Symptoms of chickenpox in children and a home treatment regimen

Chickenpox is one of the most famous "childhood" diseases, its correct name is "chicken pox".Outbreaks of the disease occur more often in the winter and spring period, with chickenpox an extremely contagious disease transmitted by airborne droplets.

Unlike many viral infections, there is enough fleeting contact with a sick person to make the child sick with chickenpox. For this reason, many children have time to get sick before school.

Article Contents:
  • Possible Causes of
  • Incubation Period
  • Characteristic Symptoms of
  • Disease As Seen in Infants
  • General Recommendations
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • The most popular and effective prescription for removing itching
  • Common restorative products and prescriptions
  • What is not recommended for chicken pox in children?
  • Prevention measures

Possible causes of

This disease causes a virus from the genus of herpes - varicella zoster .The virus is extremely contagious, but it is unstable and quickly dies out of the body. Most often, children become infected in a kindergarten or school, as well as at mass events.

But you can catch the virus even while walking, because it has a high volatility. For this feature, the disease was nicknamed chickenpox in the common people - it was considered that the disease "flies in the wind."

If at least one child in the team falls ill with chickenpox, it introduces quarantine, but this measure usually does little to help, there is an outbreak of the disease. Most parents believe that it is better to have chickenpox at pre-school age, at which time it is easier to tolerate, and there are almost no complications.

Varicella gives the child a persistent immunity, which is preserved until the old age of .The virus does not heal completely, like other herpetic viruses, but is found in the body in a latent form, but antibodies to it continue to be developed. Therefore, they suffer from chickenpox only once.

Incubation period

After the moment of infection, the symptoms do not appear immediately - only on 7-21 days. The infectious child becomes the day before the onset of the first symptoms of the disease, when he looks still quite healthy, and this is also one of the reasons why the disease spreads quickly.

Characteristic symptoms of the disease

The onset of the disease is acute, with a sudden rise in body temperature in the child to 38-39 degrees and rashes on the skin. Also, doctors observe in the initial stage of the disease weakness, headache, loss of appetite. The child is naughty, experiencing a general malaise.

The rash with chickenpox is peculiar: begins with the appearance of small red spots, 1-5 mm in diameter. A little later, after a few hours, a small vesicle appears in the center of the spot. It is filled with a clear liquid and usually resembles a pimple.

After a couple of days the vesicle decreases and dries, a crust forms in its place, and after a couple of days it disappears, leaving a bright spot. Over time, pigmentation is restored, and skin color is restored.

Eruptions can occur anywhere in the skin and on the mucous - on the lips, eyelids, genitals. There is no specific localization of the rash, but more often it affects the chest, abdomen, head and face, shoulders.

The rash appears in several stages, wavy. It is necessary to slightly dry the first vesicles, and the temperature to decrease - and the condition deteriorates again, and the baby's body covers new rashes.

The child experiences unbearably severe itching at the site of the rash, it itches, which leads to damage to the vesicles and ripping off the dried crusts. In this case, the wound can become infected, inflammation begins, an abscess appears, and in its place a scar later. If hygiene is not observed, other serious complications may occur.

After appearance of crusts, usually on the 4th-7th day, the condition of the child improves. New rashes are not observed, the temperature decreases, the mood and appetite improve.

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How does it manifest in infants?

In children up to a year chickenpox proceeds more heavily: the temperature can reach 39,5 degrees, there is a strong malaise, complete loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting. In this case, the rash is not always noted, visceral form can occur with internal organs lesion, which leads to a lethal outcome.

In case of contact of an infant with a sick chickenpox, when her symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor and agree to hospitalization!

General recommendations

Veterinarian in children is usually treated at home, and only in rare cases, when the disease gives complications, the doctor can advise hospitalization. Successful treatment of chickenpox, as well as other childhood viral diseases, boils down to bed rest, boosting immunity and eliminating unpleasant symptoms.

