How to use Riga balsam: recipes for cooking at home, use and how to drink

Riga black balsam is one of the main Latvian attractions.

For several centuries, a strong drink was made only on the basis of natural extracts of berries, leaves and herbs, useful for affecting the functions of the human body.

A pleasant, rich bitterish-sweet taste resembles a medicinal mixture.

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      Alcoholic beverage with original tastereceived international recognition and various international prizes.

      Effective means refers to the list of official Latvian medicines.

      Available in a special ceramic or clay tank, protecting the healing elixir from light rays and temperature changes.

      The history of the appearance of

      After the Second World War, the recipe for a healing drink disappeared, specialists reconstructed the formula and conducted many analyzes and samples. For today, the traditional recipe for this remedy has been supplemented with fresh ingredients.

      The leading manufacturer of "Latvijas balzams" produces four sorts of bitter:

      1. Riga Black Balsam .
        The owner of many awards, a drink with a strength of 45% is made according to the classic recipe. Known since 1752 for its healing properties.
        Available in packagings from 0.04 liters to 3 liters.
      2. Classic Riga Black Balsam "Element" , with a fortress of 40%.
        Thanks to the addition of rum, he has found new flavors.
      3. Riga Black currant balsam, with a strength of 30%.
        An excellent combination of a useful balm with a delicate aroma of ginger and black currant.
        Winner of the gold medal for the original design and silver medal for taste.
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      5. Liqueur based on Riga Black Balsam Cream , with a strength of 17%.
        Excellent combination of tart taste of bitter with cream and vanilla caramel.

      Cost and where to buy

      In Latvia there are 44 firm stores selling Riga Black Balsam. It is sold in specialized stores "Latvijas balzams", as well as in large supermarkets in the department of alcoholic beverages.

      The cost of a bottle of a drink depends on the volume and packaging, varies between 2-100 €.If the purchase amount is more than 100 €, then the stores provide a discount of 10%.

      If you have never tried a drink, you can buy a capacity of 0.2 liters worth 450-550 rubles.

      Balm connoisseurs prefer to take a bottle of 0.7 liters at a price of 1200-1300 rubles.

      How not to fall for a fake

      Riga black balsam is easily recognized by the yellow background, on which the company's name is of brown color.

      It is produced in a characteristic ceramic container, where the cork should only be made from oak.

      The color of the original bitter is brown, thanks to a combination of useful herbs, fruits and roots.

      Due to aging in barrels the taste of the drink is bitterish-sweet.

      Chemical composition

      The famous product includes 24 high-quality ingredients, among them:

      • specially prepared water,
      • sugar,
      • natural honey flavor.

      It contains Peruvian essential oil, cognac and grain alcohol, as well as natural plant extracts:

      • lime color;
      • valerian;
      • mint;
      • nutmeg;
      • ginger;
      • raspberries;
      • St. John's wort;
      • cranberries;
      • blueberry;
      • berry fruit drinks.

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      Balsam also has wormwood( read about magical properties here), St. John's wort, yarrow( medicinal properties and contraindications to herbs), fruits of cherry( the benefit and harm of red), seeds of anise and dill and many other useful herbs. Numerous components do not interrupt the aroma, but only accentuate each other.

      The composition of the drink includes a number of mineral substances:

      • calcium,
      • potassium,
      • magnesium,
      • iron,
      • organic acids,
      • tannins,
      • proteins,
      • carbohydrates,
      • fats.

      Although the components of the national drink are known, but the recipe of cooking is still kept in strict confidence and is known only to the master and his two assistants.

      Strict compliance with the recipe and the use of quality ingredients, maintains the taste of Riga Black Balsam at a decent level.

      Therapeutic properties and benefits of

      The medicinal elixir of the apothecary Abraham Kunze was offered as a miracle cure for many diseases.

      The healing properties of the drink have been repeatedly confirmed for several centuries.

      In Latvia, Riga Balsam is recommended and appointed by doctors in polyclinics.

