Our health is in our hands

Hello dear readers of the site Alkostad.ru! The theme of our today's meeting "Our health is in our hands" can be understood in a purely psychological aspect, because in order to gain good health and active longevity, it is necessary to get together internally, to pull ourselves together, to become fired with the desire to become healthy and the way we areWe really want to see ourselves.

And methodically, resolutely implement the plan. And you can treat this topic in a direct and figurative sense. After all, on the other hand - how many secret phenomena conceal within themselves simple human hands that have long been almost forgotten, do not notice them, so close and true to us, behind a swarm of everyday life trifles! This physiological aspect, we will not touch - the massage of the hands, fingers and biologically active points on the hands will be discussed in other publications of the site.

The state of inspiration. ..

Perhaps, this is the most important, inspiration on the way to health and happiness! On such pages of the site as "Overcoming Human Diseases" and "Incredible Cases of Rescuing People", like examples of the reality of fantastic novels about Baron Munchausen, who himself and his horse, having taken their hair with their own hand, pulled out of the swamp, You will see real miracles on examples from the lives of people, such as we are - with two hands, two legs and one head.

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Personality mobilization - the starting point of

As we know, that in any person unexpected and amazing abilities are laid. Man is a mystery. The above examples, when people who are ill with serious ailments, or who have fallen into critical situations, say that a person is able to mobilize, pull himself together and overcome any illness or serious difficult situation when the question of life and death is raised.

You can have a huge arsenal of cure for the human body or solve any problems, but the question is whether we will be able to mobilize to take advantage of all available means, whether we will not get lost, do not fall for the difficulties. Therefore, of course, mobilization, personalization of the individual into a single whole, concentration on the final positive result in solving health and safety problems, the determination to act are at the very beginning of the path, the very first point-the starting point. It's just the ability to pull yourself together.

There is even such a method - emotional-volitional self-coercion. From the whole literature he was most thoroughly developed and described in theory and practice in books by Fotina L. and Norbekov M. "The Road to Youth and Health", "Bring Youth and Health", and also in co-authorship with Hwang Yu. "Norbekov's Lessons", "Training of the body and spirit," "Energy Health.", In the authorship of Norbekov himself M. "The experience of a fool, or the key to insight" and "Where does the mother of Kuzkina winter?"

Spirit-Consciousness is primary

When we stop psychologically, we turn consciousness inside ourselves. Clearly form the goal of what we want to achieve, or what we want to become. We form artificially a sense of joy from the fact that we have already achieved the ultimate goal. We bring the process of imagination to the state of knowledge, that this is the way it is! And let's pass through the whole body a similar resonance of accomplishment and victory, we impose the created positive image on each part of our body, as if we write down the realization of a body conceived in cells.

And now, being in this state, we can now productively create and realize ourselves - be it in eradicating health problems or overcoming difficult situations. Any tool in our hands will become a powerful tool for translating positive ideas into reality. Instead of hundreds of repetitions of any healing exercise, with a similar winning attitude, it will be enough to have 10 to 20 repetitions to steadily move towards the final, creative result.

The conclusions are obvious. In any case, the beginning of the path is primary, what is needed is a conscious striving for a clearly defined goal - the image of our perfection. And actually working improving methods and methods you already by itself will pull as a magnet in the life. Do not think about the means, ways and ways to achieve your goal, concentrate on the fact that the goal has already been achieved by you. The doors to your dream will be found and open at the right time.