Intercostal neuralgia during pregnancy symptoms and treatment

Pregnancy is not always just a pleasant expectation. Often acute and there are various ailments. This not only causes discomfort to the future mother, but also disturbs her peace of mind.

  • Symptoms
  • Causes
  • Home Treatment
  • Treatment with medicines
  • Injections, tablets
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Water procedures
  • Compresses
  • Decoction
  • Massage
  • Gymnastics
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This disease is characterized by severe pain. Unpleasant sensations are localized in the sternum and ribs. Diagnosis of the disease is very difficult, because the discomfort is felt in the heart, kidneys, stomach.

The disease is not dangerous, but frequent relapses prevent the child from carrying well.


The disease begins with attacks of severe pain in the intercostal spaces. It occurs when bends and other sudden movements. There may be numbness of small areas of skin that are located in the places of the affected nerves. Sometimes there are convulsions, twitching of muscles, intense sweating.

To confirm the diagnosis of intercostal neuralgia, you need to undergo a thorough examination, which includes laboratory and ultrasound.


The following factors can provoke the appearance of neuralgia:

  • intensive fetal growth - the uterus squeezes the thorax, deforming the spaces between the ribs and infringing the nerves;
  • osteochondrosis - while the nerves become inflamed in the exit from the spine:
  • intercostal neuralgia can be caused by herpes (shingles). The causative agents of this disease are in the body of everyone who has had chickenpox as a child. With the weakening of immunity, which often happens during pregnancy, herpes is manifested;
  • hypothermia, colds.

Important!The lack of vitamins of group B leads to disruption of the metabolism processes in the tissues of the nervous system. This can be the cause of an attack of thoracic neuralgia.

Home Treatment

You can treat neuralgia at home, using the recommendations of a doctor. The basic rule is to keep calm and lie more. The place for sleep should be hard, it will somewhat relieve the pressure from the inflamed nerve endings.

The chest should always be warm. For this purpose, ironed flannel. It also warms well the rolling out with a warm boiled egg.

Treatment with medicines

Many pain medications can cause abnormal changes in the fetus. Therefore, doctors are trying to do physiotherapy and manual procedures. It is also recommended to wear a special bandage for pregnant women. This will allow evenly distribute the pressure of the uterus, nerves will not be restrained.

But if the pain does not recede, drugs that are incapable of harming the mother and the baby are prescribed:

  • ointments and creams based on bee venom ("Apizatron") - these drugs are intended for topical use, they need to be applied to places of accumulation of biologically active points. The poison of the bees stimulates the nerve endings, promotes the expansion of the vessels. Rapid saturation of tissues with oxygen helps to get rid of painful sensations;
  • To get rid of herpes zoster, the Zovirax cream is used;
  • preparations containing calcium and B vitamins;

Injections, tablets

For the treatment of neuralgia caused by shingles, the doctor prescribes acyclovir pills. The drug is safe enough because it acts selectively, destroying only infected cells.

Injections in the form of novocain blockades are used for severe and prolonged pain. Under the supervision of a doctor, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets ("Voltaren", "Diclofenac") can be taken.

Important!Heart pain quickly passes after taking appropriate medications. Neurological pain lasts a long time, intensifies with physical activity. This difference is very important for proper diagnosis.

Treatment with folk remedies

Herbs, minerals and oils are very effective in the treatment of neuralgia

Water procedures

The main component of therapeutic baths is sea salt. One procedure will need 170 g of salt. It takes about a quarter of an hour to stay in the water.

To the salt, you can add a sage broth. For 210 ml of boiling water take 35 g of raw materials. After a half-hour infusion, the drug can be mixed with salt and water.

Aromomasla will make the bath's healing experience also pleasant. Calming oils (lavender, eucalyptus) will do. Curative properties have coniferous and citrus preparations. In the salt must be added a few drops of fragrant raw materials.


Good to remove swelling and inflammation of flax seeds or wormwood. In 220 ml of boiling water you need to put 7 g of raw materials. After 5 minutes, place the hot seeds in a bag of natural tissue. Keep on the sore spot until it cools.

In summer you can make compresses from fresh burdock leaves. Burdock can stay on the inflamed zone all night. Burdock can alternate with leaves of mother-and-stepmother.


Infusion of chamomile is the best way to treat neuralgia from the inside.

  1. A glass of boiling water to brew 45 g of grass.
  2. Blend the mixture on low heat for about a quarter of an hour.
  3. Drink three times a day for 70 ml.


In the complex treatment of neuralgia necessarily include massage sessions. The relief comes after the first procedure:

  • the manifestation of a pain symptom that completely disappears towards the end of treatment is significantly reduced;
  • improves and accelerates blood flow;
  • the work of the nervous tissues is normalized;
  • metabolic processes in the affected nerves are restored;
  • there is a complete detoxification of the body, foci of inflammation disappear;
  • The muscles between the ribs and in the dorsal framework relax.

The course of treatment - 10 sessions, which are held daily. The back and chest are massaged. The duration of each procedure is no more than half an hour.


Physical exercises are useful for expectant mothers. And swimming, yoga and special gymnastics will help get rid of intercostal neuralgia.

Complex of exercises

  1. Breathing practice. Take a deep breath, hold your breath. Let out air portion by mouth, through slightly compressed lips.
  2. Slopes. Tilt alternately in each direction. Movement smooth, hands in a free position.
  3. Turns. Hands bent at the elbows, raise to the level of the chin. Turn only the body, the pelvis remains motionless.
  4. Pussycat. Standing on your knees to bend and arch your back.

These simple exercises with a regular approach will quickly bring considerable relief. After gymnastics you can make a leisurely walk.

Intercostal neuralgia is not a dangerous, but rather unpleasant disease. To minimize the risk of this ailment, you should avoid overcooling and increased physical exertion.