Sprouted wheat at home: benefit or harm?

This article is dedicated to the nutritional and curative value of eating wheat germ, we will talk about how to properly prepare wheat germs in the home and how to use them. In fact now grain sprouts are very popular home remedy in the treatment of a number of diseases. This type of treatment was most widely spread in the USA, Great Britain, Poland. And in China, the treatment of grain sprouts is known from 3000 BC. Of cereals, wheat, peas, beans, millet, corn are usually germinated.

At one time the Nobel Prize winner Saint György started eating seeds of sprouted plants for breakfast at the age of 70. He made a discovery for himself that he had never felt so good. After all, he was always painful and weak, easily exposed to a cold, but suddenly, as a result of the regular use of germinating seeds, he became a perfectly healthy person. Every day in the morning he ate a handful of wheat bran, a tablespoon of sprouts, several dried fruits. Sprouts with bran allowed him not only to strengthen health, but also to lose weight.

G. P. Malakhov cites an excerpt from the report of the doctor-yogi Mrs. Schmit:

"The large experimental work carried out for 20 years fully confirms the effectiveness of the stimulating effect of sprouted wheat - this natural elixir of life - on the coordination of the development of the human body at any age, on the regulation and restoration of vital processes, on the optimization of metabolism and the stabilization of the nervous system."

In addition, in some English boarding houses for the elderly citizens introduced into the diet of the elderly, sprouted grains (dose: from 50 to 100 grams daily). And the positive results of treatment of serious diseases surpassed all expectations, incidentally they restored visual acuity, coordination of movements, color and density of the scalp, teeth were strengthened. According to the observations of G. Malakhov P. in people of any age within one to two weeks, there was a clear improvement in the state of health, especially sexual potency in men. Also there is complete immunity to colds.

To treat sprouted grain sprouts are used porridge, jelly from them, sprouted wheat can be eaten in natural raw form.

Treatment with sprouted grain sprouts is considered one of the most effective traditional medicine for atherosclerosis and many other diseases.


How to germinate wheat at home

The most effective folk remedy for the development of the human body and its healing from very many diseases, diseases and disorders is the use of properly germinated wheat!!! It also happens that people eat it for months, but it does not help very well, they say that we have grown such wheat sprouts, but there is no effect. The fact of the matter is that the length of the shoots should be about 1 mm.

How to prepare cereals properly

24 hours before cooking, carefully rinse several times the wheat grain at a rate of 50-100 g per person, while all the impurities float up and merge. Full-grain, moistened with washing grain remain at the bottom. When you merge the water last time, you should leave it in a vessel so that it is at the level of the top layer of the grain, but does not cover it completely. Place the vessel in a warm, but not hot place, not very tightly covered with a paper napkin. After 24 hours, sprouted wheat (the size of sprouts up to 1 mm) is washed once more in running water and passed through a meat grinder. Then immediately fill with hot milk or boiling water, approximately 1: 1. In the resulting porridge add honey, butter to taste. Boil porridge is unacceptable, it must be cooled in a pan with an open lid and immediately eaten.

The vessel for making porridge or jelly should be enameled, ceramic or glass, but not aluminum. Wheat is prepared once in the morning and immediately goes to food.

When treating sprouted grain sprouts, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of bread and flour products in food.

Note: sprouted wheat can be eaten in a natural way, without making porridge or kissels. You only have to rinse it thoroughly in small portions.

If at one time not all sprouted wheat is consumed, it can be stored in the refrigerator, but no more than 2-3 days. It should be covered with a napkin and thoroughly moistened.

Germinated Wheat Grain

Here I quote the variant presented in the book "Healthy Nutrition" in G. P. Malakhov.

2-3 glasses of wheat grains are washed and put in an enameled deep dish. Pour about 1 / 4-1 / 3 of the thickness of the wheat layer with protonic water. From above the grain is covered with a saucer or a wet cloth. The plate is left at a temperature of 22-23 ° C, from time to time moistening the upper fabric, until the grains are pierced. Usually this takes 1.5-3 days. A plate with germinated wheat is wrapped in a cellophane bag and placed in a refrigerator (in the freezer is undesirable) in order to stop further growth. As necessary, you take as much sprouted wheat daily as you need. So, without unnecessary hassle you will have it for 3-5 days, which greatly simplifies the process of its preparation.

All other cereal products are prepared in the same way: corn, rye, etc. With a sprout length of 1-1.5 millimeters, the maximum biological value of the grain is noted.

The grains prepared in this manner are rich in vitamins, especially of group B (6 times greater than before germination) and E (100 times or more than before germination), enzymes, microelements (contained in the shell), and moreover, when digesting proteins Wheat forms special substances - endorphins. All these substances are necessary for building all the cells of the human body and strengthening the psyche.

It is interesting to note the parallel with article B. Lagowski "For the Secret of Gagula" ("Nature and Man" magazine, No. 3, 1989). It talks about an updating material - animal germ cells, which are introduced into the body through an operation. We introduce plant germ cells naturally through the mouth. In both cases, the effect is obvious.

