Kidney tea in pregnancy - instructions for use of orthosiphon

The correct name for this herbaceous plant is the staminate orthosiphon.

In the people it is often called kidney tea, cat's mustache or cat's mustache.

These names are associated with the type of inflorescence: long, elastic stamens protrude far away from the flower and resemble those known to all cat's mustache.

The general description

Therapeutic properties
  • Therapeutic properties
  • Instruction: How to take
  • How to collect raw materials
  • Recommendations for pregnancy
  • Useful recipes
  • Generalization
  • General information

    The height of the plant reaches 80-120 cm. The flowers are collected in "»Light purple.

    The stems of the roots are reddish-brown or violet, not a certain distance from the soil become gray-green.

    Orthosiphon is from the countries of Southeast Asia, where it is still found in the wild.

    Also growing in Australia.

    On the territory of Russia wild-growing orthosiphon stamping is not found.

    It is bred as a useful plant, known for its medicinal properties.

    The most suitable climate for it is on the Black Sea coast and in the Caucasus.

    Therapeutic properties

    The effect of the infusion( or tea) on the body is as follows:

    • is a diuretic, like spongy drug( written here)
    • choleretic( enhances the production of bile by the liver);
    • spasmolytic( vasodilator and analgesic).

    There is also an improvement in the secretion of gastric juice, an increase in the percentage of hydrochloric acid.

    Diuretic effect is considered the most sparing of all known medicinal herbs and dues.

    Chlorides, uric acid, urea are eliminated from the body.

    Tea( infusion) can be used both for the treatment of kidney diseases, and for the prevention of kidney stone disease.

    Treatment of kidney tea has long been known among the people.

    Several types of infusions and broths are used, different in the way of preparation, time of infusion and concentration.

    At what diseases

    Most of the diseases associated with impaired renal function;cholelithiasis;some joint diseases( including polyarthritis).

    As an additional remedy, this tea, or infusion, is used for diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cerebral atherosclerosis.

    Instruction: how to take

    In pharmacies are sold filter bags with crushed grass orthosiphon. The box contains 10 or 20 packs.instruction can be read on the box.

    One serving: 1 pour the filter pack with boiling water( 100 ml, or half a cup), cover. Insist 15 minutes.

    How to collect the raw material

    The collection time depends on the region and the weather in each case. Traditionally, the leaves are harvested in October.

    For high-quality collection, it is necessary that the mixture does not get "black" leaves or too hard shoots.

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    Instructions for the use of a medicinal herb is placed on this page.

    Leaves for tea can be up to 5 cm long. They are dried, laying a thin layer, in a ventilated place, but not under direct sunlight.

    Can be dried using the technique: artificial dryers.

    Recommendations for pregnancy

    Many women during pregnancy suffer from water exchange disorders. Their face swells, bags under the eyes appear.

    Often legaches suffer from edema. These problems are common even in healthy women who had no kidney problems before pregnancy.

    Well, if the troubles with water metabolism were before, then during pregnancy, kidney tea from orthosiphon will be a real salvation.

    Traditionally, the people thought that this infusion is especially recommended during pregnancy: it treats the most sparing way.

    Orthosiphon staminate is the only plant that tea is recommended for future mothers, since it has no contraindications.

    But recently, more and more information appears that kidney tea is contraindicated in pregnancy.

    Where did such misunderstandings and misunderstandings come from?

    The fact is that there are other medical fees, diuretics, including those made up of several herbs.

    When they say, "kidney tea", they can mean exactly them.

    Intricate collections really include plants, not recommended for pregnancy .

    However, the infusion prepared only from staminate orthosiphon is absolutely harmless.

    Useful recipes

    Infusion with cranberry leaves.

    One part of the crushed grass of orthosiphon and two parts of cranberry leaves( about the benefit during pregnancy read here) pour boiling water, insist for an hour, drain.

    For 1 teaspoon of orthosiphon, 200-250 ml( one glass) of water is enough.

    Take 20 minutes before meals, about half a glass, 2 or 3 times a day.

    Infusion with bearberry, "cold" method

    Take one teaspoon of herbs of orthosiphon and leaves of bearberry( medicinal properties).

    Pour a glass of clean boiled water at room temperature, infuse for 8-10 hours.

    Several times during this time, it is desirable to mix the infusion.

    Strain, take twice a day for half a cup, about, 20 minutes before eating.

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    Generalization of

    Not very palatable, like most drugs, kidney tea has a beneficial effect on the resistance to the course of very many diseases:

    • , both in the initial stage and relatively neglected.

    The use of this medication is desirable under the supervision of a physician.

    Especially, patients should be attentive, who have been diagnosed with sand or kidney stones.

    Even the best infusion of herbs does not replace the necessary professional intervention on the part of doctors. Please, be attentive to your health!

    About the use of orthosiphon - kidney tea you can learn a few more details by watching a video.

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