With chickenpox, the doctor will prescribe approximately this treatment:

  1. Bed rest or at least limiting the activity of .The child is undesirable to run and play noisy games, it is better to read a book, draw. With increased activity, the child sweats, and this leads to increased itching.
  2. Easy diet , mainly dairy products and vegetable food. Abundant drink: herbal teas, vitamin fruit drinks, compote. With the liquid, toxins and the products of the vital activity of viruses are eliminated from the body. It is very useful blueberry - its reception actively promotes oppression of a virus.
  3. Assign funds, including folk remedies, to enhance the immunity of .You can use interferon, it helps the body to mobilize forces to fight the virus.
  4. When the temperature of rises to 38.0 degrees, antipyretic medicines based on parocetamol or ibuprofen are recommended. Aspirin is categorically contraindicated! The remedy and dosage should be chosen by the attending physician.
  5. With severe itching, is also prescribed antihistamines, and the doctor's advice is also important. Itching can be removed and folk remedies, which are written just below.
  6. Eruptions twice a day are treated with alcohol solution of green matter or potassium permanganate .Zelenka in this case is more practical: it not only reduces the risk of infection and dries vesicles, accelerating the formation of crusts, but also notes the old rashes, allowing to notice the appearance of new ones.
  7. In the case of infection with vesicles and the appearance of suppuration, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

The prognosis of treatment for varicella in small children is usually favorable. After 5-7 days, recovery will come, and after another 5 days the child will be able to return to the children's institution.

How to treat folk remedies?

Treatment of uncomplicated chickenpox folk ways and means is reduced to two main tasks:

  • removal of itching;
  • strengthen the body and improve immunity.

To reduce skin irritation and reduce itching, usually use baths and lotions from plant components: decoctions and infusions.

The most popular and effective recipes that remove the itch

  • You need to take three tablespoons of dried herbs celandine, chamomile and marigold .Pour them with boiling water in a thermos of 1 liter and insist 20 minutes. Cool to 50 degrees, strain and add a few drops of sea buckthorn or fir oil. Pour the resulting infusion into a bath with a warm, about 35-36 degrees, with water and bathe the child without soap for more than 10 minutes. Dry the skin gently with a diaper or a soft towel. Such a bath will remove itching, dry up crusts, reduce the risk of infections.
  • lotions from are also useful: two spoons of dried grass for a glass of boiling water are heated in a thermos for 30-40 minutes, cool, soaked with infusion soft tissue and impose on the rash, including damage to the vesicles. Wadded disks or bandage is better not to use, the fibers can stay in the wound and cause irritation.
  • Good effect gives bathing baby in a bath with baking soda - 2 tbsp.spoons on the bath. Also a solution of soda can wipe the skin or make lotions, while 1 teaspoon is dissolved in a glass of warm water.

Common restorative products and prescriptions

  • Mix honey with lemon juice in equal parts and take inside 1 teaspoon three times a day, you can with warm, but not hot tea.
  • fruit berries and juice are useful: strawberry, blueberry, and also fresh berries.
  • Infusion of herbs , which have a strengthening and soothing effect: mix in equal parts dry lemon balm, chamomile, lemon basil and marigold flowers, pour a tablespoon of the medicinal mixture with a full glass of boiled water and insist in the thermos for 20 minutes. Cool and give the child twice a day for half a cup.

For mouthwash in case of rashes on the lips and inflammation apply the infusion of calendula. One large spoon is insisted in a glass of hot water to a dark shade, then filter and cool a little. Calendula solution rinse the mouth, better after sleeping and eating.

Universal remedy for chickenpox - garlic .It has an antiviral effect, increases immunity. Cut two large heads of garlic and pour them with vegetable oil, keep the day in a cool place, without access to light, then filter and give the child 1-2 small spoons of garlic oil twice a day, and also lubricate them with vesicles.

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What is not recommended for chickenpox in children?

When chickenpox is contraindicated diaphoretic means , causing increased sweating, because sweat will cause severe itching of the skin, irritation. Do not take too hot a bath and shower. Hygienic baths do either with soothing herbal decoction, or with a weak solution of manganese, without soap and sponge.

You can not offer to a child a sharp, salty, sour food .When irritating the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips, hot and cold food is not recommended.

Do not allow a baby to comb the rash .You need to carefully cut his nails, and on very small, you can even put on gloves or gloves made of cotton fabric.

Strictly contraindicated as an antipyretic aspirin! Its use can cause complications.

Prevention measures

Prevention of chickenpox in children reduces to vaccination and exclusion of contacts with infected children .In today's society, it is unlikely to avoid contact with the virus, so vaccination is an effective measure.

A vaccine for chickenpox in Russia is made once to children at the age of 2 years, provided that before that time he did not have chickenpox.

After vaccination, slight malaise, which occurs on the 7-21 days after vaccination, complications are rare. Vaccination gives immunity, which protects a child from a disease with a severe form of chickenpox.

Chickenpox in children with a timely diagnosis and proper treatment is not a terrible disease, but it is better to avoid it, taking timely preventive measures. If the baby is still sick, modern medicines and proven folk remedies will quickly put him on his feet.

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