Sprouted grains become soft, as if they are steamed. Starch in them turns into malt sugar, and this relief of digestion by a whole step (after all, we first have to turn starch into sugar). Therefore sprouted seeds are the best for digestion and are the strongest of all other cereal dishes. Especially recommended for those who have reduced saliva secretion. Sprouted wheat grains are the strongest stimulant of Kapha dosha (cause cooling and moistening of the body), so in rainy cold weather there is no need. It is better to eat bread from it in a hot form.

Steamed grain

You can take any whole grain, but, basically, wheat is used. 1 glass of grain, carefully washed thoroughly, fill it in a thermos, pour 3-4 glasses of steep boiling water (it is better to take a drink of water) and insist for at least 3-4 hours.

Then drain the water, pour the grain into a bowl, add butter, honey or all kinds of spices to taste and eat after salad.

This dish is very useful for people with a predominant Vasha dosha.

If there is no thermos, then all this can be done in an ordinary bank. Just wrap it more tightly and put it in a plastic bag.

This type of preparation does not require much effort. If you do not feel like eating in the morning, then take the jar with you and eat at work, when there is a feeling of hunger.

Soaked whole wheat grain

The grains are washed and poured with cold water so that the water covers them. After 24 hours, excess water is drained and the grains are put in the refrigerator. Cooked in this way, they can be consumed within 3-4 days. Before use, you can slightly warm up, add the same products as to the steamed grain, and eat.

Option. The grains are filled with cold water and keep only night. In the morning they can be eaten.

Prepared in this way, wheat grains are recommended for adults and children with healthy teeth. Such grains excite the taste buds, contribute to the formation of saliva. Excite the entire digestive system and facilitate defecation, absorbing poisons in the bowels, and also having a bactericidal effect.

Sprouted Wheat: recipes

Here are a few more recipes, especially the curative dishes from sprouted grain.

Healing porridge and kissel

For one person a day take 50-100 grams of grain.

The germinated grain is passed through a meat grinder. After that, add honey to taste, protion water and other spices. Depending on how much is added, you get porridge or jelly. To boil neither porridge, jelly is inadmissible.

Wheat-and-vegetable mixture

Gennady Petrovich Malakhov developed a unique recipe for the healing power of the wheat-vegetable mixture.

Grown grain to grind in a meat grinder; grind fresh carrots (you can use squeezers from a juicer), beets, celery, dandelion, parsnip, parsley and many other edible cultivated and wild plants used for food. All this is thoroughly mixed with each other and with the grinded germinated grain, a little honey is added as a preservative.

Depending on the components, the taste of the mixture varies widely, which allows selective influence on the dosha. By changing plants and picking them up based on your diseases, you can purposefully work on early healing. For example, a mixture of root and green dandelions with milled wheat grains, promotes early recovery from physical exertion, tones up the entire body. If you use parsley, carrots and grains, you will heal the kidneys, etc.

This mixture is especially useful in winter and early spring. During this period, it is useful to add soaked dried fruits to the milled sprouted grain: apricots, apples, pears, raisins, as well as carrots, beets and other herbs. The taste is very interesting, peculiar. Saturation with such a mixture is very high. Many become full from 3-5 spoons.

The mixture is prepared in the same way, but only instead of honey is taken oil. It is recommended to use oil for producing unsweetened mixtures. In this case, bitter herbs, astringents, etc. are used.

Both varieties of the mixture can be prepared once a week and eat as needed. At least 1-2 weeks, it remains the same healing. I took her to work and had breakfast, had dinner when there was a feeling of hunger. On myself and on others, I noticed that digestion improves, evacuation function of the intestine, working capacity and potency increase.

Caution: in the cold season, use this mixture should be very moderately, otherwise there will be cooling of the body.

Dietary bread from sprouted grain

Despite the enormous usefulness of sprouted wheat, many people do not like it with its fresh taste, it repels with coldness, etc. But it can be cultivated, if slightly fried in butter or in the oven.

Take the sprouted grain, grind it on a meat grinder, put on small flakes and lightly roast them on cream or vegetable oil.

Eat them in a warm form. Children can sweeten these loaves with honey. From their taste, you will be delighted! This is one of the best products in the winter.

Soup from sprouted wheat

Take about 400 grams of water,

2 medium onions, 2 carrots, several potatoes. Potatoes can not be peeled, but thoroughly washed and finely chopped. Grind the onions and carrots. All this is brought to a boil and set aside for 5-10 minutes. Remember - the cooking process destroys biologically useful substances. Again put on the fire, bring to a boil, remove from the fire and put 2-3 tablespoons of sprouted wheat, bay leaf and other spices to taste (salt undesirable). After the soup is 10-15 minutes, it is ready for use.

This soup is especially recommended in the cold and dry season for people of the constitution and the age of the "Wind". This is their salvation. The first spoons will tell them that this is their dish.

This soup contributes to a sharp increase in potency and increased immunity.

Cutlets from sprouted wheat

Cutlets from sprouted wheat are prepared in the same way as bread. The difference is that during the grinding of wheat in a meat grinder you add garlic to it. Everything else is done in the same way - sculpt, bake.

The taste of the resulting product strongly resembles the taste of meat cutlets. Some people do not distinguish them.

Thus, the last three products from sprouted wheat have a huge advantage: they are very cheap, incredibly tasty, useful and easy to prepare. In winter, they are irreplaceable. Just remember - the heat treatment is minimal.

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