Red and yellow plums: the benefits and harms of fresh and dried for health

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Plum is well known to us from childhood.

Remember the enjoyment of its tart taste and tender juicy pulp, refreshing coolness of thick juice with pleasant sourness.

And in memory comes up a story about the stolen plums, the bones of which the boy threw out the window. This once again emphasizes how great was the temptation of the taste of a tasty fruit.

A few historical facts
  • The charms of the chemical composition
  • The properties of the fruit
    • For the female body
    • For athletes and not only
  • Choose healthy fruits
  • Culinary delights
  • Contraindications and caution

A few historical facts

The plum season opens in our latitudes towards the fall.

A little earlier, the sale of plums, brought from the places of its growth, begins.

A native land of a plum tree is considered the territory between Altai and Transcaucasia, where a modern plum hybrid was cultivated from wild thorn and cherry plum.

Plum trees can be found in every garden or vegetable garden - from short 1,5-meter shrubs to spreading giants of five meters in size.

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This is a fruit tree of the family of almond or stone, so the closest relatives are:

  • cherry( what is useful),
  • cherry plum( for the benefit and harm to the body is written here),
  • apricot( use and harm of urbetch from apricot kernels)
  • peach.

Plum is unpretentious, and easily adapts to any climate and soil. At the time of blooming beauty is hard not to notice - the tree is shrouded in a fragrant haze of white or pink flowers.

The fruits are diverse in shape, size and color - depending on the variety, which number is not less than 2000.

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Yellow and blue, purple and red , green and blue - the size of a quail egg and more, up to the fist of a child.

Charms of the chemical composition

Plum fruits are a sample of a dietary product. Excellent taste qualities are successfully supplemented by with low calorie content of , only 30 calories in 100 grams of product.

In the fleshy skin is a lot of useful cellulose and pectin , necessary for healthy digestion and peristalsis.

Organic or fruit acids saturate juicy fruits with subtle tints of taste and, actively, participate in digestion.

They stimulate the secretion of bile( how to remove cholesterol stones in the gallbladder read here) in the small intestine, it activates peristalsis and helps digest food.

Plum is the leader in the content of potassium , required:

  • for cardiac function( prevention of bradycardia is described in this article),
  • holding nerve impulses,
  • maintaining acid-base balance at the cellular level.

Coupling to clotting, coumarins, are found not only in mature plum fruits, but also in leaves( see how to treat thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities on this page).

The ability to dilate the coronary vessels makes them a natural therapeutic agent for disorders of the cerebral circulation.

Calcium and phosphorus in the composition of plums are useful for bones, zinc, copper and chromium - positively affect the composition of the blood.

Plum fruits are rich in fluoride , essential for dental health and prevention of tooth decay.

Present in plums and iodine deficient in our geography. Therefore plum, boldly rank as a means of preventing iodine-deficient conditions, such as wild strawberry( good).

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"Vitamin-plum" cocktail:

  • of vitamin A is abundant in fruits of light shades.
    It is important for acute vision, supports muscle tone and is responsible for the epithelization of the skin.
  • Plum pulp is a rich source of vitamin RD , which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thereby normalizing blood pressure.
    This vitamin is resistant to high temperatures and persists in cooking.
  • Vitamin C is a known antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.
    Without ascorbic acid without which cellular metabolism is impossible, it maintains health, gives the skin radiance and youth.
  • According to the contents of the vitamins of the B, E and K group , the plum confidently enters the top strongest among the fruits.

Properties of fruit

Plum is known as a soft and effective laxative. First of all, this refers to prunes( which is more useful than dried apricots or prunes written here), which is derived from the Hungarian variety.

With atodic locks plums, compotes and containing pulp, juices are an indispensable natural remedy with no side effects.

The ability of plums to excrete cholesterol is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Regularly including plums in the menu, you can prevent myocardial infarction.

The diuretic effect, produced by the plum, is used for heart and kidney damage, gout, thanks to it, the body, safely, gets rid of excess fluid and excess salt.

Plum is known for its ability to increase appetite, stimulating the production of gastrointestinal enzymes.

It is used in dietotherapy of digestive diseases and, as a restorative means to a weakened patient with anemia.

It is useful in children's food. Nutritionists recommend to diversify the children's menu with plums during the periods:

  • rapid growth of the bone skeleton,
  • with asthenia,
  • overstrain,
  • anemia,
  • decrease in appetite.

The healing effect of plum has shown itself in diseases of metabolism:

  • arthritis,
  • rheumatism,
  • gout.

Plum and products from it cope with being overweight and obese, without disrupting metabolism. She is a full member of diets for weight loss( useful properties of flax seeds for women).

Plum and iron deficiency anemia are helpful. Having in the arsenal a huge supply of vitamin C, they stimulate the synthesis of new red blood cells - erythrocytes.

