Abnormal lichen: signs and treatment at home

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Peregrine lichen refers to the category of rare skin diseases. The main feature of microbes, which are its causative agents, is considered active reproduction under the influence of heat.

Because of this nuance, the disease manifests itself only in the summer. Often this form of lichen is called a "sun fungus".Treatment of the disease is not difficult, but you need to start the course as early as possible.

Otherwise, there will be a chronic form. You can get rid of the disease in various ways, including folk remedies.

Article content:
  • Causes of
  • Symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Preventive measures

Causes of

On the one hand, otriparine lichen is a contagious disease. On the other hand, the fungus affects only those who are at risk. The disease can not be manifested for a long time.

The fungus can be infected by personal contact with the carrier, through general hygiene items, wardrobes and other personal items, as well as in public places.
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The causes of fungal fungus include:

  • increased sweating;
  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
  • individual predisposition to fungal infections;
  • excessive use of skin care products;
  • respiratory system diseases;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • presence of tumors;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • violation of sebaceous glands functioning;
  • weak immunity( find out how to strengthen immunity with folk remedies, from this article);
  • internal diseases( especially liver, kidney, digestive or endocrine system);
  • permanent stressful situations;
  • excessive tanning visits;
  • hormonal imbalance.

According to statistics, the risk group includes mostly middle-aged people. In children, the disease occurs in isolated cases. The main cause of infection is the state of human health.

If the immunity is strong, there are no internal diseases and a tendency to dermatitis, the fact of the appearance of a pityrious lichen is almost completely excluded.

Characteristic symptoms of

The incubation period of pityriasis is 14 days, but the symptomatology may not only not manifest itself for a long time, but it will never occur.

It is quite difficult to diagnose the disease independently. The spots visually resemble the pigmentation of the skin. The development of the disease occurs in several stages.

Symptoms of pungent lichen:

  • spots on the different parts of the body( including on the scalp) appear brown, pink or yellow( the size can be different);
  • the affected skin areas are flaky( peeling may be insignificant);
  • spots gradually increase in size and merge with each other;
  • no pain or discomfort;
  • under the influence of sunlight spots can brighten or acquire a more saturated shade.

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General recommendations of

Despite the painlessness of pityriasis, it is not recommended to treat the disease on its own. Uncontrolled use of drugs or the use of ointments from fungi can harm the body.

Only the specialist should select the course of treatment and only on the basis of studying the existing clinical picture of the disease.

In addition, when a diagnosis of pityriasis is detected, sanitary treatment of the room in which the patient lives is performed, and without qualitative treatment, such a procedure will not be carried out.

The course of treatment is a combination therapy based on antifungal ointments, antibiotics, specialized hygiene products and alternative medicine techniques.

It is impossible to get rid of the disease only with folk remedies. Most of the recipes have a temporary effect, and to exclude the recurrence of the disease, you will have to drink decoctions and tinctures constantly.

How to treat folk remedies?

Alternative medicine helps to accelerate the process of getting rid of pityriasis. After using self-made ointments, the spots become lighter, and the process of spreading them over the skin slows down or stops.

The use of folk remedies is recommended only as a supplement to the main course of treatment appointed by a specialist. When choosing a prescription, it is important to consider some of the individual characteristics of the organism( for example, intolerance of components).

Examples of folk remedies against pityriasis lichen:

  • sulfuric ointment ( after bathing, it is recommended that all stains on the skin be treated with salicylic alcohol and then with sulfur ointment, a lack of such a remedy is a sharp smell of the drug);
  • a decoction of celandine ( two cups of boiling water should be poured into one tablespoon of celandine, after infusion for one hour, the decoction is used for lotions on the affected skin areas, you can use cotton pads, bandage or gauze for the procedure);
  • ointment on the basis of St. John's wort ( chopped mint into powder, mixed with Vaseline to form a consistency of ointment, the agent rubs into spots at least three times a day, Vaseline can be replaced with butter);
  • buckwheat broth ( boil a small amount of buckwheat, drain the broth, moisten the cotton pad or gauze in it, rub the affected skin, repeat the procedure several times a day, the broth should be used in a warm form);
  • birch tar, ( the product is sold in pharmacies in ready-made form, the substance is used to lubricate the affected areas of the skin, it is desirable to do such procedures before going to bed, and in the morning take a shower, washing away tar residues);
  • decoction of marigold and blackberry ( calendula petals should be mixed with blackberry leaves and pour boiling water, the proportion is recommended to be observed 1: 2, the broth is consumed three times a day, the ingredients have a beneficial effect on the body's immune system and contribute to the exclusion of a relapse of pityriasis);
  • ointment based on herbs ( grind dry burdock leaves, hop cones and marigold flowers, mix in equal amounts, pour boiling water and cook for 20 minutes on low heat, strain the mixture, add petrolatum and powder from the licorice root, rub ointment on the affectedskin areas several times a day).

What is not recommended?

It is not recommended to use medicines uncontrolled for the detection of pungent lichen. Their selection can be done incorrectly. Such a factor not only does not relieve relapse, but can only aggravate the situation and cause prolonged treatment.

Ignore the appearance of suspicious stains on the body is also not worth it. Lishay can be transmitted to relatives and bring them aesthetic discomfort.

In the case of frustrating , it is also not recommended:

  • wear synthetic clothing and underwear( this fabric may complicate the treatment process);
  • wear underwear, which was worn before the diagnosis;
  • wear unprocessed clothing( the fungus can persist on things and cause a relapse of the disease);
  • use common items( the rule applies not only to personal care products, but also household appliances);
  • create situations in which there is profuse sweating;
  • bedding bed linen, not subject to sanitization.

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Prevention measures

The main prevention of pityriasis is cleanliness. After visiting public places, you should wash your hands, personal hygiene should be regular( the use of common items is excluded completely), the room is recommended not only to air and clean it, but also periodically treated with substances containing chlorine.

If the disease has been identified, then the observance of cleanliness will have to be treated with the utmost attention.

Prevention of pungent lichen includes:

  • keeping the purity of all items of the wardrobe clean;
  • compliance with the recommendations of the doctor for the prevention of recurrence of the disease( if the diagnosis was established and the appropriate treatment was performed);
  • exclusion of contacts with persons who have signs of skin diseases;
  • it is recommended to periodically use shampoos with ketoconazole;
  • after treatment of pityriasis, it is necessary to replace clothes and personal hygiene products as much as possible( sponges, toothbrushes);
  • the state of the immune system should be given special attention( it is the violation of immunity that causes the propensity to fungal diseases);
  • in case of suspected symptoms of pityriasis, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If a person has been diagnosed with pityriasis, then the recurrence of the disease can be prevented only by strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations. The room after sanitization should be kept clean, regularly ventilated. Particular attention is paid to the state of clothing and personal hygiene.

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