How to cope with excitement before performing in the exam, the public, the competition or the stage, how to calm down

Everyone experiences excitement before performing in public. Whether it's an exam, a competition, an appearance from the stage, or a meeting in an interview to get the right job as a future employee of the company or a place in an educational institution as a student. And maybe it's a meeting with the one( or the one) who you are very fond of. ..

The first thing you need to understand to the reader of these lines is that the excitement before the performance is a state not only absolutely normal, but. .. necessary. Probably, I'd better not "pull the tires", but immediately startle you from the very beginning. ..


How to calm down before the public appearance

At the very beginning, you must deeply understand the following:

Do not seek to remove the feeling of excitement, remove the "jim", get rid of and overcome the fear!

I'll even say more:

Be afraid of public speaking as much as you can, let you "shake", your legs will be "wadded", and your hands are cold and wet to the touch, and tremble!

And I will be sure for you 100% that you will perform better in public than you would imagine. Believe, there will be no "failure".Because you are fully mobilized, you are being urged and collect all the consciousness - a feeling of excitement and anxiety.

We will consider this a sense of controlled anxiety! Excitement contributes to the strengthened unified work of the mind, feelings and body. Then no "mouse" past will not slip by.

Why are we worried about public speaking?

The main reasons for the excitement before the public appearance can be:

Exceeded expectations of and overestimated assessment of the significance of of this event. Often, an ordinary performance of 3 - 5 minutes duration is of great importance and if something goes wrong, then after that there will be a terrible. The chance to speak is compared with a speech before the president or in court, where our freedom is at stake. It is important to learn to objectively assess the importance of such an event.

Past negative experience of public statements. If in the last similar situation you are very worried or defeated, then in this situation you will experience the same emotions. Try to forget what happened to you in the past situation and start everything from scratch.

The erroneous belief of that the audience in which it is necessary to publicly speak is initially hostile. This is not true. People refer to the speaker at least neutrally and initially give the speaker a certain credit of trust. Of course, there are initially negative attitudes, but they criticize everyone, not just us and for them it is not necessary to judge all listeners.

Fear of forgetting prepared speech. In this case, you need to pre-rehearse your speech and make a plan, so as not to get lost in front of the audience.

Fear of additional questions on this topic. In this case it is important to understand that it is impossible to know absolutely everything and if you are asked an additional question that you do not know the answer to, you can address this question to the audience. It will be sincere from your side and honest. And in the speech the main thing is the trust of the speaker to the audience. Inexperience of the speaker .This can be corrected only systematically speaking in front of different audiences and with different topics. Practice is the most effective way. To get rid of fear, you need to constantly overcome it.

How to cope with the excitement before the performance of

I will present the facts in order of importance.

First, you already know that excitement and fear are normal things that help you to be collected. Do not take any soothing medications to suppress fear, because you will not be able to achieve your goals! Then there will be no emotional charge of the required power.

Secondly, you must have a clear goal of the speech, which you disclose in subparagraphs( tasks).Prepare a plan of the speech from several points in advance, for example:

  • What is it( what is it about)?
  • Reasons for this phenomenon( why is happening).
  • What you need to do to do better than what is at stake.

Here much depends on the subject matter of the issue under consideration.

Thirdly, the presentation should be prepared in advance if possible. Do not invent anything artificial, take facts from life! Keep a brief plan in mind.

The most important thing that I wanted to convey to you - admit that you are scared of Himself! Penetrate fear and you will not notice how it will disappear.

Tips and advice on how to prepare and act on people

Understand the reasons for your fear. There can be many. Try the following exercise: remember your previous performance, focus on sounds, details, feel changes in your body. Think about who and what is connected with your excitement: with yourself or with listeners. Next, build the work in the areas that caused you problems.

Understand that for mistakes made you will not be fired from work and will not be put in jail if you assume that this is the worst thing.

Prepare in advance the plan of the speech, logically constructed and carefully thought out. When composing it, and this is the basis of your speech, you need to analyze literary sources, choose from them three or four and study them carefully. During the reading, you need to make statements with the pages. Find in the literature general provisions and what distinguishes them, mark it in the plan. Well, if it's a detailed plan.

Imagine one of the listeners, put yourself in his place and think what he expects from your lecture, what he needs and what he will be interested in. Analyze your plan from his position: what will be incomprehensible, uninteresting, and what may not be enough.

Provide for the needs of your listeners, this will help to establish productive interaction.

It's better if the speech text consists of logical flowcharts. The main thoughts highlight the color, make out on the numbered cards of a small size.

Do not literally understand the saying "lecture".During the speech, it is necessary to establish eye contact. This will help to keep the attention of listeners, to follow the reaction to your words. Then you will have the opportunity to dwell on something in detail and get feedback.

Before the performance, try to imagine in detail your ideal performance: how you will look, what to say, how the listeners will behave themselves. The script should be built in a positive way. Try to feel joy and satisfaction from a job well done.

Think about what can cause questions and special interest in the audience. If you use some terminology, prepare a dictionary and try to translate complex concepts into a simpler language. One wise man said that "the talent of a real professional is that he can tell simply about the complex."

Consider how you can gracefully decorate your speech. Use your strengths: erudition, sense of humor, erudition. The manner of speech is comfortable for the audience. The "know-it-all" tone can irritate listeners. During the speech, you can ask questions that will activate the attention of listeners, if suddenly you stop listening: "Do you agree with me?", "Do you want to add something?".It is very effective to take the use of interesting examples, jokes.

Take care of your appearance. A ruffled lecturer with circles under his eyes after a sleepless night, in crumpled clothes will cause only pity. Clothes should be comfortable, neat, better in classic style. Makeup a woman should preferably be natural, soft. When choosing jewelry, consider your audience's income level and social status.

If before the performance you still felt the excitement, walk for 5 minutes, walk quickly.

During the performance stand, straightening your arms on the sides, feel how the tension "flows" to the floor, moving with the brushes.

Well-tested method - deep breathing. After breathing a few minutes, you will feel how your body "aired" and relaxed.

The ability to logically, beautifully build performances comes with experience. Use every opportunity to participate in various activities. And your training, goodwill and naturalness will be the key to your successful performances.

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