      Judging by the positive feedback, it really helped a huge number of people who noted the pronounced therapeutic properties in various diseases:

      • helps with colds, depression and loss of strength;
      • is used for rheumatism;
      • has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;
      • herbs in the composition of balm treat diseases of the digestive tract and dissolve stones in the bile;
      • heals wounds and burns;
      • strengthens the immune system( how to take a tincture of Echinacea read here), fights against colds;
      • relieves headaches and migraines.
      For prevention, bitter used for gastritis and peptic ulcer. Due to their astringent and antiseptic substances, diseases of the digestive tract and stomach disorders are treated.

      To prevent catarrhal diseases it is recommended to add 1-2 tsp.funds in tea with lemon or coffee( about the benefit and harm to the heart is written on this page), which will enhance expectoration of sputum and increase sweating.

      Having dissolved balm in warm water, it is possible to gargle with a sore throat.

      For physical and mental loads, the drink is used as a tonic and immunomodulating medication, taking 30 g after meals.

      Compresses and rubbing help relieve pain and tension in the joints and muscles.

      Contraindications to the use of

      In addition to useful properties, it also has contraindications. Due to the high alcohol content, the drink should not be consumed by pregnant women and children .

      Regular use of Riga Black Balsam can lead to alcoholism. The famous balm for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes is consumed at 30 ml per day.

      For gastrointestinal diseases, hepatic and renal insufficiency, it is better to consult with your doctor.

      How to make the most

      The initial stage of balsam preparation is to insist it in special oak barrels for a month.

      The output is a bitter essence, which is mixed with alcohol, brandy and juices. A characteristic shade of the drink gives honey and grilled sugar.

      The finished liquid is poured into clay bottles and is aged for 6 months. Such containers protect balm from sun rays and temperature changes.

      The complex production technology consists of several long stages:

      1. Each ingredient separately for up to 3 months insists on alcohol.
      2. Single or double distillation of each component.
      3. Separate aging of the ingredients for a month, because of which the beneficial substances pass into the balm.
      4. Prepared components are mixed in a certain way, complementing each other.
      5. Several stages of filtration to clear the drink from herbs.
        Even after a triple degree of cleaning, a small herbal residue remains at the bottom of the bottle.
      6. The medicinal product is bottled in dark glasses or ceramics and again kept.

      Balsam bar Riga Black Magic

      Not far from the Town Hall there is a bar "Riga black magic".Previously, there was a pharmacy Abraham Kunze - the author of the Riga bitter, so the drink is also called Balsam Kunze.

      Initially, the famous drink was used as a healing agent, and now its toning properties are appreciated all over the world.

      The bar is a landmark of Riga and is popular with visitors, but the cost of the drink there is somewhat higher than at other points.

      In a stylish institution, imitating a pharmacy of the XVIII century, the guests are served by waiters in the suits of that century.

      Staff will tell you an interesting story about the appearance of a bitter and offer you to try different types of this health elixir, which is added to cocktails, coffee or baked goods, desserts and ice cream.

      How to take

      The famous bitter is perfectly combined with other alcoholic beverages, it is added to:

      • Coke,
      • beer,
      • champagne,
      • brandy,
      • cognac,
      • fortified sweet wines.

      In its pure form it is recommended to drink with a volley to feel a unique taste and a relaxing effect.

      Usually, it is served in small liqueur glasses with hot green tea or coffee.

      Based on the balsam make delicious cocktails, for example:

      • Branded cocktail .
        60 ml of Balsam is mixed with 30 ml of black currant juice and is drunk warmed.
      • Sugar Black .
        In 60 ml of bitter add 60 ml of cream and 30 ml of coffee liqueur.
      • Black Honey Money .
        In 30 ml of balsam add 4 juice, 1 tsp.lemon juice and 1 tbsp.l.honey.
      • Black Hot Mint .
        Mix 30 ml of the Riga remedy with 4 juice, 4 juice and add 3 g of mint leaves.
      • Black Mojito .
        30 ml Riga Balsam mix with a half of lime, add fruit syrup, half glass of Sprite and ice.
      Thanks to the extraordinary taste and useful qualities of the "elixir of youth", Latvian balsam will be popular for a long time among Baltic citizens and tourists from different countries.

      Look good video review, dedicated to the history of appearance and medicinal properties of Riga balsam.

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