A sample of the order to create a commission for categorizing the facility in 2017 and 2018

Today we will consider an example-sample of the order to create a commission for object categorization in 2017, this information remains valid in 2018 as well.

First, let's look at the purposes for which commissions are created in organizations, institutions or enterprises.

The need to create a commission arises quite often and the reason for this is always, for example: checking knowledge on occupational safety, checking knowledge on electrical safety, writing off tangible assets, writing off fixed assets, investigating an accident and, finally, the topic of our meeting today "Object categorization".

Thus, the formation of an order to create a commission in organizations occurs in cases where the task requires the participation of several employees at once.


Creation of commission and order

Composition of

Who can be included in the commission? It can include any employees of the institution who have the necessary experience, education, qualifications, knowledge and skills to solve the issue of establishing a commission.

Sometimes people can be involved in the commission from outside - experts( suddenly you evaluate high-tech equipment, equipment, specific objects).

For adequate and correct work of the commission among its members, the chairman is selected who is responsible for carrying out all the activities and compiling the accompanying documentation. In the latter, it is better to appoint another commission secretary.

Each commission member should be mentioned in the order to create a commission.

Operating time

The standing tasks determine the working period of the commission. Usually not more than one month, maybe less. Everything depends on the goals and scope of the activity.

After the expiration of this period of activity, the commission shall provide the head( director) of the organization( firm, enterprise) or the person authorized to act on its behalf, the results of the work.

Who draws up the document

Usually, the formation of orders in organizations is the responsibility of employees who have certain knowledge, skills and skills in creating such documents. Usually it is:

  1. lawyer;
  2. personnel;
  3. secretary of the organization.

In any case, the document should be viewed by the company's CEO, otherwise it will not be valid.

Can I do without an order?

Sometimes, enterprise managers mistakenly believe that it is not necessary to draw up a written order to establish a commission, relying on an oral order.

However, when inspections by the supervisory authorities - the labor inspectorate or the tax service, such a dismissive attitude towards the creation of the order, the actions of the commission members can be considered illegal.

Order: basis and rationale

Each order has grounds and justification without exceptions! The basis is a reference to the supporting document, which is the basis for creating an order. Justification is the reason for the formation of an order.

An example of the basis for drawing up an order to create a commission can be called any suitable rule in the legislation that regulates the creation of a commission on certain activities of legal entities, and as a justification to indicate any objective circumstances.

Preparation of order form: main recommendations

At present, compulsory to use unified forms of primary accounting and personnel documents( since 2013) are canceled, therefore the order can be written in any form or according to the template of your company.

In any case, comply with certain standards, established documents on the rules of records management and the standards of the Russian language.

For example, the order to create a commission must necessarily have:

  1. number;
  2. place and date of compilation;
  3. the name of the organization in which it is created;
  4. justification( the purpose of creating a commission, reasons);
  5. reference to the basis;
  6. list of persons included in the commission: their positions, surnames-names-patronymic;
  7. the working period of the commission,
  8. its functions and tasks.

If necessary, additional information is added to the order, the documents attached to it can be included in a separate item.

Finally, the body of the order establishes the persons responsible for its execution( often employees of the HR department or lawyers of organizations).

When drawing up the document, pay attention to

There are no clear criteria in drafting and processing the form. There are printed or handwritten versions of the document. And more correctly - on the letterhead of the organization. The order must necessarily be signed by the head of the organization or by a deputy who is authorized to act on his behalf.

It is not necessary to put a stamp on the order, since legal entities from 2016 have the full right not to use different seals and stamps to certify their documentation( unless you have prescribed this rule in your company's local acts).

The order is usually made in one copy, it must be fixed in the internal documents register( order book).

Order: how much to store, where and how

The entire period of validity of the order should be in a separate folder with other administrative documents of the enterprise.

When its urgency expires, it is transferred for storage to the archive of the institution where it must lie for the statutory time or the term prescribed in the internal regulatory acts of the company, then it can be disposed of, which is similarly determined by the orders within the company.

Order to create a commission for object categorization: 2017-2018 year - sample

Survey and categorization of objects in which there are large numbers of people( as a rule, these objects belong to the sphere of culture and sports), is designed to counteract terrorist activities and assess their level of protection.

Such actions take place within a broad framework, for example, of an area( region or province), although they may also apply to individual organizations. Initiated by the order to create a commission to survey and categorize the relevant object or group of objects.

This order appoints the chairman and composition of the commission, the person responsible for the execution of the order, and lists the categories of responsibility.

Example sample of the order to create a commission for object categorization

Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports Affairs

of the Republic( region, territory) Name

ORDER No. 31/1

"On the survey and categorization of cultural and sports facilities"

19.01.2018 g., g. Name

In accordance with Clause 4, Part 2, Article 5 of the Federal Law "On Counteracting Terrorism," Decree No. 202 of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 6, 2015 "On Approving Requirements for Antiterrorist Protectionktov sport and the form of the passport for the safety of sports facilities, and the establishment of differentiated requirements to ensure the antiterrorist protection of the subordinated institutions of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic( region, region). Name


  1. Create a Commission for the inspection and categorization of sports facilities under the Ministry of Culture and SportsRepublic( region, region) The name for assessing the state of protection of sports facilities in the following composition:

chairman of the commission: deputy minister( chairman) of physical culture and sports of the Republic( region, territory) Name Surname I. O.;

Deputy Chairman of the Commission: Head of the Department of Educational and Sports Work Surname I. O.;

secretary of the commission: a specialist in labor protection of the Department of Culture and Sports;

members of the commission:

deputy head of the administration of the republic( region, region) Name on social issues Surname I. O.;

the chief of police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Name of District of the republic( region, territory) Name Surname I. O.;

senior officer of the department in the city. Name of the Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Republic( region, territory) Name Surname IO( as agreed).

  1. Design safety passports of the subordinated facilities of cultural and sport institutions Region name of the Republic( region, territory) Name before 01.09.2018
  2. To assign to the management of subordinate institutions the responsibility for ensuring antiterrorist protection with the appointment of persons responsible for the relevant activities.
  3. I control the execution of this order.

Minister( Chairman) for Youth, Culture and Sports

of the Republic( region, territory) Name / Surname / IO Surname

Download a sample order for the creation of a commission for the categorization of the object. docx

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