How to cure fissure caries

Caries is a common disease of the mouth. There are varieties of caries that develop more often and earlier than others and are located in places where the enamel is thinner, and it is more difficult to thoroughly clean them. One of such places is fissures.

  • Fissure caries: what is it
  • Causes
  • Stages of
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Treatment of fissure caries
  • People's means
  • Sage
  • Chamomile
  • Prophylaxis of caries
  • Fissure caries in children
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Fissures - folds of enamel, especially well they are visible on chewing teeth. Because of their structure, they easily accumulate food particles, which are then difficult to clean. Plaque in which bacteria multiply leads to disease.

Fissure caries: what is it

Fissure caries are caries located in the fissures. Often it is difficult to recognize visually: fissures are often covered with a touch of dark brown hue, so neither its natural shade, nor the color of caries itself at early stages is not visible. This type of disease is widespread. Often tooth decay occurs in children, because their teeth are not fully formed yet, the enamel in the fissure region is very thin and easily destroyed.

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Another feature of fissure caries is reversibility in the initial stages. This disease is developing relatively slowly. If you notice in time that something is wrong with the teeth and take the necessary measures, it will be stopped at an early stage, at which time the enamel or dentin is not destroyed.


The main cause of fissure caries is an inadequate level of hygiene. Another lack of necessary minerals and nutrients affects the density of enamel, which means it provokes the development of the disease.

The individual features of the structure of the teeth play a role. In some people fissures are easily accessible to the toothbrush, others have the opposite, even special cleansers will not help to remove plaque from the depressions.

Stages of

At an early stage, when caries is considered initial, the process is reversible, it is not necessary to resort to serious treatment. The enamel is in a loose state, but urgent surgery is not required.

When the disease thoroughly reaches the enamel and begins to destroy it, the early caries turns into dentine caries. The enamel of the tooth becomes noticeably darker, and all the symptoms begin to manifest themselves to the fullest. Here, no treatment can not be dispensed with, and the process of tooth decay will go much faster, the dentin is not so dense and strong.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of caries fissures are similar to the symptoms of other types of this disease. At the initial stage, there are usually no appreciable sensations, and it is impossible to determine with the naked eye whether a caries develops in a person.

At later stages, the affected area begins to darken strongly. An experienced dentist can immediately recognize caries on open fissures. The sick tooth becomes more sensitive, it begins to react to cold and hot food, often to sweet. Such symptoms are an obvious indicator that it's time to see a doctor.

Otherwise, you can start caries to an awful state. The tooth will begin to hurt continuously, it will collapse, which means that the treatment will be much longer and more difficult.

To detect fissure caries, x-rays are not needed at all, enough ordinary sensing. Therefore, on any simple preventive method, you can determine the presence of the disease.

Important!Identify all the symptoms and timely start treatment in the early stages will help only regular examinations at the dentist.

Treatment of fissure caries

In the early stages, surgical treatment is not necessary if all preventive measures are performed. Until the enamel and dentin are damaged, the disease process is reversible.

If the stage of caries is serious, you need to see a doctor sooner. The dentist will remove the damaged tooth tissue and put the seal. The variety of modern materials makes it durable and outwardly invisible. Healthy fissures, located next to a sore spot, are usually covered with a sealant. This protects against the formation of caries and provides additional strength to the seal.

People's means

Folk remedies will help relieve pain syndrome or prevent caries from developing in the early stages. If problems with the teeth are discovered suddenly, and it is not possible to get to the doctor soon, folk remedies will allow you to hold out until you get a qualified treatment.


A decoction of sage will help with caries. This plant is a wonderful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It will help relieve pain, destroy some of the pathogenic bacteria that affect the development of caries.

  1. To prepare the broth you need 15 grams of grass to pour a glass of hot water and leave to boil for an hour.
  2. Rinse regularly after brushing your teeth.


Another soothing tool is a camomile-based collection. The broth of this plant can rinse your mouth after eating and before going to bed.

Other methods, except for such sparing herbal decoctions, like cleaning teeth with soap, are questionable. They are dangerous to health. Experiment with them is not recommended.

Important!Folk remedies help exclusively at the initial stages of any caries, including fissures. If possible, get to the dentist as soon as possible.

Attempts to treat tooth decay at home are usually a useless, sometimes dangerous exercise that can worsen the course of the disease. Such treatment is rarely permissible.

In the early stages, it is possible to treat the tooth with specialized gels to restore the enamel, which has not yet been completely destroyed. Before using the product, consultation with the dentist is required, he must indicate all the damaged areas. Then the gel will help in the treatment.

Important!If the gel does not help, do not delay with surgery and try other dubious drugs.

Prophylaxis of caries

Prevention of fissure caries is simple and quite effective, it will help to forget about painful treatment for a long time.

  1. Careful oral hygiene. First of all, regular, regular brushing of teeth. It is better to abandon the whitening pastes, perniciously acting on the enamel, and to train yourself to use floss after eating.
  2. Frequent examinations at the dentist. Better once every six months, you should not visit a doctor less often.
  3. Special preparations with calcium and fluoride. From the lack of these substances enamel weakens, but to abuse mineral complexes is harmful. Before taking any medications, you need a specialist consultation.
  4. If the fissure structure does not allow them to be completely cleaned with an ordinary toothbrush at home, rescue is a professional cleaning at the dentist. Even those people who are fortunate with the structure of the teeth, sometimes go through them.
  5. Fissure sealing. Deep fissures are sealed with a special substance, then the food particles do not get deep into the folds of the tooth. This method is extremely effective and suitable for adults and children.

The implementation of simple recommendations will help to avoid treatment in most cases. In some cases, you can refer to folk recipes and rinse the oral cavity with herbal decoctions. Most of them are safe with a competent approach, but quite cheap and more affordable than many specialized rinse aids.

Fissure caries in children

In children, enamel in the grooves of the tooth is most vulnerable, so fissure caries are a common problem in them.

Many people think that it is not necessary to rush with the treatment of milk teeth, they will soon fall out anyway. This opinion is erroneous, in any case, the destruction of even temporary teeth often leads to a variety of problems in the future. Children need careful care and timely examinations.

Especially dental diseases at an early age can affect the formation of bite, correcting it is difficult and long.

In general, fissure caries - one of the most common diseases of the mouth, completely reversible in the early stages. The main thing - to be observed at the dentist and to be engaged in prophylaxis. Caries treatment is not a problem nowadays, technologies and materials are now sufficient.