Effective treatment of furunculosis at home

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The furuncle is a purulent-necrotic inflammation in the hair follicle that extends to the surrounding small area of ​​the infected tissue and causes severe pain and discomfort to the person.

A red tubercle occurs when the hair follicle and associated sebaceous gland are inflamed. When several furuncles, usually located side by side, appear on the skin, "furunculosis" is diagnosed.

People with different sex, age and social status may face a delicate problem of boils. The most common locations for furuncles are: buttocks, neck, chest, abdomen, scalp, loin, groin. The causative agent most often is Staphylococcus aureus.

The causes of the disease
  • Characteristic symptoms
  • Prevention and general treatment recommendations
  • Folk remedies
  • Causes of the disease

    There are certain skin characteristics that predispose to the appearance of boils:

    • 1. Frequent skin injuries ( abrasions, scratches, the presence of whichcontributes to easy infection of any infection).
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    • 2. Inadequate personal hygiene regulations ( skin contamination increases the probability of growth and multiplication of various microorganisms and the appearance of inflammatory processes).
    • 3. Increased perspiration ( in this case, the protective functions and structure of the skin are violated, which can lead to the emergence of boils).
    • 4. The reduction of skin protection due to the professional features of ( permanent contact with dust, lubricants and aggressive chemicals).

    Separately it is necessary to say about the factors that lead to a decrease in human immunity and the possible appearance of boils. These include:

    • diseases associated with reduced immune forces( HIV, AIDS);
    • long and severe infectious and inflammatory diseases( bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and others);
    • overheating or subcooling;
    • abnormal and malnutrition, hypovitaminosis;
    • stress, chronic fatigue;
    • metabolic diseases( diabetes, obesity).

    Characteristic symptoms of

    The process of the development of a furuncle is gradual and progressive. At the initial stage, a small red dot of appears, the follicle deepens further into the skin. A fairly dense node of the inflammatory process develops and the skin acquires a red color.

    The boundaries of the furuncle swell more and more, increase in size, absorbing healthy tissues around. The pain increases with gradual deterioration of the patient's condition. The hair sac in this process dies and a rod( center) of the furuncle is formed. Fabrics near the hearth begin to die.

    The inflammatory process proceeds at a rapid pace with a corresponding increase in pain. At this stage the focus of the furuncle with noticeable suppuration is clearly distinguished. Due to the fact that the pus is close to the edges, the skin acquires a yellow tinge.

    Then comes the breakthrough of the boil. Blood is first allocated, and then pus. After this, the pain begins to subside and signs of the disease gradually pass. The stem of the boil leaves with pus and the last stage of the disease begins - wound healing.

    In general, with furunculosis, there is general malaise, severe pain in the area of ​​the lesion, a possible increase in body temperature.

    It is mandatory to consult a doctor if:

    • boils are extremely painful;
    • no improvement is observed for three or more days;
    • in the boil is a lot of pus;
    • if a boil appeared on the face, in the rectal area or in the area of ​​the spine;
    • increased temperature;
    • the furuncle did not form a head;
    • frequent occurrence of boils occurs.

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    Prevention and general advice on treatment

    • Since the main cause of furunculosis is a decrease in immunity, special attention should be paid to carrying out activities to strengthen it: exercise, outdoor exercise,reception of multivitamins and immunomodulators, hardening.
    • It is important to adhere to the correct diet, with the body getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. In the diet must be present fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, cereals, legumes.
    • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, regular shower or bath twice a day, treatment of abrasions and other skin lesions with antiseptics - a pledge to prevent furunculosis.
    • In case of contact with the affected area of ​​the skin, you should wash your hands with soap and water.
    • With a tendency to frequent boils, it is useful to take decoctions of such medicinal plants as: St. John's wort, chamomile, yarrow, nettle, tansy, plantain.

    Folk remedies

    It is strictly forbidden to do self-medication with furunculosis, squeeze out pus or puncture the boil yourself. This can contribute to the spread of infection, the development of complications, up to the infection of blood.

    Recipes and methods of traditional medicine are aimed at reducing pain, discomfort and acceleration of the stage of maturation furuncle. Baked onion .The head of the onion is baked in the oven until soft. Then cut in half and applied to the affected area, pretreated with antiseptic. Secure with a gauze bandage and change once a day until the breakthrough of the boil. Garlic compress .Cut the garlic head into thin plates. Take the thinnest piece and attach it to the sore spot, fixed with a gauze bandage.

  • Household soap .Bar a laundry soap to grate and pour 350 ml of water. Put on a fire and boil. When cooled to body temperature, place the resulting mass on the affected area and fix it with a bandage. Change the bandage up to four times a day.
  • Treatment with bread .Take a piece of rye bread and salt a lot. Then chew to a mushy consistency and make a compress on the sore spot.
  • Aloe leaves .The aloe leaf should be cut along and applied with a cut surface to the boil. Secure with a sterile bandage or band-aid. Change the leaf of aloe follows one or two times a day.
  • Extracting ointment .Unrefined vegetable oil to bring to a boil in enamelware and add 100 g of beeswax and a little spruce sulfur. After half an hour put the mixture in the lower parts of ten bulbs. Cook for an hour, stirring constantly and taking off the foam. The resulting mass strain and pour into a clean container. The ointment will gradually thicken and take a yellowish tinge.
  • Treatment with soda .One teaspoon of soda pour a glass of boiling water and cool to room temperature. Wet cotton wool or sterile bandage in the resulting solution and fix it. A day is recommended to do 2-3 such procedures.
  • Treatment with beet and sour cream .One tablespoon of sour cream mixed with 1 tablespoon of grated beetroot and applied overnight to the boil.
  • Honey cake .Mix honey with rye flour in such proportions that you can form a cake. Attach it to the affected area and fix it with a bandage.
  • Complete recovery from furunculosis usually takes from several days to two to three weeks.

    Treatment of the disease with the help of folk recipes at home is advisable to carry out in uncomplicated forms and in the initial stage of the inflammatory process.

    If delaying the recovery and the appearance of complications, you should immediately consult a doctor for help.

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