Beli: symptoms and treatment with folk remedies at home

BELI , or leukorrhea , are unusual in nature and excessive discharge from the genital organs in women and girls: watery, milky white, yellow-green, infertile, having an unpleasant smell.


Symptoms, causes, types

  • Symptoms, causes, types
    • Teeth whitening
    • Aspartic leukemia
    • Aspic whiten
    • Vaginal whiteness
    • Vestibular leukemia
  • Treatment and prevention of leucorrhea: general recommendations
  • How to treat and how to cure leucorrhoea in the home folk remedies
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  • Belly in girls
  • Treatment of leucorrhea: home remedies Traditional medicine

Symptoms, causes, types

Leucorrhoea causes burning, itching and a constant sense of moisture in the perineum. The usual physiological discharge from the genital tract is uninvolved, mucous, they do not irritate the skin of the external genitalia. And their number in norm slightly increases in the secret phase of the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy.

Beli appear in inflammatory processes and tumors, as well as some common diseases: in tuberculosis, diabetes, blood diseases. Appearance of leucorrhea is promoted by ruptures of the perineum, lowering of the walls of the vagina, prolonged wearing of the uterine rings and violation of the rules of personal hygiene, as well as other.

Code of the disease according to ICD-10: N 89.8.

Depending on the place of formation of the pathological focus, conditional distinguish tubal, uterine, cervical, vaginal and vestibular leucorrhoea.

tuber cans may be a symptom of inflammation of the fallopian tubes( here the abdominal opening of the tube is often closed and the uterine tube sharply narrows).Serous or purulent contents accumulate in the lumen of the uterine tube and gradually poured into the uterus, the vagina. Tubular leucorrhoea can be observed in uterine tube cancer( watery whites, sometimes with a trace of blood).

Uterine leukemia

Occur with endometrium and tumors of the uterus( polyp, myome, cancer).In acute endometritis, whites are purulent, with chronic - watery, and with cancer of the body of the uterus - first watery, then with the decay of a tumor of red-brown-gray color.

Nasal whiten

Often manifest themselves in diseases of the cervix: cervicitis of gonorrhea, chlamydial and other origin. Also can be a consequence of tuberculosis, endocrine system diseases, etc. Nasal whitecaps are often mucous, and in acute cervicitis - contain an admixture of pus. In cases of polyps of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal, an admixture of blood is observed. Cervical belia include and characteristic for cancer of the cervix fluid discharge( lymph with an admixture of blood).

Vaginal whitewash

It occurs as a result of the increased release of the liquid part of the blood from the capillaries into the vaginal lumen under the influence of mechanical, thermal and chemical factors( masturbation, syringing with hot liquids, concentrated vinegar) on its mucous membrane.

Very often, vaginal whitens act as a manifestation of inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. Their character depends on the type of pathogen: with trichomoniasis, leucorrhoea is fluid, foamy, with a purulent infection - greenish viscous.

Vestibular leukemia

Appear with enhanced activity of the glands of the vulva( sebaceous glands).They also arise in violation of the rules of personal hygiene, masturbation, also with vulvitis, bartholinitis, diabetes mellitus. Usually vaginal discharge is normal. There is not necessarily a disease.

Thus, leucorrhoea can be caused by infectious diseases, such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases or inflammatory processes in the genital organs of a woman. Admixture of pus usually indicates an inflammatory process, blood - on the development of a malignant tumor. If the allocation is abundant, with foam and odor - this indicates the presence of fungal disease. If leucorrhea occurs frequently, it can eventually become chronic and cause various female diseases, and girls even have to destroy the hymen.

Treatment and prevention of whitecaps: general recommendations of

White discharge is perfectly safe if they appear before menstruation, after a cold or from anemia. Girls at this time need to walk less, especially in the cold, it is better to eat. It is useful for women when they appear whitewash with alum or tannin - a teaspoonful of a mug of water. If leucorrhoea lasts for several years and at the same time becomes more abundant, with odor and pus, it depletes the body and can cause a malignant tumor.

Personal hygiene plays a primary role in getting rid of whites. Sitting baths, held daily( 15-20 minutes), protects the woman from whites.

To prevent leucorrhoea, a woman must observe the following rules:

  1. in the period between menstruation daily wash out the external genitalia;soap should be used moderately, so as not to disturb the delicate structure of the mucous membranes;
  2. when menstruating avoid sexual intercourse, do not swim in closed water, take a shower, not a bath, change your underwear daily;
  3. to force a man to wash his organ before every sexual intercourse;
  4. not have extramarital sex;
  5. wash away after each bowel movement;wash the anus so that it does not infect the vagina;
  6. avoid bathing in pools with artificial heating of water to avoid infection with trichomoniasis;
  7. does not wash the vagina and do not do syringing without prescribing a doctor;
  8. after a swim in an open pool to take a shower and change into a dry swimsuit;
  9. to monitor the right and varied diet;more to have in the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to treat and how to cure leucorrhoea at home with folk remedies

Chewing the flowers of white acacia, , swallowing their juice, can be syringed with a decoction of these flowers( 2 tablespoons per 0.5 liters of water).

Juice from berries of barberry and viburnum. Drink 50-70 g 2 times a day.

