Signs for money to attract

How to attract money, are there any national signs that they should be. Let's consider possible national signs on money.

As you know, money is a powerful conductor of energy. They absorb everything that happens around them. Our people have signs for attracting money, and if we believe the experience of our ancestors, money bills need to be kept in order, and small coins like to score and respect.

You can not, paying in the store, pretend that you do not notice putting in small coins. Catching a negative attitude, on your part, to small money, large - can turn away and choose for themselves a more friendly owner.


How to attract wealth?

I must say that most of the rich and powerful people started out small. A person accumulates money, as a chicken bites one grain. When you are able to manage money efficiently, your wealth will continuously increase and grow.

What you need to do to keep your money constantly

  1. Remember those items that should not stand on the table:
  2. You can not sit on the table or put a hat or gloves on it.
  3. There should not be anything empty on the table. In the vase there should be flowers, and empty glasses, immediately remove the bottles from the table, because the purse will empty.
  4. Products brought from the store, in packages, do not place on the table.
  5. At night the kitchen table should be empty, do not leave on it also a purse, keys from the house, scattered money.

How does house cleaning affect family well-being?

From how you clean the house, financial well-being largely depends. Money loves order, it's easier for a neat, thrifty and clean people to get it, but still pay attention to this:

  1. House cleaning is best done early in the morning or before dinner. If you sweep away the trash in the evenings, you may, together with him, drive away the money energy.
  2. One master must have one broom.
  3. Throwing garbage at the window is a bad omen, the money flies there.
  4. Even if you do not use a broom, put it in a corner, the handle down, it will help to increase well-being.

Useful habits related to money

Often, we do not hesitate to push the cash flow away from ourselves, although there are cases when we do something according to the old habit and thus return it back, so that the coins do not slip away, but rather try to get into your wallet, you need to remember:

  1. Going to work, put a money bill next to the mirror, which will allow you to return home with a doubled capital.
  2. Throw out unnecessary checks from your wallet, receipts, because they fill the space intended for banknotes.
  3. On Sundays, pay with small coins, let this ritual enter into your habit.
  4. Do not take money from hand to hand, put it on the table, so you will protect your wallet from the negative energy that its former owner can send along with the note.
  5. Always wear a piece of red paper in a small pocket inside the purse. The energy of money attracts red;

When to think about money?

It is known that the desires conceived for the New Year are fulfilled. This rule applies to cash desires. When you take a big currency bill under the battle of the chimes and wish it more, your dream will come true.

New Moon is an effective way to take advantage of one of the folkloric signs, which greatly increases the chance to become richer. After leaving in the field or other open space, show the young month a few silver coins. As the moon grows, money in your wallet will also multiply.

If you are building a new house, you have a chance to secure a constant inflow of monetary energy. To this end, you need to throw in the foundation of a few coins, then they will always attract the financial flow to themselves.

If a faucet flows in the house, the money will also flow out like sand through your fingers.

If you want the signs related to attracting money to bring you a profit, notice everything that happens in your life. Repair the cranes, clean up the house and purse, start to respect the coins of small dignity and soon you will have a chance to become rich.

Signs for money: What can and can not be done?

Video from Svetlana Nadornaya from the video channel "Mantras, Meditations, Relax".

14 People's Notes on Money

  1. You can not count the money in the piggy bank. It is possible only when it was broken.
  2. You can never say that you have the last money left, this is a bad sign relating to money. Even if it really is.
  3. Money loves silence. You can not talk loudly about money, loudly count them out loud.
  4. Money loves the account! You can count them and recalculate as many times as you like, while enjoying it. And money will be even nice, as this is a good sign for them. But counting money should not be loud, and not in front of other people, of course.
  5. Give money with your right hand, and take the left.
  6. You can not give and take money from hand to hand. We need to put them on something. Best of all on a wooden object. The tree extinguishes negative vibrations, which can carry money with them. In public transport, this rule can be omitted; money will understand and forgive you for violating this notion, do not worry.
  7. Money does not come to those who have tattered pockets or torn to the clothes buttons.
  8. Pockets of your clothes, purses, purses, handbags - never keep empty, even if you do not wear them. There should be some money, even small ones.
  9. You can not whistle in the house, in the yard - there will be no money.
  10. Put in each corner of the room on a penny or ruble (coin).
  11. If you do not have money left in your wallet when you buy a new thing, you'll run out of money all the time while you wear this thing. If the money remains, then your wallet will always be full.
  12. It is better to give a debt not in the evening, but in the morning - money will be vodka,
  13. Do not lend money or bread in the evening - neither will be in the house.
  14. The sun has set - do not take anything out of the house; no water, no trash, no money - to ruin.

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