List of herbs that have choleretic effect: ready-made doses and recipes

The condition when much less bile begins to enter the duodenum, and when it stagnates, it is classified in medicine as cholestasis.

Whether the disease is curable by folk remedies and which herbs are recommended for use, we'll cover it below.

Treatment of stagnation
  • Corn stigma
  • Dandelion
  • Sandless immortal
  • Finished collections
  • Additional herbal remedies
  • Preventative measures

  • To determine the disease is fairly simple, the patient will have the following symptoms:

    • pain in the right hypochondrium;
    • feeling of bitterness in the mouth;
    • indigestion disorder;
    • enlargement of the liver.

    Even ancient healers used medicinal herbs to treat stagnation of bile.

    These days, as a cholagogue, use various infusions, decoctions and medications.

    Treatment of stagnation

    It is possible to start stagnation of bile only after a full examination and under the supervision of a doctor, because bile stagnation can cause serious complications:

    • cirrhosis and liver failure.

    Therapeutic measures for ascites in cirrhosis and treatment with folk remedies, according to the doctor's decision, can include both physiotherapy and the prescription of medications. But the priority in the treatment of stagnation of bile is given all the same to the choleretic herbs.

    Sometimes, to eliminate stagnation of bile, surgical intervention is required, but this is only in the most severe cases, choleretic and anti-inflammatory drugs are often more likely.

    Using for the elimination of stagnation of bile folk remedies, it should be remembered that the cholagogue grasses are only an addition to the drug therapy.

    To eliminate the pathology that occurs in a hyperkinetic form, you can apply infusion of dogrose, mint and corn stigmas.

    By the way the choleretic herbs are divided into the following groups:

    • those that promote the filling of the gallbladder with water and thereby accelerate the flow of water into the intestine;
    • those that dilute bile, change its composition, thereby activating the outflow of bile into the duodenum;
    • are those that have a positive effect on the tone of the muscles of the gallbladder, which allows the bile to enter the intestine more actively;
    • are those that have a relaxing effect on the muscles of the bile duct. This leads to the fact that bile in a larger volume and easily leaves the gallbladder.

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    The folk remedies used to eliminate bile stagnation include such choleretic and anti-inflammatory herbs as:

    • watch;
    • buckthorn;
    • dandelion;
    • steel plate;
    • wormwood;
    • immortelle;
    • St. John's wort( about the benefits and harms written here).

    Herbs such as calendula, aloe, ginseng, can be used to stimulate the motor activity of the biliary tract.

    The choleretic collections containing:

    • fruits of coriander,
    • mint,
    • yarrow,
    • immortelle are very popular due to their effectiveness in eliminating stagnation.

    It must be emphasized that any treatment, including the use of folk remedies, must be coordinated with the doctor, since incorrect actions can lead to a deterioration of the patient's condition.

    Corn stigmas

    They have been used for many centuries to eliminate stagnation of bile due to the long-discovered cholagogue properties of folk healers.

    Corn stigmas are fibers that entangle the cob.

    These fibers reduce the viscosity of bile and intensify the process of its purging.

    There are several recipes that help to prepare corn stigma.

    • For the preparation of infusion, it is necessary: ​​pour two tablespoons of corn stigmas into five hundred milliliters of boiling water.
      Then insist sixty minutes.
      Take an infusion of half a cup before each meal.
    • Three teaspoons of fiber, you need to pour a glass of boiling water.
      Then, for thirty minutes, heat the broth in a water bath, bring to a boil do not need .
      After this, remove the broth from the fire and dilute it in a 1: 1 ratio with boiled water.
      Take a quarter cup before each meal.
    • Separate the corn cobs from the cobs, wash and grind.
      Then, two tablespoons to pour half a liter of cold water, bring to a boil, for twenty minutes to insist, drain.
      Cooked broth for a week to take two hundred milliliters before each meal.

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    The plant is popular in the treatment of bile stagnation.
    Infusion containing the following components:

    • buckthorn bark,
    • stalk roots,
    • dandelion roots,
    • peppermint leaves.

    Components take in a ratio of 1: 1, crush thoroughly;place one tablespoon of the resulting mixture in a glass, pour boiling water;insist for more than one hour. Take two glasses before meals in the morning and evening.

    Dandelion is by far the most accessible means for eliminating stagnation of bile.

    To prepare the broth you need to dig up the roots of this plant, it is desirable to use yellow dandelions, which have not yet faded. Roots of

    • thoroughly rinse,
    • finely chop,
    • with water.

    The resulting broth to bring to a boil over low heat, after a quarter of an hour drain.

    Take warm in 0,5 glasses before each meal.

    Sandless immortal

    Herbal infusions have proven effective in eliminating stagnation. Properties immortelle contribute to improving the outflow of bile through the biliary tract and enhancing its production by the body.

    Immortelle can be used as an independent infusion, as well as in combination with other herbs.