Warming power of decoctions of plum leaf is used in folk medicine and surgical practice.

  • The plum ability to relieve fever has found application in pediatrics and in pregnant women - when chemotherapy is undesirable.
    This property is expressed in dried plums.
  • Plum is an active antitumour agent of .
    Dietary fibers stimulate the digestive tube, forcing the body to get rid of toxic waste and carcinogens without delay.
    The complex of antioxidants resists the development of tumor cells( reviews on the use of wax moth tincture in oncology).

For the female body

  • In addition to the general benefit for adults and children, plum brings youth and health to the female body.
    It prevents the fragility of the bones of , which threatens a woman during menopause.
    Antioxidant activity makes plum an ally in the fight against cancer cells - it is important for the prevention of breast or cervical cancer .
  • Thick and strong hair is the result of regular use of plum.
    Prevent baldness( folk remedies against hair loss), the plum gives the hair elasticity, retains a vibrant color and prevents premature graying.
  • Masks from fresh plums nourish the skin, and contained in it fruit acids - excellent natural peeling.
  • Abundant or irregular menstruation - a direct occasion to eat plum dessert.
    The routine contained in them normalizes the menstrual cycle, "calming" the regular bleeding.
  • Plum is a subject of attention of pregnant women .
    It will fill the body of the future mother with useful substances to generously share with the child.
    The result will be the strengthening of immunity and the ideal cleaning of slags.
    In addition, the plum will cope with nausea and edema, and the vitamin E contained in it will form a healthy placenta and help to bear fruit without hindrance.

For athletes and not only

  • Plum is an indispensable product for athletes.
    As a valuable source of potassium, it improves the work of the muscles, speeding up impulses through the nerve endings to the muscle fibers.
    As a result, the muscles are more efficiently trained, allowing to achieve high results while maintaining endurance.
  • Prunes are good for restoring bone tissue.
    The substances contained in the dried plum completely restore the bone trabeculae after training and possible injuries.
    For the health of bones, it is enough to pamper yourself daily with a handful of dried fruit.
    As a result, you can easily say goodbye to osteoporosis and tighten bone tissue in a natural way.
  • In addition to athletes, the plum is very useful to people , leading an active lifestyle, practicing fitness and fitness.

Choosing useful fruit

Today plums are available all year round, however the maximum benefit will be brought by plums that matured in May-September.

They are not only fragrant and tasty, but also filled with health benefits. How to determine - whether the fruit was subjected to chemical treatment?

Light, whitish coating on the fruit indicates natural maturation( or minimal use of chemicals).

The softness of the plum is an alarming sign of , as well as "bruises" on its barrels.

Ripe and edible plum is elastic and elastic.

It is inferior to finger depression and has a pleasant sweetish-fruity smell.

Unripe fruit quickly reaches maturity at room temperature.

Then they are moved to the refrigerator and eat as needed.

Culinary delights

Plum is a delicious product for gourmets and cooks. She pleases cooks with accessibility, original taste and considerable benefit.

Extend the season of fresh plums help the billets for future use:

  • dried plum - Prunes - keeps all the qualities fresh, it is stored for a long time without requiring much space and special conditions;
  • frozen plum - in whole or in half - is another option for easy and complete preservation.
    A chic set of vitamins and minerals during defrosting goes to the diligent master or hostess.

Both versions:

  • delicious and practical filling for pies,
  • additive for salads and desserts,
  • just a treat.

Heat treatment allows you to prepare the most delicate, useful:

  • jams,
  • fragrant jelly and compotes,
  • transparent jelly,
  • excellent jam.

The myth that it can be poisoned by prussic acid from plum bones is untenable.

The acid decomposes already at 70 degrees heating, so boiling and sterilization guarantees complete elimination of it in the finished products.

Another application of plum is the main semi-finished product for pastille and marmalade.

Specific taste with sour is used in sauces and marinades. Everyone knows and loves the Tkemali sauce - in its composition the plum flesh.

Plum is an indispensable ingredient of the national Jewish food "Cymes".

Contraindications and caution

There are few obstacles to the plum table, but it is better to remember them.

Breastfeeding mothers are advised that should be careful about prunes.

It can provoke colic in the baby, especially in the first months of life.

If the desire to try the plum still remains, it is better to eat 1-2 pieces in the morning - to track the reaction of the baby's tummy.

Suffering diabetes mellitus is better to refrain from draining, at least in large quantities. The reason lies in the caloric content and high glycemic index .

The use of plum in renal disease is limited. With diseases of excretory organs - glomerulonephritis and accompanying kidney failure, it will do more harm than good.

Watch a video about the useful properties of the plum. In what form, it most fully reveals all of their medicinal qualities.