Drink 2-3 cups a day tea from the flowers yarrow or strawberry roots.

With watery whites a little, but often, 5-6 times a day, drink infusion of dry grass periwinkle - three pinch of grass to a glass of water.


  1. birdwalker - 50 g;
  2. Oak bark - 10 g;
  3. root of cottonwood - 10 g;
  4. nettle leaf - 50 g;
  5. chamomile color - 20 g.

Two tablespoons of collection per 1 liter of water. Boil over low heat for 30 minutes. For syringing.

Goatee Goose. 1 tablespoon of herbs boil 5 minutes in a glass of milk, leave for two hours, strain. Take a quarter cup 3-4 times a day.

Geranium meadow. Roots and herbs are prescribed for profuse and long-lasting menstruation, with whites( douching).1 tablespoon of chopped roots or herbs, pour 1 cup of boiling water. Boil on low heat for 5 minutes, cool, strain. For douching, bring the volume of liquid to 1-1.5 liters.

Camel thorn.1 tablespoon of dry shredded raw materials( take aboveground part) pour 1 cup boiling water. Boil in a water bath for 30 minutes in a tightly closed container. Strain hot, chill for an hour, gently strain through multi-layer gauze. Apply for douching and inside a third cup 3 times a day.

Veronica gray. Water infusion( 1: 5) and decoction( 1:10) herbs prescribed 1 tablespoon 3-4 times daily before meals. Baths from broth - for fungal diseases, itching, various rashes.

This is a real shoe. Decoction of herbs recommended for whites, gonorrhea, uterine bleeding.

Belozor swamp. For whites and various gynecological diseases infusion of herbs and flowers of the belzor is applied at night in the form of syringes.

For 1 tablespoon of flowers tansy, St. John's wort, yarrow pour 2 cups of boiling water. Insist in a sealed container in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Cool at room temperature, strain. Warm your vagina with a warm solution.

For 1 tablespoon of the bark of oak, willow, the roots of the bug, the celandine is chopped, and pour 2 glasses of water, heat on a water bath for 30 minutes. Insist, wrapped, 1 hour, strain. Warm infusion syringe the vagina 2-3 times a day.

For 1 tablespoon of grass yarrow, sage, shepherd's bag, nettle nettle, birch leaves fill with 1 liter of water. Cook in a sealed container on low heat for 30 minutes, cool, strain. Sprinkle with warm broth 2-3 times a day.

For 1 tablespoon oak bark, mistletoe grass white, chamomile, white nettle( deaf), yarrow herb, rose petals , pour 1 liter of boiling water. Cook in a sealed container on low heat for 30 minutes, cool, strain. Douche with a warm broth 2-3 times a day.

Medical preparations

Treatment consists in carrying out measures aimed at elimination of the underlying disease, general strengthening measures, observance of personal hygiene rules.

Local treatment is performed taking into account the data of the complex examination of the patient( irrigation, aerosols, candles with Furacilin and Polymyxin , etc.).

Beli in girls

Beli in girls and adolescents are observed quite often. They can be a symptom or an independent disease that has developed under the influence of common causes. If a girl complains about the appearance of whitewash, she should not be immediately sent to a dermatological-venereological dispensary, as this traumatizes her psyche, moreover, the role of gonorrhea in the development of leucorrhea in children is negligible. Excretions from the genital organs at the place of their origin can be vaginal, cervical, uterine and very rarely tubular.

The most common in girls are vaginal whitening, and their origin can not always be explained.

They can be yellowish from an admixture of pus or reddish - from a blood. Pathological leucorrhoea is observed in children or young girls suffering from tuberculosis, Graves' disease, infectious diseases, cystitis, gonorrhea. Beli can appear if there are foreign bodies and tumors in the genital organs. Persistent purulent-foamy fluid secretions occur with trichomonas vaginitis. Pathological uterine leucorrhoea occurs in endometritis: gonorrhea, tuberculosis. They can also be observed in malignant tumors, often being one of the first symptoms of cancer. Before treating leucorrhea in girls, it is necessary to find out the cause of their appearance.

Normal vaginal leukocytes are a light fluid that contains flat epithelial cells, single white blood cells, the so-called Dodderlein vaginal sticks, and a small amount of extraneous flora.

Pathological vaginal leaks are recognized by increasing their number, changing the consistency and color.

Patients with physiological discharge( hypersecretion) need only hygienic mode. Suffering leukemia from general causes - constitutional, anemia, infection, intoxication, needs restorative treatment, good living conditions, physical education, etc. Local treatment for whites that have emerged as a consequence of common causes, can be limited to undermining. With any colored whites, you need to see a gynecologist to prevent the onset of the disease.

With watery whites from anemia: Infusion of grass periwinkle - three pinch of dry grass on a glass of boiling water, drink a little.

Treatment of leucorrhoea: home remedial medicine

  1. Juice from berries barberry and viburnum. Drink 50 grams 3-4 times a day.
  2. Infusion from the flowers yarrow.
  3. One tablespoon of flowers for 500 g of boiling water. Take 200 g 2-3 times a day.
  4. Decoction from the roots of wild strawberry 200 g 3 times a day.
  5. Drink tea from flowers of white acacia, chew flowers, swallowing juice.

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