How to make yourself a manicure on short nails at home

Short nails with the original manicure is not the first year are in the trend.

They will fit any style of clothing: business, romantic, casual.

You can create such a manicure yourself, at home, spending a very little time and effort on it.

Contents of the article:
  • Basics of nail care
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Ideas for short nails
  • Useful tips

Basics of nail care

Despite the fact that the nails are short, they still need to be properly prepared and processed:

  1. Create a beautiful shape : square, straight, oval.
    It is necessary to select such variant which will visually extend fingers of hands.
  2. If the cuticle is very grown , then it visually reduces the length of the nails. Be sure to remove it with special tools and tools.
  3. Long nails can have different length , differing by 1-3 mm.
    It's impossible to tell the difference unless you look closely.
    But with the short it is different: you see every millimeter of the difference.
    Therefore, cut them so that they are the same in length.
  4. Note the nail plate .If it is naturally wide, then you can fix it if you apply a vertical drawing.
  5. Many like colorful drawing or acrylic modeling.
    On short nails, it will look ridiculous, visually reduce them.
    This option should be discarded.
  6. Choose one or two colors of varnish , no more, as too variegated drawing will be irrelevant.
  7. It looks good on a short nail plate , which is already a classic.
    You can also choose a minimalistic drawing or paint your nails in one color.

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Step-by-step instruction

If the nails were not prepared and processed in advance, then you need to do this as accurately and correctly.

This requires a bath, warm water, oils with vitamins, manicure set. Then do everything step by step:

  1. Prepare a bath with warm water , put your hands in there and wait for a few minutes.
    Skin and cuticle should be steamed for this time.
    Gently pat the hands with a towel, remove the cuticle from the base of the nail with a nail scraper.
    Then use it with the tweezers, do not touch the skin of your fingers, so that blood does not leak.
    If this happens, then gently place the place of the cut with hydrogen peroxide, wait for the blood to stop.
    All skin, which is located at the top of the fingers, can also be keratinized, you need to carefully remove it with forceps.
  2. Form the shape of the nails , filing them in one direction.
    Remove excess dust and debris, lubricate the skin with vitamin oil, and then degrease the nail plate with a solvent.
  3. Apply the varnish to the surface of , start from the center.
    If you do a manicure often enough, you can apply a varnish and three strokes on the nail.
    Create a picture, if provided, wait for it to dry out.
    Then apply a fixer, which will prolong the life of the manicure for a couple of weeks.

Ideas for short nails

The easiest manicure is to apply a single color varnish. But here you also need to be careful to choose the actual shade.

Screaming, acid colors have long been out of fashion , dark or light shades are popular.

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You can also create an original pattern on top of the base layer of the varnish if you use a toothpick, a thin brush or a stick.

To do this, you need to put a point and lead from it lines, or just draw with a brush.

You can simply create a bitmap on the entire surface of the plate or only on a certain part of it: at the top, in the middle.

Create points of the same or different diameter.

Floral drawing will be obtained if you use the same points, but around each put a few more( another color).

Unusual manicure can be created with the help of ordinary water.

Pour into the container and drip in the center with a varnish of different colors.

Thus, you will create a marble pattern in the form of a thin film on the surface.

Then lower your finger into the water so that only the nail was under the film, take it out. Carefully use a stick to remove excess lacquer and apply top fixer.

You get an unusual color drawing of with a translucent texture.

Useful tips

Use the latest trends. For example, now it is fashionable to apply varnish on one nail to one nail, and on a ring finger - another:

  • contrast,
  • shiny.

It can be two fingers with nails of a different color.

Use improvised materials or stencils. They are applied to the nail in order to close the places where it is not necessary to apply the lacquer.

But in the beginning, you should paint your nails in the base color, and then apply a second varnish on the stencil. Thus, geometric and other patterns, a jacket, are created.

Use your imagination and creativity, because short nails alone do not require complicated techniques. Manicure can be done independently, having spent on the whole procedure for 10 to 30 minutes.

Step-by-step video instructions how to make yourself a manicure on short nails at home.

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