    Even for the treatment of stagnation of bile can use infusion, which, along with immortelle, contains and St. John's Wort. You need to mix these components in a 1: 1 ratio.

    Brew two tablespoons of the resulting mixture with half a liter of boiled water, insist twelve hours. Take an hour after each meal by 0.5 glasses.

    Decoction can be prepared as follows:

    • St. John's wort and immortelle mixed in equal amounts,
    • pour the mixture with water,
    • a day to insist.

    When the infusion is ready, it should be boiled for less than ten minutes, then drain it.
    A ready-made broth to take a quarter of the glass before each meal.

    Another effective recipe:

    • to connect 75 grams of immortelle,
    • 100 grams of scrap,
    • 100 grams of spore;
    • pour three tablespoons of the obtained collection three glasses of boiling water;
    • insist all night;
    • in the morning drain.

    It takes infusion four times a day before eating 150 grams.

    The broth from the immortelle can be prepared by the following recipe:

    • for one glass of boiling water take one tablespoon of inflorescence;
    • the resulting broth needs to be insisted for half an hour on a water bath,
    • cool,
    • strain,
    • squeeze,
    • add plain water to the total volume reached the original( one glass).

    Take twice a day for half a cup for thirty minutes before eating.

    Finished collections

    The collection of horsetail and wormwood is effective in the treatment of bile stasis. Components should be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 and brew the mixture from the calculation:

    • one teaspoon per glass of water for one hour.

    Take a prepared decoction one glass a day twice a day.

    In equal quantities, mix:

    • mint leaves,
    • melissae,
    • chamomile flowers.

    With a glass of boiling water, pour one tablespoon of the mixture, pour in for half an hour.
    Cooked infusion should be taken twenty minutes before eating, three times a day.

    To disperse the stagnant bile, you can apply herbal remedy prepared according to the following recipe:

    • two tablespoons of valerian,
    • ten grammes of Ledum,
    • five grams of birch buds,
    • ten grams of coltsfoot.

    If the patient does not have high blood pressure, then you can add ten grams of yarrow.

    1. All components should be placed in a vessel with 1,500 milliliters of water.
    2. Bring the broth to a boil and leave on a low heat with the lid closed for two hours.
    3. Then let the broth brew for six hours in a warm place.
    4. After this, drain.

    Take a decoction before eating in the morning and at lunch, in the evening take before bedtime.

    Additional herbal remedies

    Hypericum perforated( medicinal properties and contraindications) in various variations of the preparation has a mild choleretic effect on the body.

    To prevent stagnation of bile, you can add St. John's wort in tea in the winter or brew until you get the color of weak tea.

    Also, it is possible to prepare a decoction.

    1. One and a half tablespoons of St. John's wort perfumed to be placed in a vessel and pour it with one glass of boiling water.
    2. Then, for at least thirty minutes with the lid closed, simmer the broth in a water bath.
    3. The resulting broth is cooled, filtered and added boiled water until the volume of 200 milliliters is reached.

    Cooked broth should not be stored for more than two days in the refrigerator. It is accepted - on a third of a glass for thirty minutes before each meal.

    In order not to allow the body to get used to St. John's wort after treatment with decoction for eight weeks, it is necessary to take a break for four weeks.

    The birch leaves possess choleretic and antiseptic effect.

    Because they contain tannins, birch leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect.

    They are used:

    • for congestion of bile,
    • cholecystitis,
    • with the appearance of inflammatory processes in the gallbladder.

    To prepare the infusion, it is necessary: ​​

    • rinse leaves( if fresh),
    • grind,
    • pour boiling water,
    • for four hours.

    After this, pressing and removing the leaves from the infusion, insist another six hours.

    You can also prepare brew infusion from birch leaves according to the following recipe:

    • pour 500 milliliters of boiling water with two tablespoons of birch leaves and insist for 60 minutes.

    Take twenty minutes before eating a 1/4 cup of infusion.

    For rapid relief of the symptoms of stagnation of bile, you can take peppermint.

    It can be added to tea or used as a component of a therapeutic decoction( three hundred milliliters of boiling water pour one spoonful of mint).

    Take a decoction of one hundred and fifty milliliters after each meal.

    From parsley it is possible to prepare powders, juices, infusions. They can be used in conjunction with choleretic and antispasmodic drugs.

    Helping to eliminate stagnation of bile can geranium meadow .To prepare the infusion, you need to fill with water( 2 cups) two spoons of geranium.

    Then, at least eight hours to insist.

    It is necessary to take it throughout the day in small sips.

    Useful advice

    Nature has created a mass of medicinal plants to help a person with various diseases. We have described only a small part of what is growing under our feet and has a healing power.

    What cholagogue broths and tinctures to begin to take, it is necessary to decide with the attending physician.

    Watch the video lecture on cholagogue grass. How and when to collect. What kind of recipes can I make?

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