are used.

With concomitant cholecystitis, dyskinesia of spastic ducts for the removal of pain, antispasmodics are used. How to treat pain in a particular patient becomes clear after the examination.

What if the pain is not related to the pathology?

Pain syndrome in the liver can occur in an almost healthy person in the case of an attempt to run or exercise, after drinking alcohol. Without constant support of the body's fitness during sports, the liver capsule is overloaded due to blood filling.

Failure or improper breathing disturbs the movement of the diaphragm. This is the cause of pain.

Do not give up training. It is necessary to revise its training and:

  • to reduce the load;
  • add time to rest;
  • learn to control breathing;
  • not to allow physical exertion immediately after lunch, you can take food no later than 2 hours before training, try to avoid fatty dishes, heavy fried and spicy food.

The main advice is not to get drunk to toxic action, then you will not need to look for medicines

If the pains bother the next morning after a party with alcoholic beverages, you need to "unload" the liver during the processing of alcohol. This is suitable for alkaline mineral water without gas, liquid oatmeal, herbal tea, fat-free cottage cheese. You can start taking hepatoprotectors, although there is no need to expect a quick action from these drugs.

Sometimes the pains appear against the background of taking antibiotics prescribed by a doctor to treat some process. It should be remembered about the possibility of negative effects on the liver, individual sensitivity to the drug. It is necessary to inform the doctor and replace the medicine.

If there is no possibility to consult a doctor

With the situation when pains are not strong, but they interfere with work, every person can deal with cases. To reduce the intensity it is recommended:

  • switch to a diet for at least 2 weeks;
  • take a spasmolytic pill( No-sppa, Spazmalgon, Papaverin), the pain will decrease if associated with a violation of bile flow;
  • to drink a little warmed up alkaline mineral water( Borjomi, Essentuki 4) and lie on the right side;
  • brew herbal tea with corn stigmas, immortelle, chamomile and drink it throughout the day;
  • to initiate a course of treatment with hepatoprotectors that can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription( Essentiale, Karsil, Hepaben, Darsil, Methionine);
  • If you feel nausea and bitterness in your mouth, you should choose one of the choleretic preparations( Allochol, Hofitol, Holemax).
In the absence of effect and pain intensification, it is necessary to find an opportunity and consult a doctor.

When choosing a mineral water should be guided by low salt concentration and alkaline reaction, this corresponds to "Essentuki 4"

Power requirements for pain in the liver

At home, it is necessary to provide a person with pain in the liver with proper dietary nutrition. It should correspond to the task of maximum discharge of the body with sufficient supply of necessary food components.

Nutrition rules include:

  • obligatory refusal of animal fats, preservatives, alcohol, carbonated water, spicy seasonings, coffee, chocolate, cooking fried foods;
  • providing protein composition due to products with easily digestible forms( rabbit meat, poultry, veal);
  • maximum replacement of butter for vegetable, it is better to use refined, refined types( sunflower, linseed, olive);
  • to reduce the amount of carbohydrates due to the rejection of culinary products, biscuits, sweets;
  • prepare food for steam, by boiling, baking, quenching;
  • feeding should be frequent( after 2-3 hours), but in small portions;
  • for the cleansing of the intestine provide for a sufficient amount of fiber due to bran and dietary bread, salads with fresh vegetables.

The ration can be formed from the following set of products:

  • dried bread made from rye flour or with bran;
  • soups with vegetables, lean meat, sea fish;
  • meat boiled and steamed cutlets, meatballs, meatballs from chicken, lean beef, veal;
  • fish cooked steamed or boiled( hake, flounder, cod, horse mackerel);
  • butter up to 30 grams per day, and vegetable - up to 50 ml;
  • vegetable casseroles of pumpkin, cabbage, carrot, zucchini;
  • porridge on the water;
  • fresh fruit juices, kissels, whole fruits are only sweet;
  • dairy products, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese;
  • green tea with honey, broth of wild rose.

For dietary nutrition, you need to follow not only the fat concentration, but also the term of its manufacture, and patients with liver diseases need to take yogurt and yogurt not exceeding a two-day date.

Characteristics of hepatoprotectors

At home, reception of drugs providing liver protection, cell regeneration,preventing stagnation of bile. Such properties are possessed by modern hepatoprotectors. They will help reduce pain and a feeling of heaviness. The composition and origin of drugs are divided into several groups. We will consider the most common and used means.

Herbal preparations

The most commonly recommended medicines are based on flavonoids of milk thistle( Legalon, Karsil, Silimar, Gepabene), licorice( Phosphogliv), artichoke leaves( Hofitol), and other plants( Liv 52).They strengthen the envelope of hepatocytes, prevent the penetration of toxins into the body.

The mechanism of action is provided by:

  • by binding free radicals and stopping the oxidation of lipids;
  • by stimulating antioxidants by increasing the glutathione content;
  • synthesis of proteins, accelerating the restoration of damaged hepatocytes.

The agents are indicated for toxic, alcoholic and medicinal hepatitis, if the activity is confirmed for biochemical assays and for prophylaxis. Caution is required in cases with stagnation of bile, since there are data on its enhancement with drugs with milk thistle. There is no evidence of efficacy in the treatment of viral hepatitis.

Preparations of animal origin

Drugs are made from an extract of liver of cattle( Hepatosan, Progepar).They contain: vitamin B12, amino acids, growth hepatic factors. Assign for chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, drug and toxic damage to the liver.

It is important to remember that the antioxidant and restorative effect of this group has no evidence. Moreover, drugs can be dangerous to patients with active hepatitis, since they are allergens.

Before treatment should be determined sensitivity to the drug, use is possible as contraindicated

Essential phospholipids

The most common group of hepatoprotectors in the Russian Federation. Phospholipids: compensate for the "building material" of the cell membrane of hepatocytes, increase the activity of the enzyme collagenase, which destroys scar tissue, are antioxidants.

Indicated for any damage to the liver. Example-Forte Enzyme, a drug that, in addition to essential phospholipids, contains a combination of vitamins that enhance effectiveness:

  • B1 - an antioxidant and immunity stimulant;
  • B2 - is involved in the regulation of brain activity;
  • B6 - as co-enzyme regulates the metabolism of proteins;
  • B12 - provides the synthesis of the necessary enzyme for the sheath of nerve fibers;
  • Nicotinamide - activates tissue respiration, fat and carbohydrate metabolism;
  • E is a strong antioxidant.

Group drugs( Lipostabil, Essentiale Forte, Resalut Pro, Phosphontsiale) are also recommended for the treatment of biliary tract diseases.

Amino acids

Drugs with amino acids are important for ensuring biochemical transformations and the formation of phospholipids, taurine, glutathione, the construction of cellular structures of hepatocytes and the brain. Example - Adomethionine.

The ability of the drug to withstand fibrosis has also been demonstrated. Especially shown in hepatic encephalopathy. Assign for cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis. The best effect is injection by injection.

Vitamins with antioxidant effect

The group is represented by vitamins E, C and lipoic acid.α-lipoic acid - coenzyme involved in the process of energy synthesis by liver cells, regulates carbohydrate, protein, fat metabolism. It is shown for viral hepatitis A, chronic hepatitis, fatty hepatosis, alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis.

Drugs of different groups of

Ursodeoxycholic acid( UDCA) is most effective. It is part of the normal bile of a person in a concentration of 4%.With an additional intake reduces the effect of toxic bile acids, suppresses the production of immunoglobulins, enhances the outflow of bile and the withdrawal of toxic substances from the liver, has antioxidant activity. It is indicated for any hepatitis.

In the application of hepatoprotectors, one should not expect a quick cure: their action is gradual, the ideal agent does not yet exist

How to reduce the pain in the liver with herbs?

Traditional medicine recommends for the removal of pain in the liver to use decoctions of herbs and plants with anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. These include:

  • fennel,
  • anise,
  • dill seed,
  • peppermint,
  • chamomile flowers,
  • gooseweed,
  • wheaten.

Also "clean" the liver helps bitterness on the basis of:

  • wormwood,
  • gentian,
  • of ara swamp,
  • of dandelion roots,
  • tansy.

The way of cooking the broths is the simplest method - brew for the night in a thermos.

Plants improve the outflow of bile, so they are indicated in hepatic colic. To restore the function of the liver are recommended decoctions of milk thistle, clover, marigold, immortelle, birch leaves, hops, rosehips, barberry.

If necessary, it is enough to withstand the type of tea brewing. In the pharmacy network, you can buy herbs separately or as a medicinal collection. Home options for getting rid of liver pain require caution. Do not postpone visiting a doctor if the pain lasts more than one day. Herbal preparations do not make sense without specific testimony.

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